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Agile Project Management Exercise


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Agile Project Management Exercise at the third Agile Days.

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Agile Project Management Exercise

  2. 2. Startup Launch – Team Exercise Scenario We are launching a startup to acquire lion’s share of the online transportation Industry in KSA. In this segment, Uber and Careem are our competitors. We have to come up with our own novel ideas, relevant to our culture, society and priorities to penetrate and win over the KSA market.
  3. 3. Team Exercise  Team has to come up with the VISION and company name.  Every team would be SELF-ORGANIZING, SELF-MANAGING and CROSS-FUNCTIONAL.  There must be a SHAREDVISION and SHARED UNDERSTANDING of the overall product.  Team should have a PRODUCT BACKLOG with PRIORITIZED user stories  PRIORITIZATION should be done according to the BUSINESS VALUE (most required product features, customer-centric product development).  Each sprint should be 30 MINUTES, to DELIVERWORKING SOFTWARE.
  4. 4. Outcomes The outcome of each sprint would be: 1. WORKING SOFTWARE as a paper prototyping. 2. The customer looking for Mobile App. Product Demonstration At the end of each sprint, each team will present his product to the customers and other stakeholders and will justify the value of their shipped increment of the product.
  5. 5. Product & Process Evaluation The startup will be solely examined on the finished product – wireframes – and the Scrum implementation will be seen by looking at: • Shared understanding of the vision and product. • Product Backlog. • User stories with estimations. • Prioritization according to business value. • Team dynamics.
  6. 6. Your Tools 1. Board Marker. 2. Task Board. 3. Papers. 4. Pen. 5. Sticky Notes.
  7. 7. T A S K B O A R D To Do In Progress Done Create Order To Do In Progress (1) Done Create Order DB schema Login