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Uk experience in Agile - Etienne Pollard


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Jungtinės Karalystės patirtis: Kodėl JK nusprendė jog jos valstybinės paslaugos turi būti „skaitmeninės pagal nutylėjimą“ ir kodėl jie pasirinko iteratyvias (Agile) projektų valdymo metodikas tai pasiekti.
Etienne Pollard, Direktoriaus pavaduotojas, buvęs GOV.UK komandos vadovas, Valstybės skaitmeninės paslaugos, Jungtinė Karalystė

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Uk experience in Agile - Etienne Pollard

  1. 1. Etienne PollardDeputy Director at DigitalGovernment Digital Service@ejhpollard
  2. 2. Create GDSFix publishingFix transactionsGo wholesaleGDS
  3. 3. GOV.UKGDS
  4. 4. Single place for allgovernment services andinformation online@MTBracken GDS
  5. 5. Simpler, clearer, fasterservices for UKbusinesses and citizensGDS
  6. 6. GOV.UKlaunched inOctoberGDS
  7. 7. Since then it’s had:visits 187,693,708page views 546,578,264site searches 9,436,7115 million visits a month more thanDirectgov and Business LinkGDS
  8. 8. Our users seem to like it:Twice as many say it’s easy tocomplete a task on GOV.UK(61%) vs Business Link (29%)(face to face testing – 120 interviews)GDS
  9. 9. Our testing suggests that completingtasks is quicker:GOV.UK 2 mins 24 secondsBusiness Link 3 mins 24 secondsGOV.UK 135 secondsDirectgov 144 seconds(1,600 online task based sessions)GDS
  10. 10. *50,000 documents published222 subdomains closed116,000 documents archived275,000 redirectionsGDS
  11. 11. *We will save £50 to £70million a year and makeit easier to find out andunderstand whatgovernment is doing…GDS
  12. 12. *GDS
  13. 13. That, though, was the easystuffGDS
  14. 14. Next we’re going to work ontransactions and identityGDS
  15. 15. GDSThey come from across government andaround the country
  16. 16. GDS
  17. 17. These, plus other plannedprogrammes, will transformthe majority of our mostsignificant transactions…GDS
  18. 18. GDS
  19. 19. According to the Digital Efficiency Reportthis will deliver £1.1bn+ in savingsBecause, for instance, the average cost ofa digital transaction is:20 x lower than phone30 x lower than postal50 x lower than face-to-faceGDS
  20. 20. GDSOur delivery approach is user-focused, agileand iterative.Not:But:
  21. 21. GDSYou can findmore detail about‘how’ in theDigital By DefaultService Manual
  22. 22. GDSThe alpha we’ve been doingwith the Rural PaymentsAgency is a good example ofthe changes we can all make,and how quickly we can do it…
  23. 23. Thanks!