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Scaling Agility Across the Enterprise


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David Weir and Rimantas Benetis

Scaling Agility Across the Enterprise

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Scaling Agility Across the Enterprise

  1. 1. Scaling agility across the Enterprise.Focus on visibility, consistency and keeping track of the bigger pictureDavid Weir – Head of Development
  2. 2. Presentation Summary• Quick overview• Why we needed to become Agile• Scrum Boards – Common Pitfalls• Scrum Boards – Quick Wins• Practical walkthrough• Increase visibility across the Enterprise/ Multiple Programmes• Q&A
  3. 3. Introducing Callcredit• More than 1000 employees in ten locations, headquarters in Leeds Experts in enabling smarter decisions, by• Vertically split into 3 sectors:- converting clients Credit, Marketing and Consumer. own DATA into INFORMATION• Serving leading companies in Financial Services, Telecoms, Retail, Utilitie s and Insurance
  4. 4. Our Agile Adoption• Since 2000 (inception) Callcredit has grown both organically and through acquisition ( over 8 sub companies acquired in 12 years)• Adopted a complete new restructure in 2010 to provide total operational capability (HR, IT, Legal, Facilities) as one to the wider group.• In parallel to the TOM, we adopted a standard Agile delivery approach:- DSDM• DSDM • More business friendly terms • Prioritised set of requirements (M60%, S20%, C20%, W0%) • Delivers to a fixed time, dropping scope (S&C) if necessary
  5. 5. Scrum Boards / White Boards• Provides a focal point for the project team• Assists the velocity • Are we working on the right things • What’s blocked • What is committed / time left• Ensures important steps are not missed• Provides visibility…… provided that we stick to a few simple rules.
  6. 6. No Scrum board is the same
  7. 7. Examples of some of our white boards
  8. 8. Quick Win 1: Project Info• Name of the Project or Product• Timebox Start Date• Timebox End Date• Optional • RAG • Current Stage • Due Date
  9. 9. Quick Win 2: Consistent Sectors Backlog Q In Progress Q In QA Done 13 13Derived from Timebox Where a priority is currently in a number of A story Where A story currently in QA Planning decided then this shows stories are completed and Completed stories development Story Section the next story to move to awaiting QA they can be development prioritised here ready for timebox release Task Section
  10. 10. Quick Win 3: Colour Coding A STORY TASK Issue A.1 BLOCKER A.1 A Test Database QA Resource Unavailable Corrupted As a businessto allow ............. To Write query ambassador I want to be able to ............ So that be retrieved Blocker Issue
  11. 11. Quick Win 4: Consistent Progression Backlog Q In Progress Q In QA Done 13 13 C F A B E D GA.5 A.1 A.3 I A.2 B A.4B.1 B.2 B.3 D.1 D.3 D.2E.1 E.2 E.3 E.4F.1 F.2G.1 G.2 G.3 G.4 G.5 E.6
  12. 12. Practical Walkthrough - Scenario• There is a development conference in Southampton (UK) scheduled for 4th May 2013. We have won the exclusive catering contract for this event.• We must transport 2 Tonnes of bananas from Rio (Brazil) to the Event• We must arrive via France in order to pay the minimal European import tax
  13. 13. Practical Walkthrough – NFR’s• The transport must arrive before May 2013• Bananas will only last 6 weeks unrefrigerated• Southampton port is not used to international trade therefore we must upgrade its navigational aids.• 2 Projects. Build a Boat, and Build a Lighthouse
  14. 14. The Boat Design
  15. 15. The lighthouse Design 1
  16. 16. The lighthouse Design 2
  17. 17. The lighthouse Design 3
  18. 18. The Plan
  19. 19. The Boat: Halfway checkpoint
  20. 20. The Lighthouse: Halfway Checkpoint
  21. 21. The Boat: Complete (Ahead of Schedule)
  22. 22. The lighthouse: Complete J.I.T
  23. 23. Conclusion
  24. 24. Post Implementation Review• Boat twice as fast as expected• The light house was delayed• The boat was finished and released early•• FUNDAMENTALLY – Each project The daylight savings hours (march) wasnt considered ......Lots of other reasons etc. was not concerned or visible toGenerally• Each project acted exactly as it should have donetheir joint one another despite to satisfy it’s own requirements.• Each project approached the delivery using manyLOOKING goals– NO ONE WAS of the tried and tested agile techniques (incl. Running their whiteboards/scrum boards as demonstrated – this doesnt guarantee success)• Doing right by their own project but by the programme/Enterprise• No overarching ownership
  25. 25. Scrum of Scrums• 9:45am daily ‘huddle’ which contains all PM’s and other stakeholders to discuss issues/status of the day.• Reports on the major issues, concerns, changes and state of every project in a programme• Contains key individuals who can un-block major issues (Dev/QA/DBA/Infrastructure)
  26. 26. Our Scrum of Scrums Board
  27. 27. Project Cards • Project Name • Release Name • PM Initials • Release Date • RAG Status • Any associated Issues or Blockers