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Moving to Agile: what are the changes and how to deal with them


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Vaida Masiulionytė
Moving to Agile: what are the changes and how to deal with them

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Moving to Agile: what are the changes and how to deal with them

  1. 1. Moving to Agile: what are thechanges and how to deal with them Vaida Masiulionytė
  2. 2. About me…• Project manager, business analyst, scrum master• Lecturer at Vilnius University•• Board member of association
  3. 3. Unwritten rules
  4. 4.
  5. 5. [KOMIKSAS] Team work
  6. 6. Project• Divide project into parts• Think only about that part which you are implementing now
  7. 7. Time planning• Enough time for sprint planning• Learn to divide user stories into small tasks• Evaluate tasks realistically
  8. 8. Tasks planning• Plan documents preparation as a task• Include testing and bug fixing into task list
  9. 9. New tasks in the middle of sprint
  10. 10. Not one project at a time ?• Do projects sprint by sprintOR• Divide week into two parts for e.g. one sprint 3 days a week, duration 3 weeks.
  11. 11. Teamrespon-sability
  12. 12. Progress tracking• Burndown is for the team, not for managers• Burndown tracking is good motivation for the team
  13. 13. Client and team• Bring team to the client: – Team will better understand client’s requirements and changes – Client will see that you really care about his problem
  14. 14. ChangesDo not beafraid of smallchanges
  15. 15. Scrum is good for…Managers Team Clients– Project on – Quick result – Tries the budget and – More project on time freedom for functionality decision early making – Quality – More fun  – Project on time
  16. 16. And the project is…People warning and informing system
  17. 17. Thank you  ?