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Leonid Uljankin And Janis Lama - Jira and beyond


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The important thing we have learned is the challenge of mindset. The best Agile books and training's can only take you so far, so what we are learning and helping others too is to evolve beyond the point of repeating what others have already done. Into the area where you take decisions yourself based on your experience and situation, experiment and take things beyond the rules... Join us and do not let this topic fool you, it will be fun!

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Leonid Uljankin And Janis Lama - Jira and beyond

  1. 1. Get your tools right Or HOW to use JIRA in three simple steps AGILETRANSFORMER.COM
  2. 2. Who we are Janis Lama Leonid Uljankin
  3. 3. Visualise
  4. 4. Configure little every day
  5. 5. Team comes first
  6. 6. Mindset you say?
  7. 7. Let‘s work together now
  8. 8. Job Story the-user-story-with-the-job-story-af7cdee10c27
  9. 9. Present your story
  10. 10. Let’s vote to create a prioritised backlog
  11. 11. Discuss time boxed