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Daniil Michailovas - Agile estimating and planning


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Agile Lithuania member, IT and Agile professional Daniil Michailovas on Agile estimating an planning.
Presentation from Agile user groups in Vilnius and Kaunas, May 2016

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Daniil Michailovas - Agile estimating and planning

  1. 1. AGILE ESTIMATING & PLANNING Danil Michailovas - May 312016
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Agile is … Estimating Planning To learn … Final thoughts
  3. 3. AGILE IS …
  4. 4. … A PROPERTY Agile != Fast Agile != Cheap … Fast + Cheap != Agile
  5. 5. … A MANIFESTO “We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.”
  6. 6. … A PATH There are many paths to reach the same goal Selecting the right path is an art ... or simply a choice!
  8. 8. NOT DEFINED Not in Manifesto Not in Scrum Not in Kanban Not in XP
  9. 9. IS MORE ABOUT WHAT THAN HOW Definition of Done (DoD) Working Software Minimum Viable Product (MvP) Business Value vs Technical Task You can get a feedback from client on it
  10. 10. COMMON TOOLS MoSCoW Toyota, Lexus, Bentley … Lada Story Points #noestimates
  11. 11. STORY POINTS … Team work 2*2=4 ... For Me and For You Fast while being a team activity Can be really precise Samples …
  12. 12. #NOESTIMATES No need to have same size stories Team work is needed Case study …
  14. 14. IS JUST A PLANNING The reliability is just as good as much time you spend on it The outcome is a plan The plan will fail or not just as any other plan Selling a castle for a price of a house is just as insane with Agile as with any other method
  15. 15. SO WHERE IS THE TRICK!? 60% of all delivered features are rarely or not used at all At the end of the day, being able to avoid this is a huge part of being Agile
  16. 16. FEEDBACK IS THE KEY Regular communication with the one who will accept the result is a part of a plan It makes no sense to get feedback if you do not react to it Agile, as I understand it, makes no sense if you don’t react to feedback
  17. 17. OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS Most important business features are developed first Plan is highly visible and easy to understand and change Quality builds trust Client must understand the plan and the progress, usually to a grater details Contract does define who takes the risk for not delivering
  18. 18. SOME TOOLS Big physical planning boards Burndown chart Personas Agreement on delivery are focused more on challenge than on solution Relative estimates Clear re-estimation strategy
  19. 19. SOME SAMPLES Photos
  20. 20. TO LEARN …
  21. 21. READ THE BOOK Agile Estimating and Planning
  22. 22. PLAY GAMES Board games Scotland Yard Get Kanban Simulations Marshmallow Challenge Various Scrum games Computer strategy games Heroes of Might and Magic Jagged Alliance
  23. 23. USE IN LIFE Plan an event Ride an Off-road Bicycle
  24. 24. FIND A COACH In Agile Lithuania In Agile Alliance
  26. 26. WHAT PLAN DO YOU NEED? How far in future do you really need to see? Does a plan and a progress help you making decisions? Do you have a place for mistakes?