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Intro ACB Feb 2018 - #ScaBru18


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Intro of the conference

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Intro ACB Feb 2018 - #ScaBru18

  1. 1. Agile Consortium Belgium #Scabru18 Making enterprise agility sustainable 08 February 2018 Brussels
  2. 2. What is your intention? Client Event Change agent Another tool? Defect Issue Fix our problem! Another process? Behavior Instruct/teach? Another mindset? Thought Coach? Another organisation? Identity Support birth?
  3. 3. Agenda 08.30-09.00 Registration & coffee 09.00-09.15 Welcome 09.15-10.00 Rethinking agile leadership By Andrea Provaglio 10.05-10.50 Nuon Solar Team By Jelle van der Lugt 10.55-11.15 Coffee break 11.20-12.05 Agile workplace tasting By Françoise Bronner Complexity Savvyness as part of Agile Culture, The Amber Compass and the Cynefin Playing Cards Bernhard Sterchi 12.05-13.15 Lunch Coffee/lunch AUDITORIUM BREAKOUT ROOM
  4. 4. Agenda 13.20-13:30 Surprise The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter By Johan Decoster 13.30-14.15 Agile Development of Sustainable Software - The Ventouris Case By Joost Visser 14.20-15.05 The Z.E.A.L. model – Awaken the soul of your organization By Kim Oostvogels 15.10-15.25 Coffee break 15.30-16.15 Compound Agility By Colleen Johnson: 16.20-16.40 Wrap up and closing remarks 16.40-17.50 Networking AUDITORIUM BREAKOUT ROOM
  5. 5. Satellites Please post a picture on #ScaBru18 Netherlands
  6. 6. #scabru18
  7. 7. KBC hotspot
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