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Agile is shifting left by Harsha Vardhan

Presented by Harsha Vardhan at Agile Carnival Chandigarh on 7th -8th May at ISB Mohali Campus

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Agile is shifting left by Harsha Vardhan

  1. 1. Agile is shifting left By Harsha Vardhan Optum Global Solutions Presents Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2016 7-8 May 2016 at Mohali Less of “Talks”, More on “Hands-on”
  2. 2. Healthy/ Lowest Risk At Risk High Risk Chronic Disease Early stage Chronic Disease Progression Chronic Disease End of life Care OlderYounger Cost Preventive Reactive
  3. 3. 7 The goal is to allow development teams to develop and test against systems that behave like the production system, so that they can see how the application behaves and performs well before it’s ready for deployment. Story Grooming TDD/ATDD Build automation Automate code config Unit test automation Code coverage automation Code review, test review Automate Deployment Test data mimic Environment mimic Test Automation Test Review Performance testing Security testing Defects Analysis DRE, DIE
  4. 4. Speaker Name: Harsha Vardhan Email ID: