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Integrated automation of low-rise construction sites aimed to improve management efficiency


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Integrated Automation System Features. Decreasing operating costs, creating a comfortable environment and safety inside residential premises.

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Integrated automation of low-rise construction sites aimed to improve management efficiency

  1. 1. Integrated automation of low-rise construction sites aimed to improve management efficiency
  2. 2. Key Building Automation Purposes • The main automation and control purpose of any residential compound is decreasing its operating costs • Ways to do that: • Raising resource utilization efficiency (energy, heat conductors) • Decreasing the number of operating staff and dispatcher service calls • Increasing equipment life by reducing the number of human errors and applying proactive troubleshooting •The second important purpose is creating a comfortable environment inside residential premises due to intelligent climate, lighting and other systems control 2
  3. 3. Residential Building Automation Purposes •Modern day buyers of upper price segment accommodations pay special attention at overall site automation, which strongly affects its image •A potential customer visiting the campus situation center is a norm for developed nations •Creativity freedom when building a personal smart house system is also very important •Managing Companies and developers need to combine the creativity freedom of individual building owners with the centralized management and monitoring possibility 3
  4. 4. Situation Centers 4
  5. 5. Creativity Freedom of Individual House Owners • Managing Companies and developers shouldn’t force certain smart home implementation scenarios in each household • A real estate owner can use any professional engineering company services passing them recommendations on integration of individual systems in the facilities 5
  6. 6. Special Management during Economy Downtime •The market of low-rise suburban real estate suffers in the first place • Increasing facilities liquidity is required • Integrated automation is one of the key opportunities to increase attractiveness by: • Reducing the end customer operating costs • Formalizing the Managing Company practices • Improving the general site image 6
  7. 7. Major Residential Community Automation Systems • Specialized low-level systems (video surveillance, security and fire alarm, access control, perimeter defense, etc.) • Separate dispatching system (SCADA) in each household (or a powerful local controller) • Umbrella management system (central SCADA + Situation Center software) • Technical support application processing system (Service Desk, Smart Public Utilities Provider) • Integration with municipal and state systems 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Integrated Automation System Features •Management systems of individual households are similar, approved by a developer or the Managing Company but configured by each house owner individually •Information transmitted from the household to the control center is strictly regulated (consumption data, accidents, etc.) •It provides a single management and reporting interface for the Managing Company and cuts the situation center creation costs without losing flexibility of each smart home 9
  10. 10. Tibbo Systems and AggreGate Platform • Tibbo Systems: a Russian software developer working worldwide •AggreGate Platform: a «brick set» for building distributed monitoring and management systems •10+ vertical market solutions, including IT infrastructure monitoring system, SCADA and BMS • Experience in building situation centers within large sites (airports, ports, cell towers, gas filling stations, residential and industrial facilities) 10