Hist4 assess sheets_unit12


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Hist4 assess sheets_unit12

  1. 1. PHOTOCOPIABLE RESOURCE © Oxford University Press España, S.A. History ESO 4 TEST Assessment Name Surname(s) l Year and group Date Grade _ Define the following terms: a) Perestroika b) CIS c) Neoliberalism d) Maastricht Treaty e) Globalisation. Answer the questions about the Western World since the end of the Cold War. a) Which country has dominated international relations? b) Which military organisation has been predominant? Write a short essay about the main political features of the new world order that emerged in the late 20th century. Look at the images below. What artistic style is shown in each image and what are the main features of these styles? Read the text and answer the questions below. Today marks the start of a new era in the history of Spain… Our future will be based on an effective consensus based on national agreement…The king wishes to be the king of each and every citizen, embracing their culture, history and tradition. First message of King Juan Carlos I (22 November 1975) Textos históricos para jóvenes Alhambra (Translated and adapted) a) What new period began in Spain in 1975? What happened during this period? b) Which politician carried out the consensus policy? What did that policy consist of? c) What did the king mean when he said that he wished to be ‘the king of each and every citizen, embracing their culture, history and tradition’? d) Which political parties have been in power since 1979? Bathroom (Antonio López, 1969) Homage to Greece (Agnes Martin, 1959) 1 2 3 4 5 12