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Selling Your Nashville Home in 2015


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Pre-Listing Presentation

Published in: Real Estate
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Selling Your Nashville Home in 2015

  1. 1. Selling Your Home 
 with Stephanie Crawford
  2. 2. Selling Your Home 
 My Philosophy I am a full time real estate agent. Actually, much more than full time. I work early mornings, evenings, and weekends. I love what I do, so quite often it really doesn’t feel like work. Don’t ever hesitate to call me, anytime! My philosophy about real estate is that I am here to help two parties (buyer and seller) find each other and complete a transaction with a minimum of fuss and headache. I DO NOT believe in beating up the other party just because we’re on opposing teams. Buying and selling homes are emotional experiences, and I don’t believe it is in the best interest of either party to make the other to feel bullied or abused. Some real estate agents feel that their job is to intimidate others and thrive on unnecessary confrontation. I believe this is counterproductive to the basic desires of both parties to sell, or to buy. Your real estate agent should not stand in the way! But don’t mistake this for meekness. I am an steadfast advocate for my clients. My job is to obtain the best price, terms and conditions for MY client, not to worry about the other parties’ preferences or feelings. Just know, I find that real estate transactions are far more satisfying to both parties when closing is a pleasant experience for everyone. I am busy enough to be happy and successful, yet not so busy that I can’t take a personal interest in every client. The sale of your home is as important to me as it is to you. That is my commitment to you. As a small business owner, it is my promise to “show up”. Every Single Day. I truly appreciate your business. I look forward to helping make your next real estate transaction a pleasant and painless experience, and hopefully even a little fun!
  3. 3. Selling Your Home 
 Areas of Expertise Contrary to popular belief, real estate agents can’t be all things to all people. It is impossible for one person to be the expert in every neighborhood and every type of property in all price ranges. Therefore, I feel strongly that I should be up front with potential clients about my strengths and experience. While I feel that I am an exceptional real estate agent even in areas where I am not the “expert”, I think it’s only fair that YOU have all the information you need to make a hiring decision. Central Nashville I KNOW Nashville neighborhoods. I grew up here and have lived or owned investment properties in East Nashville, Donelson, Woodbine, Berry Hill, Percy Priest Lake, Hillsboro-Belmont, and South Nashville. During my career, I have sold homes in nearly every area and am especially familiar with most neighborhoods up to 15 minute drive to downtown. When you hire me, you hire local expertise. I won’t be driving from Spring Hill to Gallatin servicing my listings; I will be here for you. Condominiums Of the homes I have sold in the last two years, 36% of them were condominiums or townhomes. I have a particular specialty with condos near Vandy, Lipscomb, and Belmont Universities. I understand the special issues surrounding condominium sales and how to avoid the pitfalls that inevitably arise during the marketing and sale of townhomes and condos. Financing can be particularly tricky in our urban condo markets where investor ratios may be higher than allowable by conventional underwriting standards. New Construction
 I have purchased new construction homes myself and have assisted many of my clients in buying their new home, both as primary residences and investments. Investment (Rental) Property I own several rental properties and have worked with many investor clients looking for long term income-producing rentals. Though I do not manage rentals other than my own, I can point you toward the right resources.
  4. 4. Selling Your Home 
 Before Market Market Survey I review the competing listings to see how your home compares. I may call the agents of the sold listings I am using as comparables to see if there were any special circumstances surrounding their sale that I should know about, such as a divorce situation, structural problems, etc. Professional Comprehensive Market Analysis My market analysis is, in a word, thorough. I will show you the Current Competition and the Recent Sales and calculate the estimated proceeds you should receive at closing. I base my pricing recommendations both on closed sales and the current competition. Pre-Marketing Improvement Suggestions & Assistance I will go through your home with you to identify items that should be repaired or improved prior to market. I am a real expert in this area ~ I know what the market considers important (and what really doesn’t matter) and I can help you get the repairs done quite reasonably and painlessly. When you hire me to sell your home, you will have access to my preferred home improvement contractor list. See my 100+ Home Staging Recommendations.
  5. 5. Selling Your Home 
 On The Market You deserve a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our in-house checklists keep us on task with over 100 actions items. Here are the highlights that may matter to you. ★ Your home will be entered on Realtracs (MLS) with appealing Professional Photography and accurate descriptions. ★ Recognizable KW For Sale Sign with rider ★ Video Tour - All listings have videos syndicated throughout the web. ★ ★ Stand alone Marketing Website. ★ Electronic Lockbox - for added security ★ Showing Service - Booking service and text notifications 7 day/week ★ Market Updates -I stay on top of the market for you. I monitor the homes that have sold, and those that haven’t to ensure that we are still priced appropriately. I will provide updates to you periodically on the current market activity with: ✴ Recent Sales ✴ New Competing Listings ✴ Status of Competing Listings ★ Feedback Reports - I follow up with every buyer agent who shows your home. I will provide their feedback to you as soon as possible. ★ Extensive Internet Exposure - I have invested heavily in the Internet to market my listings. This marketing generates substantial traffic and e-mail inquiries, and are my largest source of business. My personal website averages over 300 unique visitors per day. That’s more than most brokerage sites! ★ Web Analytics - Online exposure reports ★ Open House
  6. 6. Selling Your Home 
 ★ Agent Networking - In the business I’m known as an expert in “real estate tech” and I teach classes often to agents. I’m the tech trainer at my office of 150 agents and I’m connected to agents throughout our Realtor Association through my affiliation with our Political Legislative Committee and the Young Professionals Network. ★ eMarketing - I will “blast” your listing to agents via email, though our “Coming Soon” Facebook groups, and within my Urban Realtors Breakfast Club group. ★ Creative Solutions/Objective Opinions - As I get to know your home better, and the feedback starts coming in, I may find that the market is objecting to something that neither of us thought of. Or, I may discover special features in your home that should be showcased differently. Either way, I take great pride in my creative solutions and I won’t hold back my opinions. 
 ★ My Personal Professionalism - I am a full time real estate agent. Representing my clients is my top priority. I am responsive to inquiries by both buyers and other agents, and will do my best to show my own buyer clients my listings first. I am respected in the real estate community as a “quality agent” which means that other agents will be happy to show my listings to their buyers. They know that I am professional, fair, experienced, and creative which makes their job just a little easier. ★ Broker certification - last year I took the large professional step from affiliate associate agent to certified broker. That means I have enough training, education, and time in the business to open my own firm, or manage a firm (though I’ve opted to keep my license at Keller Williams for the time being) ★ More on my professional credentials.
  7. 7. Selling Your Home 
 Contract to Closing Services Sometimes the real work begins after we’re “Under Contract”. There are inspections to negotiate, lenders to keep an eye on, appraisers to be prepared for. Stringent monitoring of dates and deadlines is important, as is a careful review of title work. I have a computerized system with nearly 50 follow-up items for every pending sale. I order the title commitment early. If there are any problems found in the commitment, I will work with you and the buyer’s agent to resolve them. I ensure that all disclosures are made properly, in a timely manner, and that all documents have ELECTRONIC signatures. I review the closing figures carefully so that you get every penny that’s coming to you. I call the buyer’s lender and the buyer’s agent every week to ensure that the loan is progressing smoothly, and will notify you immediately if it appears the contract is in danger. In this case, I will aggressively renew full marketing. Sometimes the most painful part of selling (and buying) a home is the inspection. If issues arise in the inspection that need attention, I will help negotiate the best settlement for you, and assist you in making the repairs that you agree to. In our fluctuating market, appraisals can be problematic. It is not unusual to see a wide range of comparable sales for apparently similar homes, and an unprepared agent can cost her client money if she can’t justify the sales price of her listing. I am fully prepared for every appraisal with a report tailor made for the appraiser. Selling your home will have its frustrating moments. How frustrating it is depends a lot on your real estate agent. I promise to do my best to reduce stress before, during and after the sale.
  8. 8. Selling Your Home 
 My Fee I charge a 6% commission to broker a traditional sale (that’s a sale where there are two agents: one that represents the buyer and one that represents the seller). In this arrangement, I advertise via MLS that we will compensate the buyer brokerage equally and fairly at 3%. KW keeps the other 3%. There are no upfront marketing fees or transaction fees incurred by the seller. Should my team procure the buyer, the fee is reduced to 5%. But 3% seems like a lot! I know it does. Real estate is a high risk, high reward profession. My income is 100% commission based. If I don’t sell, I don’t earn… at all. And you’d be amazed how many people have their hands in the kitty. KW will keep about 20% of my commission, the IRS will also take at least 20%, professional marketing and the "cost of doing business" will take another 20%. At the end of the day I generally keep about one-third of that 3% for my family. That being said, selling real estate can be a super-rewarding job - especially when you have great clients. If you know if someone thinking of entering the profession, I’d be happy to chat with them about it.
  9. 9. Selling Your Home 
 Do I Really Need A Broker? Many people think that the main reason you hire a real estate agent is for MLS exposure. And, unfortunately, in some cases that may appear to be the primary service many real estate agents provide. However, a GOOD agent provides much more than simply a For Sale sign and a listing on an online database. Connections A good real estate agent has great connections in the real estate world. She has a readily available list of home improvement contractors (heating, roofing, structural, electrical, painting, plumbing etc.), a few good handymen, a cleaning service, legal referrals and lawn service providers. You should never have to go to the phone book to find help during the marketing process. Systems A good real estate agent has systems in place to sell homes far more efficiently than a homeowner ever could. Selling or buying a home within the established real estate system is incredibly efficient compared to selling or buying a home outside of the system. Expertise Selling real estate professionally requires a license and continuing education, but in reality, 99% of a real estate agent's expertise comes from on-the-job experience. And, the more experienced the real estate agent, the more expertise she has. Every real estate transaction is a little different, with its own little quirks, glitches and special circumstances. The best way to get in trouble is when you don't know what you don't know! I’ve brokered literally hundreds of homes during my tenure at a Realtor. Time
 Your real estate agent will spend a lot of time managing the sale of your home. There is far more going on behind the scenes than holding open houses and attending closings, although due to the above factors (connections, systems and expertise), a good real estate agent will be pretty efficient at their job. The time your agent spends handling the sale of your home will save YOU lots of time... and money!
  10. 10. Selling Your Home 
 My Sales Stats 2014 Total Homes Sold: 39 Average Sales Price: $281,000 (from $112,500 to $1,030,000) Percentage of homes sold in Davidson County: 89.8% Percentage of homes sold in surrounding counties: 10.2% Percent Single Family Homes 71.8% Percent Condo or Townhome: 28.2% Average List vs Sold Price: 98.45% (does not reflect repairs or concessions)
  11. 11. Selling Your Home 
 Other Talking Points Reviews Check out my Zillow profile to read recent reviews and to see our recent sales production: 15 Showing or 21 Days I have this little football analogy for real estate which we will go over at out our upcoming meeting, but it’s just a fact that sometimes we miss the mark on our initial punt. Sometimes we have to regroup and try a new strategy. In this market, and knowing what I know about real estate, I like to implement a policy that will help sell your home more quickly. If after 15 showings or 21 days we don’t have an offer, my experience shows it usually indicates the price is too high. Pricing Strategy Please preview these two quick videos when you have a moment. I agree with these strategies. Sample Marketing Website: Video: More on Steph’s Professional Credentials:
  12. 12. Selling Your Home 
 Ready To Get Started? If you are ready to get started quickly, here are the items I will need to get the ball rolling. ✓ Two keys. If there are other areas of interest, such as a shed or detached garage, we will also need keys for those amenities. ✓ Copy of Deed, Survey or Floorpan if available. ✓ Copy of previous Title Insurance Policy. ✓ Home Owners Association name, contact person, phone number, amount of dues and how often paid. President’s contact info. ✓ Balance, name, phone number, and loan number of all mortgages on property including HELOCs and liens. ✓ Copy of Deed Restrictions, Restrictive Covenants and Bylaws. ✓ If you would like, you may provide the utility bills (power, water, & gas = high, low & average) for the past 12 months. Many buyers are interested in these stats. ✓ If you have filed any insurance claims against your homeowner’s policy in the past 10 years, please make the circumstances known. ✓ Copy of any previous appraisals - no matter how old. This is not for value, but proof of square footage. ✓ List of improvements, upgrades and repairs (item, amount, and date) and note whether or not permits were acquired. ✓ If spouse is deceased, please provide the death certificate. ✓ If there is a septic system, we will need map for certification before closing. ✓ Flood Certification Information. ✓ A completed copy of the Tennessee Residential Seller’s Property Disclosure. ✓ Alarm information. ✓ Favorite Features sheet.