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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. | Mobile Strategy and Development.It’s an interactivejungle out there.Our expertise can serve as a compass.
  2. 2. | Mobile Strategy and Development.What We DoMobile. But so much more.We effectively navigate the mobile world by integrating traditionalinteractive elements with new, invaluable, mobile solutions.We focus on mobile because it is an constantly growing field thatdemands a unique approach and custom integration with othermarketing and interactive pieces.
  3. 3. | Mobile Strategy and Development.StrategyNot a chop shopSince each of our projects are unique, and no project is iso-lated, we get to know our clients and their long-term strategiesbefore we dive in. Let’s start with the big picture and determinethe details from there.We produce results, not just awards.Discovery, Ideation, Planning, Fact Finding, Goals andObjectives, Technical Specifications, Sitemaps and conceptsare some things we are very familiar with.
  4. 4. | Mobile Strategy and Development.Semi-CustomDon’t re-invent the wheel,but stay off the band wagon!It’s hard to get noticed with templated work. Be unique,a successful project starts with a strategy, not a template.By utilizing the latest technologies in tandem with customelements we can maximize budget and functionality all whiledelivering a solution that doesn’t look like everyone else.
  5. 5. | Mobile Strategy and Development.TechnicalThat new phone,that’s outdated.Technology is always changing, new mobile phone versionscome out every six months, browsers come out on averageevery year. Keeping ahead of technology is becoming moreand more involved.Technology should help drive strategy, if your reacting tothe latest thing, you are already behind. Utilizing the latesttechnology is how we bring your strategy to life.
  6. 6. | Mobile Strategy and Development.Proactive and ReactiveMake a plan, and roll withthe punches.Reactionary behavior makes it difficult for pieces of a solutionto fit and work together as a whole. Planning for future growthand needs makes everyones life easier.Are you ready, or just reacting?
  7. 7. | Mobile Strategy and Development.Social MediaThe buzz term of the decade.Everyone wants “Social Media” these days. We get that. Butadding Facebook and Twitter links to your website to get more‘likes’ is not necessarily the best solution.We integrate Social media in ways that actually create contactwith your audience. Let people share specific content, orencourage users to actively participate in the conversation.Social media is important, but most out-of-the-box solutionsmiss their mark. We customize the right social media solutionfor your needs.
  8. 8. | Mobile Strategy and Development.It’s a Mobile World,don’t get left behind. * 87% of smartphone owners access the internet or email on their handheld
  9. 9. | Mobile Strategy and Development.Strategic DecisionsThere are many options formobile experiences.Mobile changes how people communicate,Facebook updates are made directly from a restaurant,price comparisons are looked up directly in the store.Mobile solutions are Tools that are available everywhere.Staying proactive to keep pace with quickly changing technologiesis the first step in helping you determine the best Tool to meetyour specific needs.
  10. 10. | Mobile Strategy and Development.Mobile PlanDon’t just “Make your sitesmaller”. Hire an architect.You wouldn’t start building your kitchen without seeing how itintegrates with the rest of your house, you need a full blueprint.A mobile project is no different, a mobile site is only one roomof your interactive house. You need a comprehensive mobilestrategy, not just a “smaller site”.
  11. 11. | Mobile Strategy and Development. Mobile Strategy So, you need an app. Or do you? Wind WebK ry ow ls it er oo s b ot one Black Mo Android jQuery Tou Native Web-Based roll Apps Apps iSc Ph c F i la h sh Expor ts SenchaNative apps offer flexibility and thus require Web based apps use one codebaseindividual development for every platform. but can’t take advantage of all the (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc) features of smart- phones. We’ve done it all. Based on your budget, any technical requirements and goals, we explore and present options.
  12. 12. | Mobile Strategy and Development.Interface DesignMobile is action based. Mobile use is more personal than web use. It is with you all the time, action oriented and hands on. Phones don’t have a mouse, tablets won’t scroll like a website, most screens are multi- touch. We design and program to maximize mobile specific functionality. Mobile utilizes real-world, real-time features tradi- tional websites can’t. GPS, camera integration and location-specific content provide a personal and highly interactive user experience. *25% of Americans use location based services
  13. 13. | Mobile Strategy and Development.BrandingThe devil is in the details. Mobile is all about experience. Make sure your mobile solution fits your brand and is invaluable to your user, after all this could be your one and only chance to speak to a user. We’ll make sure your mobile projects not only function well, but that they also properly represent your brand. *25% of smartphone owners prefer their phone for online activities over a computer
  14. 14. | Mobile Strategy and Development.Social MobileSocial at your fingertips.Social media on mobile devices is different as well.Mobile provides options to immediately share content.More than posting social mobile is location based andaction oriented.Users expect more than just a link to a Facebook page.
  15. 15. | Mobile Strategy and Development.AgentSolidTake Action.With a broad range of experience in the interactive realm,(advertising agencies to interactive agencies, contract work tocorporate america) we can provide the best options to plan,build and integrate your mobile plan. CALL EMAIL SNAIL MAIL303-736-9822 1060 Bannock St. Denver, CO 80204 Regardless of your current situation, let us help you get your mobile strategy together. * stats gathered from The Pew Internet and American Life Project (