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Agent CS is a personal assistance service company taking care of the private and business needs of its worhty clientele. 24/7.

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Concierge Services English Version

  1. 1. We take over!
  2. 2. We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen. Credo of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC and philosophy of Agent CS
  3. 3. 1. We take over! 2. Your request 3. Our mission Convenience service on a highest level
  4. 4. “Well earning women, stressed men in the global world of knowledge need service, service, service - in their private environment and business life - in the morning, during the day, in the evening, 24 hours a day!“ Matthias Horx/future researcher Convenience service on a highest level
  5. 5. Agent CS – Convenience Service: Agent CS was founded in 2004 providing high level services for an international clientele. We take over - Research - Planning - Organisation - Placement Our services include: Personal services, travel, hobbies, family, healthcare & wellness, fashion & lifestyle, event management, real estate concierge We take over!
  6. 6. We take over! Europe: Austria Denmark France Hungary Italy Liechtenstein Luxembourg Romania Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands Turkey UK Our team: 4 plus 8 experts Our network: Professional cooperations worldwide North America: USA/Hawaii Asia – Pacific: Australia China India Japan Thailand
  7. 7. Your request You need - solutions for challenges that seem impossible to take on? - to gain time? - a personal assistant who takes care of your needs 24 hours a day? - to concentrate on your core business rather than taking care of delegable issues? - less negative stress? - more quality of life by spending more time with your family and friends? We take over!
  8. 8. Personal Services We arrange staff (worldwide), security services and bodyguards Examples We find… …a facility-manager for a summer residence at Lac Leman …a security escort service for the daughter in absence of parents …an interior designer for a Mallorca residence …a riding-instructor (English style) for private lessons Your request
  9. 9. Your request Travel We research and book hotels, chalets and summer residences and plan your individual travel Examples …a trip to the south and north pole guided by experts …a special weekend trip to Milan attending the Milan Fashion Week …a last-minute booking of a chalet in St. Moritz for New Year‘s Eve …individual hotel recommendations and ad hoc reservations worldwide
  10. 10. Your request Hobbies We take care of your restaurant bookings, tickets for sport and cultural events, organise your transportation and gifts Examples …an exclusive Japanese tea from 1950 as a present …“meet & greet“ with stars during events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco …a seldom oldtimer from 1948 …a restaurant booking at the Mezzaluna in Bangkok …VIP packages for the International Film Festival in Cannes (Ocean‘s 13)
  11. 11. Your request Family business We find the right school or university for your children, organise temporary employment abroad and take care of security issues Examples …research of a residential school for the daughter in Canada …a BMW internship for a son fascinated by motorsport …relocation service for a family in Dubai during temporary employment …an innovative security concept for a new property …organisation of hosting a charity evening with high level guests
  12. 12. Your request Healthcare & Wellness We search for medical experts, doctors, surgeons, personal trainers, nutritionists and beauty consultants Examples …research of a worlwide leading tinnitus expert …“There are plenty cosmetic surgeons. Who is the real expert?“ …specific hospitals around the world for an uncommon disease …a personal trainer during a holiday in California
  13. 13. Your request Fashion & Lifestyle We arrange personal shoppers and style guides, dressmakers and tailors, lifestyle accessories and image-consultants Examples …“Where can I dry-clean my Kiton suit?“ …a Jimmy Choo shoe for your wife …a personal shopper specialised in French Haute Couture from the 1950`s
  14. 14. Your request Event Management We find the right locations for your event. We present your event concept, take care of the planning process and execute your event. Examples …A private birthday party in Frankfurt/Germany with 40 selected guests including invitation design and managing the invitation process …An exclusive investor event in Berlin for 50 attendees on the 18th floor of an awarded real estate undergoing reconstruction …A corporate seasonal party in Stuttgart for 470 guests
  15. 15. Your request Real Estate Concierge We analyse the needs, organise the implementation and recruit the reception-/concierge staff for upscale private and commercial properties and arrange top service per phone. Examples …Recruitment of the concierge in a futuristic private property in Berlin …The exclusive 24/7 convenience service per phone for the owners of new lofts in Hamburg …Consultancy of a new and individual lifestyle property in Germany
  16. 16. Agent CS - Fulfill your individual requests & needs - Take on challenges that seem impossible to solve - Accept your requests 24 hours a day on 365 days a year - Offer transparent possibilities for cooperation Our mission
  17. 17. Our mission Agent CS by call: Ready to take over your individual request on a call-by-call basis! - Individual requests - Individual invoicing depending on time and effort Agent CS 24/7 support: Ready to take care of your needs 24 hours a day! - Yearly subscription for individual requests 24-hours a day / 365 days a year - Access to our special webpages on reserved for our subscribers
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention!
  19. 19. We take over! Agent CS Fichtestraße 12 60316 Frankfurt/Main Germany Agent CS Andreasstraße 20 10243 Berlin Germany