How to upload PowerPoint to YouTube


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How to upload PowerPoint to YouTube

  1. 1. How to uploadPowerPoint to YouTubeSurjeet SinghFounder at AgentsBids.com
  2. 2. Save Time. Save Money.This step-by-step guide illustrates how toconvert a PowerPoint slide-show into video soyou can distribute presentations more easily
  3. 3. Save Time. Save Money.The following stepsshow how to convert a presentation into amovie. However, please note that anytransitions or custom animations you haveapplied to your slides will not convert. Youcan add transitions between slides inWindows Movie Maker, but I would suggestreworking any slides in PowerPoint thatwere dependent uponanimations.
  4. 4. Save Time. Save Money.1. Using PowerPoint, open the presentationyou would like to convert into a movie.2. Click the Office button and select Save As.The Save As dialog box appears.3. From the Save As dialog box, navigate towhere you would like the presentation to besaved.
  5. 5. Save Time. Save Money.4. From the Save as type drop-down menu, select JPEGFile Interchange Format (*.jpg).A dialog box will appear asking whether or not you wantto export every slide or only the current slide.5. Select Every Slide.A dialog box will appear alerting you that each slide inyour presentation has been saved as a separate file in afolder by the same name as your presentation.6. Click OK.
  6. 6. Save Time. Save Money.7. Close PowerPoint and open WindowsMovie Maker.8. Choose File > Import Into Collections.9. The Import File dialog box appears.10. Navigate to the folder in which you savedeach slide as a JPG image.
  7. 7. Save Time. Save Money.11. Open the folder and press [Ctrl] [A] on your keyboard to selectall of the images.12. Click Import.All of your slides will appear in the Collections area in the center ofthe screen.13. Press [Ctrl] [A] on your keyboard to select all of the slides anddrag them down to the storyboard below.If you press the Play button on the preview panel to the right, youwill notice that your presentation is now in movie form. If all youneeded was a movie, skip to Step 19. If you would like to add musicor other audio, continue to the next step.
  8. 8. Save Time. Save Money.14. To add music to the movie, select Import audioor music from the Capture Video category.The Import File dialog box appears.15. Navigate to where your audio is saved, select itand click Import.16. Just above the storyboard, click Show Timelineif necessary (if you are looking at the timelineinstead of the storyboard already, skip this step).
  9. 9. Save Time. Save Money.17. Drag your imported audio from the Collectionsarea to the Audio/Music portion of the timeline.18. Right-click the audio track on the timeline andnotice that a shortcut menu pops up with audiooptions including Mute, Fade In, Fade Out, andVolume. Adjust these setting as you would like.19. Take the time to play around with the EditMovie options. (You can add transitions or effectsas needed.)
  10. 10. Save Time. Save Money.20. From the Finish Movie category, select Save tomy computer.The Save Movie Wizard appears.21. Give your movie a name and select where youwould like to save it.22. Click Next a few times and then click Finish.Your movie is now ready to be uploaded to yourvideo sharing site of preference.
  11. 11. Save Time. Save Money.See more features
  12. 12. Save Time. Save Money.tThanks Website: www.agentsbids.comEmail: info@agentsbids.com © 2013 AgentsBids. All rights reserved.