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Agency Entourage 2012 Fall Internship - Advertising, Marketing, Journalism, Public Relations


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Send resumes to if you're interested in joining our team this fall!

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Agency Entourage 2012 Fall Internship - Advertising, Marketing, Journalism, Public Relations

  1. 1. Agency Entourage Fall Internship Program: Advertising, Jour., Marketing, PRTake Our Word For It!Ask our spring, summer and fall 2010-12 interns about their experience with Agency Entourage. Findthem on Twitter:@LuzDeGh @nealymincher @emilysuied@Addison_W @LindyChen1 @NCGreenway @William_kent @hmarcum_ @veritasphotog@kelceypiper @ellenfromtexas @BaileyJohnson7See what our interns think of Agency Entourage here: Our Team at Agency Entourage!We are excited to announce that we are taking resumes for our Fall 2012 Internship Program. We feelconfident that being a part of Agency Entourageʼs Internship Program will give you the experience andknowledge you are looking for through an Advertising, Marketing, Online Marketing, Journalism andPublic Relations internship.The Agency Entourage internship consists of a number of exciting and engaging projects that will becompleted by you during the semester. Projects include hosting an Agency Entourage event, joining anindustry club or group, working with email, blog and social media platforms, assisting our InteractiveProducers with their accounts and finding someone to fill your shoes when the internship is complete.Your work schedule will be determined based on your schedule and school schedule this fall. If offered atyour university or college, you may use this internship for school credit. During the assigned workinghours, you should devote your full professional time, energy and attention to the performance of yourduties for Agency Entourage. We promise that participating in our Fall Internship Program will launch youinto work experiences and networking opportunities that will lead to your future success.Please send your resume to (Upper level juniors and seniors ONLY.)Previous Intern Testimonials:Natalie Greenway, Texas A&M - "Thanks to my time with Agency Entourage, I now feel better equipped togo out and face the work force with confidence. Aside from learning about and working with numeroussocial media platforms, expanding my portfolio considerably and interacting with amazing coworkers andmentors, I gained a better understanding of what it takes to survive and flourish in this fast paced, rapidlyevolving industry."Vara Kongkeattikul, UT Arlington - “Agency Entourage truly values its interns and offers a great learningexperience within a friendly environment. My summer internship was spent in almost all aspects of digitalmarketing from design to SEO building to writing blogs. This is a great opportunity to get hands onexperience and learn about this ever-changing industry!” 1700 Commerce Street Suite 950 Dallas, Texas 75201
  2. 2. Marcum, UT Dallas - “Interning at Agency Entourage has been a great experience. Iʼve been ableto work with new social media platforms, expand my portfolio, and gain insight in an industry that I want towork in.”Amanda Munster, UT Arlington - “The internship experience, in my mind, was straight out of The DevilWears Prada. Luckily for me, my internship experience at Agency Entourage has been the completeopposite. Ive even been asked numerous times what I want to learn! Ive been able to expand myportfolio and learn how to apply the skills I learned to all sorts of real world clients. The environment at theagency also really facilitates creativity and teamwork helping to guide you through the internshipprocess.”Megan Rogers, Texas Christian University - "I have had a great time interning at Agency Entourage! Myexperience has been really hands on - I do social posts on Facebook and Twitter, write blogs, and helpwith a blogger outreach campaign. I have definitely learned more about the industry interning here than Ihave at school. The people at AE are really great, too."Emily Suied, UT Arlington - "The best teacher is experience, and experience is exactly what I got duringmy internship at Agency Entourage. This internship gave me hands on experience writing blogs, strategydocuments, and social media posts for different clients. Working at an agency is a great experiencebecause you get to learn something different every day. I am happy to say that the writing and socialmedia skills I learned during this internship will stay with me for the rest of my career."Christian Keitt, UT Arlington - “Interning at Agency Entourage has been a great, hands-on experience. Ivelearned so much about social media marketing and have had the chance to work with some awesomepeople. I think this internship has definitely prepared me for a successful career in public relations andmarketing!”Kelcey Piper, Baylor University - "I have really enjoyed my time as an intern at Agency Entourage. I havelearned so much about the fast-paced and ever-growing field of social media marketing. The uniqueexperience Ive gained from working with the clients and interactive producers will be a huge asset to meafter college and set me apart from other students when seeking a job. I am incredibly grateful for thetime that Agency Entourage has invested in me!"Bailey Johnson, UT Arlington - "I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to inter at such agreat agency as Agency Entourage. This internship has not only given me the confidence I needed toenter the work force, but it has also expanded my portfolio with writing blogs, SEO articles, strategydocuments, newsletters and social media posts for various clients. I believe the insight that I have gainedinto a forever changing industry will help me succeed in my future career path ahead.”Ellen Hardaway, Texas Womanʼs University - “The experience I gained from Agency Entourage has beeninvaluable. Interning at Agency Entourage has provided me with knowledge and experience that is nottaught in the classroom setting. The feedback and direction I was given at Agency Entourage has helpedme a great deal and I will be implementing what Ive learned from them for the rest of my career.” 1700 Commerce Street Suite 950 Dallas, Texas 75201