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Agency Entourage Spring 2011 Internship Program - Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Agency Entourage Spring 2011 Internship Program - Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism

  1. 1. Agency Entourage Internship Program: Advertising, Marketing, Journalism, PR Take Our Word For it! Ask our Spring, Summer, and Fall 2010 interns about their experience with Agency Entourage. Find them on Twitter: @LuzDeGh @jonathanforhire @William_kent @Addison_W @nealymincher Watch what our interns think of Agency Entourage here: Join Our Team at Agency Entourage! We are excited to announce that we are now taking resumes for Spring 2011 internships. We feel confident that being a part of Agency Entourageʼs Internship Program will give you the experience and knowledge you are looking for through an Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations internship. The Agency Entourage internship program consists of a number of exciting and engaging projects that will be completed by you during the semester. Projects include hosting an Agency Entourage event, joining an industry club or group, working with email, blog, and social media platforms, assisting our Interactive Producers on their accounts, and finding someone to fill your shoes when the internship is complete. Your work schedule will be determined based on your school schedule and, if it is offered at your university, may count for school credit. During the assigned working hours, you should devote your full professional time, energy and attention to the performance of your duties for Agency Entourage. We promise that participating in our Internship Program will launch you into work experiences and networking opportunities that will lead to your future success! Please send resumes to by November 23rd. Previous Intern Testimonials: Addison Wheeler, Texas Tech - “At Agency Entourage, you get real world experience and you learn what to expect in a real work environment. You also learn how to work by a schedule and how to meet deadlines. With this internship, Iʼve been able to refine my writing skills for various channels of mediums, which is helpful now and in the future.“ William Meier, Baylor - “Iʼve learned more here in the last month than two years of schooling it feels like! I loved interning at Agency Entourage.“ Luz Hernandez, UT Arlington - "Working here at Agency Entourage has really helped me to expand my writing skills and receive hands-on experience. The atmosphere is great to work in as well." 1700 Commerce Street Suite 950 Dallas, Texas 75201