The Patch, Oct. 2013: Bigger pictures on social media, Google+ comes back and rocks


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Another set of updates for social media! No major changes this month, after we saw how in August Facebook revamped his contest policy for easier use of the "Like", "Share" and "Comment" features.

But again, trends and patterns emerge from our monthly monitoring of social media platforms:

Everyone tries to grab the market of the others: Facebook adding "Professional Skills" to users profiles to tread on LinkedIn HR and job market, Twitter and Facebook betting more and more on pictures with a bigger place for them…

Google+ keeps its stealthy race in the social media industry, and let's be clear: they're making it. With 318 million active users per month, it's now the second-most used social network after Facebook. Moreover, their integration of Google+ as the comments engine for Youtube means you will have even more Google-products related results on Google search, as we've shown last month.

So let's give the two pragmatic tips to make the best of social media in October:

- picture, pictures, pictures: make them big and high-def

- Google, Google, Google, never forget they're everywhere, and go on Google+ be it only for SEO reasons. I've recently spotted a competitor on the 2nd page of a strategic query just because he had posted a Google+ item to its 26 followers.

See you next month for another set of updates, until then, ping us, we are a social media agency in Paris and Singapore and would love to work with you for the Christmas season campaigns :)


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The Patch, Oct. 2013: Bigger pictures on social media, Google+ comes back and rocks

  1. 1. The Patch Social media new features updates for marketers October 2013 • Facebook users and Pages can edit posts • Crawl tweets from 2006 thanks Topsy • Google+ integration on Youtube comments and main blog platforms for SEO hit • Bigger pictures trend confirmed by Facebook & Twitter
  2. 2. Facebook Users and Page admins can edit posts Individual users and Page admins can now edit a post, which has been demanded for ages • You can now edit a post if you made a mistake, a typo, or published it too early • Caution though, it doesn’t mean bad buzz can’t happen: transparency is key on social media, don’t play with edition too much • A well executed Community Management should not need this feature
  3. 3. Facebook Facebook ad formats pictures harmonized After deciding to reduce the jungle of ads from 26 to 13, Facebook now harmonizes ad pictures • Advertisers don’t need anymore to produce different sizes for each format • You have more space to work with: page post links are 3.5 bigger on desktop for instance • CTR – and budgets – are expected to rise
  4. 4. Facebook Specify your “professional skills” on Facebook Facebook now testing “Professional Skills” tab in “About us”, like LinkedIn did in 2011 • Possible integration in Graph Search to discover new users for professional matters • A good tool for personal branding on Facebook
  5. 5. Facebook New Facebook tools for advertisers & news companies Facebook developing two tools for the media industry: • A marketing mix to compare Facebook Ads with TV, print and websites advertising • A social TV tool for news companies to surface Facebook conversations for use in live programming
  6. 6. Facebook Exclude a location for a Facebook ad A more precise targeting of places on Facebook with the possibility to exclude locations: • Target a region but not its main cities • Target only part of cities by excluding specific ZIP codes
  7. 7. Twitter Twitter “Alerts” to help during catastrophes Twitter now offering an “Alerts” service: • Receive a notification on your phone whenever a selected organization’s account tweets an Alert • Alerts can be used during disasters by NGOs and public institutions, for instance
  8. 8. Twitter Bigger pictures in new redesign The trend for bigger pictures everywhere comes to Twitter, too: • Think of embedding pictures when tweeting • Think mobile and fit pictures to small screens
  9. 9. Twitter Dig in Twitter archives from 2006 thanks Topsy Topsy, a company acquired by Twitter, now allows to dig into tweets from the beginning: • Compare brands & keywords on Twitter from 2006 to now • Fact-check and detect trends on the long-run
  10. 10. Foursquare Search in menus on Foursquare You can now search for specific food items within a menu on Foursquare: • Look for croque monsieur, gluten-free, lobster for instance • As a social media agency in Singapore, we’re happy to help restaurants use Foursquare!
  11. 11. Pinterest Pinterest now offering Promoted Pins advertising Pinterest goes advertising too with Promoted Pins, to be released in near future: • Same features than on other social media (transparent, relevant, feedback optimized) • The comments from the community are highly constructive and try to balance the need for monetization with the place advertising should have on Pinterest
  12. 12. Youtube Transforming comments into conversations Youtube makes quite a bold move with comments: • Comments are now powered by Google+ (welcome to the Google ecosystem) • Comments of people you know rise up in rankings • Admin & moderators have more tools to moderate and control the conversation
  13. 13. Google+ Another SEO hit in the search engine results We’re bullish on Google+ at Agence Tesla, the platform pushes every month positive signs for this: • Google+ now offers author attribution for platforms like Wordpress, TypePad,… • Connecting your blog or articles with a Google+ sign-in will have them rise up in search engines • Google+ now has 318 million active users a month, second after Facebook
  14. 14. LinkedIn LinkedIn optimizes Sponsored Jobs advertising LinkedIn continues to monetize with Sponsored Jobs, an existing format now available in users’ newsfeeds for a more engaging format: • Both “active” and “passive” jobseekers will be able to see job offerings • Available also on mobile, where 30% of LinkedIn users are
  15. 15. Vimeo Pre-orders on rental & purchase available Vimeo, the HD video-sharing platform, now offers VOD with a new purchase/rental format: • Users can pre-order content, and promo codes are possible • Prices can be set differently for rental and purchase
  16. 16. Thanks! Agence Tesla Asia, a social media agency in Singapore and Paris Follow us on Twitter @agencetesla or Why “The Patch”? In computing, a “patch” is a software update to correct bugs, improve performance or update a program. We want to “patch” marketers with the latest curated social media new features.