The Patch, Nov. 2013: less privacy, more ads, and battle for the teenagers on social media


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Last month, we saw many new cool features for Community Management on Facebook (Pages could now edit posts) and Youtube (integration of Google+ as a comment tool).

For November, our latest set of updates from social media see new trends emerge:

Privacy and its management is getting increasingly difficult: Facebook is no more allowing you to be "non searchable" starting next week. Google+ is also changing its terms of services to use your endorsement of brands and your own picture for marketing purposes. And now anyone could send you a Direct Message on Twitter, even if you don't follow the sender (note that you can at least choose to unlock this feature or not)

Advertising is strengthening, it's not a surprise, but it's getting faster and better for brands and marketers to target social media users. Foursquare opened its ad platforms to 1.5 million small business in the US, Instagram tests its "sponsored" pictures with a first batch of partner brands and could make as much as $250m revenue in the first year, and Twitter is also opening ads for apps and websites based on users' tweets and list of following.

Last, but not least, the battle for the teens is intense between Facebook, which admitted to lose some in the US, Twitter, said to be the preferred platform for teenager in a recent survey, and Tumblr, a bit under the radar since their acquisition by Yahoo. But another point of view raises a thought-provoking paradigm: there's already a social network bigger than Facebook and much, much popular with teens... Discover QQ/WeChat plan to conquer the world after having done so in China.

To help you find your way in this moving and fascinating field, of course we are here :) We're a social media agency based both in Paris and in Singapore where we cover Asia-Pacific-Japan. We run campaigns, we listen to your users on social media, and we love to chat about you could be part of the social media tidal wave too!

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The Patch, Nov. 2013: less privacy, more ads, and battle for the teenagers on social media

  1. 1. The Patch Social media new features updates for marketers November 2013 • Create ads on Facebook based on objectives • Twitter becoming a remote control for TV • Pinterest 2nd traffic referral source after Facebook • Ads on Instagram are rolling out • Google+ launches features for live video-chats
  2. 2. Facebook Ad creation easier with objective-based interface Facebook makes advertising easier with objective-based interface : • Last summer, Facebook committed to reduce ad formats from 26 to 13 • Now, anyone can understand better ads with objectives ranging from traffic generation to app installs or event responses on Facebook • Simplification also hits Facebook Insights with new looks and breakdown of "People Talking About This" by sub-actions (Like, Share, comment, visit, etc)
  3. 3. Facebook Re-engage Facebook users after they have downloaded your app Facebook strengthen its ad offer for apps on mobile to re-engage existing users • Facebook "Mobile app install ad" have had great conversion rate since inception (about 25%) • A new ad format allows app publishers to target their users on Facebook to re-engage them • Possible call-to-actions in new mobile app ad includes "Use App", "Book Now", "Play Game"
  4. 4. Facebook Easier Insights as an admin of a Facebook Page Facebook rolls out Page Insights with simpler metrics • "People Talking About This" now clearly split into separate elements (Likes, Mentions, Check-ins...) • Each post has now a scorecard agregating positive and negative interactions (Hide post, Spam...) • Insights now allow you to see who you've reach but also who you've engaged
  5. 5. Facebook On Facebook, you cannot hide anymore (privacy) Facebook removes opt-out of name search ability, you cannot hide anymore • More generally, do check out regularly your privacy settings, as they change often • You can easily find back all posts & pictures you were tagged in • Again, reputation matters as “your name” on Google will now lead to your Facebook profile
  6. 6. Twitter Before its IPO, Twitter rolls out media & ad features Twitter is going public this month, which doesn’t prevent more new features: • Twitter all the more media-friendly with @EvenParrot experiment to bring custom breaking news to users by DM • Twitter is now your remote control for TV: a "see it" button will show on messages from @NBCUniversal this month #socialTV • Ads for apps and websites to be available on Twitter, will target users based on tweets and following
  7. 7. Foursquare Real-time recommendations on the go with Foursquare Foursquare now pushes real-time recommendations to iPhone users: • If you come to a new city, recommendations for spots to visit, stay, eat will pop-up • If you enter a restaurant, best tips will be shown • If friends are around you, you will be notified too
  8. 8. Pinterest Pinterest 2nd to Facebook for website traffic referral Don’t forget Pinterest! They’re now 2nd to Facebook to generate visits on your website. • Pinterest also raised $225 millions dollars for international expansion • If you are working in e-commerce, luxury, this is a sure hit for community management and lead generation
  9. 9. Youtube Free audio tracks for content creators on Youtube Youtube launches free audio library with royalty free tracks, to help creative make better videos: • Following a trend set up by Facebook who offered a few months ago Shutterstock pictures for ad creators • Tracks downloadable as mp3, can be searched by mood/genre • Artists can upload their own tracks to enrich the library
  10. 10. Instagram Advertising on Instagram rolls out Instagram is rolling out its advertising service as expected: • An ad on Instagram will be the same type of picture, with a "Sponsored" label above • Advertising on Instagram is starting in the United States, with partner brands such as Adidas, Burberry, General Electric • A metrics & analytics tool within Instagram should be available too for brands to assess their ROI • Instagram has 150M active users, could generate $250M per year in ad revenues
  11. 11. Instagram Instagram’s founder: discovery and news for near-future Instagram founder Kevin Systrom anticipates how the platform could evolve in an interview • Exploration and discovery is the main focus. Filters should be more subtle in future • Instagram is a very compact way of transmitting info: think how your news must be a picture (and possible text overlay) • "In 5 years, I want to read my morning news on Instagram", we're sure you can do it faster :)
  12. 12. Google+ #Hashtags searchable on Google, favors Google+ (again) Google adds #hashtags to Google Search. We are at Agence Tesla strong believers of the "hashtagization" of the web: • #hastags will give results from Google+, Twitter, Tumblr • #hastags are a good way to find a topic around which users discuss, rather than only a content • And, of course, you’re at Google, so Google+ results are highly put forward on the right column
  13. 13. Google+ Live video-chat with Q&A available on Google+ Hangout Google offers a Live Q&A feature for Hangouts on Air. Translation: you can now organize live videochats and have anyone ask questions in the comment section • Community Managers can organize video-chats between celebrities/brand C-level and users • Can be used for Crisis Management, to have a direct interaction on a platform you own • Don't forget: as a part of Google+, video-chats like these have a powerful SEO boost
  14. 14. Thanks! Agence Tesla, a social media agency in Singapore and Paris Follow us on Twitter @agencetesla or Why “The Patch”? In computing, a “patch” is a software update to correct bugs, improve performance or update a program. We want to “patch” marketers with the latest curated social media new features.