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Social media marketing best practice - B2C, B2B (2013)


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Air Asia, Starbucks, Maersk Lines, American Express, Cisco...

These brands, in B2C or B2B, have powerful yet simple social media marketing strategies. Learn from these best practices with some ROI stats included for your benchmarks

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Social media marketing best practice - B2C, B2B (2013)

  1. 1. Social  media  marke-ng   Best  prac*ces  B2C,  B2B   July  2013  
  2. 2. Air  Asia   A  full-­‐service  social  media  strategy   •  Main  booking  feature  is  on  Facebook:  each  deal  can  reach  the  friends  of  each  of  their  1.9M  fans   •  CRM  turns  social:  every  case  solved  is  seen  publicly  but  other:  Air  Asia  is  a  reac-ve  brand   •  CEO  personal  branding:  Tony  Fernandes  gives  the  corporate  culture  by  being  ac-vely  twee-ng  
  3. 3. Starbucks   Crowdsourcing  to  cut  R&D  costs   •  More  than  100K  proposals  from  the  community  on  new  Products,  Experience,  and  Involvement   •  A  gamifica-on-­‐based  plaQorm:  top  members  get  vouchers,  prizes,  exclusive  rewards   •  A  mix  of  R&D,  corporate  social  responsibility  and  community  engagement  
  4. 4. Maersk  Line   A  B2B  brand  with  millions  of  fans   •  A  first  audit  helped  the  brand  to  focus  on  4  topics:  communica-ons,  customer  service,  sales  and   internal  usage.  Their  targets  were  dispatched  in  four  groups:  Fans,  customers,  employees,  experts   •  1M  fans  on  Facebook  and  a  strong  sense  of  community,  and  the  selec-on  of  an  “all-­‐star  team”  of   employees  to  manage  the  page  
  5. 5. Cisco   Thought  leadership  in  B2B  through  videos   •  Several  videos  coming  online  every  day  from  the  various  department  of  the  company:  Q&As,   demo  of  products,  event  coverage   •  Distribu-on  on  social  media  through  Facebook,  TwiZer,  LinkedIn   •  More  than  5M  views  on  Youtube  and  33  000  subscribers  +  huge  SEO/thought  leadership  win  
  6. 6. American  Express   Empowering  small  businesses  with  a  forum   •  To  serve  its  SMEs  clients,  Amex  offers  a  popular  networking  &  idea  forum:  Open  Forum   •  New  content  is  provided  every  day:  videos,  experts  posts,  chats…   •  160  000  unique  visitors  in  2008,  more  than  1M  today,  and  300  000  fans  on  Facebook  
  7. 7. Thanks!       Mar-n  Pasquier,  Agence  Tesla     Latest  news  on