Agence Tesla - Luxury South East Asia 2013


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Agence Tesla - Luxury South East Asia 2013

  1. 1. Luxury in South-East Asia: let’s make it digital April 2013
  2. 2. Younger audiencesneed an educationHot stat: The SEA market isprojected to grow between 15and 25% in the next 5 yearsMajor trends• Most luxury consumers in emerging markets are young• Luxury has to solve a tension between customer acquisition (fast) and brand equity (slow)• A solution: educating the market (craftsmanship, savoir-faire) through contents which associates storytelling and engagement
  3. 3. High-servicewithin the digital worldHot stat: High net worthindividuals (HNWI) will triple inIndonesia to nearly 100,000by 2015Major trends• Service is fundamental, as some local elites are used to afford servants, maids• Customers are more discerning but not especially loyal• A solution: put the at the heart of the marketing process, in an experiential connection which provides both authenticity and service
  4. 4. A lifestyle experience,online and offlineHot stat: This Singaporeaninfluencer commands 130Kpage views & 20K+ followersacross her social mediaMajor trends• Online is the principal source for research• Online communities are real life groups revealed and amplified by social media• Influencers are in a symbiotic relationship with brands. Visibility for Access to fans.• A solution: Identify who and where are your influencers. Hear what they say, know what they do. And engage!
  5. 5. Follow consumerswith an ecosystemHot stat: Information research cantake up to 2 to 3 monthsbefore purchaseMajor trends• Consumer experience is now “omnichannel”, from the stores to the app and social media• The attention economy is fragmented between apps, mobile web, second screens, new platforms, influencers• A solution: Think of a strategy which integrates all of your channels and offer multiple entry points to tease then retain consumers
  6. 6. From digital to social, andmobile commerceHot stat: 20% of e-commerce inSingapore on tablets and mobile.Major trends• Fashion items are the top category for m-commerce• People shop mostly from home (40%), office (18%), on the move (11%)• 45% of Fortune500 companies have no mobile strategy or site/app• Insight: omnichannel is not enough, and needs responsivity and contextualized promotions. Are you mobile-ready?
  7. 7. Burberry drive sales ondigitalHot stat: +29% sales in 6months “half of which due todigital marketing”, says CEOAngela AhrendtsMajor findings• Value-added for Twitter followers with premiering of the collection (“Tweetwalk”)• Burberry Body fragrance launch on Facebook and Youtube• Facebook fans x3, search results +85%• Insight: Social is more than a “nice to have”, and a true driver for sales and engagement.
  8. 8. Four Seasons Hoteland customer-centricsocial strategyHot stat: 12M impressionsfrom one case study – a bridal-focused, multiplatform campaignMajor findings• A centralized corporate presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and a unique presence for each location.• Global branding + Thematic campaigns on Lifestyle• Customer-centric use of Twitter Accounts that makes everyone feels at home• Insight: social media features and guidelines help split global and local presence easily. Customer service on Twitter is a must-have
  9. 9. Let us be your guide to anew world of communitiesand opportunitiesHot stat: Blogs reached 57% ofSingaporean in 2011, 60% in2012Keep in touch• We help brands understand conversations online• We co-create strategies, provide tools, methodologies and guidance• We keep an eye on innovation so that you keep an edge on competitors• Insight: learn how communities and their influencers work and interact, and be part of an exciting and rewarding world
  10. 10. Contact us in