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You will find Navision here

  1. 1. You will find Navision here Australia About Navision Austria Belgium Navision is a leading global provider of cost-effective and adaptable integrat- Canada ed business solutions that help companies in their quest to grow. The com- Czech Republic pany has 127,000 customers worldwide, a global network of more than 2,200 Denmark partners, and over 1,000 employees in 26 countries. The Navision product Finland line consists of Navision Axapta ®, Navision Financials ® / Navision Attain ®, France Germany and Navision XAL®. Navision a/s was created through the merger of Navision Iceland Software a/s and Damgaard A/S in December 2000. The company is head- India quartered in Vedbæk, Denmark. The U.S. headquarters are in Duluth, Italy Georgia. You can learn more about Navision a/s on the Internet at www.nav- Lithuania, or visit Navision US at Norway Poland Portugal Russia Singapore Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands USA United Kingdom Copyright © 2001 Navision a/s, Frydenlunds Allé 6, DK-2950 Vedbæk, Denmark. The trademarks referenced herein and marked with either TM or ® are either trade- marks or registered trademarks of Navision a/s or Navision Development a/s. Microsoft Windows 2000 is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The names of actu- al companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. No part of this document may be repro- duced or transmitted in any form or by any means, whole or in part without the prior written permission of Navision a/s. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Navision US, Inc. 3505 Koger Boulevard, Suite 400 Duluth, Georgia 30096 Toll Free: 800-552-8478 Main Office: 678-226-8300
  2. 2. Unlock the Power of One Advanced Technology for ERP and E-Business
  3. 3. Table of Contents Advanced Technology for E-Integrated Enterprises Page 3 Harness the Power of One Page 4 Integrate Everything Page 5 Leverage Web Tools Page 6 Scale as You Grow Page 7 Adapt to Change Page 8 Upgrade with Ease Page 10 Leverage the Microsoft Platform Page 11 Work Smarter Page 12 Prepare for the Future Page 13 Glossary Page 14 Minimum System Requirements Page 15 “We chose Navision Axapta because it has the most future-oriented technology and because it is flexible enough to support our wide and varied range of business activities.” Tore Lindbak, Managing Director, Lindbak, Norway Production Trade Logistics Customer Human Finance Project E-business Relationship Resource Management Management 2
  4. 4. Minimum System Requirements For the Client: 2-tier and fat-client 200MHz Pentium Pro II processor with 64MB RAM or higher Thin-client 133MHz Pentium Pro II processor with 32MB RAM or higher General: Any new, commercially available computer pur- chased after October 2000 with an Intel or AMD processor with the above memory requirements Operating Systems: • Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or higher • Windows 95 with OEM Service Release 2 (SR2) • Windows 98 • Windows Me • BackOffice Client ODBC Version 3.51.0000 Server: Please verify that your server configuration and sizing meets the recommendations set forth by the Sizing Tools provided by Navision and its partners. Databases: • Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 • Oracle 8 Other Requirements: Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher 3
  5. 5. Glossary AOS: Axapta Object Sever. Navision Axapta server software Objects: Fragments of program code that can be used again that is optimized for three-tier environments and that lever- and again. This limits the amount of code to be maintained ages the benefits of web applications. and reduces the risk of errors. Business Connector: Ensures that Navision Axapta is open OLAP: On-line Analytical Processing. This technology to, and accessible from, all COM-compliant products, includ- enables users to analyze data at all levels and in all directions ing Microsoft products and web solutions. in Navision Axapta. COM/DCOM: Common Object Model/Distributed Common SQL: Structured Query Language. A special syntax used to Object Model. This Microsoft standard ensures straightfor- extract, analyze and present data from a database by creating ward and seamless integration with Microsoft and other COM- queries. SQL syntax is an integral part of Navision Axapta's compliant applications. X++ programming language. Feature Key: A feature of Navision Axapta that enables you to Three-tier solution: Distributed application architecture that add, remove or hide functions easily. supports traditional clients and web clients. This is the key to savings and flexibility, enabling your company to run existing Genuine object-oriented language: A genuine object-orient- applications at a lower cost. ed language employs discrete objects, predefined building blocks, that can be used again and again. Genuine objects are Version-layer technology: Structure that defines separate, set apart from program code and have their own properties protected levels within Navision Axapta where modifications that can be set or read, depending on their purpose, without are made. This ensures that Navision, an NSC or the client affecting other objects or code. company can safely and easily upgrade Navision Axapta applications. IntelliMorph: This technology ensures that new fields in Navision Axapta are sized and placed appropriately and Wizard: A program that guides a user step-by-step through a attractively on all relevant screens throughout the enterprise process, typically the installation of a program or the set-up of solution, and that they adhere to the graphical standards of company information. the solution as a whole. X++: The underlying Navision Axapta programming language IntelliSense: A Microsoft standard help file containing context- that was developed specifically for the product and is based sensitive support for developers and programmers. upon Java, C++ and SQL syntax. MorphX Development Suite: A series of tools dedicated to the development of Navision Axapta solutions. Navision Axapta By combining e-business and ERP in a single platform, MorphX: Navision Axapta's object-oriented development Navision Axapta provides a complete solution for all environment, based on the company's X++ programming lan- business needs. guage. XML Suppliers One Application Intranet Employees NSC: Navision Solution Center. The local distributor of Navision software products. NSCs sell, implement and pro- One Toolbox Extranet Subsidiaries vide training on Navision products. WAP / Web One Database Mobile devices Sales Resources Web Customers 14
  6. 6. Advanced Technology for E-Integrated Enterprises To make a successful transformation to e-business, enter- prises need an agile technology platform. With versatile tech- The Design Philosophy This brochure describes the technical capabilities of nologies like MorphX™ Development Suite, Navision Axapta ® Navision Axapta ®. The system's innovative provides a range of unique tools to leverage the power of e- “power of one” design philosophy enables enterprises to manage change in a controlled manner while business and cost effectively adapt to changing business con- unlocking the benefits of e-business. ditions. “E” Enabled Navision Axapta is ideally suited for enterprises looking to Navision Axapta includes everything you need for e-busi- automate core business processes in their ERP systems. ness. The system's web application toolbox lets you quickly Navision Axapta technology allows businesses to extend their build applications that reuse Navision Axapta’s core function- processes to customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. ality and data. In addition, the system supports essential e- business technologies like XML, WAP, and the Application Not all ERP technology platforms are the same. Selecting Service Provider (ASP) model. the wrong platform can lead to cost overruns and missed busi- ness opportunities. With Navision Axapta, the underlying tech- Adaptability nology is what saves you money in three key ways. The fundamental design philosophy for Navision Axapta is what we call the power of one – one set of business logic, one Flexibility database, one toolset, and one source code. Whether appli- Navision Axapta was designed with a three-tier architec- cation customizations are made at the subsidiary level, ture. This architecture includes a number of advanced tech- department level, or with individual users, Navision Axapta niques that cleanly separate the business logic from the pres- puts the ability to adapt in your hands. This simplicity makes it entation interface and the application data. As a result, the easy and less costly to customize and upgrade Navision business logic can be accessed using the interface of your Axapta applications. choice – browser, application client, machine-to-machine, or mobile device. 15
  7. 7. Harness the Power of One To be truly successful in business, you must first build effi- cient internal processes and then extend those processes to Traditional ERP System with an E-business Add-on customers, partners and suppliers. With its design principal of A traditional ERP system with an e-business add-on is "one set of business logic, one database, one source code, illustrated below. Application maintenance and duplicate data lead to higher cost of ownership. and one toolset," Navision Axapta is uniquely positioned to e automate both internal and external processes. At Navision, Windows clients with Business logic Browser clients we think of this as "the power of one." Business logic Web interface The Need to Reuse Resources Database Database When it comes to selecting an e-business platform, one of Synchronizing the first decisions is to choose either an add-on e-business application or a single system that combines internal process- es with e-business processes. Selecting an add-on application One Application One Set of Business Logic presents a number of disadvantages. These include extra Navision Axapta's three-tier architecture is the key to maintenance, redundant data, redundant business logic, the leveraging one set of business logic for e-business. need for more than one development toolset, and database Windows client Web client synchronization issues. Windows client WAP client Windows client XML client The Power of One AOS Navision Axapta enables companies to build powerful e-business applications simply and cost-effectively. Navision Navision Axapta Axapta’s three-tier architecture cleanly separates the busi- ness logic from the presentation layer. This lets you maintain one set of business logic for everyone – customers via the Database web, suppliers via extranet services, employees via WAP technology, and e-commerce marketplaces using XML. E-business applications should strive to reuse Key Benefits business logic, data, and in-house expertise. Important benefits provided by Navision Axapta's "power of one" approach include: • Lower development and maintenance costs • No redundant data • No redundant business logic • Greater responsiveness to change • Easy-to-upgrade applications • Ability to use emerging technologies like WAP and XML 4
  8. 8. Prepare for the Future We recognize that enterprises look to implement e-busi- manageable amount of code and straightforward development ness technologies as a way to optimize costs and build tools, making it remarkably easy to adapt, upgrade, and main- stronger relationships with their customers, partners and sup- tain customized processes. One of our primary design goals pliers. Navision is the ideal partner for enterprises seeking to with Navision Axapta was ease of use for all types of users. leverage the Internet, web applications, mobile technology, • IT managers are attracted to the openness of the system and new industry initiatives. and its ability to support changes in company processes. Navision Axapta automates time-consuming routines and A Vision that Starts with Our Customers provides legacy systems with a uniform user interface. At Navision, we have created a vision of the future that • Programmers appreciate Navision Axapta's unique, starts with our customers. When it comes to emerging tech- object-oriented development enviroment. nologies, Navision is deeply committed to putting our customers • Managers, executives, and other employees value the first. As our customers increasingly adopt collaborative prac- adaptability and user-friendly interface. tices, we believe the ability to combine ERP, e-business, CRM and supply chain management in the Navision Axapta core sys- The Power to Manage Change tem provides a powerful competitive advantage not attainable With innovative technologies like AOS, Navision Axapta elsewhere. delivers a range of advantages that you won't find elsewhere. Above all, Navision Axapta puts the power to manage change Whether it's new technologies like XML and WAP, the in the hands of ERP and e-business architects. As the e-busi- Application Services Provider model or the ini- ness era matures, this is a crucial advantage that will help you tiative, you can expect that Navision will be there. take your business in the direction you want to go. Extensive Expertise Instead of struggling with technology, Navision Axapta is proof of our expertise. No existing devel- users can focus on their jobs. opment language supported the technological concept we sought to create, so we created a new development suite based on our own object-oriented programming language: X++. X++ combines the best of many programming languages: Java, C++ and SQL syntax. X++ gives Navision Axapta a 5
  9. 9. Work Smarter Navision offers you more than just technology. An equally • Navision Axapta’s graphical user interface ensures an easy important part of our objective is helping you to work smarter. transition for those users already familiar with a Microsoft Working smarter comes from: Windows standard navigational environment. • being able to perform a task without being • Navision Axapta Feature Key functionality allows users to distracted by other matters personalize their working environments. Users can tailor • the feeling that your tools make you better at what you are their screens, resulting in increased productivity. already good at, no matter what your role in the enterprise • Navision Axapta is designed specifically for international, multi-site corporations and supports multiple languages. Our aim is to help people perform their work quickly, easily, For instance, a Dutch comptroller can go to Spain and and in a goal-directed manner. As a result, we placed technolo- change his display of the local system to Dutch with gy where it should be: out of sight and out of mind. As e-busi- just a click of the mouse. ness becomes more widespread and enterprises increasingly use the Internet to conduct business, it becomes even more important for technology to be both transparent and reliable. “Right off the shelf, Navision Axapta offers Managers and employees enjoy easy, fast access what we need in order processing and track- to vital information to enhance decision-making. ing, multi-currencies and languages. For those things that do need customization in the future, Navision Axapta is easy to adapt with its leading-edge technology.” Alan Baldwin, Chief of European Operations, HA-LO, Belgium 12
  10. 10. Integrate Everything Navision Axapta provides an ideal environment for compa- Take Advantage of the Internet nies looking to leverage information technology as a competi- The Business Connector is a vital tool for web applications tive advantage. Not only can these companies move quickly built to use information from Navision Axapta. This is true for using the extensive ready-to-run functionality delivered with web applications built with Navision Axapta's own framework, Navision Axapta, but they can also integrate different business as well as for any other web-based application that communi- systems to meet overall enterprise objectives. Navision Axapta cates and transacts with Navision Axapta. The Business makes this integration easy in three main ways. Connector provides the perfect synergy between your back- office ERP solution and your front-office web applications. First, the system provides wide-ranging support for Microsoft's COM standards using the Business Connector. XML Integration This means that any COM-compliant application can readily XML is a vital business collaboration standard. Using the communicate and transact with Navision Axapta. Second, XML interface, Navision Axapta applications may read and MorphX Development Suite, including the web application write XML documents and communicate with other XML- framework, provides a number of tools that simplify integra- aware programs. This technology enables you to set up direct tion. And third, Navision Axapta supports integration for connections to your trading partners or participate in B2B trad- emerging e-business technologies such as WAP and XML. ing exchanges on the web. The COM Standard With Navision Axapta as part of your IT infrastructure, you “Our challenge was to overcome our diverse infor- can cost–effectively integrate a vast selection of Microsoft- mation systems. We had grown so rapidly that our compliant applications. Links established between Navision systems were not interconnected. We had separate Axapta and COM-compliant applications are transparent to systems at the central office to manage purchas- users. This functionality can seamlessly combine Microsoft® ing, production, and sales order entry.” Word®, Microsoft® Outlook®, Microsoft® Excel®, and other Lou Zuiker, Manager of Research and Development, Northern Micro, Canada Microsoft applications with Navision Axapta. 13
  11. 11. Leverage Web Tools When it comes to web applications that span your enter- The Navision Axapta web framework is designed to be prise, Navision Axapta delivers a key advantage: all web appli- as customizable and expandable as possible so that you cations are built on the same business logic that drives your can easily develop the solutions that best meet your busi- client-based applications. What's more, Navision Axapta pro- ness requirements. vides a comprehensive framework for rapidly building, deploy- ing and maintaining web applications. The web framework Build Web Applications Easily includes a number of ready-to-run web applications, such as Building web applications is simple thanks to the Navision Customer Self-Service, plus all the tools you need for building Axapta Web Application Wizard. This wizard was designed to and customizing web applications. help both experienced web programmers and non-technical personnel. The structured approach of the wizard, combined The web tools, part of the MorphX Development Suite, with other resources such as web forms, assures consistent include a visual HTML editor and cascading style sheet editor design and reliable functionality in your web applications. The as well as a range of pre-built web forms, web menus, and Web Application Wizard enables you to quickly build a wide web reports. Also included are a website wizard and a web variety of applications that leverage the data and business logic application wizard that give you total control of layout and in Navision Axapta. business logic. Using the web application wizard, a new web application that uses core Navision Axapta functionality can be built in minutes. “The whole process was to prepare us for e-business. We want our customers to know where an order is at every step. Now we have a screen that shows exactly where an order is in the process.” Amir Bagherlee, Vice President of Operations, Louis Poulsen & Co., USA Navision Axapta web tools let you rapidly design, build and maintain web applications. 6
  12. 12. Leverage the Microsoft Platform Navision is fully committed to supporting Microsoft prod- Navision’s commitment to Microsoft products, ucts, standards, and initiatives. As proof of our commitment, standards and initiatives results in faster accli- Navision is consistently among the first vendors to support mation to the software, reduced training needs, new Microsoft products as they become available. One exam- and reduced maintenance costs. ple of this is Navision's early certification for Microsoft® Windows® 2000. More Reliable and Manageable Microsoft certification translates into greater reliability and Our certification to use the "Designed for Microsoft" logos manageability of Navision Axapta applications. Applications is your guarantee that Navision Axapta functionality and coexist more readily, and robust, self-repairing installations appearance is compatible with Microsoft products. These logos minimize conflicts among shared system components. certify that Navision Axapta has been stringently tested to ensure total compliance to Microsoft products and technology. Supports Advanced Technologies Navision Axapta supports a number of advanced Microsoft Low Cost of Ownership technologies available in Microsoft Windows 2000. These Applications that bear the "Designed for Microsoft" logos include OnNow™ technology for intelligent power manage- typically boost employee productivity. These applications min- ment, self-repairing technology for smoother installations, and imize the need for help desk support simply because they use component sharing technology for better application reliability. conventions commonly found in Microsoft products. Navision Axapta is easy to use for those who are already accustomed “It took just 8 hours in total - to unpack, to Microsoft software applications. build and install the hardware along with the installation of Windows NT, Microsoft SQL Server and Navision Axapta.” Wolfgang Puttinger, Administration and IT Manager, Lederbauer, Austria 7
  13. 13. Upgrade with Ease Many companies gain a competitive advantage by adopt- ing new technologies as they become available. But the cost to Navision Axapta Version Layer Technology do so can be prohibitive. Thanks to Navision Axapta's version layer technology, it is hassle free and cost-effective to migrate The kernel is the base application. to new versions of the base technology. USER: Site-specific modifications for one site CUSTOMER: Customer's own modifications for the entire enterprise Version Layer Technology PARTNER: Business partner-specific solutions for individual customers Navision Axapta’s version layer technology lets you moni- BUSINESS: Vertical solutions tor and maintain modifications to the system. Customizations made by business partners made by a Navision Solution Center (NSC) and by you are LOCAL: Country-specific modifications maintained in upper layers, separate from the original standard DISTRIBUTOR: Distributor-specific modifications application code. Functionality specified in upper layers takes SOLUTION: Reserved for future expansion precedence over that in lower layers. You have full control over SYSTEM: Standard Application modifications, and, if necessary, you can roll back to the stan- dard application at any time. With version-layer technology, changes made by your company, business partners and Navision are maintained separately. This enables you to cost-effi- ciently reuse functionality and ensures that none of In addition, maintenance enhancements can be applied to your changes are lost during upgrades. Layer technol- ogy also reduces maintenance and provides invest- any layer. By maintaining changes in independent layers, ment protection. Navision Axapta retains each customization in its original form. Those who benefit from customization also benefit from Upgrade Support Tools Navision Axapta’s maximum flexibility and security. Navision Axapta upgrade CDs include comparison and upgrade project tools that allow you to select the customized Automated Upgrades processes that you want to retain in the new version of the soft- When Navision Axapta upgrades are released, you will ware. You can compare objects within the standard application receive a new version of the product. Upgrades are easy and layer (SYS) and the other layers to see what has been altered automatic – just run the installation program and the files will and if the alteration affects a customization you have made. be copied to the correct locations. To simplify the upgrade Typically, you will have to approve only the changes made to process, you can choose to use a wizard to guide you step-by- the SYS layer and merge them with your customizations. This step through all the procedures. Then you can run the includ- tool makes it easy to decide which functions and changes you ed compare tool. need to retain in the upgraded version. Version layer technology lets you monitor what has been changed, where it was changed, and from where the changes originated. Customized processes are preserved during upgrades. 10
  14. 14. Scale as You Grow Navision Axapta is designed to grow and expand with your business. The system’s advanced architecture is designed to One Set of Business Logic Ensures Easy Scalability scale horizontally and vertically in a multitude of different con- For scalability, multiple AOSs can be added to the figurations. Navision Axapta supports both two-tier and three- system without the need for segmented or redundant business logic. The result? Maximum scalability while tier client/server application environments, and, with Axapta maintaining only one set of business logic. Object Server (AOS), you can deploy the system in a distrib- Windows Web uted networking environment. This means maximum value for Windows Windows your IT investment. WAP Web Windows WAP Web XML Scalability via Distributed Applications AOS is specifically designed to leverage the benefits of AOS Navision Axapta in distributed networking environments. As a AOS result, AOS lets you optimize a Navision Axapta system for the Navision best possible performance, bandwidth utilization, security, and AOS Axapta cost-of-ownership. AOS What's more, with Navision Axapta, you do not need mid- Database dleware. This translates into a simpler, easier-to-maintain sys- tem configuration. The bandwidth requirement for communi- cation between an AOS and clients is modest. These benefits The Axapta Object Server (AOS) is designed for translate into lower operational costs for you. distributed applications in a networked environment. and Oracle. Navision Axapta complies fully with both of these Your Choice of SQL Databases system standards in order to ensure direct access and top Navision Axapta uses Structured Query Language (SQL) performance. This enables you to employ a large number of syntax. This gives you a choice of SQL database manage- standard maintenance and backup tools. ment from the leaders in the industry - Microsoft SQL Server 11
  15. 15. Adapt to Change The ability to quickly adapt to change should be in the hands of those who use and manage the system. To make this The Navision Axapta Solution a reality, Navision Axapta provides four unique ways to adapt to business requirements and individual preferences. Manage Functionality Using Feature Keys Navision Axapta Core- Customer's Standard requirements special Application fit needs Feature Keys is a capability that lets system managers enable and disable functionality in Navision Axapta. Using Feature Keys, an administrator can give different users and First, the Navision Axapta standard solution is merged with customer's special needs, satisfying groups access to application areas and features by showing core requirements. or hiding data fields. Feature Keys can be used for simple, on-the-fly changes as Core- requirements fit well as for more sophisticated, cross-departmental changes. Feature Keys puts the power to adapt Navision Axapta directly in the hands of individual managers and system administrators. Next, features not used are concealed. Work Faster with IntelliMorph IntelliMorph technology makes it easy to modify forms and Core- Customer's requirements specific reports in Navision Axapta. IntelliMorph allows users to hide fit functionality and show fields on a form. Better yet, IntelliMorph takes care of reformatting the forms, too. Users can safely and swiftly Then, the system is adapted to meet rearrange fields to best suit individual work preferences. customer-specific needs. User specific Customized interfaces are requirements only a mouse click away. Total Customer-designed Axapta solution The customized solution is now ready. Functionality for individual users can be tailored at any time. Using Feature Keys, even complex functionality can be enabled or disabled with a single mouse click. 8
  16. 16. IntelliMorph also makes it possible to quickly build and The MorphX Development Suite greatly speeds up the redesign screens, forms and reports, including web-based customizations made to Navision Axapta. It includes the forms. Field labels can be modified without disturbing field IntelliSense help function for quick access to online guidance. data or underlying business logic. For example, you can Using MorphX, even complex requirements can be met in just switch languages on an invoice form and IntelliMorph auto- minutes or hours. matically resizes the field labels to fit the words. These are just a few of the timesaving advantages made possible by Create New Business Logic with X++™ IntelliMorph. Meet complex requirements for new business logic using the Navision Axapta object-oriented language, X++. The X++ Leverage Functionality with MorphX programming language serves many purposes. It is a data- When extensive changes to functionality are required, use base language, a scripting language, a language for building the MorphX Development Suite, a multi-purpose toolbox avail- reports, and a language for building user-interface forms for able in Navision Axapta. MorphX Development Suite is a visu- both traditional clients and web applications. X++ even al environment that uses drag-n-drop technology, enabling includes a help-system language. Few, if any, other ERP sys- system administrators and programmers to modify functional- tems provide such a versatile tool. ity in Navision Axapta without manipulating the underlying business logic. Using MorphX, the entire Navision Axapta Navision Axapta X++ radically reduces the amount of application is accessible in an expandable "tree" structure. code necessary to deliver rich functionality. Less code means Specific items can be quickly located, and it's easy to reuse less risk of error and faster performance. And, object-oriented existing pieces of functionality. programming increases the ease and speed of any develop- ment task. “Now that we have the development environment Rapidly accommodate any new requirements. included with Navision Axapta, even I, with no programming background, can easily add on a new product variation.” Jacob Torén, Chief of Finance, Colorcraft, Sweden 9