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  1. 1. SAP Solution Brief WORKFORCE COST PLANNING WITH mySAP™ ERP Maintain a Competitive Edge with Workforce Cost Planning Workforce cost planning is Personnel costs deserve special attention because they represent critical to business success a considerable portion of a company’s budget. In fact, accurate planning, management, and monitoring of these expenses are and companies need effective vital for companies of all sizes, especially in dynamic markets. tools and strategies to make Companies must be able to evaluate risks and potential benefits it happen. Workforce cost accurately. If your organization does not have insight into its planners need access to com- personnel expenses, it runs the risk of wasting resources and prehensive data and contin- losing market share to its competitors. uous monitoring of actual To avoid that, executives must have access to critical information performance in order to plan at all times. With fully featured workforce cost planning and accurately. And management simulation software, human resources (HR) professionals get the needs flexible decision-support necessary data to perform workforce cost planning and decision makers have the information they need to develop winning resources that can simulate strategies. multiple planning scenarios or analyze the financial impact of A Broad Data Foundation to Support Planning headcount changes, in order Accuracy to make well-informed business With fully featured workforce cost-planning and simulation software you can optimize the entire planning process. You can decisions. All this functionality evaluate all payment-relevant information for your employees, is available to you in the organizational units, jobs, and positions. You can use standard mySAP™ ERP solution. methods to write this data into specialized cost-planning info- types. And you can enhance standard data-retrieval methods easily and include data sources specific to your enterprise in your workforce cost planning. With access to such a broad foundation of data, you can create sound, accurate workforce cost plans.
  2. 2. Flexibility Throughout the Planning Process • Involving line managers by allowing them to process cost- A best-in-class solution for workforce cost planning should planning data for their areas of responsibility using convenient provide the flexibility you need to plan personnel costs with Web-based interfaces precision, such as: • Integrating planning practices across departments so that • Creating different planning scenarios during the planning planning data can be included in downstream business preparation phase and simulating cost plans based on various processes automatically assumptions • Generating cost plans for any particular part of your After workforce cost planners release a plan, they want that enterprise – the entire organization, discrete business areas or data to be available for downstream controlling processes or for departments such as HR, or smaller organizational units such generating compensation and training budgets. And decision as recruitment groups makers want the ability to perform detailed analyses with the help of full-featured, sophisticated workforce reporting and analysis tools. EMPLOYEES POSITIONS JOBS ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT •Basic pay • Planned compensation • Planned compensation • Quota planning •Recurring payments/deductions • Vacant-position data of • Data of related objects • Course costs •One-time payments related objects (for example, mean •Benefits (for example, reference value of all job holders) •Payroll results (simulated or real data) person) •Planned pay scale reclassification (simulated) •Difference actual/planned compensation •Data from time and event management •Capital formation •One-time payments (off-cycle) WORKFORCE DETAIL PLANNING COST PLAN FOR LINE MANAGERS Scenario 2 Scenario 1 Scenario n mySAP™ ERP HCM Analytics with mySAP ERP mySAP ERP Financials Figure 1: Workforce Cost Planning with mySAP™ ERP
  3. 3. A best-in-class, comprehensive workforce cost-planning solution can be an effective instrument for operational and strategic planning. Its simulation capabilities should enable workforce cost planners to analyze various scenarios from different perspectives and to calculate planning alternatives. And it should let them easily retrieve target versus actual comparisons for ongoing plan- ning and monitoring. Efficient Planning and Management with mySAP™ ERP The mySAP™ ERP solution is a best-in-class solution that pro- vides you with all the features mentioned above and more. With mySAP ERP, decision makers get an effective solution for operational and strategic planning while workforce cost planners get the comprehensive, flexible functionality they need for work- force cost planning. You get software that supports exceptional planning accuracy, provides a broad foundation of data, stream- For More Information lines processes, and allows for continuous monitoring. Most Now is the time to act. To find out more about using important, you get a solution that empowers you to make more mySAP ERP for workforce cost planning and simulation, visit informed business decisions and maintain your competitive edge.
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