Professional Enterprise Resource
     Planning Software Solutions
An Enterprise-Grade Approach to Enterprise-Wide Requirements

We know your requirements well                              ...
Innovative Business Solutions from IAS for Enterprise
Services Architecture - CANIAS ERP

Complete and Integrated Planning...
Our Consulting Services Division offers proven competence       Design life-cycle
in business and technology im...
Business Solutions, Applications and Modular Structure       BASIC MODULE
Modular structure of the CANI...
To find the suitable solution, form your own criteria in accordance with your processes and the requirements
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Professional Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions


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Professional Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions

  1. 1. Professional Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions
  2. 2. An Enterprise-Grade Approach to Enterprise-Wide Requirements We know your requirements well Relentless and Disciplined Companies are changing the way they do business. A rapid Our strategy is to introduce new products to the global ERP change is taking place from organized markets toward non- software marketplace by closely following developments orderly ones, from unique products to generic ones that can in technology, and to grow hand-in-hand with our clients be used interchangeably. In short, the movement is towards by supplying them with solutions that will help them manage fully competitive markets. their businesses in the most effective manner. In a competitive environment affected by digitalization and Under the guidance of this strategy, we strive to produce globalization, where information and effective management new technology that astounds even established industry are gaining importance, where change is inevitable and leaders in the ERP market. where even the management of change is becoming increasingly difficult, your company is searching for solutions that will help support and reinforce your existence. The result. We have succeeded Our latest product, CANIASERP which contains the perfect Production alone is no longer sufficient. Response time, solutions for your needs, in now in active use, deployed quality, productivity and reduced costs comprise the successfully in 19 countries in 11 different languages. Many foundation for customer satisfaction, and therefore lead to companies in a variety of industries including automotive, success. The need for reliable access to the data being chemicals, packaging and construction, with capacities generated by and circulated among your departments, and ranging from 10 to 500 end-users, are being effectively for transformation of this data to enterprise-grade information managed with CANIASERP. to fortify your decision-making process, is stronger than ever. We know our success depends on understanding your needs and in presenting solutions that will add value to your business. Aim for the best Our goal is to meet all of your enterprise software needs. Since 1989, we have constantly raised the bar to work towards this goal and have produced pioneering and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that helps you accelerate your work, boost your decision- making processes and assist you in seeing the future more clearly and with a level of certainty.
  3. 3. Innovative Business Solutions from IAS for Enterprise Services Architecture - CANIAS ERP Complete and Integrated Planning using Freedom from tecnical restrictions CANIAS ERP With the use of the CANIASERP system, all corporate CANIASERP is a comprehensive and industry-independent departments and functions are fully integrated across the enterprise resource planning solution to run the operations enterprise in a platform-independent manner. This means of companies of all sizes, from small firms to medium and that CANIASERP solutions are database and operating system- large scale enterprises. Its technology is based on open independent. CANIASERP has been developed using a 100% standards, and are supported by our feature-rich software Java-compliant framework, enabling it to run on any applications and tools. environment that supports the Java Virtual Machine. This helps leverage your company’s existing technology CANIASERP offers you a stable and fully-integrated platform investments and helps lower your IT costs. for implementing secure business processes, and helps you effectively coordinate your departmental operations. It Escape system chaos provides you with the ability to execute quick decisions CANIASERP allows for quick deployment, allowing you to using data that is reliable, and prepares your company to optimize your business processes rapidly within an integrated face upcoming business challenges. is a comprehensive, structure. It minimizes manual data inputs and helps you sector independent, suitable to variant structured firms, face business challenges. without content restrict and experienced enterprise solution to empower small, medium to large size enterprises operations Better manage your organization using highly efficient tools. All solutions are based on open CANIASERP integrates all departments into a single service standards and are supported by our widely functional architecture that runs off a single database, and enables application software. advanced report generation capabilities. It provides you the ability to analyze your past business transactions through CANIASERP is offer you to provide a stable, an integrated the use of its advanced tools such as Balanced Score Cards and secure platform for business processes, at the same time and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology, it helps having easy to coordinate effectively your departments enabling for rapid decision-making to take place in the and taking quick decisions with reliable data and ready for enterprise. all upcoming challenges. Be open for innovations Be free of time and location CANIASERP through the use of its advanced tools, CANIASERP CANIASERP has been engineered at its core for browser- offers you the ability to develop and generate effective based use over the Internet, requiring no client-side reports. Based on our business experience and advanced installation. All Java-capable web browsers, such as Internet technology, we continuously introduce new innovations to Explorer and Firefox, are supported. This approach allows optimize your business processes. The CANIASERP product geographically diverse branches, as well as customers and includes the TROIA tool, an advanced development suppliers, to be integrated into your system in a flexible environment for developing your own custom applications. manner. With the use of its graphical user interface, you can quickly and conveniently customize existing system applications or create new ones, and deploy them rapidly for production use.
  4. 4. Consulting Our Consulting Services Division offers proven competence Design life-cycle in business and technology implementations. Our goal is Defining priorities always to offer our clients services of the highest quality. Structuring existing systems Preliminary design description Concept and priniples for consulting Data flow description We provide analyses of your existing business processes and Final design description technology, as well as architecting of new solutions for your organization. We provide project management services to Deployment to production help implement IAS solutions for your company. Programming interfaces End-user training Consulting strengths Simulation of production environment Technical know-how Start of production Experience Application control Proven methodologies System optimization Professional dedication Implementatidn life - cycle Requirements analysis Detailed offer quote, including defined performance figures Contract System implementation with status updates Final presentation Project organization Project goal definitions Project management Project planning Cost planning Project control plan Preliminary study Domain specific analysis Requirements specification Weak points specification Weak points analyses Solution description
  5. 5. CANIAS ERP Modules Business Solutions, Applications and Modular Structure BASIC MODULE Modular structure of the CANIASERP System is ideal for the BAS - Check Tables and Basic Data company development. Apart from the basic module SYS - System Administration hardware, successor modules can join the system when WFC - Workflow Management needed, so the companies can privatize CANIASERP System DEV - TROIA Software Development Tools according to their own needs. In other words, IAS hardware ENGINEERING and applications can be quick and gradual according to BOM - Product Tree Management company's development process. ROU - Route Information Management CAL - Product Cost Calculation We provide a list and summary of common modules and key features of CANIAS ERP collaborative applications SALES & CUSTOMER RELATION following. SAL - Sales Management CRM - Customer Relationship Management SRV - Service Management EXP - Export Management GLOBAL SOURCING PUR - Purchase Management VER - Invoice Control MATERIAL MANAGEMENT INV - Inventory Management QLT - Quality Control Management MRP - Material Requirements Planning PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT PRD - Production Planning and Control CAP - Capacity Planning PRC - Production Costing FINANCIAL AFFAIRS FIN - General Accounting ASS - Fixed Assets Accounting BUD - Budget Management COS - Cost Centers Accounting HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT HCM1 - Staff Management HCM2 - Human Resources Management OTHER MODULES MNT - Maintenance Management DOC - Document Management EDI - Electronic Data Interchange CLB - Collaborator Module BSC - Balanced Scorecards OLP - OLAP
  6. 6. Compare To find the suitable solution, form your own criteria in accordance with your processes and the requirements of your departments and compare and assess the candidate products against these criteria. Infrastructure Must be customizable and have a parametric structure. The system must be formed with years of experience, be sufficiently tested, stable and devoid of error. The performance must remain high under increasing operation and data load. It must easily provide data exchange with external systems. The system must be self-sufficient. It must have minimum dependency on external solutions. It must not require large and expert teams for maintenance and support. The system must be able to run on different operating systems and databases. The system must be transportable to another operating system and/or database even after installation. The cost of hardware and infrastructure to increase system performance in the future must be low. System Features It must allow flexible reporting. It must allow new reports produced easily. It must be available in more then one language. It must use more than one currency. It must have a modular and integrated structure. Its concepts and solutions must have international validity. It must have a detailed authorization and security system. The system must be open to new developments and must be easily customized. It must have an interface standard that provides ease of use. It must be able to log all activities performed. It must provide data exchange with methods such as EDI, XML. It must be usable on the Internet. It must support mobile technologies. Risk The solution provider must have strong references. The project team of the solution provider must be highly experienced. The solution provider must have a strong financial structure. The solution provider must know the local legislation and work regulations well. The solution provider must have international experience. The solution provider must be able to show the functions it promises in presentations or in references. The solution provider must have a long-term support approach. The solution provider must present a clear and detailed implementation plan. The system documentation must be complete. The license, service and support pricing policy must be clear and detailed. The criteria we have tried to set out above are designed only as an introduction. If you are in search of ERP software, the most important point to always keep in mind is that the software you are looking for is no ordinary software, but a tool that will directly influence the productivity and efficiency of your company. Tel: +90 212 465 65 60 Fax: +90 212 465 79 97