Benefits of Windows 2000
    To earn the certification, products must
    pass a strict set of tests. This document will  ...
with Windows 2000 - and improves "joy of work for the            Windows 2000 Server — The multi-purpose network
Applications that carry this Certified-for-Windows logo    Windows 2000 Features Used In Navision Axapta

are designed to ...
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network administrators can manage computers                •   Provides a consistent user interface, which
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Disclaimer: This document is intended for general information purposes only, and we have taken due care in
its preparation...
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Navision White Paper template - 97


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Navision White Paper template - 97

  1. 1. Benefits of Windows 2000 To earn the certification, products must pass a strict set of tests. This document will Executive Summary describe the following: February 17, 2000, marked the worldwide release of one of the most anticipated operating system families • The Microsoft Windows 2000 in computing history: Microsoft® Windows® 2000. As operating system family an operating system, there are many benefits to this • The Certified for Microsoft Windows new platform like greater reliability, robust support for 2000 logo mobile computer users, easier deployment, improved • The Windows 2000 features used in security, simpler administration, true scalability - Navision Axapta Solution making it the ideal platform for the business internet. Navision has worked very closely with Microsoft to ensure that the Navision Axapta™ Integrated Enterprise Solution exploits the new feature set of the Microsoft Windows 2000 family of operating systems. Over time, Navision Axapta has earned the designation of Designed for Windows 95, Designed for Windows 98, Designed for Windows NT 4.0, Designed for BackOffice®, and Office 97 Compatible. As part of Navision’s ongoing cooperation with Microsoft, Navision Axapta is the first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application worldwide to be Certified for Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional. This certification provides assurances to Navision customers that the Navision Axapta solution not only works well with the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating system, but also leverages the new technologies introduced. This further reduces total cost of ownership - Microsoft's overriding goal White Paper, July 2001, V.2.5 1
  2. 2. with Windows 2000 - and improves "joy of work for the Windows 2000 Server — The multi-purpose network individual", the mission for all the Navision products. operating system ideally suited for workgroups and small business environments. Windows 2000 Server To earn the certification, products must pass a strict lets organizations Internet-enable their business set of tests. This document will describe the following: securely and cost-efficiently. • The Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system family Windows 2000 Advanced Server — Designed for • The Certified for Microsoft Windows 2000 ecommerce and line-of-business applications, logo Windows 2000 Advanced Server includes everything • The Windows 2000 features used in Navision in Windows 2000 Server plus availability and Axapta Solution scalability features that support higher volumes of users and more complex applications. Windows 2000 Platform From notebooks to high-end servers, the Windows® Windows Datacenter Server — Datacenter Server 2000 Platform delivers the business operating system will include all Advanced Server features plus greater for the next generation of PC computing. Built on NT processing and memory capabilities to meet the Technology, it is an operating system well suited for needs of intensive online transaction processing doing business on the Internet. It is reliable - PCs, (OLTP), large data warehouses and large Internet and laptops and servers running Windows 2000 stay up Application Service Providers (ISPs and ASPs). and running. It lowers costs because it simplifies Windows Datacenter Server will be released after system management. It is also a good operating Windows 2000 is shipped. system for taking advantage of all the latest hardware, from the smallest mobile devices to the largest e- Windows 2000 Certified Applications commerce servers. Microsoft has introduced a new application certification program to help customers Windows 2000 Professional — The reliable The Benefits of Navision Axapta on the Windows operating system for business desktops and notebook 2000 Platform Page 3 identify reliable and computers. Designed with the Internet and mobile manageable applications. Microsoft recommends that users in mind, Windows 2000 Professional helps keep customers look first to a certified application for their business users up and running. computing needs. White Paper, July 2001, V.2.5 2
  3. 3. Applications that carry this Certified-for-Windows logo Windows 2000 Features Used In Navision Axapta are designed to deliver new levels of reliability and provide a robust, self-repairing installation that manageability, thereby reducing cost of ownership for helps minimize conflicts among shared customers. components to enable better co-existence of applications. As verified by the independent testing lab VeriTest, these Certified-for-Windows applications have passed Windows-based applications can share code, as well stringent testing and will provide customers with: as application and component state in the registry, • Accessibility standards application specific data in the file system, and • Smooth migration Windows APIs, which expose global namespaces. • Self-repairing installation Sharing allows for the efficient leverage of limited • Easier deployment hardware resources and reduces the exposed front • More security that Quality Assurance groups must test. • Faster access However, there are costs to sharing. Sharing causes According to a research report by GartnerGroup, applications to become interdependent upon one organizations can reduce Total Cost of Ownership by other, which introduces an element of fragility. In the 27 percent per user by using logo compliant extreme, applications that once worked alone will applications. GartnerGroup suggests that developers mysteriously start functioning oddly, or even fail. should adhere to the Application Specification for Typically, an application is dependent on a particular Windows 2000 whether they intend to be certified or version or implementation of a shared component. If not. They recommend that enterprises ask vendors of that shared component is upgraded (or downgraded) non-certified applications to report in detail any areas as a result of installing another application, the former where they do not comply with the specifications and application may break. This condition is often referred to explain why. The GartnerGroup report can be found to as “DLL Hell” (DLL stands for Dynamic Linked at this link: Library). html Windows 2000 enables a new form of sharing called side-by-side sharing which minimizes this application fragility. Side-by-side sharing enables multiple versions of the same COM (Component Object White Paper, July 2001, V.2.5 3
  4. 4. Model) or Win32 component to run at the same time Navision Axapta uses the Windows Installer service in memory. This means applications can use the for installation. By doing so, the end-users will gain a specific components that they were designed for and number of benefits: tested with, even if another application requires a • Fewer problems during installation and different version of the same component. uninstallation because reference counting and version checking are properly managed. Navision Axapta supports this new form of sharing. • Self-repair of damaged applications at runtime: For customers it means that solutions from several when Navision Axapta is launched, the Windows development partners can be used on the same Installer will check to ensure that the application is system with confidence, even if they use different properly installed, and if it is not, will automatically versions of shared components. VARs gain a more repair the application ‘on the fly’. controlled environment for doing customized • Transacted install: In the event that an update of a solutions. Customized solutions built using COM Navision Axapta installation is not completed (for components or Win32 DLLs will not be broken by example, if there is a network failure), the updates and/or installation of other Windows Installer can roll back to the previously third party programs. installed version of Navision Axapta without error. • On-demand install of Navision Axapta. Facilitate easier software deployment and management for organizations. Not only end-users, but also administrators in Install and uninstall issues are some of the most corporate environments will gain benefits from the common sources of application interoperability new Navision Axapta installation program: problems. Windows 2000 helps to ensure that the • Navision Axapta can be installed on secure user has successful installation and uninstallation systems (for non-administrators and non-power experiences, and that the application coexists in a users) without having to visit the PC. friendly way with other applications. • The Navision Axapta Installer-based package (.msi file) allows the administrator to easily The new Windows Installer service is an operating determine what files, and what versions of those system component that centrally manages application files, are being installed. installation configuration, as well as application • The Navision Axapta installation more readily uninstalls. supports roaming users via install on demand and in direction of file paths through the installer APIs White Paper, July 2001, V.2.5 4
  5. 5. (reduced dependence on hard paths that may The secure environment is maintained in Navision change across machines). Axapta by having the necessary user privilege level as • Navision Axapta more readily can be mass low as normal (nonadmin/ non-power) users and by deployed in organizations using Win2000 software ensuring that the application only writes to the active management. user’s own portion of the registry and own user profile directory. Furthermore, Navision Axapta follows the Correctly maintain user preferences and computer Group Policy settings defined by administrators; i.e. a settings to ensure a good “roaming user” policy hiding specified drives from the end-user. experience, support for multiple users per machine, and regeneration of application settings Support OnNow power management for a better in machine replacement scenarios. mobile computing experience. Windows 2000 provides an underlying infrastructure Windows 2000 applications must participate in that supports state separation of user data, user system-wide power management decision-making to settings, and computer settings. Applications that establish error-free handling of power down and properly use this infrastructure offer the following power up scenarios. Applications must be able to benefits: respond to system or user requests to support a low- • Support for roaming users power state. Then they must also respond to wake • Support for multiple users on a single machine, notifications, preserving data appropriately. each with their own settings • Simplified machine replacement Navision Axapta follows these requirements, which • Operation in a secure Windows environment benefit the customer in a number of ways: • Proper functioning on Terminal Services. • OnNow/Advance Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) reduces power consumption, Since Navision Axapta stores all information in a whether power comes from a wall outlet or a central database, roaming has never been an issue. battery. When the computer is turned off, it goes Now with Windows 2000 it is possible to run in a into a lower power state and then can be wakened secure Windows environment, with multiple users by a device in the system, such as the network sharing a single computer, each with their own card, modem, or keyboard. preferences and settings. • The PC is consistently available to the user because it can rapidly return from a low power state to a fully functional state. For example, White Paper, July 2001, V.2.5 5
  6. 6. network administrators can manage computers • Provides a consistent user interface, which late at night, and home users can receive faxes, reduces training, support, and testing costs for without being there to turn on and guide the customers. machine. • Meets User Interface (UI) requirements, which • Customers can control what happens when their enable customers to purchase software that PCs power down in a way that is easily meets standards for usability, such as HFES/ANSI understood and predictable. 200 and ISO 9241. Such standards will continue to expand to incorporate highlevel requirements Navision Axapta responds to sleep notifications for usability and accessibility. irrespective of the state of the application. If the sleep • Meets UI requirements, which enable those with request comes in the middle of a critical task, e.g. disabilities to use Navision Axapta. during a transaction, Navision Axapta first will try to • Meets UI requirements, which enable deny the request and second, will abort the critical organizations to keep valuable employees, even task and enter sleep mode. So mobile users very when they receive a permanent or temporary quickly and easily can take their laptop and go without disability, such as repetitive strain injury concern for the integrity of the Navision Axapta associated with typing or using a mouse, or application or the possibility of data corruption. functional limitations that are a natural part of aging. Provide a consistent user experience and support accessibility standards to reduce support and Conclusion training costs. Navision Axapta being Certified for Windows 2000 An important aspect of the Windows 2000 addresses many of the frustrations experienced by requirements relates to the User Interface. VARs (Value Added Resellers) installing products, IT Consistency and accessibility among Windows-based administrators maintaining our products, and end- applications increases customer confidence in users working with our products every day. By making Windows applications and the Windows platform. the upgrade to the Windows 2000 platform with the Navision Axapta strictly follows the user interface support of the certified version of Navision Axapta, guidance put forward by Microsoft. By doing so, companies will lower the cost of ownership for their Navision Axapta accomplishes the following: entire system and users will experience the joy of work. White Paper, July 2001, V.2.5 6
  7. 7. Disclaimer: This document is intended for general information purposes only, and we have taken due care in its preparation. Any risk arising from the use of this information rests with the recipient and nothing herein should be construed as constituting any kind of warranty. The company reserves the right to make adjustments without prior notification. Copyright © 2001 Navision a/s (NavisionDamgaard a/s), CBR No. 76 24 72 18. The trademarks referenced TM herein and marked with either or ® belong to Navision a/s (NavisionDamgaard a/s) or Navision Development a/s. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Navision a/s. Information in this document is based on Navision Axapta version 2.5 and subject to change without notice. All rights reserved Address: Navision a/s White Paper, July 2001, V.2.5 7