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Microsoft Word - Ajyal_ERP_0

  1. 1. pbßìÜȽa@òàÄãþ ô†½a ASWAQ ASWAQ ERP Solution One of the best ERP Solutions for Enterprises • Integrated, Unequaled system in the region that challenges great international ERP system makers. • Decreases the system and operation costs to less than 25% compared to competitors. • No need for IT, Database, Networking specialists • Latest Western IT technology made for Arabian environment, in a simple form that uses Arabic and English language with high flexibility. • Your company with branches, offices, stores and showrooms, in deferent cities and/or countries, all they are on your monitor on your desktop • Details and accuracy- privacy and security-speed and potency-flexibility and smoothness • Accounting, and General Ledger - Cost management - Inventory Management - Sales - Purchases - Fixed Assets - Human Resources - Cash Managements -Job Orders - Letters of Credit - Point of Sales • Specialized modules and templates for: (commerce and trading-manufacturing-assembly-services-construction) The authorized dealer in Libya Almada Information systems Misurata – Libya Tel. 218 512 622123 Fax 218 51 2611136
  2. 2. Table of contains Title Page Modules of the system 5 General Ledger 5 Inventory Control 6 Sales & Customers 7 Purchases & Vendors 9 Fixed Assets 10 Human Resources Management 11 Job Order Processing 13 Letters of Credit & Importing 14 Commercial Papers & Banks & Cash management 15 Mirsal; No-nonsense Remote Sites Connectivity 16 Technical features 21 Terminal Service 21 Programming language 21 Database system 21 Full Support to Operating Systems and Databases 21 Data size limits 22 Migration from other systems 22 Multi-company licenses 22 Customization 22 The Report Designer; You're Limited Only by Your Imagination 22 Smart Search; a Technology Unique to our system 23 Documents Printing 24 Barcode, Tags 24 Electronic data, files 24 Technical Support System 25 Trouble shooting 25 Assistance by seasonal procedures 25 Bug in the system!!! 25 Computer failures 26 Supporting branches in other cities 26 Material to mastering The system 26 Future developments 26 The right to upgrade to future versions 26 Cost of the system 27 Testing the system 27 Warranty 27 Ajyal Services 28 Implementation & Consultants Services 28 Training Services 28 Ajyal ERP solution, Adapts To Your Needs 29
  3. 3. The Flexibility of an Open Design 29 Integration and Consistency as it should be 29 Decision Making Information at Your Fingertips 29 Decision Making Information at Your Fingertips 30 Robust Security System 30 Designed for modern and 3rd business and and Decision Makers 30 Convenient User Interface 30 Tons of Features to Make Your Life Easier 31 Saves Your Time and Effort 31 Data Entry Reduction Measures 31 Time Saving Procedures 32 Information at Your Fingertips 33 Ajyal Custom-made Business Management Software 33 SAP-ASWQ gateway 34 Exchanger application 34
  4. 4. The Best bilingual ERP Solution in the Middle East The system is designed exclusively to serve different business users and decision makers. With a rich set of features and functions, the system covers the needs of local businesses and empowers decision makers to take the right decisions in managing their business. With its unique user interface, it provides a convenient and productive environment where users can manage business information effectively and effortlessly. The system builds over the success of its ancestors (previews versions) and the experience we've gained in our fruitful relationship with thousands of users in the area over a whole decade. See The system for yourself to discover that it stands head to head with international applications in quality and attention to details, while maintaining its fundamental advantage, that is being build for the local market. When you get The system, you don't just get an ERP system, you also get a company that stands firmly behind it. Our qualified professionals will help you all the way in implementation, training, and technical support services. This system includes all the functionality needed in the Middle East and all modern business areas. It includes General Ledger - Inventory Management - Sales - Purchases - Fixed Assets - Human Resources - Cash Managements -Job Orders - Letters of Credit - Point of Sales. In addition, it supports remote branches via Mirsal; a replication utility tightly integrated within the system, that transfers and merges data using modem lines, or magnetic/laser discs. To see The system in action, or to arrange for a live demo, please do not hesitate to call us to arrange a visit for the demonstration of the system.
  5. 5. Modules of the system General Ledger The system includes a robust and high performance general ledger module that integrates seamlessly with all the other modules. It can handle millions of transactions and entries with utmost efficiency and stability. Extremely flexible chart of accounts The chart of accounts can branch hierarchically up to 16 levels! The system does not impose any rules on accounts' coding system. Implementers and users can choose accounts codes in any form they like. Opening foreign currency accounts is a snap. The system provides enough facilities to re-evaluate foreign currency local equivalent, with proper reflections to exchange rate profit and loss. Balances Fully Supports Cost and Profit Centers In THIS SYSTEM, cost centers allow tracking profits of subsidiary activities within the accounting unit, such as tracking certain project or branch. Implementers can create cost centers branched hierarchically up to 5 levels. The system will simply generate financial statements and reports for any cost center. Advanced yet Simple Budgeting Different budget scenarios can be defined for accounts, or accounts and cost centers combinations. These budget scenarios can be modified or amended. Follow up of actual versus budgeted amounts also take place in clear and organized windows. Logical and Sensible Voucher Entry Windows Reverse Documents
  6. 6. The system provides a very logical approach to voucher entry. The data entry windows resemble printed vouchers, allowing users complete freedom in moving among the document, adding accounts and narrations per line, or on the documents as a whole. Transactions can take place in local or foreign currency, and The system handles exchange rate and currency relations seamlessly. Complete and Thorough Integration Payment and receipt vouchers are tightly integrated with the rest of the system modules. Payments can be made against an invoice, and the system will automatically handle debt age related issues. In addition, checks can be coupled with a payment or receipt voucher while maintaining the proper relationship with commercial papers module of the system. Both payment and receipt vouchers enable compound multi- line entries, and provide facilities on the degree of control users have over changing affected account. Inventory Control Efficient control over inventory is vital for a trading organization to succeed. The system contains a module that is extremely rich in features and capabilities to achieve just that! Nevertheless, most of the features included in this module are optional; an organization may choose to implement the exact subset that suits its needs. Extensive Information & Great Capabilities Part of Pricing Rules The system can handle service items, assemblies and kits, and manufactured products. Items can be coded using up to 36 alphanumeric characters, with three different units of measurements, and an individual barcode for each unit. The system efficiently handles two dimensional items, products with expiry dates, items with serial numbers and multi-colored or multi-sized items. Users can specify many alternatives for each item, view these alternatives, and choose among them while editing documents. User can also attach any number of pictures for every item and easily navigate between them and include them in catalogues and printed documents. A True Multi-Warehouse System The system can open and handle up to 999 warehouses per database while various items can be allowed to move in and out of warehouses. In addition, The system offers instant access to individual and aggregate quantities per warehouse and allows users to define minimum and maximum levels per warehouse or on the organization level.
  7. 7. Multiple Warehouses Management Perpetual Inventory = Accurate Financial Statements The system seamlessly handles inventory related GL reflections. With every inventory entry that takes place, the system will carry out the proper GL effect on inventory and cost of sales accounts. Accordingly, financial statements will always contain accurate and up-to-date information and users do not need to carry out labor intensive, or time consuming operations to reach proper inventory and cost of sales values. Well-bonded Documents Integrity of Inventory Documents The system contains all fundamental stock management documents. Issue, receipt and transfer vouchers, are all distinguished by great capabilities, and can handle very lengthy documents. As a natural result for the system thorough integration, each document carries its proper GL effect once posted, without further user intervention. Physical Stock Taking In Minutes, not Days! The system can automatically issue documents to adjust discrepancies between book and physical values once actual quantities are fed in. The system interfaces to hand- held data collection terminals, read and aggregate their data, and feed it instantly into its files and documents. Therefore, saving users a tremendous amount of effort and time, and providing better accuracy in handling discrepancies. Sales & Customers The system contains a powerful management for sales that provides all the procedures and tasks required to track sales transactions and control sales prices, terms, and other necessary tasks. Several Pricing Policies The system provides many pricing policies. Users can specify up to five price levels for each item and each measurement unit. Customers may be linked to these pricing levels where the program displays the proper price during order entry and invoicing.
  8. 8. Seasonal prices may be defined and applied in a specific period, or periods, during the fiscal year. Part of Pricing Rules in Customers File Contract-fixed prices for certain items with certain customers, or customers groups, can be defined and enforced automatically by the system. Furthermore, discount levels, or minimum profit margins can be defined for individual salesmen, or users, for The system to reject sales below these parameters. The system also includes a complete procedure for automatically calculating items' prices, based on user definable formulas that may be applied to a group of items as once. Complete Sales Targets Follow-up Sales targets can be defined for each item, salesman, and customer. Through The system windows and functions, managers can track target achievement rates to take proper corrective decisions. The system provides additional financial limits in respect to customers including credit limit and payment period. These limits are enforced while invoicing to guarantee proper application of company policy. Sufficient Documents Covering All Sales Activities The system contains all necessary sales documents including sales quotations, sales orders, invoices and returns. These documents can be easily linked together in a chain that saves time and effort. For instance, while editing a sales invoice, the user can easily recall a specific sales order or quotation and the system will construct the invoice based on its upper document. Part of Sales Invoice
  9. 9. The system can operate with all known sales cycles, as it supports order-deliver- invoice, and order-invoice-deliver cycles. It can also automate delivery through carrying out proper inventory effect once an invoice is fed. Purchases & Vendors The purchases module within The system, like all the other system components, is featured with its flexibility and easiness, in entering and editing documents, with extensive reports covering all purchases activities. Powerful and Effective Vendors File This file contains adequate contact information on every vendor, in addition to full statistical figures about each vendor's purchases and returns for every financial period. Sufficient Documents Covering All Purchases Activities The system contains all the necessary documents covering the whole purchasing cycle including purchase Quotation, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, and Purchase Returns vouchers. These documents can be easily linked together in a chain that saves time and effort. For instance, while editing a purchase invoice, the user can easily recall a specific purchase order or quotation and The system will construct the invoice based on its upper document. Part of Purchase Invoice The system can operate with all known purchase document cycles, as it supports order-deliver-invoice, and order-invoice-deliver cycles. It can also automate delivery through carrying out proper inventory effect once an invoice is fed. Flexible Representation for Importing and Extra Cost Allocation The system hosts a flexible representation for importing operations. Users can easily allocate additional expenses onto a certain purchase transaction through a "direct cost voucher". The system will automatically distribute these allocated expenses on the imported items according to the quantity and price per unit with proper GL effects as well.
  10. 10. Part of Direct Cost Voucher Full Integration with Inventory and General Ledger Modules Purchase documents are tightly integrated with the GL and inventory modules. Purchase invoices may automatically generate stock receipt vouchers to carry out proper quantity and average cost effect. Furthermore, proper GL entries are constructed and posted automatically to reflect the effect of the purchase process on financial statements. Fixed Assets Includes is an integrated system for fixed assets management that saves users the time and effort needed to prepare depreciation statements and reports. It provides decision makers with countless reports that contain a wealth of financial information related to fixed assets investment and life cycle. Comprehensive File for Every Fixed Asset The system organizes detailed information about every fixed asset in clear and descriptive windows. These windows contain asset properties, financial data and life cycle, in addition to acquisition and disposal properties. Fixed Assets It's possible to attach any number of pictures and document images to each fixed asset, and navigate freely among them. The system provides detail balances information all fixed assets accounts in clear descriptive windows.
  11. 11. Straight Forward Asset Disposal and Re-Evaluation Procedures The system contains a straight forward procedure to dispose of fixed assets by selling or scrapping, and can automatically calculate capital gain or loss resulting from asset disposal. It will also carry out proper journal entry reflections to represent all aspects of the disposal process. When a fixed asset is altered in a way that changes its useful life, The system hosts enough features to represent this change, and re-evaluate depreciation installments and salvage value, so that future depreciation processes are carried out correctly. Automated Monthly Depreciation Reflections Depreciation Doc. Auto Generation The system automatically generates depreciation entries every fiscal period, thus, saving users a significant amount of time and effort and providing better financial status reporting that includes depreciation expenses with every period's financial statement. Human Resources Management This system contains a complete module for human resources management with all its elements and phases. The HR module forms a complete system on its own and integrates with the general ledger in financial aspects. The human resources module is divided into two levels that can be used, combined, or only the first level can be implemented depending on the desired level of control and functionality required in the organization. Comprehensive File for Every Employee The system provides comprehensive base of information about each employee. The system generates many reports concerning the organization and its relations with governmental authorities. In addition, a complete archive of each employee's pictures and documents can be stored and printed, on demand, through The system. Part of Employees File
  12. 12. Utmost Flexibility and Power in Generating Salary Vouchers Part of Salary Components Properties The system can calculate simple and complex formula based salary components that depend on other components, or values from other modules such as sales commissions, income tax etc... Relationships and equations for calculating salary component values are prepared only once, subsequently, The system will automatically apply these principles each payroll period when generating salary vouchers. Complete Loan Management System There is also a comprehensive system for employee's loans. This system enables flexible and modifiable salary deduction schemes. It allows managers to reschedule loan payments, and postpone or exempt installments or portions. Complete HR Document Cycle The system tracks vacations, annual and sick leave, daily and hourly permitted leave while posting proper reflections to salary vouchers and the GL. The human resources management system contains documents for performance appraisals, penalties and rewards, in addition to promotions or transfer procedures. It also supports periodic evaluation with all its features. Integrated Time Attendance System The system provides decision makers with full information regarding employees' attendance. The system can interface to electronic time attendance systems and post employee attendance information to HR module directly. Certain parameters can be configured to apply overtime and under-time rules directly to salary vouchers. Part of Time Attendance Document
  13. 13. Job Order Processing The Job Order Processing module, with its various functions and features, provides simple and productive environment for manufacturers, workshops and service organizations. It also includes many features that enable tracking long term commercial and service contracts. Accurate Estimation of Production Cost The system can accurately calculate the estimated cost of a particular production process, using various manufacturing elements entered in the bill of material including raw materials, labor hours, and machines hours, therefore allowing managers to take right decisions in terms of pricing and delivery. Tracking Production Plans and Deviation from Estimated Costs The system tracks the production process with all its aspects, including raw materials, and labor/machines operation hours. Instantly, managers and production supervisors can view progress indicators, raw material and labor usage, and deviation from planned resource allocation and cost. With simple controls, users can re-evaluate overall production cost based on latest raw material prices, and labor and machine rates. Part of Direct Labour Document Tracking Resource Utilization The system tracks labor and machine resource allocation and utilization through dedicated documents. It can produce, on demand, labor and machine capacity utilization and idle time reports. Supports Build-to-Order, and Build-to-Stock Processes The system supports linking the manufacturing process to a certain customer order, and therefore tracks delivery in addition to manufacturing. It also supports manufacturing directly to inventory in a manner completely integrated with the inventory module. Supports Long Term Contracts The system can track products and services delivery contracts with customers. This facility integrates with both inventory and sales modules. It also provides capabilities for periodically invoicing customers based on delivery of services and products.
  14. 14. Complete Support to Service Centers Activities The system can track repetitive elements in job orders such as cars service workshops and electronic appliances maintenance centers. It enables users to generate detailed reports containing repair history, and warrantee related issues. Part of Job Order Progress Window Letters of Credit & Importing The costing of imported goods, as it lands, arises as a sensitive and detail-intensive issue that requires considerable attention in order to calculate the landed cost accurately and efficiently. The system includes a dedicated, feature-rich, module that can help users with this delicate matter to improve the overall accuracy of calculating imported goods cost. Recording Cost Elements Using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Cost elements are added to the letters of credit through normal accounting documents such as payment and journal vouchers. Individual and aggregated letter of credit balance appear automatically in transaction trails and financial statements without requiring any 'posting' or 'carry forward' procedure. Calculating Landed Costs Using an Intuitive and Interactive Technique When it's time to calculate landed costs, The system offers a worksheet that enlists all cost elements of the LC at hand, and requires the costing officer to provide the distribution method for each cost element. As the user selects the distribution method, The system allocates different shares to LC elements based on each items value or volume / weight. The user gets immediate feedback on cost allocation per item and therefore sees the exact and whole picture prior to approving items costs. Part of Shipment Costing & Delivery Screen
  15. 15. Cost distribution can be based on item value, weight, volume, or even manually. This facility allows users to allocate different costs on items accurately and according to each cost nature. Receiving and Selling Goods Even Before Determining Landed Cost Setting Shipments Costing Elements The letters of credit module in The system allows user to receive LC' s items into warehouses even before finalizing their cost. Furthermore, sales transactions can take place on these items prior to cost calculation. When all the costing elements have been gathered and entered, The system will transparently carry out adjustment entries against inventory and cost of sales accounts to reflect the actual landed cost of the items. Commercial Papers & Banks & Cash management The system provides a flexible and powerful environment for managing inbound and outbound checks and bills of exchange. In addition, it contains a superior system for bank reconciliation that simulates manual procedures while requiring only a fraction of the effort and time needed to reconcile statements manually. Complete Control over Commercial Papers Life Cycle Complete Cheque History The life cycle of issued and received commercial papers is completely documented and followed up, from delivery to allocation to bank related transactions. Implementers have complete control over which documents to use and which documents to omit. Therefore, a simple or complete document cycle can be implemented depending on the level of control and details desired.
  16. 16. Complete Integration with the General Ledger The system does not stop at following up the workflow and state transition of commercial papers to and from the organization. It supplements the workflow with proper journal entries reflections in the general ledger to express the location and status of each commercial paper. The system permits implementations that separate outstanding checks from debtors and creditors subsidiary accounts. Furthermore, The system permits independent subsidiary accounts to handle commercial papers received on a guarantee or collateral basis. Electronic Bank Statement Reconciliation The system can save users a tremendous amount of time and effort by reading electronic bank statements sent via email or magnetic disks. In this model, The system reads the electronic bank statement and compares it with system entries made against the bank account, automatically matching individual entries and offering managers instant view on system or bank transactions validity and correctness. Intuitive Statement Matching Automatic Reconciling with Bank Statements When it's time to match the statements sent by bank with the system internal transactions, The system offers a methodology superior even to dedicated reconciliation applications! Users are presented with a detailed worksheet and assisted by automatic matching to most of the entries. The matching process permits multi-line matching, and forgives reverse entries both in the system and the bank side. The final result of the process is produced instantly to the user and stored in the database for future reference and to assist future conciliations. Mirsal; No-nonsense Remote Sites Connectivity The lack of suitable infra structure to connect remote branches and offices poses a real technical challenge to businesses in many Arab countries and many other areas. Suitable connectivity solutions in most of the Middle East are nonexistent or prohibitively expensive.
  17. 17. Mirsal Easily Connects Your Company Branches Together Mirsal is the comprehensive solution to this problem. As a replication middleware, Mirsal allows remote branches to operate autonomously, while Mirsal itself operates in the background "shipping" or transferring data entered and modified in each location to the other locations. Mirsal can operate with commodity communication equipment like telephone lines and low speed DSL lines, therefore addressing the issue of remote branch connectivity in a practical and cost effective manner. State of the Art Technology Ajyal has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort in developing a modern, resilient, and exceptionally fast database communication infrastructure for the sole purpose of replicating The system databases. Smooth Integration with this system Integration Between Mirsal & The system As a technology developed solely for The system, Mirsal integrates smoothly within The system itself, and does not require deep technical knowledge to maintain it or to monitor its activities. Mirsal and The system cooperate silently to replicate disparate locations data behind the scenes. Users do not need to undertake any lengthy or complicated procedures outside The system itself to setup, monitor, or control Mirsal. At the same time, The system itself knows about database replication and will enforce certain conflict avoidance measures that guarantees smooth and collision free data manipulation in all connected sites. Mirsal and The system do not treat branches as disconnected data islands. Mirsal actively merges the data of all sites in order to appear as one connected and coherent entity in the head office and each remote location as well. For example, once a new
  18. 18. stock item is added to The system database in a remote site, all other sites as well as the head office may operate on that stock item exactly as if it were fed locally. Similarly, once a report has been modified in a certain site, all other sites will immediately be able to see the changes and use it once replication is done. Robust and Tolerant A communication tool that relies on public communication networks has to expect the worst! Mirsal does exactly that. Because public communication networks don't guarantee the quality or availability of the service, Mirsal incorporates robustness features to insure delivery of updates. For instance, Mirsal checks correct delivery of its messages after transmission and receiving. In addition, Mirsal ensures messages integrity using a modern technology called "Digital Signature". According to that technology the sender "signs" the message with a certain code. The receiver on the other side of the link re-computes the signature to make sure the message was delivered correctly without errors or tampering. Public communication networks are subjected to interruptions from time to time. Mirsal can recover from these situations gracefully because once the communication link comes to life again, Mirsal automatically sends and receives all replication jobs that should have been sent or received as if the link never got interrupted. Since Mirsal is dealing with highly sensitive financial data, it encrypts all messages before sending with a modern encryption algorithm. The message can be decrypted only at the receiving end. System administrators can control the encryption pass phrase. Clients wishing to tighten security even more can run Mirsal within an SSL secured, or encrypted VPN umbrella. Efficient and Swift Ajyal has developed its own compression and communication infrastructure for use in Mirsal. With these modern, state of the art technologies, Mirsal is able to transfer and merge database changes with utmost speed and efficiency. In fact, the testing and usability labs of Ajyal have shown that Mirsal is able to transfer and merge changes four times as fast as Microsoft SQL Server replication services. This speed and efficiency translate into less cost and more convenience for users. Adaptive and Mute Setting Communication Method Per Each Site Mirsal does not need a permanent communication link to do its chores. It can establish dialup connectivity when it needs to transfer and merge data - every hour for example. Once data transfer is completed, Mirsal will terminate the connection saving
  19. 19. users significant cost and resources. If a more advanced communication mean becomes available, a DSL line for instance, Mirsal is able to take advantage of it by replicating more often -every five minutes for example- thus narrowing the data visibility delay and brining users to a "near online" state. While doing all these highly technical complicated issues, Mirsal is completely mute and non-disruptive. Users do not need to interrupt their daily operations in any way for Mirsal to carry out its transfer and merge duties. Easy to Control and Monitor Mirsal Keeps Your Branches Up-To-Date Mirsal control and monitor function are tightly integrated within The system itself. This allows system administrators to monitor and control its activities from within the same familiar interface of The system. As a result of being tightly integrated, Mirsal user interface is completely bi-lingual and easy to use. Most of Mirsal monitor and control functions do not require deep technical knowledge. Easy to use & contro
  20. 20. Complete and Thorough Support for Arabic and English Bi-lingual Support The system is fully bilingual. Non-Arabs can use The system in English, side by side with Arabic users at the same time and on the same database. Bilingual support in The system is unparalleled by any other software. The language of the entire program or a single window can be altered at any time during operation. In addition, fields can be locked to accept data in only one of the languages if desired. The system fully supports Hijri and Gregorian dates. The program transparently handles date conversion from one system to the other during data entry and reporting. Using operating systems that support Arabic is recommended but not strictly required. If the operation system does not support Arabic, The system will de-activate its Arabic interface and bilingual features. • Users of the system You do not need to hire computer professionals for system day to day activities. It is easy to use and has a consistent and clear user interface. Ajyal also train all users before they start actually using the system. If you plan on linking remote branches using Mirsal or Terminal Services, it is highly recommended to have at least one computer professional with decent knowledge on operating system and connectivity setup and troubleshooting. The level of knowledge required is similar to that asserted with the ICDL internationally recognized certificate. If you have or plan on having a VPN network, or plan to connect your branches with DSL lines or lease lines, we recommend securing the necessary skills to setup and troubleshoot these services and to coordinate with its providers.
  21. 21. Technical features: Linking remote offices Instead of using Microsoft Replication Services, Ajyal has developed its own unique technology for that purpose. Out technology integrates smoothly with the system and are 2 to 4 times faster than similar services of Microsoft SQL Server. Terminal Service The system fully supports Microsoft Terminal Service and Citrix Metaframe. Actually Ajyal recommends using these solutions to link remote offices if you can secure DSL or lease line connectivity with your branches. Programming language Like any large scale application, The system was developed with many languages and tools. Almost 50% of The system is written in C/C++, 40% in CA-Visual Objects 2.7, and the remaining 10% with different scripting languages. The tools our developers currently use are: • Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2003 • CA-Visual Objects 2.7b • SlickEdit 8.01 • TextPad 4.7.3 • CVSNT 2.5 • TortoiseCVS 1.9 • PHP 4.4.0 • Scriptol 5.2 • VoC 306, which is a tool that was designed internally in Ajyal. Database system The system uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or later. MSSQL Server is the fastest growing database today. For more information on MSSQL Server. Ajyal is also working on supporting Oracle databases and expect to ship an Oracle version of The system during 2006. Full Support to Operating Systems and Databases The system operates under all windows versions; from Windows 98 to Windows XP. These options give you the ability to choose the most suitable operating system for your needs, and allow you to step up from one operating system to the other while protecting your investment. It's worth mentioning that The system supports multiple operating systems on the same network as well. For instance, older and slower machines can run the system over Windows 98 while new faster ones can run it over Windows XP. The system uses the successful data engine Microsoft SQL Server. As a result of this engine's efficiency and The system building on its sound features, users barely notice any performance degradation while feeding and posting data regardless of the database size.
  22. 22. Data size limits The system does not impose certain limitations on the database size. In addition, The system was designed to handle increasing volumes of data without slowing down to an unusable state. Migration from other systems Technical staff in Ajyal can usually help you migrating from other systems. Please note that in some rare cases, we are unable to migrate the data if we cannot obtain enough technical information about the database. In general, Ajyal will make sure it can migrate the data before committing to this task. Multi-company licenses Ajyal offers multi-branch and multi-company licenses on demand. Customization The system is a readymade application. This means Ajyal does not modify the source code of The system for each client individually. For this reason we offer all our customers upgrade services, and you can assure the quality of the product because it has been used by many others before you. On the other hand, Ajyal development process is customer oriented and open ended. Ajyal regularly enhances The system based on users' suggestions and requests. Otherwise Ajyal can study special customer needs and make customizations as extra work. The Report Designer; You're Limited Only by Your Imagination! In 1995, Ajyal introduced, for the first time in the area, a financial application with a built in report designer. Today, almost a decade later, The system is still the only business application in the Arab region with an integrated report designer! Reports Designer The report designer built in The system empowers users to modify existing reports and to add new reports to their setups as well. The report designer is as bi-lingual and Arabic-aware as The system itself.
  23. 23. Exporting Reports When a user designs a report in English, it will run in Arabic correctly with proper alignment, orientation, and content! And since the report designer was designed specifically for The system, it offers a very sensible approach to the design process because it knows the nature and schema of its underlying database and it integrates properly with The system security model. The report designer hosts state of the art reporting features including hyperlinks, expression based filtering, grouping and sorting, financial support functions and features, simple and powerful expression definition language, conditional colors and fonts, and many more cutting edge presentation capabilities. Report designer allows you to modify existing reports, or add new ones. However, Designing reports is a technical issue that requires descent knowledge about databases and data structures, in addition to some programming basics. This is why the level of expertise required for designing reports in much higher than the expertise required to operate the rest of The system. It's worth mentioning that many The system users design reports by themselves. In addition, Ajyal offers advanced training courses and workshops on its report designer. Finally, you can always ask Ajyal professionals to design new reports for you, or assist you in designing them. Note however that is not a free service. Non advanced users have also the chance to work with the report designer for basic and regular reports. Smart Search; a Technology Unique to our system The system is distinguished by its smart search facility, which enables users to find the desired items using a unique spelling forgiving system that is designed to tolerate both Arabic and English common spelling mistakes. Smart Search - Criteria Options
  24. 24. Smart Search - User Settings The simple yet powerful search facility allows users to locate desired information based on flexible filtering and display parameters that individual users can customize to their preference. Documents Printing You can print any document that The system contains, and in any form you like. If you have a predefined form that you use, our professionals will implement it for you in The system. Our professional can also suggest certain best practice forms for you. Note that form design is an implementation service that Ajyal usually handle as part of the implementation phase. Barcode, Tags The system includes a flexible and extremely fast support for printing barcodes and price tags if you have a barcode printer, this service requires professional setup and is usually a part of the implementation services. Electronic data, files The system supports the exchange of electronic data with banks and any partners. Ajyal professionals can setup The system to output payroll files according to different banks requirements. The system supports also reconciling bank statements electronically. This service requires professional setup and is usually a part of the implementation services.
  25. 25. Technical Support System Technical Support Ajyal customers are eligible for technical support services to help them address and deal with emerging or new situation, and to assist in troubleshooting and in lengthy fiscal operations. Ajyal delivers technical support services via telephone, fax, remote using, online services, and onsite visits. To improve the quality of its services, Ajyal has developed a few tools and application. • Ajyal HelpDesk: A web application used by clients and Ajyal staff alike. Clients use the application to submit and follow issues. Users can also download the latest releases of their products from Ajyal HelpDesk. • AjyalVNC: A remote using utility that links users and technical support professionals so that technical support professional can use and control users' machines via the internet. Technical support services are provided once a client starts his live run. These services are usually provided via a warrantee or service agreement with Ajyal, or against a pre-defined fee. Trouble shooting If you are in trouble, Contact the technical support of our nearest branch, or place an issue through Ajyal Helpdesk. Our support professionals will help you to troubleshoot whatever difficulties you're facing. If the troubles you're facing turns out to be a problem with the software itself, the support professional following up with you will contact the software development department. Ajyal takes software defects or bugs very seriously and will issue a fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, you'll be informed of any possible workarounds until you receive the fix. Assistance by seasonal procedures We consider assisting users with periodic tasks and seasonal procedures (like closing books during yearend) part of technical support duties. We assist via telephone & fax, remote using, or onsite visits if necessary. Bug found in the system!!! If you think that you found a bug in the system, contact technical support immediately. Our professionals will analyze your findings and contact Ajyal software development department for further analysis. Ajyal takes software defects or bugs very seriously and will issue a fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, you'll be informed of any possible workarounds until you receive the fix. We offer our support services via online web applications, phone & fax, remote using, and onsite visits if necessary. Ajyal has developed a special application to connect and control clients' machines -with their permission- without having to visit them in person. Please note that technical support services are provided to clients within the warrantee period, or those covered by a service agreement.
  26. 26. Computer failures We are committed to providing our clients with technical support without any regard to the reason of the problems. We will do our best to recover corrupted databases, but we cannot guarantee the outcome. Note that we strongly recommend all our clients should establish periodic backup procedures to backup The system databases. These backups will be used in case the running database is corrupted beyond repair. Note that our support professionals can help in establishing the backup procedure but users themselves should follow these procedures and make sure backups are intact. These services are provided to clients within the warrantee period, or those covered by a service agreement. Finally, please note that Ajyal is not liable for any data loss you might suffer. There are many tools that can help recover corrupted databases. Actually our support professionals may use these tools while trying to recover corrupted databases. You may read more about recovering corrupted SQL Server databases. Supporting branches in other cities The closest Ajyal office to each of your branches does it. Ajyal offices will coordinate among themselves if they need to do so. Ajyal operates as one company and adapts a teamwork mentality. Material to mastering The system Ajyal believes that a wide base of advanced professional users fosters a suitable ground for its own growth and prosperity, and helps Ajyal achieve its. Ajyal organized periodic advanced courses and workshops that help power users, implementers, and IT administrators master The system implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting. There is also many paper and electronic documents help users mastering the system. Future developments The system is under heavy and active development. More features and modules will be added. The whole process of additions and enhancements is customer oriented inline with. Ajyal Helpdesk contains a section that allows user to monitor ongoing enhancements developments, and suggest and vote for certain additions and enhancements. The right to upgrade to future versions Upgrading clients is an Ajyal policy and tradition. We actually have customers who started with version 1 in 1991 and version 3 in 1995. Note that upgrades to the same product or to a product with similar module set are usually free of charge in warrantee period and for clients covered with a service agreement. On the other hand, acquiring new modules or new applications is usually offered for very special prices to existing clients.
  27. 27. • Cost of the system The price of the system varies greatly depending on many configuration parameters like the number of users, sites and modules. In addition, the services Ajyal provide with The system vary from one country to the other. Also the system is composed of many modules. Clients usually choose the modules they wish to implement. Please note the price of a certain configuration also depends on the number of users. You can always contact our dealers and brunches for a proposal and a price quotation that our professionals will prepare after studying your needs. • Testing the system We can give you a real chance for a evaluation of the system, the customer will pay for licenses, modules and implementation, the customer only pays the travel, accommodation and work hours of the specialist that will install and implement the system and provide training for the customer. • Warranty All Ajyal products come with one year warrantee. You may also extend the warrantee period for an additional fee. The warrantee includes upgrades and technical support services. You get all upgrades and updates done to the product, and you may ask for technical support if you face trouble or if you need assistance. After the warrantee expires, Ajyal offers annual and bi-annual service agreements that effectively extend the warrantee.
  28. 28. Ajyal Services Ajyal recognizes there is a fundamental difference between ERP solutions and accounting & business software on one side, and desktop application and utilities on the other side. For business software to succeed, the quality of the product itself should be accompanied by similar high quality services to maximize the benefits of the products. The services Ajyal provide to its customers are tightly linked to its products and cover the entire lifecycle of business management software including pre-sales services, training, implementation, and technical support. Ajyal delivers these services through various channels including many internet enabled and online applications. Implementation & Consultants Services Implementation and consultants services include business process analysis and engineering or re-engineering. Ajyal studies the clients' business nature, cycles and procedures in order to pinpoint deficiencies and shortcomings. Business process engineers layout suitable solutions, procedures, and workflow to address the business activities as implemented in Ajyal software solutions. Ajyal provides these services primarily as a pre-sale activity in order to propose a sound solution, and then these solutions are elaborated in the implementation phase early in the solution lifecycle. Business process engineers are sometimes called upon during live run to address an emerging or changing business need as well. Training Services Ajyal offers a wide range of training courses and material to its clients and users. These courses extend from basic introductory training, to extensive module-oriented training courses and workshops. In addition to user training, Ajyal provides implementers and IT administrators advanced technical training courses as well. Training courses are usually conducted in Ajyal offices in well-equipped training facilities. Training services are usually required during the implementation phase, but are also needed when new employees join in.
  29. 29. Ajyal ERP solution, Adapts To Your Needs The Flexibility of an Open Design The system is designed as an open system that adapts to the diverse needs of organizations in our region. This design is crowned by ultimate flexibility in defining the accounting interfaces of each document, with complete freedom in determining the accounts that will be affected when a document is posted. The system does not impose rigid rules on its users; in contrast, it adapts itself to operate in the users' preferred manner. Integration and Consistency as it should be Integration Between SYSTEM Modules The degree and quality of integration that The system provides is unmatched in the local market! It requires absolutely no effort to carry reflections forward from one module to the other. Once a transaction is posted, The system automatically carries out all its accounting and inventory effects without further user interaction. Furthermore, The system does not require a special procedure in order to switch from one fiscal period to another inside the fiscal year. Decision Making Information at Your Fingertips The system helps users to make the right business decisions more effectively by saving their time and effort. The application displays sensitive decision-making information while users enter transactions and assists decision-making by displaying this information online. For example it displays the available quantity of the products, client balances and credit limits during the editing process of a sales invoice.
  30. 30. Decision Making Information at Your Fingertips The system helps users to make the right business decisions more effectively by saving their time and effort. The application displays sensitive decision-making information while users enter transactions and assists decision-making by displaying this information online. For example it displays the available quantity of the products, client balances and credit limits during the editing process of a sales invoice. Online Information Robust Security System The system includes a robust, high quality security system. The rights of each and every user are clearly defined in terms of the functions and procedures he can execute. Part of Users Authorities Screen In addition, sensitive records can be assigned to certain users or users group to reduce unauthorized access risk. The system enables management to issue audit trails that will include each users' activities inside the system. Designed for modern and 3rd business and and Decision Makers The system is designed exclusively to serve Arab users and decision makers. With a rich set of features and functions, The system covers the needs of local businesses and empowers decision makers to take the right decisions in managing their business. With its unique user interface, it provides a convenient and productive environment where users can manage business information effectively and effortlessly. Convenient User Interface The system adapts a unified look and feel in all its windows and functions, with a user interface resembling Web browsers. In this familiar environment, users can freely navigate between windows and pages, bookmark locations, define favorites, and
  31. 31. much more. The system adapts automatically to different resolutions and color depth to provide clearly readable windows and screens. Navigation Tools Tons of Features to Make Your Life Easier The system contains an enormous amount of features that you'll not find, combined, in any other single integrated application: • Report archiving and export facility to reduce paper trails and ease information exchange. • Full barcode support, including printing barcodes in various formats and using different printers. • Supports all Point of Sale peripherals. • Information exchange with banks for salary deposit and statement conciliation. • Information exchange with hand held computers for stock taking. • Information exchange with electronic time attendance systems. Saves Your Time and Effort Saving users valuable time and effort is one good reason to adapt ERP solutions and business software. For this reason, the developers of The system were keen on building a lot of time saving features and procedures in the product. Below, you will find a few examples of these features and procedures. Data Entry Reduction Measures • The system provides for "document templates". When setup and enabled, it allows users to fill certain fields with default values in any of the The system documents. For example, a repetitive sales invoice may be setup to include a default date, payment type and branch as it is initialized. Global templates can be setup to apply to all users, while each individual user may setup his or her own template for each document. Documents Templates in ASAWQ6
  32. 32. • The system provides for "recurring documents"; a feature that allows system implementers to setup repetitive documents. Unlike many other accounting products, The system does not restrict recurring documents to journal entries. Most of The system documents may be setup as recurring documents. The procedure to generate the repetitive documents is straight forward and robust. • The system may automatically general some special documents that are recurring by nature, like depreciation documents for instance. • The system provides for "document reversal" in many of its document. This time saving feature allows users to reverse a certain document with a few mouse clicks. For instance, a certain journal entry might be reversed simply by selection an appropriate tool after displaying the journal entry. • The system provides for "Duplicate" feature in all its documents and master & basic files. Using this timesaving feature, users are allowed to create an exact replica of a certain document or record with a few key or mouse clicks. For instance, all it takes to create a duplicate of a certain purchase order is to display the PO, then select the appropriate tool from the "tool" popup menu. • Context-sensitive smart search has been characteristic of The system since more than a decade. The system expands on that by providing auto-complete, multiple clipboards, and multiple inserts in documents as well. Time Saving Procedures • The system provides a procedure that allows users to change the pricing scheme of many stock items at one go after setting up a new pricing policy. This timesaving feature comes in handy during sale seasons and deep change of pricing policy or levels. • The system provides a procedure to reevaluate the cost of many stock items at one go. This feature saves users the agony of individually computing and changing the standard or average cost of each item. • Part of Salary Comp. Screen Many lengthy data entry operations can be automated. For instance, linking hundreds of employees to a certain salary component can be done with a few clicks. • Automatic Document Generation is another handy feature. For instance, while creating a payment voucher, the user may create a check and link it to the payment voucher without having to leave the original document. • Users can make their own "favorite functions" lists similar to the "favorites" feature found in internet browsers. Advanced users can setup their own menus to replace The system standard menus altogether.
  33. 33. • The system can read and reconcile bank statements automatically. Most banks now are willing to supply their clients with electronic bank statements. The system can read these statements, compare it to the bank transactions entered in The system database itself, and issue a reconciliation report. • The system supports handheld data collection terminals and can use these equipments' output for physical stock taking procedure. • The system supports advanced time attendance equipment and can read these equipments' output for payroll calculation purpose. Information at Your Fingertips • Data entry reduction measures are not the only way time can be saved. The system incorporates information availability features that bring commonly used information closer to its users. • The system can be run completely without a mouse! There are convenient well-thought shortcuts and accelerators for all features and functions. • Although The system comes with an advanced report designer that allows users to develop their own reports, the developers of The system supplies over a hundred, standard and well designed reports with the product itself. • The system provides a "status bar" that display context sensitive decision making information for users as they operate the application. This information includes real time available quantity and selling price for stock items, and real time balance information for accounts and customers as an example. • The system allows users to "navigate" from a certain document to all documents that relate to it. For instance, a user can simple move from a sales return document, to the sales invoice that was returned. RelatedDocuments Ajyal Custom-made Business Management Software Ajyal has developed many custom-tailored software packages for local businesses in the Middle East, and possesses wide experience in this field; experience that is obtained through years of interaction with thousands of users in different Arab counties. In addition, Ajyal custom-tailored products share the same high-tech infra structure with Ajyal readymade application, automatically empowering these tailored programs with bi-lingual, Arabic & English, user interface and an advanced report designer. The next 2 examples are similar works.
  34. 34. SAP-ASQ gateway SAP-ASQ gateway or SQG in short is an application Ajyal has developed for ABB Arabia and is in active use since 2000 and until today. ABB Arabia is a subsidiary of ABB international and specializes in manufacturing electricity generation and transmission equipment. ABB Arabia uses the internationally recognized ERP solution SAP /R3 to run its business in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. SAP, although a capable ERP solution, does not support the Arabic language, a basic legal requirement for manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia. For two years, ABB Arabia used The system in parallel to SAP /R3 to satisfy Saudi legal requirements. However, data was being entered twice, in SAP /R3 and The system. In 2000, Ajyal developed for ABB Arabia, a "gateway" application that automatically "migrates" SAP raw English books. The entire operation takes place with little human interaction, saving ABB Arabia significant time and cost. ABB Arabia still uses SQG today. Exchanger application Etimadco is a leading exchange and transfer company in Kuwait, similar in functions and operations to Western Union. Etimadco has many branches in and around Kuwait city and plans to expand into neighboring countries. In 2003, Ajyal developed a custom application for Etimadco called "exchanger" that assists Etimadco core business and links its offices and locations with cost effective dial-up connectivity. Etimadco has used Exchanger since it was delivered in 2003 and until today.