Information in context. Simplified community management ...


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Information in context. Simplified community management ...

  1. 1. Information in context. Simplified community management. Faster content integration. PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal A portal is mandatory if you want your enterprise to operate in real time. In The Real-Time Enterprise™ you remove layers of intermediaries, con- tinuously monitoring your business. Your employees access information in real time at the moment of interaction with your customers, suppliers, and partners—and your enterprise reacts instantly to business changes. The portal brings it all together: business processes, departmental sites, knowledge management resources, enterprise applications, analytics, web content, and more. The portal makes your people more effective by giving them the exact information they need, based on their roles, in a rich business context. Connect people to business processes in real time—with the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal.
  2. 2. Powering The Real-Time Enterprise Simplified Community Management Faster Content Integration Your organization is probably finding As you would expect, the PeopleSoft it hard to keep up with the constant Enterprise Portal provides out-of- challenge of effectively interacting the-box integration with PeopleSoft with all the key people you need to applications. What you may find sur- interact with every day. Just keeping prising is that the PeopleSoft portal is all your internal websites current can the most open system you can buy to be difficult. integrate and manage non-PeopleSoft PeopleSoft gives you site manage- content as well. Based on PeopleSoft 8 ment and branding features that make Pure Internet Architecture™ our portal , it simpler, faster, and less expensive is truly open to all of your enterprise Information in Context to maintain online communities such systems. Our portal includes a robust With the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal, as a customer portal, supplier portal, set of integration tools and utilities for people don’t just see static links to or marketing department site. Portal portal development, customization, and web content or a jumping-off point to administrators can quickly create management in a standards-based web enterprise applications—rather, they websites and roll them out across an services framework. have one-click access to the complete enterprise with consistent formats and The PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal context of the business process: a vital, business rules. Our branding features gives even casual users the ability to colorful world of business knowledge, help people take a portal from one create and manage content, and publish collaboration, and analytics that department, division, or subsidiary, that content to the portal. Your busi- understand what activity the user is create a template, and effortlessly ness users are empowered, and you performing. So they can make better, change the look and feel for another can free up valuable and expensive faster business decisions. entity or audience, while leveraging IT staff, reducing bottlenecks and Only the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal the same common infrastructure. speeding deployment. gives your users the complete picture No other portal technology can pro- of the task at hand dynamically, making vide self-service, integrate your legacy everyone in the company an expert. and web-based systems, and unify your business processes more quickly than PeopleSoft. 2
  3. 3. “We’re developing within the portal a number of views of our business, which will enable managers to see key business information on a real-time basis. The portal is the mechanism through which we give the managers the dashboard to their operations. Robert Dunn, Finance Director, Patrick Corporation Your Portal Homepage When the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal is open in their browser, your users will be greeted with a familiar-looking web page. The portal ties together, in a single understandable framework, all of the systems and knowledge your people need. 3
  4. 4. Roles-Based Enterprise Portal Manager Executive • Approve expenses • Communiate vision • Initiate promotion • Check performance indicators • Check budget versus actuals • View scorecards Prebuilt Portal-Ready Content A key requirement of every portal is integration—and at PeopleSoft we know how to deal with multivendor environments. Whether you are bringing together disparate intranet sites, PeopleSoft applications, other packaged applications, or homegrown legacy Optionee Sales systems, we have a solution for you. Through our • Stock option summary • Create RFQ combination of prebuilt and end-user-managed inte- • Issue instructions Roles-Based Enterprise Portal • Manage contacts gration utilities, connecting the enterprise has never • Alert on price limit • Check for leads been easier. Built on industry-leading Pure Internet Architecture, the PeopleSoft portal ensures that your enterprise will be ready for years to come with a global, secure, scalable solution that can grow to meet your evolv- ing needs. SCM Portal Pack Financials Portal Pack CRM Portal Pack HCM Portal Pack Web Services and Integration Broker LEGAC Y / S U P P LY WEB F I N A N CI AL S CR M HCM OT H ER CHAIN C ONT ENT APPS P U RE I NTE R NE T AR CHI TE CTU R E Pure Internet Architecture You can use the Enterprise Portal’s Pagelets: The Key Today’s real-time enterprises are integration technology and develop- to Personalized Portals moving their business systems to the ment tools to create and manage your PeopleSoft technology makes it easy internet—to connect people to business own portal content in a web services for administrators and business users processes across organizational bound- framework. Our technology—including to design and deploy pagelets—small aries. Why? It’s simple: to improve PeopleTools, Integration Broker, and rectangular boxes within the user’s business performance and reduce costs. Intelligent Context Manager™—enables personalized homepage. Pagelet content But, should you build your own por- you to create portal content from virtu- can come from any system inside or tals from scratch or buy a prebuilt ally any source and to publish that outside the enterprise. Pagelets include solution from a portal vendor? If you content to the portal more rapidly and summary information or links that take want faster and more tangible busi- cost-effectively. the user directly to where the task needs ness results, consider the PeopleSoft One key to doing business in real to be performed. Examples of pagelets: Enterprise Portal: we take industry- time is a truly open architecture—and to-do lists, scorecards, self-service leading Pure Internet Architecture and the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal is open transactions, collaborative tools, elec- combine it with a complete development to all audiences, applications, and tronic reports, company news, email, environment, best-in-class portal func- internet content. and workflow assignments. tionality, and the business expertise and Pagelet technology results in more global reach built into all our products. effective and productive employees, who don’t need to jump from application to application to get their jobs done. 4
  5. 5. Business Process Enablement Customers Suppliers Partners Employees User-Definable Navigation MY L I NKS E NTE R PR I SE MENU PAGELET S C OMMUNIT Y SIT ES The portal lets people choose the navigation method most familiar and comfortable to them. YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES Business Processes Business Results The portal provides a collaborative infrastruc- ture that drives business C O L L A B O R AT I V E I N F R A S T R U C T U R E processes to results. Prebuilt and User- Integration Broker Integration Broker Simple Link Managed Integration Portal Packs and Pagelet Wizard and Pagelet Wizard or Pagelet Wizard The portal allows access not just to PeopleSoft content but also to non- PEOPLESOFT OTHER LEGAC Y W EB PACKA GED PeopleSoft applications APPS SY ST EMS C ONT ENT APPS and web content. Connect People to Business Processes Business processes span multiple departments, applications, and enterprises. The PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal brings it all together, giving the right information to the right people at the right time. The portal offers people—customers, suppliers, partners, and employees—information and insight in a compelling format where they can see unified business processes at a glance. The Enterprise Portal is the most effective way to facilitate business processes. 5
  6. 6. A Best-in-Class Enterprise Portal The following table briefly summarizes some of the major features and functions of the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal that will enable your organization to deliver higher ROI and faster results. The combination of our open and flexible technology with our embedded business expertise virtually assures that your business users will be more effective and your technology teams more productive. Feature/Function Description Business Benefits Administration Easy-to-use administration features Makes your portal administration for both users and technical staff more efficient and cost-effective. such as personal profiles, usage and activity statistics, and cross- referenced security reports. Content Management Ability to manage and publish Individual business users, content content to the portal. Support for owners, and groups can publish versioning, publishing, workflow content to the portal, with little or approvals, and audience targeting. no help from your IT resources. Context Management A unique utility for binding business Makes the portal “process-aware.” applications to related information. Helps your people make better, One-click access to embedded faster, and more informed business business expertise, knowledge, decisions. collaboration, and analytics. Flexible Navigation Personalized multitabbed homepage, Your users get one-stop shopping— with distributed security, user-based a single point of entry into your personalization, “My Links,” Shortcut enterprise information and applica- Collections, and single signon. tions with easy, intuitive navigation. Globalization Multilingual and multicurrency support, Whether you are already an interna- role-based management of preferred tional organization or growing to languages, multiple time-zone aware- become one, your infrastructure has ness, and full Unicode support. built-in global capabilities. Integration Complete technology infrastructure We provide proven development and Integration Broker, Pagelet Wizard for integration tools. And we have already easy integration with no IT involvement done much of the costly integration required, and prebuilt integration solu- work—so you don’t have to. tions to non-PeopleSoft vendors. Load Balancing Load balancing and caching The portal scales to support and Caching capabilities that can be managed thousands of global users—without by the portal administration and compromising performance. are based on industry-leading web servers from either IBM or BEA. Platforms PeopleSoft architecture offers the PeopleSoft AppConnect is certified most flexible platform options for on all leading RDBMSs and comes databases and web servers. bundled with your choice of web server software: BEA WebLogic or IBM WebSphere. Resource Finder A highly flexible repository that can Quickly find enterprise resources such receive data loads containing infor- as customers, suppliers, employees, mation about any entity, along with departments, locations, companies, links that relate these entities to and business units. Use either a Yellow each other. Pages-type search mechanism or drill down through org charts. 6
  7. 7. Feature/Function Description Business Benefits Roles Engine Dynamic personalization of the Significantly reduces management portal based on the individual user’s and administration of both security role in the organization; a unique and content distribution. The portal engine that automatically assigns alerts users to important informa- users to roles based on business tion relevant to their job role; the criteria you specify. information can come from any source system. Search Search engine and crawl capabilities Your users can easily find the infor- for structured and unstructured mation they need. Saves them time, content; saved-search technology saves you money in cross-enterprise that automatically notifies users of knowledge management activities. new content that they need. Security A proven and open security Reduces and simplifies security management toolkit. Includes administration through a native integration to a prebuilt Directory internet technology. Server for LDAP integration with your HRMS system and dynamic security based on business rules. Simplified Maintenance Utilities and tracking reports for You enjoy reduced maintenance changes to underlying tools and hassles, time, and costs. programs, including pagelets and content. Site Management This feature enables your portal admin- Gain tighter relationships via improved istrator to quickly create a community communication with key participants sub-site and delegate ongoing site in your business processes through management and content publishing to sub-site creation. Content can be easily line of business teams—all while lever- maintained by subject matter experts aging the same infrastructure. you have designated as site adminis- trators and publishers. Taxonomy and Registry Distributed registry management, Delivers business processes to open registry API, and load utilities. users based upon their job function. A prebuilt information architecture Simplifies the way users interact based on best practices in ERP and with the portal and lowers training CRM processes. and development costs. Universal Access PeopleSoft architecture provides Access your business information support for multiple browsers and and applications from anywhere— extensions for your mobile users. corporate headquarters on your VPN, Pure Internet Architecture eliminates a hotel business center, or a cus- software downloads and reduces tomer site. administration for remote users. Web Services Support for web services and publish You can share data between systems and subscribe, with both synchro- more easily. Enable more agile inte- nous and asynchronous messaging gration. Benefit now and in the future between multiple systems. Supports from a uniquely flexible solution that XSLT, XML, SOAP, UDDI, and Java. works today. Workflow Support for routing and approval The portal radically reduces the processes, alerts, and content time and cost of routing paper management. forms around your organization. 7
  8. 8. PeopleSoft, Inc. Corporate Headquarters About PeopleSoft 4460 Hacienda Drive Pleasanton, California 94588 USA PeopleSoft is the world’s leading provider Toll-free 1 888 773 8277 Tel 925 694 3000 of application software for The Real-Time Enterprise™ PeopleSoft pure internet software . enables organizations to reduce costs and increase productivity by directly connecting customers, suppliers, partners, and employees to business processes online, in real time. PeopleSoft’s integrated, best-in-class appli- cations include Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Application Integration. Today more than 5,000 organizations in 140 countries run on PeopleSoft software. For more information, visit us at PeopleSoft, PeopleTools, PS/nVision, PeopleCode, PeopleBooks, PeopleTalk, and Vantive are registered trademarks, and Pure Internet Architecture, Intelligent Context Manager, and The Real-Time Enterprise are trademarks of PeopleSoft, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. © Copyright 2003 PeopleSoft, Inc. All rights reserved. 4091-0303