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ERP LN Backstage Pass


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ERP LN Backstage Pass

  1. 1. ERP LN Backstage Pass Product Community Leadership Graham Gordon, Chair – MOOG Karla Aird – RTC Sue Koepke – RTC Infor Representation Sue Peyton – Director, Product Management ERP LN Alliance Member Participation Kathy Barthelt - Crossroads RMC Carl Gonzalez - e-Ventus Kari Thron - Bridgelogix Meeting Schedule Our Product Community holds monthly calls the 4rd Thursday of every month at 11 am PDT, 12 pm MDT, 1 pm CDT, 2 pm EDT and 3 pm ADT. On our monthly calls you will have access to various Infor representatives including Product Managers and Infor Online Support personnel. It’s your chance to provide input into the future direction of the products you use and to get answers to your questions from the people who know. In Recent calls we have discussed: • A company story of migrating from MK to ERP LN. Call included specific details of ‘lessons learned’ from migration. • Discussed go live issues with a Mosaic member who was working through a LN implementation. • Infor provided overview of LN product development underway and future direction of product. Goals & Mission As an LN Product Community we strive for excellence and knowledge sharing with members of the community. This includes becoming the direction leaders by finding new ways of doing things to ensure we protect
  2. 2. the investment and commitment made by our Community members. Additionally, our community will serve as an effective liaison between Mosaic and the LN User Community. Product Community Tools • eConnect – a monthly electronic newsletter. • Mosaic Website: • ERP LN Product Community Page – Provides up-to-date information about your Product Community. • Member Directory - Through the Mosaic Membership Directory, you can find other Mosaic members who share characteristics with you. Customer Members are able to search this database to find information on other Customer and Alliance members. Alliance members only have access to fellow Alliance members. • Online Library – a repository of information from Mosaic customers and Alliance members. Including power point presentations from previous conferences. o Service Depot Repair o Fixed Asset Management o Understanding Mapping Schemes and Integrations • Solution Access Tool – provides access to documents and products & services offered by our Alliance members. • Calendar of Events – Visit the Mosaic calendar to view upcoming events you may want to participate in. This will include Product Community meetings, webinars as well as Infor & Alliance member events. • Monthly webinars – given by Mosaic customer and Alliance members. • Symposiums – New in 2008, these smaller events produced in partnership with Infor provide more product-focused education & solutions. • Infor365 – Strengthen your connection to your fellow Mosaic members and Infor product users through the newly launched Infor365 Community. This business networking site provides you the opportunity to share best practices, ideas and customer experiences. The Infor365 Community will allow you to: CREATE a profile and define areas of interest CONNECT with other Mosaic members and Infor customers
  3. 3. JOIN in both product and Mosaic member discussion groups Recent examples include: • Using Object Data Management in LN • Multiple Receipts from a production • Inforum – Inforum is the place for valuable learning and networking opportunities. Utilize this opportunity each year to connect with Infor experts and interact with your peers. Mosaic at Inforum is “Your Backstage Pass to Infor." Kick off Inforum 2008 by getting a "Backstage Pass" to insider information, product-specific roundtables, and even tips on which sessions to attend at Inforum. • Be a part of the FM mailing list where you can reach out to others in your Product Community. Email Inforum – What not to miss There’s lots of good sessions on ERP LN. Here’s a few that may be of interest to you. Tuesday, October 14 9:00 a.m. Session 3980 - Inforum Connections Opening Session - Infor ERP Baan/ERP LN – Sue Peyton Infor 10:45 a.m. Session 3344 - Business Information Services and BIRT Reporting tool – Gerald Murre Infor 4:30 p.m. Session 1614 - Infor ERP LN Multi-Site Scenarios – review the options available for processing within a multi-site environment. Patrick Feravich - Infor Wednesday, October 15 11:30 a.m. Birds of a Feather Session - LN Product Community – Graham Gordon MOOG 3:45 p.m. Session 1611 – ERP LN FP 5 Review - functional application enhancements that will be delivered in 2008 to Infor ERP LN Sue Peyton - Infor Thursday, October 16
  4. 4. 2:00 p.m. Session 4541 – Setting up serialization in LN for finished goods- Graham Gordon MOOG