eLiberatica 2007 - Keynote - Open Source ERP: Projects and ...


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eLiberatica 2007 - Keynote - Open Source ERP: Projects and ...

  1. 1. Open Source ERP Open Source ERP Projects and opportunities for Romania Author: Thomas Koch Date: 19.5.07
  2. 2. Open Source ERP Thomas Koch q Graduated Music and Physics q Worked for a small ERP customizer (Windows only) q No IT expert, hobby Programmer since 1990 q Expert for Romania: r Youth & Social work since 1998 r Studied 3 semesters in Cluj r Married with a Romanian r Translated our ERP Suite http://www.koch.ro
  3. 3. Open Source ERP Structure 1. Spotlights on ERP projects (small companies up to 100 employees) 2. Romanians and Open Source 3. What I gonna do
  4. 4. Open Source ERP Post Microsoft q M$ is definitly dead. r Most current ERP software works only on Windows r Clients switching to Linux thinks also about new ERP r A client voting for Linux may want an OS ERP too. q There's no good open source Groupware or ERP yet
  5. 5. Open Source ERP Criteria for our next ERP q 100% Open Source r License: GPL / BSD / ... r Open Documentation r No entrance fee (partnership program...) q Unit Tests: r Scalability r Reliability r Interoperability q Code / Doc. Quality r Don't look on the features! q Browser-access
  6. 6. Open Source ERP Exploring Open Source q Compiere (Java) q ERP5 (ZOPE on Python) q OfBiz (Java) q Openbravo (Java)
  7. 7. Open Source ERP Compiere q Started 2000 by an Oracle consultant q Oracle only, Postgres may work q $6M Venture funding 2006 q Java q Still restricted access to doc. q Mostly used and developed in USA q No community, but Compiere Inc.
  8. 8. Open Source ERP ERP5 q Started 2002 as a contract work q Complicate, very few documentation, "hackish" q Developed by Nexedi and Nuxeo (fr), Nuxeo switched to Java q ERP5 doesn't run on Zope3 q Unit Testing only since September 06 but: worthwhile to study the concepts!
  9. 9. Open Source ERP ERP5 Concepts http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/ERP5_Handbook 5 abstract classes: q Resource: e.g. a skill of an individual, a currency, a raw material, a product q Node: a node is a place which can receive amounts of resources and send amounts of resources q Movements: of an amount of resource between two nodes at a given time and for a given duration q Path: defines a way for a node to access a resource q Item: describes a physical instance of a resource.
  10. 10. Open Source ERP OfBiz Only two showstoppers: q No Unit Testing at all q Java good points: q Large amount of docus, even screencasts q Large community q 100% open
  11. 11. Open Source ERP Openbravo q started as 5M$ investment 01/2006 q One company, spain q MPL Licence, not GPL compatible q spanish only manual q Forked from Compiere 2.4 q No/spanish code documentation
  12. 12. Open Source ERP Openbravo II From the forum: "We are familiar with Doxygen and JavaDoc. We considered producing a JavaDoc documentation a few months back but we think that it adds little value to our developers." => source code is a mess.
  13. 13. Open Source ERP Romanians and Open Source
  14. 14. Open Source ERP Outsourcing companies q Show your talent with OS contributions! q Sell solutions directly to end users! q Specialize: Software is your tool as a consultant, not your product. q Stay up to date! Most innovation happens in OS today. q You're free to show your sympathy for Linux without loosing your client base!
  15. 15. Open Source ERP Decentralize q B, CJ, TM, BV are expansive q Learn distributed working from OS: r Revision Control r Communication r Issue tracking r Documentation
  16. 16. Open Source ERP Individuals q Show your talent with OS contributions! q Job offers are posted on the projects lists! q Make your diploma thesis an open source contribution!
  17. 17. Open Source ERP Romanian mentality Please, don't be offended! No rule without exception. Exceptia confirma regula.
  18. 18. Open Source ERP Sa moare capra vecinului Romanians don't q cooperate, because they don't q trust. So they've not learned to build q associations and to cooperate as q democrats.
  19. 19. Open Source ERP Give freedom to students! q Many Open Source people are students q If Romanian Students can't participate in open source projects, there won't be a chance for OS in Romania. q Romanian Students are under hard pressure q No democratic participation in schools q Not encouraged to learn independent
  20. 20. Open Source ERP Free Software? Romanians are not used to pay for software licenses. => Selling services instead of licenses should be the right thing for Romania.
  21. 21. Open Source ERP Look out for women There are women in maths and physics in Romania! Get them in IT and in Open Source before they're locked out! On irc.rlug.ro: 199x "pula" from April, 27th till May, 16th
  22. 22. Open Source ERP What I gonna do q Many service companies in Germany ask for r Groupware r Project Management r Accounting for projects No suitable OS project so far.
  23. 23. Open Source ERP eZ Components q Highest quality standard ever met in PHP or even free software development! q PHP5EnterpriseEdition q developed by eZ Systems
  24. 24. Open Source ERP eZ Components Highlights q Authentication q Database q Graph q Mail q PersistentObject q SignalSlot q Template q Translation q Workflow Next Release: WebServices (SOAP/REST)
  25. 25. Open Source ERP Details: PHP5 q Is not PHP4 anymore! q All Object Orientation Features like Java q Combined with PHP's flexibility q All dev-tools available (Test, Debug, Manage) q Large Userbase q Easy to learn even for accountants!
  26. 26. Open Source ERP Leave traditional thinking * * * * * * * * *
  27. 27. Open Source ERP No traditional solutions *-*-* *-*-* | | /| * * * * * * | | / | *-*-* *-*-*
  28. 28. Open Source ERP Think open --*-*-* | /| * * * |X | *-*-* / | /