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  1. 1. http://www.elatos.net The Elatos Business Software provides a widely diversified function range – for manufacturing companies, as well as for INNOVATION FOR BUSINESS commerci and the service industry. Company-specific customization is uncomplicated and flexi- A new way to use information technology in outsourcing ble. Elatos web is a 100% web based ERP ONLY INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED USABLE EVERYWARE AN EVERYTIME All functions can be used online 24/7 everywhere in all the world. http://www.elatos.net For many business sectors ELATOS WEB - ERP Online Trading and service companies When you choose Elatos Web Software PAY PAY X USE X USE • Accounting services (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness), you are opting • Concrete and building materials • Electrical goods trade for competence and first class technologies. Version €/Mount / mounth • Catering Base 50 Euro 29 Euro • Wholesale You are free to choose Professional 90 Euro 69 Euro • Media services • Medical equipment Users have the choice of Linux or Windows. • Petroleum products trade Business 230 Euro 139 Euro • Furniture and office equipment • Cleaning services Only you need an internet connection. PRICESfor max USER Prices FOR 3 3 users • Toys • Steel trade The evolutionary system approach of the Elatos • Sound equipment Business Software and its continuous development • Supermarkets supports businesses significantly whenever they are • Advertising material… required to adapt to changing market demands. FOR FORE Production companies INFORMATION The software standard can be quickly and easily NO • Automotive +39 030.9158637 adapted to the requirements of different industries • Building trade • Chemical engineering and companies. SERVERS SKYPE • Electrical engineering ELATOS_SRL • Plant engineering REQUIRED • Wood industry SOME FUNCTIONS • Plastics production • Mechanical engineering ∅ PURCHASING • Medical engineering ∅ C.R.M. • Metal working and finishing • Furniture production ∅ SALES • Food processing industry ∅ COSTING • Textile industry ∅ ACCOUNTING • Packaging industry ∅ MATERIAL VALUETION / COST ACCOUNTING • Vendors and subcontractors… ∅ PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL ∅ FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING ∅ FIXED ASSET ACCOUNTING 100 % ONLINE ∅ SCHEDULING With Elatos Web You ∅ CONTROLLING can reduce IT costs. START WITH ∅ GROUP ACCOUNTING YOUE NEW ERP Is not requered a pri- ∅ MATERIALS MANAGEMENTS MRP vate server, your IN 4 OURS ∅ INTEGRATED WEB APPLICATION E-BUSINESS company use our ma- chines, updated every FOR SMALL BUSINESS IS NOT REQUERED OUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT - ONLY CONTRACT SUBSCRIPTION NEEDED year. ECOMMERCE / ERP http://www.elatos.net
  2. 2. These advantages bring cost benefits in the user Excellent price operation. IS NOT REQUIRED AN INITIAL INVESTIMENT ELATOS ERP provides users with an exten- The ELATOS Business Software shines through sive function range, from 2002. Additional with this above-average and excellent price/ functions and adjustments can be made performance ratio. easily, flexibly and therefore cost effi- ciently. Start using Elatos Web with only 50 The high flexibility of ELATOS ERP is e- xceptionally valuable for your company User friendly The continuous uniform user interface, the syste- Euro. and enables new requirements to be sati- matic screen structure, the field, screen and to- sfied. pic related Online Help and the structure of the Test online our ERP models according to the related functions make The ERP solution provides a multifaceted it possible to work securely, intuitively and ef- performances optimization and use potential, such as an fectively with the ELATOS Business Software increase in productivity, improvement of after only a short introduction. transparency and service, increase in com- petitive strength, cost savings, and much 100% ONLINE — WEB BASED SOFTWARE more. Customized, flexible and always up-to-date Be it business processes, scre- ens or database structures Even after an upgrade your International your specific requirements can individual modifications are ELATOS Business Software is always be easily integrated. retained as, for example, multilingual in the user menu, individual fields in screens, as well as in the display ELATOS Business Software can own standard lists, new fun- language. adjust perfectly to suit your ctions or own macros. organizational structure. This simplifies working with your subsidiaries in other coun- The value and usefulness of tries. your company software ap- preciate with each passing You can personalize langua- year. ges yourself. INNOVATIVE You partake in this progress with every new version. MICROSOFT SQL DATABASE SUPPLIERS CUSTOMERS QUOTATIONS PRODUCTS ORDERS SALES ORDERS PRICES EBUSINESS CHEAPER WAREHOUSE GOODS ISSUE CONTROLLING DATA EXPORT SAFE ACCOUNTING INVOICE ACCOUNTS MAILING GLOBAL PICKING PAYMENTS BALANCE SHEET CRM ONLINE
  3. 3. Purchasing Supplier relationship and procurement The purchasing provides a continuous tran- management saction processing from the request to pur- chase order suggestions and purchase orders purchasing entering receipt provides a continuous transaction processing from the re- The right up to in ELATOS ERP of go- ods up to invoice verification. quest to purchase order suggestions and purchase orders right up to entering receipt of goods up to invoice verification. Dealing with purchase orders is a central component in Dealing with purchase orders is a central order suggestions are generated when stock levels purchasing. In the scheduling, purchase component in purchasing. In stock level, which then flow into requests and purchase orders. fall below the minimum the scheduling, purchase order suggestions are generated each purchase order item the purchase order Outline agreements can be edited. For when stock levels fall belowthe financial accounting and cost accounting via cost centers, cost management is linked to the minimum stock level, which then flow into requests objects and account assignment. and purchase orders. Outline agreements can be edited. For each purchase order item the purchase order management is linked to the financial accountingyou obtain the best goods at the best prices while building ELATOS WEB software helps and cost and keeping strong supplier relationships. Adapt dynamically to market changes with accounting via cost centers, cost objects instant access to inventory and supplier details. The most efficient purchasing processes and account assignment. pave the way to shorter lead-times, improved cash-to-cash cycles and reduced returns handling, spelling better profitability. ∅ Reduce average inventory investment while increasing customer service levels ∅ Avoid overstocking, slow-moving and obsolete inventory ∅ Reduce costs by simulating changing inventory models ∅ Balance inventory investment against procurement costs ∅ Forge closer, more profitable trading relationships through Vendor Managed Inven- tory (VMI) Our ERP architecture ∅ Accurately measure individual vendor performance and product lead-times represents the ∅ Provide accurate requirement forecasts to suppliers, ensuring maximum service at foundation for minimum cost on-demand computing. Sales Built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered on the Internet, the compo- In ELATOS ERP the sales process is displayed from the quotation creation via the sales or- nents of ELATOS.NET work der management and the outgoing goods to the invoicing. together seamlessly to deliver the core value of Additional functions, such as quotation and revenue statistics, commission calculation, archi- on-demand the ability to ving and many more are available. manage and share information easily. With the sales function in the ELATOS Business Software an up-to-date overview of business relationships with your customers, as well as the sales trends of your products is available at any time. The ability to deliver whilst maintaining minimum stock levels can be optimized, the profita- bility is improved. CRM functions are also available with the customer infosystem. You only need to • Manage your warehouse for maximum effectiveness USE the software. • Pick orders faster and with increased accuracy, based on product movement frequency No servers or • Optimise resource activity through precise and accurate instruction handling particolar personal • Achieve faster ROI with staged implementation possibilities computer • Control inventory to reduce tied-up capital are required. • Process large order volumes quickly and accurately You can access • Deliver on time with higher service levels with Internet Explorer or Linux. • Monitor warehouse inventory and activity 24/7. ALL DOCUMENTS CAN BE SEND AUTOMATICALLY WITH EMAIL GATEWAY
  4. 4. ELATOS software supports sales representatives, front-line distributors and com- modity traders who manage direct sales to customers. The solution handles sales order management with contract sales pricing, electro- On Demand, nic catalogue support, high-volume order entry automation via EDI and XML, Internet customer self-service, laptop and remote ordering, and automated Hosted, delivery scheduling. Web-based Complete CRM support includes sourcing, back-to-back orders and alternative/ CRM & ERP replacement parts suggestion. Solutions • Establish long-term customer relationships http://www.elatos.net • All customer records instantly at your fingertips • Manage campaigns and events with automated support • Build and maintain prospect/contact lists • Integrate and optimise sales support information • Reduce transaction costs through web ordering/tracking • Maximise customer benefits and profit potential through 24/7 Internet self- service. • Offer customers a range of order process options - self-service, telephonic, EDI, delivery schedules, etc. • Increase order value and profit through advanced pricing techniques • Manage the entire flow of incoming requests, including initiating returns. • Monitor the sales order process with alert management software • Proactive transportation planning • right from order entry • Gain accurate forecasts from customers for better planning • Monitor and report supply chain events • Cut inventory costs and optimise stock between warehouses. MAIN OFFICE P.O.S. BARCODE ELATOS WEB applica- CUSTOMER tion gives businesses the AREA upper hand with their sales data. Comprehen- INTERNET sive and easy to custo- B2B + B2C mize, Elatos empowers companies to manage people and processes more effectively, so Database are shared with all partner through internet reps can close more de- als. With Elatos, reps spend more time selling and less time on admini- stration. ASP
  5. 5. Cost accounting Financial accounting The cost accounting covers the areas of cost The integrated Financial Accounting en- type accounting, cost center accounting and compasses the complete financial accoun- The full package cost object accounting. ting management of all financial transac- tions. includes over The cost center accounting includes the IAAA 450 modules (internal account activity allocation) function. Financial accounting provides a clear overview of all financial transactions. from Inventory Subsequently to the IAAA there is the option Control and Ma- to post the overheads to the cost objects. This means, for example, that data from several fiscal years can be accessed. By terial Require- There are different procedures available keeping transaction figures from the past ments Planning for this purpose. The cost center accounting it is easy to carry out monthly compari- can be structured according to the flexible sons, by working with planned and actual to Accounting. standard costing principle. figures target/actual comparisons can be made for any userdefined time period. With the "Valuation of production activity" module the valuated personnel and machine times of the completion confirmations are posted in the form of statistical entries and then flow into the cost accounting. The cost accounting integrates the data of The MRP software (Material diverse modules, such as for example, the Requirements Planning) mo- financial and fixed asset accounting, and dule assists you in managing using the "Material valuation" and the the balance between supply "Valuation of production activity" module it and demand. also integrates data from the areas of ma- terial valuation and production. The MRP module provides a comprehensive analysis of your materials, including the suggested action required Materials management/MRP to restore balance. The objective of the materials management is the safeguarding of the costeffective pro- visioning of the company. The MRP software suggests when to release supply or- To reach this target, ELATOS ERP supports you through the optimization of the readiness ders (either for purchased to deliver and flexibility whilst simultaneously optimizing the capital tie-up in the ware- or fabricated parts), based house. on the most up-to-date supply and demand infor- mation available. Production/Production planning and control (PPC) Material Requirements Planning helps reduce inven- The production functions in ELATOS ERP support you in the organization of the tory, increase manufacturing manufacturing of your products – irrespective of the type of production, mass, series, job productivity, and ultimately lot or single unit production. facilitate cash flow. The MRP software compo- Costing nent of VISUAL Enterprise The ELATOS Business Software provides a product and order related costing for the e- allows you to choose the xact valuation of the operating result. The costing can be carried out for products, as planning policy option that well as for sales orders. works best for your company, such as discrete, The costing functions in ERP support the exact time scheduling e.g. when specifying minimum/maximum order delivery times. quantity, fixed period, pe- riod supply, among others. You can then review and implement rescheduling re- commendations for work orders and purchase orders, based on actual production and demand schedules.
  6. 6. NEW SOFTWARE GENERATION ELATOS WEB ® offers you an extended enterprise and supply chain management system that incorporates front office, back office, engi- neering, manufacturing, distribution and business performance capa- bilities. ELATOS SRL Lungolago Battisti 85 The strength of your company rests on several factors, including a 25015 Desenzano del Garda (Bs) solid business plan, quality products, reliable resources, accurate ITALY communication, consistent service, and customer demand. Ideally, you need an enterprise resource planning system that can Phone.: +39 030.9158637 uphold your business goals and allow you to effectively balance all Fax: +39 030.9125250 your operations. E-mail: sales@elatos.net An enterprise solution that promotes fast access to information and extensive operational control from your front- to back-office can help http://www.elatos.net you lay down a rock-solid foundation for building your company and successfully weathering unexpected changes in the marketplace. TRY NOW OUR SOFTWARE ONLINE http://www.elatos.net We know that our customers want evolutionary, not revolutionary change. That’s why ELATOS is continually evolving its product line to develop the breakthrough new solutions that customers need to stay competitive over the long term. We start by listening to customers and analyzing overall GESTIONALE TRADIZIONALE GE- marketplace solo server Dovete acquistare un Potete utilizzarlo and sede in technology trends, and then leveraging oursi guasta un pc intervento tecnico invest in the development of Se extensive resources to innovative, licenza Costi per ogni next-generation solutions. Aggiornamenti a Vs carico Salvataggi e sicurezza A key initiative for delivering customer Condivisione dati non consentita value by balancing Obsolescenza macchine the needs ofrete/sistema the future. Configurazione today and Personalizzazioni difficili e costose With ELATOS, customers will be able to evolve their business systems according to their needs by choosing what, when, how and where they take advantage of new and additional Infor solutions. http://www.contabilitaonline.com Il portale della consulenza online