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           abas ERP for production companies
Table of Contents

                                       Overview                                                       ...

                                   ”Twelve years ago we made a very      ”The decision to implement ABAS

               Efficient ERP Solutions
                         For Midmarket Manufacturers

”We are glad we chose ABAS
                                        “If you look at the increase in           because its s...
Value added features

”With abas ERP we are well pre-
pared to meet future requirements.
We want to be close to our custo-
mers, which led us to...
Software Upgrade

              Evolutionary system technology:
                           Adaptable and Upgradeable

”Due to the upgrade method, we
were able to implement during our
growth phrase without disrupting             ”The abas up...

               Make your Software
                               Go Even Further

               You can integ...
”If used correctly, companies that
                                                                  implement abas Busine...

                        More Function
                                               Means Greater Value

”Every time we expand the system
                                 or make adjustments we are               ”We had to solv...

                 Function overview
                 Materials management

                 •	Warehouse	manag...
Function overview                                                      Function overview
Scheduling                       ...

                                                                          Function overview
”We implemented abas ERP at

                 Function overview
                 Financial accounting

                 •	Accounts	struct...
“Nowadays we can plan in more

                 Function overview EDI

                 •	EDI	Center
                 •	Delivery	forecast
Function overview                                                      Function overview
Infosystems                      ...
Software architecture

                ERP Software
                          that Grows with Your Business

”abas Business Software won a
                                         ”abas FOP programming lets me                      ...
ABAS Group

                Midmarket Solutions
                                            from a Midsize Company

”What I admire most about
                                              abas Business Software is the                 ”The...

     Industry independent
                         for midsize companies

     Over 2,000 companies worldwi...
For many industries

•	Automotive                 •	Jewelry	industry              •	Process	industry
•	Building	and	Con...
References - Over 2,000 satisfied customers

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abas ERP for production companies


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abas ERP for production companies

  1. 1. abas ERP Product Brochure abas ERP abas ERP for production companies
  2. 2. Table of Contents Overview 3 Benefits 4 Upgrades 8 Add-ons 10 Functions 12 Software architecture 22 ABAS Group 24 Industries 26 Content is subject to modification. *Please also refer to our abas Distribution and abas eB product brochures. abas Business Software Effective software solutions for your company The brand name abas Business Software includes the products abas for production companies ERP, abas Distribution and abas eB. Together, these products form a complete solution offering a broad spectrum of functions for midsize D i s t r i b u t i o n for wholesale and distribution companies* production, wholesale distribution and service companies. Functions range from purchasing and sales, to materials management, produc- e B eBusiness for midsize companies* tion planning and production, through accounting and eBusiness. abas Business Software is based on a combination of the most modern technology and many years of experience. When you choose abas Business Software, you are opting for competence, continuity and first class technology.
  3. 3. Overview ”Twelve years ago we made a very ”The decision to implement ABAS important decision to implement software was made years ago. abas ERP. We have experienced no The system runs so smoothly that restrictions when using the system. we never have to worry about it. The flexibility and upgradeability It was one of the best business of abas ERP is great.” decisions I have ever made.“ Volker Häffner, IT Manager, Harald Steiner, CEO, BEW-Umformtechnik GmbH BVS Blechtechnik GmbH Spectrum of performance Financial accounting Fixed asset accounting Purchasing Material valuation Sales Cost accounting Materials Management / MRP Costing Scheduling Controlling Production / PPC Group accounting EDI eBusiness Infosystems Portal
  4. 4. Benefits Efficient ERP Solutions For Midmarket Manufacturers Short implementation times, excellent price/performance ratio, platform independent, reliable, user friendly, adaptable, multinational… and the most satisfied customers in the industry are convincing arguments for abas ERP. Short implementation Excellent price/ period performance ratio The inherent flexibility found in abas Business Software, together abas ERP offers users an extensive function range, while allowing with sophisticated implementation strategies, facilitate short imple- for additional functions and customization to be programmed quickly mentation times and easy integration into the company structure and and easily by the user or though an abas Partner. Users will being existing software environments. Introduction periods are reduced by realizing such benefits as increased productivity, improved transpa- 25%, delivering a consistent ROI for abas customers. rency, greater competitive strength, superior service, and much more. These benefits bring significant costs savings which has distinguished abas Business Software as having one of the best price/performance ratios in the industry.
  5. 5. ”We are glad we chose ABAS “If you look at the increase in because its software continues ”We were impressed by the imple- transparency, productivity and the to grow with our company, and mentation concept. Before the time savings realized since the each year it becomes more and software was implemented implementation of abas Business more valuable to our business. In numerous training courses were Software in our company, you introducing abas Business Software “The combination of abas provided for the employees, would see that our ERP invest- we’ve received an ERP software ERP and Linux is absolutely which ensured the ERP software ment has more than paid itself off that permanently integrates the reliable, we have had no was introduced smoothly and – and in as soon as 12 months.” most current technology.“ system crash since installation.“ efficiently.“ Christian Estenfeld, Gerhard Herdt, Project Manager, Karleugen Lägler, CEO, Sven Berndt, IT Manager, ADA Holding GmbH EPHY-MESS GmbH Eugen Lägler GmbH Walzengießerei Coswig GmbH Top reasons to choose abas Business Software Short implementation period Individual customization Easy implementation Rapid ROI Broad functionality found in the User-friendly interface standard Software that grows with Covering a wide range of industries your business International and multilingual Easy integration of High flexibility with 3 layer add-on solutions architecture Secure investment Platform independent Great price/performance ratio ERP • PPC • MRP • eBusiness The secure investment Select your for the future platform ABAS’s continual upgrade strategy guarantees our business software Choose whichever operating system is best suited to your IT environ- will be just as reliable in the future as it is today. A new version of ment, whether it be Linux, Unix and Windows abas Business Software the abas Business Software is provided each year. New functions runs on all three platforms. Since 1995, ABAS has supported Linux and technologies are always integrated into the software standard, on the server side, with 80% of all installations to-date based on ensuring abas users are up-to-date. Linux. Our software is also offered in the front end range using Linux. Having already distinguished itself on the server side, Linux is now developing a reputation on the client side with low costs, great stability and excellent performance.
  6. 6. Value added features “The system’s orientation is easy enough that it does not require a huge training effort.” Thomas Federle, CEO, Link Elektrische Bauelemente GmbH User friendly Easy to update User friendly Easy to customize, always up-to-date Such features as the continual user interface, systematic screen Specific requirements such as business processes, screens and data- structure, Online Help (field, screen or topic related), and model base structures can be easily integrated into the ERP software and structures aligned with related functions make it possible to work customized to suit your organizational structure. As maximum value, securely, intuitively and effectively with abas Business Software. your individual modifications, such as individual screen fields, Whether browser based or using the graphical user interface – standard lists, new functions and macros will not be affected you decide how you run abas ERP. once the upgrade is complete.
  7. 7. ”With abas ERP we are well pre- pared to meet future requirements. We want to be close to our custo- mers, which led us to establish an affiliate company in Turkey within just 6 months. The international abas partner network has supported us considerably in customizing and setting up the EDI. The IT clients ”The ERP system’s inherent flexibi- for both companies are centrally lity and ability to easily adapt to managed from our main plant. workflow changes is what’s most Every employee can access abas important to us. The speed at which “ABAS knows both what ERP in his/her native language these adjustments were implemented customers need AND what – not just in German or Turkish.“ was stunning for example changes they want: a flexible ERP Hubert Dohn, Authorized discussed in the workflow were then software that is update secure.” “I am continually impressed by representative and company realized during the coffee break.“ Marcus Bunz, Project Manager, the flexibility of abas ERP.” shareholder, Plastocell Michael Kummer, IT Manager, Beutter Präzisions-Komponenten Armin Dörringer, authorized Kunststoff GmbH Binder+Co AG GmbH Co.KG representative, Schechtl GmbH International Satisfied and multilingual abas customers abas Business Software is multilingual in the user menu, as well ABAS was named number one in customer satisfaction in four conse- as in the display language. You can work with the same database cutive ERP studies published by the Konradin Group. ABAS ranked in different operating languages, enabling simplified workflow first in price/performance ratio, functional fit, stability, ease of use and communication between foreign subsidiaries. abas Business and upgrades. ABAS‘s strong customer focus has resulted in a 93% Software is multi-currency and offered in 28 languages, with addi- customer retention rate since its inception in 1980. The company tional languages available upon request. Our network of internati- still services many of the same customers who first implemented in onal partners and localization expertise is ideal for any company package over 20 years ago. looking to expand abroad and integrate their ERP system into their foreign subsidiaries.
  8. 8. Software Upgrade Evolutionary system technology: Adaptable and Upgradeable Take advantage of new functions added every year into abas Business Software. By performing regular upgrades, you are guaranteed the most up-to-date technology for the continued success of your company. Always The secure new technology investment for the future The core business functions found in abas Business Software are ABAS’s continual upgrade strategy guarantees our business software continually being developed. Customers never need to worry that will be just as reliable in the future as it is today. A new version their system will become outdated because every year approxima- of abas Business Software is released each year. New functions tely 30% of the complete software code is reworked. This means and technologies are always integrated into the software standard, abas users will have a completely new software system with state guaranteeing that abas users remain up-to-date. of the art technology every 3-5 years without ever breaking the update path.
  9. 9. ”Due to the upgrade method, we were able to implement during our growth phrase without disrupting ”The abas upgrade strategy coupled ”We are satisfied with all aspects of our day-to-day business. The method with the system’s inherent flexibility abas Business Software, especially ”The high standard expected of resulted in just minimal delays, even enables us to take full advantage the software’s upgradeability. Even abas Business Software is always when updating the customized of the technological progress, an upgrade over a number of versi- maintained. Regardless of how programs. In just 1.5 days, the without losing our individuality. ons takes just one day. We worked many adjustments we make the full entire company was up-to-date Through the easy adjustability until Friday afternoon with the old upgradeability remains intact, which without experiencing any down- and openness of the system we version, and by Monday morning means our software will remain time. This is very important for a are able to flawlessly accompany the new version is already booted functional for many years to come. production that runs in three shifts.“ the company’s continual impro- on the computer. All upgrades Every new upgrade brings us more Michael Jung, Sales Manager, vement process with abas ERP.“ functioned without a hitch.“ innovations and developments.“ FACT Future Advanced Composites Sandor Winter, CEO, Walter Irion, IT Manager, MAFAC Werner Fischer, IT Manager, Technology GmbH Symanzik GmbH Co.KG Ernst Schwarz GmbH Co J. Schmalz GmbH Why perform annual upgrades? New functionality Improvements made to abas ERP standard modules Upgrade performed in manageable phases, not all at once ERP · PPC · MRP · eBusinesss Continuous improvement of the internal organization Manageable investment blocks Enhanced value
  10. 10. Add-ons Make your Software Go Even Further You can integrate a variety of add-on solutions to complete your abas Business Software. Our cooperation partners provide you with a broad spectrum of practical solutions which work efficiently and profitably when used in connection with abas ERP. Integration with MS Office / Open Office Integration with fax, E-mail and Internet solutions PDA / JPM / MDE Management Information Systems Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse abas Wireless terminals (barcode scanning) CAD / CAQ Mobile order entry CRM Human resources management Document Management / Archiving Project management EDI SCM Export and shipping dispatch Sales information system Production planning and many others… Firewall solutions 10
  11. 11. ”If used correctly, companies that implement abas Business Software system have a considerable advan- tage. I doubt many companies our ”There were many requirements size are able to offer such solutions which the new system had to like an integrated PDC system.“ fulfil, such as interfacing with the Hartmut Hillebrand, CEO, existing CAD and payroll systems.” Bergmann Hillebrand Hans Haist, Production Manager, GmbH Co.KG Maschinenbau Kallfass GmbH Co. Open Easy and secure interfaces connections using: External IT systems are integrated using both the abas and DDE - DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) (Dynamic Data Exchange) standard interfaces. ODBC (Open - ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity), optional, license required Database Connectivity) and ActiveX standard interfaces are also - ActiveX available as an option. - EDP (abas ERP Data Access Protocol) - ERP Export/ERP Import - Form generator 11
  12. 12. Functions More Function Means Greater Value abas ERP provides manufacturing companies with a wide range of out of the box functionality. Whether your firm operates in a make to order, make to stock or job shop production environment, abas can optimize your pro- duction and improve customer service. Companies in both discrete produc- tion and in the processing industry, can rely on abas Business Software to enable their key business processes. More importantly, abas can readily be adapted to meet industry or company-specific requirements without impac- ting the standard functions or limiting your upgrade path. Customer Quotation Product Service processing Vendor / Forwarder Capacities Service quotation Purchase Orders Sales Order Costing Suggestions Service order Purchase Order Scheduling Work Order Suggestion Service assignment Packing Slip Warehouse/ CAQ Work Order Goods Receipt Service technician Invoice Purchasing Packing Slip Completion Goods Issue Confirmation Corridor Controlling Accounts Payable Invoice Sales Accounting Work Slip Fixed Asset Accounting Financial Accounting Accounts Receivable Production Data Imputed Depreciation Accounting Capture Group Accounting Cost Accounting Valuation, Warehouse, Production Activity Communication Service eBusiness Portal Infosystems Solutions Master Files Sales Purchasing Administration, Processes, Data Export Printing Accounting Production Services and Evaluations Wages and Salaries CRM Document Management Other Solutions... Solutions of the cooperation partners 1
  13. 13. ”Every time we expand the system or make adjustments we are ”We had to solve many tasks, one reassured that we made the right of which was to make the flow of choice in implementing abas material more transparent and the Business Software. All requirements organization more secure. We “Except for the picking list and made by customers Volkswagen succeeded. Purchasing is now packing slips there is no more paper and Audi were realized quickly. centrally coordinated with abas usage. This means we were able Since the implementation we have ERP. Through real time scheduling to reduce our paper costs by EUR quadrupled our turnover without stock levels could be decreased 5000 and postage by EUR 2000 considerably increasing personnel. while stock turnover has increa- per year. There were also savings Without abas we would have nee- sed. The fast access to data has made through other simplified ded a lot more personnel, which amplified the ability to provide processes which resulted in an would not have been possible information and transparency even further reduction of paper given existing production costs.” throughout the company.“ documents.” Ingolf Wölk, IT Bernd Buhse, CEO, Galvanotechnik Dr. Ulrich Wolf, IT Manager, Manager, Armaturenwerk Kessel GmbH Co.KG Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH Hötensleben GmbH Function overview Function overview Purchasing Sales • Requests • Quotations • Suggested purchase order • Sales order management • Purchase order • Blanket orders • Blanket orders • Sales order production list • Receipt of Goods (ROG) • Shipping processing/Goods issuing • Invoice verification • Deliveries • Subcontracting • Invoicing • Materials provided • ... • ... Purchasing Sales The purchasing function found in abas ERP processes as a continuous In abas ERP the sales process is displayed starting with a quote transaction, from the initial request to suggested purchase orders, creation, through to sales order management, outgoing goods and purchase orders, receipt of goods and invoice verification. Working invoicing. Additional functions like quotation and revenue statistics, with purchase orders is a central purchasing component. In schedu- commission calculation, archiving and many more are available. ling, suggested purchase orders are generated when inventory falls The sales function provides you with an up-to-date view of customer below minimum levels. These suggested orders are then converted business relations and product sales trends. With abas ERP, you’ll into requests and actual purchase orders. Blanket orders can also be be able to deliver product using minimum inventory levels, resulting edited. For each purchase order item, purchase order management is in optimized stock levels. Furthermore, CRM functions can also be linked to both financial and cost accounting through cost centers, cost developed using the customer infosystem. objects and accounting assignments. 1
  14. 14. Functions Function overview Materials management • Warehouse management • LIFO/FIFO management • Lot creation • Bundle and serial number management • Inventory • Material allocation • Material valuation • Lot management • ... Materials management / MRP Materials management safeguards your company’s logistical processes. Using abas ERP will let you coordinate warehousing measures with your delivery schedule and enable your company to function efficiently with minimum inventory levels. 1
  15. 15. Function overview Function overview Scheduling Production / Production planning and control (PPC) • Requirements and inventory planning • Suggested work orders • Scheduling • Work orders • Capacity calculation • Capacity planning • Sales, production and resource planning • Work order completion (MPS = Master Production Schedule) • Editable sales order production list • Batch size and minimum stock level calculation • Manual production entries • ... • Extended workbench • Combined production • Service processing • … Scheduling Production / Production planning and control (PPC) Scheduling ensures that sufficient production material and capacity The abas ERP production functions support the manufacture of your is available to process orders on time. In abas ERP, scheduling company’s products, regardless of the kind of production employed generates procurement suggestions for purchasing, as well as matches (e.g. series, lot or single production). compliance with due dates to determine the earliest possible final delivery dates. 1
  16. 16. Functions Function overview Material valuation • Valuation according to mixed price • Warehouse group mixed price • Planned price Function overview • Invoice price Costing • Zero valuation • Cost of goods manufactured • Preliminary costing • Cost entry suggestion for changing raw/auxiliary • Simultaneous costing material inventory levels, as well as for operating • Final costing supply items, unfinished and finished goods • ... • ... Costing Material valuation abas ERP offers product and sales order related costing for the precise Material valuation assesses quantitative movements within the operating result valuation. Costing can be carried out for products, materials management cycle, recording these movements as as well as for sales orders. The abas ERP costing functions use exact financial entries whenever stock levels fluctuate. A preview of date scheduling when specifying delivery times. entries can be generated without affecting the financial accoun- ting. The establishment of an unfinished products inventory is also possible, as well as the valuation of manufacturing costs. If valuation prices are not available when a quantity is entered, then a revaluation is implemented through the material valuation once the price becomes available. Material costs determined by material valuation are then transferred to cost accounting. 1
  17. 17. ”We implemented abas ERP at exactly the right time. Through integrating all departments we now can provide our customers with exact details concerning their orders. Many steps were automated in the implementation. Goods in all levels of production can be automatically traced without wasting valuable time. Sales orders are now checked in realtime, and our sales team has been relieved from routine tasks – leaving more time for the customer.“ Daniel Zumpe, Sales/IT, Petroplast GmbH Function overview Function overview Cost accounting Group accounting • Cost type accounting • Representation of group relations • Cost center accounting with internal account activity • Determination of intercompany sales allocation according to flexible standard costing • Consolidation groups • Cost object accounting • Time-related group structure • Valuation of production activity • Consolidated advance VAT return • Planned consolidation • ... • Statistical journal entry • Computation rule • ... Cost accounting Group accounting Cost accounting covers cost type accounting, cost center accounting Using the group accounting function you can consolidate balance and cost object accounting. The cost center accounting includes the sheets for individual businesses to compile an annual statement that function IAAA (internal account activity allocation). In addition to IAAA, shows group reporting. For this function, group internal and group there is the option to post overheads to the cost objects. Different external processes are differentiated by accounts. procedures available for this purpose. Cost center accounting can be structured according to the flexible standard costing principle. Using the function „Valuation of production activity“, the valuated personnel and machine times of completed work orders are posted as stati- stical entries and transfer into cost accounting. The cost accounting integrates data from diverse modules such as financial and fixed asset accounting. Using the „Material valuation“ and the „Valuation of production activity“ modules, it also integrates data from material valuation and production areas. 1
  18. 18. Functions Function overview Financial accounting • Accounts structure • Taxes • Financial entries • Advance VAT return • Account range form • Outstanding items • Cash management • Reminders • Evaluations • Data export for GdPDU • Recurring entries • Additional entry ranges • ... Financial accounting This function enables complete financial accounting management for all financial transactions. It provides you with a thorough overview of all financial transactions and lets you access data from prior fiscal years. By maintaining a history of transaction figures it is easy to carry out monthly comparisons by working with both planned and actual figures. Target/actual comparisons can be user-defined over any gi- ven time frame. 1
  19. 19. “Nowadays we can plan in more detail and improve our delivery reliability as a result. This has been well-received by our customers.” Christian Kirchschlager, Acting CEO, Metallgießerei Hans Schwarz GmbH Function overview Function overview Fixed asset accounting Corridor controlling • Fixed assets • PL items and balance sheet • Fixed asset category • Liquidity planning • Imputed fixed asset accounting • Risk management • Depreciation • ... • Depreciation methods • Suggested depreciation • Assets impairment • Daily depreciation • Index series • Replacement values • Fixed asset transaction • Asset history sheet • External auditing evaluations • ... Fixed asset accounting Corridor Controlling The integrated fixed asset accounting module in abas ERP is used to Corridor controlling supports you in business planning and control by manage fixed assets on an inventory basis, regardless of industry. It letting you quickly identify current fiscal year trends. This function lets enables both a qualitative and quantitative overview of the available you view figure trends as they develop, which makes decision-making fixed assets. Included are all year-end closing evaluations, such as easier and more secure. the asset history sheet. 1
  20. 20. Functions Function overview EDI • EDI Center • Delivery forecast • JIT delivery schedules • Packing slips • Credit notes • Invoices • Sales orders • Sales order confirmation • Product pricing • Purchase order amendment • Shipping processing • ESP / VLC (Vendor Logistics Center) processing / Consignment warehousing • Packaging supplies management • ... EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) With the EDI function you can automatically exchange structured business documents (VDA/ODETTE/EDIFACT) between the applica- tion programs of your business partners. EDI implementation brings full control of the entire product, data and money flow. Companies are supported by abas ERP/Automotive in managing complex supply chain processes and coordinating all predetermined logistical processes between manufacturer and supplier. 0
  21. 21. Function overview Function overview Infosystems Other functions • Customer infosystem • Master files administration: • Turnover statistics • PDC • Transaction figures • Intrastat commercial statistics • Plan chart • Characteristics, user and selection bars • Debits and credits • User-defined variables and keys • Procurement status • Word processing • Machine scheduling • Office communication, internal communication system • Capacity overview • System management • Cost accounting master files • Command log • Expense distribution sheets (EDS) • User-defined database areas for individual requirements • ... • ... Infosystems Other functions With abas ERP you receive a group of pre-configured infosystems The above-mentioned functions further complement the abas ERP for various evaluations. These infosystems are adjustable and can be performance range. used to write your own company specific requirements. Ultimately, you choose which data is relevant for your company reporting. 1
  22. 22. Software architecture ERP Software that Grows with Your Business As your company evolves, business requirements are subject to change. The inherent flexibility found in abas Business Software matches your company’s growth, letting you readily adapt to industry or company- specific requirements without impacting the standard functions or limiting your upgrade path. The continual development of core business functions is the most • abas core functions: unique aspect of abas Business Software. Every year approximately 30% of the complete software code is reworked, which means abas The abas core functions include purchasing, sales, scheduling, users have a completely new software with state of the art technology materials management/MRP, production/PPC, accounting, interfaces every 3-5 years. Customizations made to abas Business Software can and other functions. be realized using the Java programming language. abas ERP 3-tier architecture The software’s layered architecture structure makes it possible for us to guarantee users the most updated technology year-over-year. The structure is divided among the following three layers: • Flexible user interface (FO): • abas system base: The outer layer, referred to as the FO layer, comprises the abas Tools, the flexible standard user interface and the individual user interface. It The system base contains a stable, object-oriented database. The is within this flexible user interface that customization is done to ensure abas log database increases speed and efficiency and is virtually our software satisfies your individual requirements. maintenance-free.
  23. 23. ”abas Business Software won a ”abas FOP programming lets me tough race against much bigger ”The layered software architecture adapt the system to our company‘s competitors. The program’s found in abas Business Software organization. I have added a trend ”What convinced us to choose conceptual structure was the makes it easy to carry out adjust- orientation to the production abas was the software’s inherent deciding factor. Centered ments, of which we can do mostly planning, so I don’t have to flexibility and the option to perform around a fixed functional ourselves. We use the ERP system worry about the next upgrade. our own adjustments. It was kernel, the system allows for the intensely. All company fields Customizations will not be affected important that we could adapt the multifaceted design of the are integrated and almost all when the current release is installed.“ software on our own time to meet software interface and the of modules are being used.“ Ralf Billmaier, IT Manager and our customers’ future requirements.” integration of individual Heinz-Josef Schäfer, Chief Controller, Project Leader, Gehr Kunststoffwerk Jan Klimek, Ripploh applications.“ Udo Böttcher, HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH GmbH Co.KG Elektrotechnik GmbH IT Manager, Lisega AG Meeting your requirements
  24. 24. ABAS Group Midmarket Solutions from a Midsize Company The core competence of ABAS Software AG is the development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for the midmarket. Founded as a start-up company by a team of students, ABAS today is a world- wide group of companies. ABAS Software employs 115 people at its headquarter location in Karlsruhe, Germany. Together, with its over 50 sales partners worldwide, the ABAS group totals 580 employees. ABAS Software AG management: Peter Walser (CTO), Werner Strub (CEO), Peter Forscht (COO) From one SMB Business philosophy: to another… “The Spirit of ABAS” Small and medium businesses are the pillars of the economy. These Satisfaction, quality and service go hand in hand. ABAS orients itself companies need tried and true solutions, and an implementation part- on these principles every day so that abas customers can concentrate ner who can meet their requirements in the quickest time possible on what is most importance to them their core business. The quality using the best price/performance ratio. They demand expertise that of our software is continuously tested to ensure the highest quality includes years of experience supporting the SMB market, plus the standards. ABAS regularly communicates with its users and looks guarantee of a secure investment for years to come. to them for input on how to best further develop its abas Business Software. Directness and trust make the cooperation between ABAS As SMBs become more integrated into the global market, they also and its users both satisfying and long-lasting. require software that is both international and multilingual to optimize workflow and communication between foreign subsidiaries. As an internationally operative midsize company, ABAS is well-positioned to understand the demands of these companies. One look in the mir- ror and not only do we see our own reflection, but also those of our customers and prospects.
  25. 25. ”What I admire most about abas Business Software is the ”The decision to implement abas company that stands behind Business Software in 2005 was a it its flexibility, philosophy and defining moment for our company. investment in its software will remain customer understanding.” Ever since that point we have relied secure for many years to come.” Dr. Werner Dax, IT Manager, on a flexible, evolutionary and Kai Höpfinger, Mega Umformtechnik IST METZ GmbH user-friendly system to compliment GmbH Co. KG our continued growth. The continu- ed success of our IT provider also assures that we’ve made the right decision. ABAS Software AG con- tinues to be a successful and finan- cially stable company. We know our in million Trading volume of the abas group (estimated values) Trading volume of the ABAS Software AG in TEUR 11,500 60 60 11,000 10,000 15 % 55 10,000 9,200 52 8,400 50 47 9,000 7,800 43 45 8,000 7,000 7,000 40 6,800 40 37,5 7,000 6,000 6,000 35 5,800 35 6,000 30 5,000 4,000 25 4,000 3,000 20 3,000 15 2,000 10 1,000 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008* *planned 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008* *planned Economic success through fair partnerships Long-term success is more important for ABAS than short-term growth or gains. Business success over the long run can only be achieved through the establishment of fair and honest business partnerships. Appropriate return on investment guarantees a company’s longevity and ability to innovate. ABAS has shown consistent growth, especially in recent years, both in terms of revenue and also in number of installations.
  26. 26. Industries Industry independent for midsize companies Over 2,000 companies worldwide from a wide array of industries use abas Business Software. These companies range in size from 10 to over 1,000 employees.
  27. 27. For many industries • Automotive • Jewelry industry • Process industry • Building and Contracting • Mechanical engineering • Subcontractors and suppliers • Chemical engineering • Medical engineering • Vehicle manufacturing • Consumer goods • Metal working and finishing • Wood and Furniture industry • Electrical engineering • Packaging industry • ... • Food processing industry • Plant engineering • Handicap facilities • Plastics production
  28. 28. References - Over 2,000 satisfied customers © ABAS Software AG - As of May 2008 – Content is subject to change - Prod.no.: Product Brochure abas ERP ABAS Software AG Tel. + 1 / - 0 Südendstraße Fax + 1 / -100 1 Karlsruhe info@abas.de GERMANY www.abassoftware.com www.abassoftware.com