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How to recover sony ericsson contacts


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This page will introduce you the best contacts recovery software for Sony Ericsson. With simple three steps, you can recover contacts from Sony Ericsson to computer(PC/Mac) successfully and quickly.

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  • Well, there are many android data recovery app could help, and I think Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android really works great, you can use it to recover lost sms, contacts, photos, videos, etc, have a try!
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How to recover sony ericsson contacts

  1. 1. All rights reserved—— How to recover Sony Ericsson Contacts? There is no denying that Android phone has become a part of our lives and we can't even spend a single day without a phone. We use Android phone to keep in touch with our friends or relatives, to do business with foreign people, to listen to music for relaxation, to play games in order to kill the boring time. For example, we often make calls through the contacts stored in our phones. But it's easy for us to delete these contacts because of many reasons. We may delete them accidentally. The phones can also lose contacts or other files owing to failed upgrading. Contacts' losing is inevitable anyway and you have to come up with good solution to tackle these problems if you still want to use these contacts to make calls with others. So how to retrieve these contacts from your Sony Ericsson successfully without losing? In fact, it is quite easy and simple if have a program to help you. You can also recover photos, videos, SMS, and music from Sony Ericsson to computer with simple three steps. Here, we kindly suggest the Sony Ericsson Contacts Recovery, which is an excellent tool to retrieve your Sony Ericsson contacts and save them to computer(PC/Mac) without any quality loss. The contacts recovery from Sony Ericsson will take you only munites to go. Of course, the usage of this tool is not confined to Sony Ericsson (Xperia/Satio/Arc/W995/Vivia/C902/C510) mobile phone, but also other Android devices, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and so on. This program is powerful enough to supports all these kinds of devices. Below is the step to step guide on how to retrieve Sony Ericsson contacts to PC. Three Steps Teach You to Restore Sony Ericsson Contacts on Windows PC Step 1. Connect Sony Ericsson to PC and Run the Software First of all, download and install the recommended Sony Ericsson Contacts Recovery. Then, connect your Sony Ericsson to computer via a USB cable. Once the connection succeed, the program will automatically detect all the files in your phone. An interface which contains all your files will pop up in a tree style.
  2. 2. All rights reserved—— Step 2. Preview and Select the Wanted Contacts Click on the "Contacts" folder and the whole contacts will show on the program window. Check the detailed information of the contacts such as name, phone number, etc. in the right-side window. At last, choose the contacts you want to recover freely.
  3. 3. All rights reserved—— Step 3. Recover Contacts from Sony Ericsson to Computer Hit the "Recovery" button, and then find a place to store the recovered contacts. That's all. All the recovered contacts are readable and editable. The process of retrieving contacts for your Sony Ericsson is showed above. You can see contacts recovery from Sony Ericsson is easy. Now, you can download and try it freely. Resource: how to recover deleted sony ericsson contacts