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Viral Marketing by Annisa


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Presentasi dari Annisa Desiani, Crew dari Agate Studio dalam event Talent Development Saturday Agate Studio.

Talent Development Saturday adalah acara Agate Studio crew sharing berbagai topik. Mulai dari Art, Programming, Game Production dan General Business/Management. TDS ini dilakukan tanggal 8 Februari 2014 di Bandung Digital Valley.

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Viral Marketing by Annisa

  1. 1. @agatestudio VIRAL MARKETING Annisa Publishing Agate Studio
  2. 2. @agatestudio WHAT IS VIRAL MARKETING? “Viral marketing is an idea that spreads—and an idea that while it is spreading actually helps market your business or cause” –Seth Godin. Kotler & Armstrong defines Viral Marketing as the internet version of word of mouth marketing, which is activity happens when business does something, and their consumer tells the business to some people.
  3. 3. Resident Evil 5 “Kijuju” Campaign by Capcom (2009) After 100,000 people watched the first video, the next video in the series was unlocked for viewing. Individuals who brought back at least five people to watch the video also received access to special rewards, including access to exclusive content, leaderboards, and more. Total shares received : More than 500,000 shares
  4. 4. Sengoku IXA “Call to Arms”
  5. 5. @agatestudio SIX PRINCIPLES OF CONTAGIOUSNESS Based on Jonah Berger’s book “Contagious”, Viral Marketing has some ”Ingredients” or principles which will make content go viral. Social Currency We share things that make us look good Triggers Easily memorable information, top of mind Emotion High arousal emotions like awe, excitement, anger, amusement, humor drive people to action Public Products and ideas be made publicly observable Practical Value News people can use Stories People are inherent storytellers, and all great brands also learn to tell stories Flappy Bird high scores “The Hardest Game Ever” Anger & Excitement #flapflap in Facebook & Twitter Playing Experience Lesson story behind the game
  6. 6. @agatestudio 1. Simple question : “Would you reccomend to a friend?” 2. The Essential Metric for Word of Mouth on the Internet: WOM Score = Word of Mouth = WOM Score tells the true value of an impression or click with WOM on the internet. WOM Score also helps to know total clicks amount and actual CPC. Total Clicks = WOM x Direct clicks Actual WOM CPC = 3. Total shares, likes, and comments on social media also could track Viral Marketing and Word of Mouth. clicksdirectofNumber tionsrecommendafromclicksofNumberclicksdirectofNumber  WOM CPC How to track viral marketing and word of mouth:
  7. 7. Source • “Contagious-Why Things Catch On” – Jonah Berger • “Principles of Marketing 14th Edition” – Kotler Keller & Kevin Lane • “Data-Driven Marketing, the 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know” – Mark Jeffery
  8. 8. Thank you!