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Prelude to QA II by Tedy


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Published in: Education
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Prelude to QA II by Tedy

  1. 1. @agatestudio Prelude to QA Testing.. II Tedy Clerics Agate Studio
  2. 2. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio QUALITY?! - Fungsi - Kepuasan
  3. 3. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio Game Quality Factor - Quality of the story - Quality of the game mechanics - Quality (for example, style, realism) of in-game audio and visual effects - Beauty of visual style - Use of humor and exaggeration - “Human-like” non-player character Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  5. 5. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio Bugs Defined - unexpected: No one creates bugs on purpose - defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection: Something is wrong; it makes the game worse, ugly, or unplayable.
  6. 6. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio BUG CATEGORIES - Visual - Audio - Level Design - AI - Physics - Stability - Performance - Networking - Compatibility
  7. 7. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio
  8. 8. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio BUG SEVERITY - Low Priority Bugs - Medium Priority Bugs - High Priority Bugs - Critical Bugs
  9. 9. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio
  10. 10. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio
  11. 11. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio
  12. 12. @agatestudio@agatestudio@agatestudio Testers Duty • Find bugs • Replicate them • Report them • verify that the bugs have been fixed • make sure the game is fun
  13. 13. BUG “Sometimes a bug is almost impossible to see, hear, feel—and sometimes it’s right in your face,”
  14. 14. Will I play this game almost every day, for the next million months, with a smile on my face, sharp eyes and ears, faithfully reporting every bug I see?! If you answered “yes,” you just might make it as a professional video game tester.
  15. 15. Thank you!