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How to Persuade People by Dave


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Published in: Marketing
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How to Persuade People by Dave

  1. 1. @agatestudio How to Persuade People? DAVE Publishing Agate Studio
  2. 2. How to Persuade People? DAVE FABRIAN
  3. 3. How often you needed to persuade others to do something? It’s a situation that arises almost every day
  4. 4. Some people seem to be able to do it effortlessly, & almost without anyone noticing
  5. 5. And some people just don’t…
  6. 6. Relax, it can be learnt!
  7. 7. Ways to Persuade Nagging Coercion You can’t force someone to do what they don’t want. The art of persuasion is to get them to want what you want.
  8. 8. Example
  9. 9. “One way to think about what works in persuading others is to think about what doesn’t work first.” - Persuasion IQ by Kurt Mortensen
  10. 10. 10 Barriers to Successful Persuasion 1.Thinking that you are better at persuasion than you are. 2.Trying too hard to persuade. 3.Failing to put in the effort required to get what you want. 4.Talking too much. 5.Providing too much information. 6.Getting desperate. 7.Being afraid of rejection. 8.Not being prepared. 9.Making assumptions about your audience. 10.Forgetting that the whole conversation is important.
  11. 11. Research shows that there are a number of things that people like about successful persuaders. These elements are largely emotional: Keeping promises Reliable Sincere Responsible Honest Knowing their subject and believing in it Building rapport Entertaining Not arguing
  12. 12. Key Skills of Successful Persuasion Successful persuaders tend to have high self- esteem & good emotional Intelligence. They really believe that they will succeed! Keep motivated and
  13. 13. Key Skills of Successful Persuasion Understand how your audience thinks: Empathy Good Listening Skills. Build Rapport Build Trust
  14. 14. Key Skills of Successful Persuasion Good communication skills It’s essential that you can get your point across succinctly and effectively Being organized.
  15. 15. Thank You ^_^