Research and Marketing by Erga


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Presentasi dari Erga Ghaniya, Crew dari Agate Studio dalam event Talent Development Saturday Agate Studio.

Talent Development Saturday adalah acara Agate Studio crew sharing berbagai topik. Mulai dari Art, Programming, Game Production dan General Business/Management. TDS ini dilakukan tanggal 8 Februari 2014 di Bandung Digital Valley.

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Research and Marketing by Erga

  1. 1. @agatestudio Research & Marketing Erga Solution Agate Studio
  2. 2. @agatestudio Research the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions Marketing the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising
  3. 3. @agatestudio Research and Development Division They created cool stuff Marketing Division They can promote anything
  4. 4. @agatestudio Case study : Sony walkman / Fujifilm Analog Camera iPod mp3 player / Canon Digital Camera
  5. 5. @agatestudio Financing Problem : Sales is dropping, so we decide to cut budget for Research and Development to maintain our profit. Or We cannot approve your marketing plan budget… please consider old plan to maintain the cost.
  6. 6. @agatestudio Marketing Problem : Without innovation, we cannot advance our business. We keep selling same shit while other offering cheaper and better product.
  7. 7. @agatestudio Research Problem : There are so many technology we can improve, but which one that market needs?
  8. 8. @agatestudio Solution : Communication Try to visit and understands what other division's work. What they are trying to achieve? How our works can help them to achieve their goals?
  9. 9. @agatestudio Agate case study : Game for BTL (below the line) event Marketing : Client Goals : - Attract crowd (by audio or visual) - WOW effect (people or media will talk about it) - Simple to play
  10. 10. @agatestudio R&D : - HTML 5 - Unity - Cocos2D - Flash - Augmented Reality - Mapping - Kinect - Oculus Rift - Razer Hydra
  11. 11. @agatestudio Result : Platformer Racing game + Jimbe + Ardurino + audio input + LED Goals : - Attract people with sound - Simple to play (tap the drum) - Light feedback for each tap
  12. 12. QA session :
  13. 13. Thank You