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DirectX11 Tessellation by Zulfa


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Presentasi dari Zulfa Auliya'ul Amri, Crew dari Agate Studio dalam event Talent Development Saturday Agate Studio.

Talent Development Saturday adalah acara Agate Studio crew sharing berbagai topik. Mulai dari Art, Programming, Game Production dan General Business/Management. TDS ini dilakukan tanggal 8 Februari 2014 di Bandung Digital Valley.

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DirectX11 Tessellation by Zulfa

  1. 1. @agatestudio DirectX 11 Tessellation Zoel Knight Agate Studio
  2. 2. @agatestudio SUBDIVISION SURFACE INTRODUCTION Introduced to the big screen by Pixar with A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles Add extra detail for computer-generated characters in live-action movies Gollum from the recent Lord of the Rings movies is probably the most striking example
  3. 3. Subdivision Surface Example • Dividing each polygonal face into smaller faces
  4. 4. Subdivision Surface Disadvantage • Model are over smoothed • Other object always smoothed
  5. 5. What • Manage datasets of polygons presenting objects in a scene and divide them into suitable structures for rendering
  6. 6. When? • Depending on what is needed
  7. 7. Where? • Sea • Terrain • Etc
  8. 8. Why? • Improve Display Effect • Improve Gameplay (design)
  9. 9. How (Before)
  10. 10. How (After)
  11. 11. How Before After
  12. 12. Disadvantages • Too much geometry causes the GPU to become vertex-transform or triangle-setup limited • Worse, having many tiny triangles that are just a few pixels in size can significantly reduce rasterizer efficiency
  13. 13. Thanks!!! The End