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Advertising by Icha


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Published in: Marketing
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Advertising by Icha

  1. 1. @agatestudio Advertising Icha Publishing Agate Studio
  4. 4. DIGITAL ADVERTISING (WEB & MOBILE BANNER) • 50% People feel undisturbed nor uninterested with web/mobile banner ads • 46% People feel disturbed with web/mobile ads banner • 5% People feel interested with web/mobile ads banner Consumer Response of Web & Mobile Ads Banner Aspect of Web/ Mobile Ads Banner that Catch Consumer Attention 29% 28% 15% 15% 14% Persuasive message Layout (pic and font composition) Animation Colour and picture Other OTHER : Clear product information, product content, similarity with hobby, inspirative, certainable, undisturbed loading time
  5. 5. • 57% People aware with the product but not interested to know more • 26% People would like to search further information about the product • 17% People don’t care about the product • 71% People visit the ads • 29% People don’t visit the ads Consumer Action After They Interested with Banner Ads Consumer Action Towards Product in the Ads “People tend to visit the ads if they are interested with banner ads, but they don’t care much about the product unless the product is one of their need”
  6. 6. MAGAZINE ADVERTISING People start to leave magazine
  7. 7. NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING People still read newspaper 1-10 times a week
  8. 8. TELEVISION ADVERTISING 87% People are still watching TV
  9. 9. TWITTER ADVERTISING 43% People do Login Twitter more than 10 times a month
  10. 10. • MAGAZINE 63% 27% 10% NEWSPAPER 65% 22% 13% TELEVISION 63% 26% 11% TWITTER 51% 27% 22% People Activity Towards the Product After They See the Ads People aware but not interested to search further information regarding the product People search further information about the product People don’t care PEOPLE BECOME AWARE OF THE PRODUCT
  11. 11. MAGAZINE 60% 40% NEWSPAPER 58% 42% TELEVISION 56% 44% TWITTER 54% 46% People Intention to Purchase the Products if it Match Their Needs People purchase the product People don’t purchase People will buy the product if they need it
  12. 12. VIRALITY AND SHARING ON GAME 69% People will visit the viral content if it’s relevant with their interest
  13. 13. Unlocking Secret Content 44% People will share to unlock secret stage/phase/level!
  14. 14. Prize that Attracts People People love real item more than in-game item or discount voucher
  15. 15. Things that Make People Want to Share People share because they love it
  16. 16. Thank You