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Definition of ready vs. refinement - HackYeah


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Definition of ready vs. refinement - HackYeah

  1. 1. Definition of Ready vs. Refinement What/When/Why?
  2. 2. When you think, PBI is ready…
  3. 3. Troy Magennis: ’When we asked someone to estimate how long it will take to develop a feature or project they think about how long it would take hands-on, with PERFECT hand-off between teams and other staff with the specialist skillset. This never happens.’
  4. 4. What does it mean that PBI is ready?
  5. 5. PBI is ready when… there is nothing to add to requirements.
  6. 6. Ziv’s law: ’Requirements never be completely understood.’
  7. 7. Advise #1: Don’t forget to ask another question
  8. 8. Advise #2: If you have asked all questions, ask another
  9. 9. Advise 3#: Put the PBI into app flow, to check understanding
  10. 10. Advise #4: Ask more questions about PBI in the flow
  11. 11. Advise #5: Check on mockups, if you didn’t forget about anything
  12. 12. Do you think, you know everything?
  13. 13. Ziv’s law: ’Requirements never be completely understood.’
  14. 14. You have DoR – the BASIS to start PBI development
  15. 15. What DoR really is? It’s a list of specific reqirements details, established by dev team with PO
  16. 16. Dev team is ready for next step – Refinement
  17. 17. Refinement is a process of taking care of Product Backlog
  18. 18. Helping tool? INVEST
  19. 19. I – independant N – negotiable V – valuable E – estimable S – small T – tastable
  20. 20. Refinement flow
  21. 21. Why do we create PBIs according to DoR and refine them? Because of a sense of the value.
  22. 22. When there is a sense of the value, team is: • self-organizing rather than role- or title-based • empowered to make decisions • ready to solve any problem • committed to team success vs. success at any cost • ready to own its decisions and commitments • consensus-driven - Lyssa Adkins
  23. 23.