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Social Responsibility, not only Corporate


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Enterprises misused CSR to build their reputation while the new OPINION LEADERS use their reputation to drive social responsibility. Which in return builds their reputation.

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Social Responsibility, not only Corporate

  1. 1. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYNo man is an island and neither are businesses. Theirsuccess is measured by the engagement of their clients whovote with their wallets.As no relation will thrive if the benefits are only on one side,enterprises developed in the second half of 20th century aconcept of Corporate Social Responsibility. As defined byEuropean Commision it is: “the responsibility of enterprisesfor their impacts on society”.THAT’S FOR THE THEORY BUT SOMEHOW…
  2. 2. …IT GOT LOST IN TRANSLATIONAnd CSR became beauty contest with enterprisesdeveloping activities that brought them media applauseinstead of concentrating on diminishing the negative effectsof their business activities on their stakeholders andenvironment.This approach in recent years lead to CSR being perceivedas a costly frosting on a rotten cake.SEEMS IT’S TIME TO CUT OUT THE ‘C’ AND GO…
  3. 3. BACK TO BEGINNING!Enterprises misused CSR to build their reputation while thenew OPINION LEADERS use their reputation to drivesocial responsibility.Which in return builds their reputation. Win win!HOW CAN IT WORK?
  4. 4. REPUTATION: EXPERT(1STMOST TRUSTED)Experts have the community’s trust whichallows them to influence group’s behaviour anddrive change.It means that thanks to your position as aprofessional you can drive positive changes inyour environment.REPUTATION: PERSON LIKE ME(3RDMOST TRUSTED)Being perceived as ‘a person like us’ canreduce distance between a professional andher surrounding and help her gain trust.It means that engaging in social activities canpositively drive your career or businessforward.
  6. 6. While volunteering in help2read Ishay found one thing –kids that are hungry won’t have strength to study. And bychance she found a solution:‘I read a tweet by Kaka, the famous Brazilian andReal Madrid footballer “feeding 900 hungry children withthe cost of my favorite meal. How many can YOU feed?#wefeedback” My interest piqued. I clicked on it and amso very glad I did.’‘What would you say if I said, you had the power to makean enormous difference in this world? This is themessage I have been sharing with virtually each andevery new person I meet. Based on the strength of thismessage, a group of food bloggers and myself held aseries of meals during the month of August, based verymuch on the first one I held.’‘Our aim was with each meal that 500 kids ( at a cost ofZAR 1000 or 100 euro) would be fed via the Wefeedbackmodel, which feeds children at schools in the mostdisaster stricken areas around the world. The premise forour project being, 1 food blogger, 1 meal, 500 kids fed.After all the meals, we were able to feed 5452 childrenand raised $1363 (ZAR 9541)!!’Learn more: over 11 million South Africans are ‘food insecure’ [Food Bank SA]There’s nothing gourmet or haute about hunger. So itdidn’t exist in food blogs when Ishay engaged inwefeedback program and hosted a series ofinternational blogging dinners which led her to become2nd Connector for Bloggers Against Hunger by WFP.ISHAY GOVENDER-YPMAFOOD & TRAVEL WRITER (SA)
  7. 7. PROBLEM: ~3.3 million children under 15 have HIV, 90 % in sub-Saharan Africa [UNICEF]The teenage twins became partners of Comic Relief to drive attention to NGO’s work to fight HIV: ‘So a few weeks ago Comic Relief which is a charityhere in UK sent us a cheeky e-mail that invited us to fly to South Africa. The plan was to go out and check out some of the awesome projects they weredoing in celebration of their 25th anniversary. So we put together a little film and this was our journey.’Learn more: live in times when everybody discriminateseverybody else. The rules of being cool are very strict,so what can you do to drive changes? How aboutpartnering with those who define cool.JACK & FINN HARRISVLOGGERS (UK) JacksGap
  8. 8. PROBLEM: each year >100 000 dogs & cats are abandoned in Spain [Fundación Affinity]While most fashion bloggers concentrate on getting adsor freebies, Malena uses her reach to drive attention tothe problem of abandoned animals:‘We know that you love dogs and that recently youcollaborated on a campaign launched by SPAP thatpromotes adopting animals. Tell us about it!When I lived in Barcelona one day I decided to visit ashelter to see if I could help and I became a volunteer.When I went to live in Madrid I also looked for a shelterwhere I could be a volunteer and I joined SPAP inMadrid. We decided to make a campaign beforeChristmas to convince people to adopt instead of buyanimals. Most animals are bought before Christmas aspresents for children but we have to remember that theyare alive and should be taken care of.’‘The number of animals abandoned in Spain ishorrifying, do you think that the adoptions can reduceit?I think that people who are capable of abandoninganimals won’t change. Thanks to promoting suchinitiatives each time people are more conscious that weshould adopt.’Check it: bag? Check! Mint nail polish? Check! Doggie onyour arm? Check! Wait… Our fury little friends are notaccessories – who if not a model will tell you best what’shot in fashion?MALENA COSTAMODEL (ES)@MalenaCosta7
  9. 9. After leaving corporate world to run his own company andtravel around the world looking for best wind Jacekdecided to share his experience:‘How long did you have to work to “free yourself”from working in an office? How can we do it?It’s not about “how much I had to work” but about one’spriorities, goals and lifestyle. You can have passions andfulfill yourself even if you’re working in an office. Theproblem starts when office and corporation become anexcuse not to do anything (I don’t have enough time forbiking or skiing) and you end up drinking beer in front ofTV after work. It’s like a ‘Groundhog Day”. It’s a road tonowhere when I look at my friends who are the same age.This lifestyle is available to anyone, you just have toreorganize. You can’t look for excuses – it’s not for me,I’m too old, my life will end up in ruins. It’s about leavingyour comfort zone.’Learn more: gadzinowski.plPROBLEM: 62 % of men and 50 % of women aged 20-74 are overweight [IŻŻ]It starts with long working hours, then there’s an all nightlong party, dinner at in-laws and after a while you look inthe mirror and see a whale. You shrug and say ‘Not myfault’. But you can trust Jacek to put you straight.JACEK GADZINOWSKIENTREPRENEUR & BLOGGER (PL)
  10. 10. PROBLEM: 2/3 of adults & 1/3 of children in US are overweight or obese [Harvard]When Martha learned she’s going to have a child shepartnered with fitness club to exercise regularly andprovide information on benefits of pilates:‘Well, as most of you know, I’m pregnant and there aresome major changes going on with me…not justwardrobe adjustments but you know, the whole making ababy process is pretty massive. Your body goes throughchanges and one thing I am really trying to be adamantabout is staying healthy and fit during my pregnancy. Thismeans eating a good (organic) diet, drinking plenty ofwater and of course, exercising.’Learn more: are you’re not a Stepford wife and even lessthat you’d like to be one. And as the list of what a mumshould do never ends so seem the numbers of clothes’sizes in your wardrobe.MARTHA DOMINGUEZFASHION BLOGGER (US)
  11. 11. PROBLEM: 2/3 of adults & 1/3 of children in US are overweight or obese [Harvard]‘Each week Chris starts his newsletter with sharing whathe’s drinking:‘Pull up a cup of whatever youre drinking. Me? Im havinga mix of lemon, ginger, and turmeric in hot water. Itsdelicious (and some kind of cleansing recipe). Whatabout you?’‘My drink at this very moment is a hot cup of water withsome lemon. Whats yours?’Ive got a hot cup of Yerba Mate from Samovar Tea inSan Francisco. How about you? Share what youredrinking by hitting reply and letting me know directly. :) ‘‘Ive got a nice hot cup of black tea merlot from VintageTea Works today. You? ‘Don’t you feel like having one, too?Learn more: Newsletters from‘Papa don’t preach’ – don’t you feel like singing itanytime somebody tells you what you should eat anddrink? And how many times you grabbed something justbecause someone told you it’s delicious? That’sbecause carrots always work better than sticks!CHRIS BROGANCEO OF HUMAN BUSINESS WORKS (US)
  12. 12. Brené Brown was quite well known psychologist till herspeech at TEDx Houston. Till this day her confessionabout depression was watched over 9 million times:‘From your experience, what were the obstacles inembracing your own vulnerability? When did yourealize that you needed to do it?Vulnerability is basically uncertainty, risk, and emotionalexposure. I was raised in a “get ‘er done” and “suck it up”family and culture (very Texan, German-American). Thetenacity and grit part of that upbringing has served me,but I wasn’t taught how to deal with uncertainty or how tomanage emotional risk. I spent a lot of years trying tooutrun or outsmart vulnerability by making things certainand definite, black and white, good and bad. My inabilityto lean into the discomfort of vulnerability limited thefullness of those important experiences that are wroughtwith uncertainty: Love, belonging, trust, joy, and creativityto name a few. Learning how to be vulnerable has been astreet fight for me, but it’s been worth it.’Learn more: ~121 million people worldwide have some form of depression [WHO]Did you know that if any woman had Barbie’sdimensions she’d had to crawl on 4, couldn’t lift anythingand didn’t have half of internal organs? Are you still sureyou want to work on your perfeccionism? Or maybeyou’re ENOUGH?BRENÉ BROWNRESEARCHER & STORYTELLER (US)
  13. 13. DATA2:,artykul,1671854,1,e11,12: funkyPet Magazine 02/201310: Newsletters from Chrisbrogan.com13: