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Rose flowers


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Rose flowers

  1. 1. Types Of Roses Importance Of Roses Interesting Fact About
  2. 2. Types Of Roses•There are morethan 30 thousandsof roses in theworld• There are manydifferent colours•There are manydifferent
  3. 3. Importance OfRoses•Perfumes andhealth tonic Rose petals andhips used asingredients•Decoration Rose emblem hasbeen used asdecoration•Symbol Symbol of love,religion,
  4. 4. InterestingFact AboutRosesThere is meanings for eachcolour rosesFor Example:Red Rose: Symbolizes love,courage, respect, romance,passion and deep lovePink Rose: Symbolizesgrace, sophistication andeleganceGold Rose: Symbolizes thecelebration of absoluteachievement