Agricultural Leadership Program Recruitment Info


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Learn about the Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawaii, the Agricultural Leadership Program and our recruitment efforts for Class XIV. Application deadline is November 16, 2012.

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Agricultural Leadership Program Recruitment Info

  1. 1. Agricultural LeadershipProgramRecruitment for Class XIV2013-2014
  2. 2. MissionThe Agricultural Leadership Program is conducted by the Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawai`i, whose mission is to: Provide Leadership Development Opportunities For People Committed to Strengthening Agriculture in Hawai`i
  3. 3. Organizational History1982 - 1986-ALFH founded as a tax exempt non-profit- Goal to build cadre of leaders during transition fromplantation to diversified agriculture.- Initial funding from County of Hawai`i, latermatched by grant from Kellogg Foundation launchedthe program led by Monty Richards and JaneYamashiro of UH-Hilo.1987-ALFH partnered with UH CTAHR and Donna Chingbegan coordinating and delivering training activities.
  4. 4. Organizational History2006-Kim Coffee-Isaak hired as ALFH Executive Director2010-2012-Donna Ching prepares for retirement as ProgramDirector after 25 years and trains Pauline Sato.-Curriculum for ALP updated.-Peter Adler brought on to provide leadership trainingseminars for ALP.
  5. 5. ALFH ProgramsALFH has two coreprograms: Agricultural LeadershipProgram Bi-annual StatewideAgricultural Conference
  6. 6. Need for Leadership Hawai`i needs answers to hard questions: How can we become food and energy secure? How do we balance the need for agricultural lands to grow food and biofuels with land for housing and tourism? Who gets to use water and how much? How do we diversify our economy AND protect our land, water, crops and ecosystems?
  7. 7. Need for LeadershipWell-trained and effective leaders are essential forsolving complex problems.For agriculture to become sustainable, it needs morecohesion and a stronger voice. And more than ever,bring us together to address key issues that affect all ofour communities.
  8. 8. Need for LeadershipNeed for cross-sector collaboration with:Department Administratorsand other Policy AdvocatesManagement Groups andProjects(Invasive species, forestry,preservation of land, freshwatersystems, ocean)
  9. 9. Need for Leadership Rural and Community DevelopmentProjects(interface with rural and urban, need forgrowth and transportation projects) Food Security Initiatives(school lunch programs, communitygardens, backyard farms)Economic Development arenas
  10. 10. Who Participatesagricultural, natural resources managementand rural communities
  11. 11. Program PurposeALP develops knowledgeable, multi-culturalnatural resource industries who have theskills necessary for leadership at local, stateand national levels and will put those skillsinto practice.
  12. 12. Desired Outcomes Graduates will develop strong leadership capacity that will -depth knowledge about agriculture and natural resourcesmanagement systems, leadership skills, and broad as wellas deep relationships. Graduates will have a greater desire to provideleadership for the common good that will result in animproved quality of life for the citizens and communities of Graduates are recognized as industry and community leaders.
  13. 13. Core Curriculum Training in leadinggroups and systemsthinking Focus on leadership,collaboration, conflictmanagement, negotiation,communication, andstrategic planning Capstone project
  14. 14. Core CurriculumEducational site visits to- small and large farms, ranches, nurseries- processing plants- research facilities- community projects- conservation areas- ag-tourism venuesLegislative site visits Local and national trips!
  15. 15. Core Curriculum Two-week national tripto Washington, DC andCongressionalDelegation Understand nationalissues that affectagriculture in Hawai`i Learn new ideas
  16. 16. TopicsLand, water and invasive species issuesVarious methods of farmingCommunity empowermentAgricultural researchCultural heritageTransportationPolicy-makingFood safetyAg-tourismMarketingLabor
  17. 17. Tuition Value of program is $20,000/person $5,000 (paid in 3 installments) Partial scholarships available Tuition covers air and ground transportation,lodging (most), supplies, and instruction
  18. 18. Commitment Attendance at all seminars and 2 week national trip Complete journal reflections,readings, seminar preparation Participate in all follow-upassessments and leadershipactivities
  19. 19. CommitmentContinue leadership andresponsibility within theindustry or communityBe actively committed to theperpetuation of ALFH,including an annual contribution
  20. 20. ApplicationApplication & short essay3 recommendation formsScholarship application (if applicable)DUE November 16, 2012
  21. 21. Program ScheduleParticipant Selection : Nov-Dec 2012Seminar One: January 31 February 3, 2013Seminar Two: April 11-14Seminar Three: May 31 June 2Seminar Four: August 8 - 11Seminar Five: October 24-27Seminar Six: January 17-19, 2014National Trip: March 29-April 12Seminar Seven: Graduation: May 15 18
  22. 22. Alumni Kylie Matsuda, Class XII Managing Director, Kahuku Farms, O`ahu, a 4th generation farmeragricultural issues across the state. You will make life long friends
  23. 23. AlumniJim Reddekopp, Class VIIIOwner, Hawaiian VanillaCompany, Hamakua, Hawai`iIslandagriculture. It was the ultimate learningexperience at the perfect time as I was
  24. 24. AlumniLani Weigert, Class XICo-owner, Ali`i Kula LavenderFarmdefined my vision of what can be withregards to initiating collaboration onmany different levels to help Hawai`i
  25. 25. AlumniClyde Tamaru, Class IXAquaculture Specialist, UHManoa, Sea Grant CollegeProgram
  26. 26. AlumniJoan Yoshioka, Class XIIIStatewide Plant ExtinctionPrevention Coordinator" I believe that for a strong agricultureto exist in Hawai`i, all sectors need tounderstand its importance to the
  27. 27. AlumniDiane Ley, Class VIIHawai`i State ExecutiveDirector for the U.S. Dept. ofAgency serving Hawai`i andthe Pacific Basin.class as they put into it...ALP, asuper, profound and incredible life
  28. 28. BenefitsJoin the Agricultural Leadership Program if you want to: Improve your leadership and communication skills resources sector first-hand Help lead Hawai`i to sustainability Build a wide network to help you professionally Improve your business Develop long-lasting friendships Have Fun!
  29. 29. Mahalo! EMAIL   FACEBOOK   PHONE     office@   Agricultural  Leadership   808-­‐947-­‐2914   Foundation  of  Hawai`i