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PPWNov13- Day 3- PACA- IITA and IFPRI


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PPWNov13- Day 3- PACA- IITA and IFPRI

  1. 1. Partnership For Aflatoxin Control (PACA) African Union, CAADP Pillars, RECs, NGO’s, Private Sector, Consumer and Producer Groups, Technical Experts, and Development Partners East Africa Community CGIAR: IITA & IFPRI USDA-CDC-GAVI-COMESA Health Agriculture CGIAERommunity Trade Standards for Food Impacts on Human Health Mycotoxins & the 1,000 Days Hepatitis A&B Vaccinations Quality Assurance Logo Consumer Awareness Standards for Feed Customs & Borders Impacts on Animal Health Economic Impacts on Trade Post Harvest Handling Protocols Regionally Harmonized Standards Abatement : Biocontrol Regional Biopesticide Registration Coordination with P4P Miller & Wholesaler Compliance Alternative Uses Disposal Systems & Environment