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Afton Chemical LSPI Holistic Solutions

Unleash Vehicle Performance. Low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) is a roadblock to better-performing and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Afton Chemical is putting its extensive chemical and engineering expertise, broad R&D capabilities, and global partnerships to action to develop holistic LSPI solutions. The goal: reduce or eliminate LSPI occurrences – and unleash the full engineering power of the world’s leading automakers to take vehicle performance to the next level.

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Afton Chemical LSPI Holistic Solutions

  1. 1. THE HOLISTIC APPROACH TO ENGINE OIL PERFORMANCE A holistic approach considers how and why parts combine to make a whole The whole is more than the sum of its parts – Aristotle MOTIVATION FOR CHANGE Global Business Trends The race for better passenger car fuel ecomony... 2017 2021 2025 35.5 mpg 41 mpg 54.5 mpg driving engine technologies to provide: Reduced Speed Increased Torque Increased Power The only viable oil solution is a holistic oil solution that combines three core elements 3 CORE ELEMENTS HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS ROADMAP Afton Chemical’s Approach Afton Chemical is dedicated to providing market-based solutions for the automotive industry based on five key pillars of a holistic solution A balanced, holistic formulation process must meet a wide range of engine oil performance requirements… …and continually improve performance in newer and older vehicles using a variety of test protocols Low temperature pumpability Rust and corrosion inhibition Elastomer compatibility Valvetrain wear protection Low and high temperature engine cleanliness Analytical and bench tests Laboratory, engine and vehicle test facilities High severity accelerated engine tests Industry standard and non-standardized testing Severe duty stop and go driving evaluations Engine Durability Lubricate, cool and clean engine Oil Durability Maintain oil durability, cleanliness and Fuel Economy Maximize usable energy, reduce engine drag Backwards Compatibility Work with all cars on the road today LSPI Reduce or eliminate LSPI events For more information on Afton Chemical’s market-based solutions, visit Engine oil formulation Engine design Fuel quality