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Cancer Gerson Cure

  2. 2. PB–282 The Gerson Therapy For Those Dying of Cancer by Vance Ferrell Published by Pilgrims Books Beersheba Springs, TN 37305 USA Printed in the United States of America Cover and Text Copyright © 1999 by Pilgrims Books This book is only written for those whom the physicians have given up on. It can provide you with information you need as you consult with a Gerson-trained physician at the Gerson Institute. Caution: Consult with your physician and do not, without his guidance, attempt self-help therapy. The author and publisher are not responsible for any attempt to do so. This information is provided as an educational tool concerning certain aspects of cancer. “The physician . . hesitates to take risks for his patients by applying a not-recognized treatment . . I was in a more fa- vorable position. Ninety to ninety-five percent of my patients were far advanced (terminal) cases without any risk to take; either all recognized treatments had failed or the patients were inoperable from the beginning.” —Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. xiv “I should like to tell you what we do to prove that this treat- ment really does work on cancer. Number one, the results. I think I can claim [stated in 1956] that I have, even in these far advanced cases, 50% results.” —Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 411 FOR ADDITIONAL COPIES: One copy - $4.00, plus $2.50 p&h / Two copies - $3.75 each, plus $3.00 p&h In Tennessee, add 9.25% tax on total
  3. 3. 3 Contents The Physiology of Coffee 4 Preparing the Enema Mixture 29 Preface 6 Taking the Enema 29 The Story of Max Gerson 8 Taking Castor Oil by Mouth 30 Taking Castor Oil By Enema 30 1 - INTRODUCTION The reasoning behind this therapy DEALING WITH PAIN Four Special Problems 12 Pain Triad 30 Solving the Four Problems 13 Castor Oil Pack for Pain 30 Better in Seven Ways 13 Hydrotherapy for Pain 31 Five Dangers 14 Heat above the Abdomen for Upset Intes- Why Did Gerson Succeed? 14 tinal Tract 31 Gerson Explains His Method 14 Chamomile Tea Enema for Upset Intesti- nal Tract 31 2 THE BASIC THERAPY Potassium Added to Enema Water 31 What is included in the program Flare-ups and Reactions 31 How to Begin 17 Clay Poultice 32 Do this First 17 Special Needs 18 OTHER POINTS Green Leaf Tea Enema 32 FORBIDDEN FOODS Massage 32 Forbidden Foods 18 The Will to Live and Push Through 32 Forbidden Non-food Substances 19 Instructions for Giving Injections 32 Why Do Some Cancer Patients Do Better FOODS after Surgery? 35 Foods to Use 20 How to Prevent Cancer 35 More on Foods to Use 20 Foods to Eat Each Day 21 3 - SCHEDULES AND SUPPLIES Sample Menu 21 Putting it all together Sodium-Potassium Ratios 21 SCHEDULES Medications - 1 22 Charts: Two Schedules 34 Foods Temporarily Forbidden 23 Initial House Preparation 35 Sample Enema Schedule 35 FOOD PREPARATION Daily Schedule 35 Purchase of Food 23 Kitchen Equipment to Use 24 SUPPLIES Kitchen Equipment Not to Use 24 Kitchen Supplies 36 Juices 24 Three Months’ Supply 37 Preparation of Carrot and Apple Juice 24 Gerson Supply Sources 38 Chart: Using the Norwalk Juicer 25 Locating Organic Food 40 Preparation of Citrus Juices 26 Supply Order Form 39 Preparation of Green Leaf Juice 26 Lab Tests 40 Preparation of Cooked Vegetables 26 Improving Your Water Supply 40 Preparation of Special Soup Gerson Therapy Recipies 41 (Hippocrates’ Soup) 26 Preparation of Peppermint Tea 27 4 - NON-CANCER DISORDERS Medications - 2 27 Milder measures for non-malignancy The Gerson Therapy in the Treatment of DETOXIFICATION Non-Cancerous Disorders 41 Physiology of Coffee Enemas 28
  4. 4. 4 Summary of the Gerson Therapy The Physiology of Coffee Just what does coffee do in the human body? lowed, it has entirely different effects—and all It is a remarkable fact that, according to the of those effects are extremely negative: manner in which it is taken, it has two entirely “A cup of coffee taken by mouth has an entirely different effects. different effect . . It heightens the reflex response, If a diluted mixture of coffee is taken in an lowers the blood pressure, increases heart rate, per- enema, it opens up the bile ducts so toxic sub- spiration, causes insomnia and heart palpita- stances can be emptied out of the liver. For about tion.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 191. 54 years, Dr. Max Gerson used coffee enemas to Checking a standard 1,450-page textbook (pp. do this—and found no other side effects. Instead, 374-377 of Mosby’s Pharmacology in Nursing) he found that diluted coffee enemas would save which deals with the subject, the effects of drinking lives, when nothing else would. coffee or other caffeine products are well-known. “More frequent side effects include increased “Where do we begin? The most important first nervousness or jittery feelings and irritation of GI step is the detoxification. So let us go into that. tract resulting in nausea. More frequent adverse First we gave some different enemas. I found out reactions in neonates abdominal swelling or dis- that the best enema is the coffee enema as it was tension, vomiting, body tremors, tachycardia, jit- first used by Prof. O.A. Meyer in Goettingen. This ters, or nervousness.”—Mosby’s Pharmacology in idea occurred to him when, together with Prof. Nursing, p. 375. Heubner, he gave caffeine solution into the rectum of animals. He observed that the bile ducts were It is an intriguing fact that not one of these opened and more bile could flow . . terrible side effects occurs when a coffee enema “These patients who absorb the big tumor is given! Max Gerson said that “a cup of coffee taken masses [from the tumor into the blood stream into by mouth has an entirely different effect.” That was the liver] are awakened with an alarm clock every his observation from about 1925, onward to his night because they are otherwise poisoned by the death in 1959. absorption of these masses. If I give them only one A diluted coffee enema has one, different, and or two or three enemas, they die of poisoning. I did powerful effect: the strong dilation of the bile not have the right as a physician to cause the body ducts. This never occurs when coffee is drunk to absorb all the cancer masses and then not to by mouth. detoxify enough. With two or three enemas they were not detoxified enough! They went into a coma It is clear that drinking coffee by mouth and hepaticum (liver coma). taking a diluted mixture of it, temporarily into “Autopsies showed that the liver was poisoned. I the lower bowel, have totally different effects. learned from these disasters that you can’t give Why is this? these patients too much detoxification . . When I Here are four reasons why: didn’t give these patients the night enemas, they were drowsy and almost semi-conscious in the First, God made the stomach and small in- morning. The nurses confirmed this and told me testines to be the normal means of absorbing that it takes a couple of enemas till they are free of substances from the food. This includes carbohy- this toxic state again. I cannot stress the detoxifi- drates, amino acids, fats, and other nutrients. cation enough. Even so with all these enemas, this Apparently, the lower bowel was not designed was not enough! I had to also give them castor oil by mouth and by enema every other day, at least to absorb substances as well. It does not have the for the first week or so. lacteals, found in the small intestine, which absorb “After these two weeks you wouldn’t recognize nutrients into the blood stream. these patients any more! They had arrived on a stretcher, and now they walked around! They had Second, coffee drunk by mouth, passes appetite. They gained weight and the tumors went through the entire gastro-intestinal system. In down.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 407- contrast, a diluted coffee enema only enters the 408. lower part of the large bowel. In strong contrast, if a cup of coffee is swal- Max Gerson’s consistent practice (continued
  5. 5. The Physiology of Coffee 5 today by the Gerson Institute and all patients) is The present author suggests that it would have never to give high colonics, but only low enemas. to be the latter. If the coffee entered the blood stream The fluid enters and is retained only in the lower and was carried to the liver,—that same coffee would bowel. also travel throughout the body and produce all those negative effects which coffee taken by mouth Third, coffee, when drunk, remains in the does (heart palpitations, body tremors, etc.). body for up to 5-6 hours, until it is entirely ab- But since a coffee enema produces none of these sorbed by the lacteals and has passed into the blood bad effects, it must be that coffee only sends a sig- stream, thence to be carried throughout the body nal, via the nerves, to the liver. and into every organ, wreaking havoc on the entire Thus we are confronted by the fact that cof- system. fee enemas apparently are not harmful to the But, in accordance with consistent Gerson di- system. This conclusion may be incorrect. But that rectives, a diluted coffee enema only remains in the is where the observable facts lead us. lower bowel 12 to 15 minutes—and then it is ex- pelled. However, let us take this matter one step fur- ther: Fourth, in order to produce so many differ- I know any number of people who would never ent effects, coffee taken by mouth would have to drink a cup of coffee, yet who are quick to take enter the bloodstream, an antibiotic when they are sick. Yet drinking a Yet it is quite obvious that a diluted coffee en- cup of coffee is far less dangerous! ema does not enter the bloodstream—for if it did, it I have never drunk coffee nor taken a coffee would produce the very same effects,—which it does enema, yet it is clear to me that we are here dealing not. Instead it produces a single, entirely different with saving human lives. effect: the powerful opening of the bile ducts, so If taking diluted coffee enemas will help save poisons stored in the liver can be released. the life of a cancer patient who is dying, then I for one will not be the one to tell him he should What is the mechanism by which this occurs? not take them. Max Gerson has stated that the diluted coffee in And I do not believe I am wrong in making this the enema, instead of actually traveling to the liver decision. in the bloodstream, may only send a signal to it. Are there other problematic substances used reduce digestive problems during the heavy detoxi- in the Gerson Therapy? fication process. There are several other Gerson “medications” But if you do not need it, do not take it. which are not needed by those who are healthy, 3 - In addition to iodine (Lugol’s solution), thy- but which are given to help the sick recover health. roid is also given. The purpose of this is to ensure The Gerson therapy is focused on but two ob- that enough iodine is obtained by the cells. (It is the jectives: filling the body with nutrients and ex- potassium and iodine which starve the sodium out pelling toxic substances from the body. In the of the cancer cell, killing it.) process of doing these two things, the cancer is If you think you are likely to obtain enough io- totally eliminated. Everything is done to achieve dine from the Lugol’s, then do not use the thyroid. these two goals. 4 - Castor oil is given to help flush the poisons 1 - Liver extract is given because of the continu- out of the intestinal tract, which have been poured ally lowered quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. into it from the liver through the bile ducts. The Gerson began using such a product in 1950, be- effect of castor bean oil is similar to the laxative cause he found that lab reports revealed that, by herbs, except that it is more efficient. the late 1940s, fresh fruits and vegetables no longer You would be very wise not to skip it. had as much nutrients as they had in the early 1930s! In all these matters, you are the boss. But know If you think you can obtain enough nourishment that Gerson worked out a formula which produces from fruit and vegetables, then skip the liver. terrific results—but primarily in those who care- fully remain on the full program for 18 to 24 months. 2 - Pancreatin tablets are given. These help to
  6. 6. 6 Summary of the Gerson Therapy Preface This book is written for all those on 90% or better—from early to intermediate cancer. When cancer becomes incurable by orthodox meth- the other side of hope, for the weary, ods (i.e., involves the liver or pancreas or is metas- and for those who despair of holding tasized inside the body), about 50% recoveries can be achieved by the Gerson method. on to life—yet want to cling to it. “Norman Fritz gives laetrile as an example of other good nontoxic therapies. It has a good short- There is hope in this book. There is term response—relief from pain, remission of ma- a way out of the dark tunnel, back into lignancy, improvement in appetite and sense of well- being or increase in strength—in 70% or 80% of the land of the living. cancer cases. The long-term recovery rate, however, is about 15% or less. In most cases degeneration But it will take dedication and work. progresses to where the laetrile is no longer suffi- If you are not living in the shadow of cient. In some cases other nontoxic therapies may be constructively combined with the Gerson death, then this book is not for you. therapy. Pass it on to someone who will value “The other big advantage of the Gerson therapy is that it usually heals the body of all the degenera- it. tive diseases rather than just healing cancer. Many cancer patients are suffering from other degenera- Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the missionary physician tive conditions also—arthritis, heart conditions, to Africa, wrote this about his friend of many years, diabetes, etc.”—Cancer News Journal, 1983 Up- Dr. Max Gerson: date. “ . . I see in Gerson one of the most eminent medical geniuses in the history of medicine. He pos- Of the many, many cases which could be de- sessed something elemental. Out of deepest thought scribed, here was one among several where the about the nature of disease and the process of heal- patient had do everything by himself: ing, he came to walk along new paths with great “Fifteen years ago, at age 70, Earl Taylor of Cairo, success. Unfortunately, he could not engage in sci- Illinois, was sent home to die by his doctor. Earl entific research or teach; and he was greatly im- had prostate cancer which was spreading exten- peded by adverse political conditions. In ordinary sively as a large mass in the groin, in spite of the times he would have been able to expound his ideas harmones his doctor had been giving him. His doc- for many years as professor at one of the impor- tor told him to get his affairs in order, as there was tant German universities; would have taught pu- nothing that could be done to save him. pils who could carry on his research and teach- “Earl had read about Dr. Gerson and the Gerson ings; would have found recognition and encourage- Therapy in Prevention magazine. He contacted Dr. ment . . All this was denied him. Gerson’s daughter in New York. She sent him Dr. “His was the hard lot of searching and working Gerson’s book, A Cancer Therapy — results of 50 as an uprooted immigrant, to be challenged and to cases. Earl had completed the sixth grade as a boy stand as a fighter. We who knew and understood and spent all of his life working in a junk yard. He him admired him for working his way out of dis- called Dr. Gerson’s daughter again and told her that couragement again and again, and for undertak- he couldn’t understand the book. She suggested ing to conquer the obstacles.”—Dr. Albert that he just follow the treatment outlined on page Schweitzer, quoted in Journal of the Gerson In- 235 in the book (page 236 in the latest edition, now stitute, Fall 1981, p. 14. gives an hourly schedule). “Earl said it was the hardest thing he ever did in The following two statements will provide re- his life. His wife had died years before, so he was searchers with a better idea of the success rate of all alone. (The institute tells people they should the Gerson therapy—and the difficulties: have help with the therapy, to have the best chance “By application of these principles, the Gerson of winning.) therapy is able to achieve almost routine recovery— “Earl was in pain, and the easiest thing to do was to stay in bed; but, he thought, ‘If I do that, I’ll
  7. 7. Preface 7 just die.’ So he forced himself out of bed, to grind affairs in order. At age 70, started Gerson therapy. and press the hourly raw juices and to do the rest In one month, mass no longer palpable by physi- of the therapy. Soon the pain was gone. In a month cian. In 1980, accident caused rib fracture. Bone his doctor could no longer feel any of the large mass. scan showed no sign of cancer. Remains in good “In a few months he felt well enough to go each condition, still working part time at 85.”—Op. cit., day to help his friend, Gwinn Dunbar, who was 4. dying of cancer spread through both lungs. Both patients recovered on the Gerson therapy and are Birger Jansson, Ph.D., of the University of still alive 15 years after being hopeless.”—Journal Texas, found that patients with a higher sodium to of the Gerson Institute and the Gerson Therapy, potassium ratio in their diets were the ones most Fall, 1981, 5. likely to have cancer. Stephen Thompson, Ph.D., at Here is a second comment on Earl, which clari- the University of California, San Diego, found that in- fies his case still more: creasing the sodium content of the diet—would ac- “Earl Taylor, 85, metastasized prostate cancer. celerate the rate at which metastasis of colon cancer Prostate cancer diagnosed by biopsy, 1963. Treated in animals occurred. with female hormones. In 1966, mass spreading to groin, much pain, told to go home and get his “Cancer is now the only major killing disease in the industrialized world whose rates are sharply rising. Just by way of quantitative contrast, mortality from AIDS, another eminently preventable dis- ease, although highly alarming if not catastrophic, is relatively low. About 30,000 cases, more than half already fatal, have been re- ported since 1981 when the disease was first detected; additionally, it is estimated that 2-3 times as many Americans suffer from ad- vanced symptoms of the AIDS-related complex which often progresses to frank AIDS. Rapidly increasing numbers of cases, totaling some 270,000 are projected by 1991. In contrast, there have been major reductions in deaths from cardiovascular disease, still the number one killer in the U.S., probably because of a recent de- cline in smoking and attention to diet and exercise. “With over 900,000 new cases and 450,000 U.S. deaths last year, cancer has now reached epidemic proportions, with an incidence of one in three and a mortality of one in four. Analysis of overall cancer rates, standardized for age, sex and ethnicity, has demonstrated steady increases since the 1930s, with more recent sharp annual increases in incidence rates by some 2% and in mortality rates by some 1%. “Cancer is an age-old and ubiquitous group of diseases. Its rec- ognized causes and influences are multifactorial and include natu- ral environmental carcinogens (such as aflatoxins and sunlight), lifestyle factors, genetic susceptibility, and more recently industrial chemicals. Apart from modern lifestyle factors, particularly smok- ing, increasing cancer rates reflect exposure to industrial chemicals and runaway modern technologies.”—Samuel Epstein, M.D., profes- sor of occupational and environmental medicine, University of Illi- nois Medical Center of Chicago, quoted in 1987 Congressional Record, 133(135):E3452-3453.
  8. 8. 8 Summary of the Gerson Therapy The Story of Max Gerson Max Gerson, M.D., was born in Germany on Oc- peared as well. The careful dietary program he de- tober 18, 1881. For his graduation tests, at the age vised was successful in treating asthma and other al- of 19, Max wrote a totally new approach to a math- lergies; diseases of the intestinal tract, liver, and pan- ematics problem. His teacher could not figure it out, creas; tuberculosis; arthritis; heart disease, skin con- so sent it to the University of Berlin. They wrote ditions, and on and on! Some of his most striking back, that it was the work of a brilliant mathemati- successes were in liver and gallbladder diseases. cian and that Gerson should be directed into higher In Germany at that time, trains often had pri- mathematical studies. But Gerson had other plans. vate compartments, each one seating six. One day, He wanted to become a medical doctor. Max wanted as a train was about to pull out from the station, a to help people. man entered one of the compartments. The only Graduating from the University of Freiburg in other person there was a distinguished-appearing 1907 as a physician, he received advanced training gentleman who said nothing. As the train got un- under five of the leading medical experts in Germany. derway, the man started chattering to no one in par- Shortly after completing medical school, Ger- ticular. The gentleman tried to ignore him. son began experiencing severe migraine headaches. Soon the man jovially got on the subject of health, He was only 25, yet he would have to lie in a dark- and the gentleman wished he could get to his destina- ened room for two or three days in pain. tion a little quicker. The doctors had no answer. One told him, “You Then, opening his shirt slightly, the man said, “And will feel better when you are 55.” But that was not you know, I had this lupus, right here on my chest. much of a solution. And this doctor, he cured it. Now it’s gone!” Then Max read about a woman in Italy who had At this, the gentleman jumped up, lunged at the changed her diet, and her migraines lessened. This man, reached for his shirt and said, “Let me see that!” gave him an idea, so he began tinkering with his diet. The gentleman was Ferdinand Sauerbruch, M.D., In his case, he had excellent feedback: If he made a one of Europe’s leading skin and tuberculosis doc- beneficial change, the migraines reduced in intensity tors. He well-knew that lupus cannot be cured! and frequency; if he made a mistake, one would be- Obtaining Gerson’s name and address from the gin within 20 minutes. man, Sauerbruch contacted Gerson as soon as he First, he tried a milk diet, but that was useless. reached his office. A friendship was started, and Then he went off all milk, and that helped a little. Sauerbruch, impressed with his humility and sincer- Then he tried eating apples only—raw, cooked, ity, arranged a test using Gerson’s remarkable diet baked—and that was a great help. Slowly he added on 450 “incurable” lupus patients. other things, till eventually he had totally eliminated But after a week or so, it was obviously a failure. his migraines. Sauerbruch did not think it would come to this; he So he told his migraine patients about his diet. had hoped against hope. So he penned a letter to his He called it his “migraine diet.” When they returned, friend Gerson and, then, slowly walked back across they would tell him theirs was gone too. But one said the hospital grounds after posting the note. it had also eliminated his lupus (lupus vulgaris, or He was on his way to cancel the test; but, on the tuberculosis of the skin). Gerson knew the man could way, met a woman carrying two large trays full of meat, not have had lupus since it is incurable, but the pa- gravy, sugary foods, and all the trimmings. Asking her tient showed him his medical records. The year was what she was doing, she replied airily: “Oh, the people 1922. over in this building are starving, so we’re sneaking It was obvious to Gerson that the medical theory, food in to make them happy. They have a crazy doc- that there is but one medicine for each disease, was tor!” incorrect. As he later stated it, the great truth was Sauerbruch quickly set guards to keep the diet this: “Nourish the body and it will do the healing.” the way Gerson had prescribed it, and then wrote a So Max treated some other lupus patients, and second letter informing Gerson the test was still in their problem vanished also. But patients came back progress. with the news that their other problems had disap- Result: 446 of 450 incurable patients (99%) re- covered. Lupus had been shown to be curable by diet
  9. 9. The Story of Max Gerson 9 therapy. buy sick, tubercular foxes for almost no cost, and later sell them. He said his foxes had the finest coats But Gerson still had not tried his therapy on and their pelts brought the highest prices. Gerson cancer patients. Even in Germany, physicians were asked him how he could do this. Mentioning that it careful about trying out new cancer remedies. When was a secret which must not be shared with the other a couple of cancer victims came to him, he turned fox farmers, he said there was a doctor, somewhere them down. But one day, a lady called him to her in Germany, named Max Gerson who had a nutri- home, but would not tell him what was wrong with tional cure for disease. The farmer bought sick foxes her. Arriving, she told him she had cancer and pled which had lung tuberculosis, healed them with for him to help her. She was in bed, weakened, and Gerson’s diet of organic vegetables and fruits, and then in terrible condition. He told her he could not do sold them at a good profit because they produced such so. “Please, she said, just write out your dietary for- high-quality fox furs. Both men were happy when mula, and I will sign a paper not holding you re- Gerson introduced himself. sponsible for what happens.” Gerson did so and At the age of 51, Gerson was asked to present left. It was obvious she was too weak to even follow his findings, by appointment, at a meeting of the the directions. German Medical Association. At last he would have All alone, the sick woman struggled to follow the an opportunity for the world to learn of his work to program—and recovered totally from cancer. save people. On April 1, 1933, as he sat in the rail- Learning of this, Gerson began treating other can- cer patients. The year was 1928. Of his first 12 cases, road car, on his way to Berlin, the train stopped at 7 responded favorably, remaining symptom free for a station and Hitler’s SS troups entered. seven and a half years. When a young, inexperienced SS officer asked (Some of these facts we know because of testi- Gerson where he was going, Gerson, not knowing mony presented by him and others at the July 1-3, there was any danger, enthusiastically showed him 1946, senate hearings, conducted by Claude Pepper X-rays and told him about his work. Impressed, the of Florida.) young man replied that he hoped Gerson would suc- Gerson also treated Dr. Albert Schweitzer, his wife, ceed, forgot to ask the question, and passed on to the and daughter for various health problems. Gerson next man just behind Gerson. For the first time, saved Mrs. Helene Schweitzer from hopeless lung tu- Gerson heard the question the troops were asking berculosis in 1931; and, several years later, he healed each passenger on the train: “Are you a Jew?” their daughter of a rare, serious “incurable” erupting Immediately, Max sensed the terrible danger. All skin condition that defied diagnosis. the passengers except Gerson were asked that ques- Dr. Schweitzer himself came to Gerson at the age tion, and Max saw one young man, a Jew, led out- of 75, depressed and weary with advanced diabetes. side, where he was gunned down as Gerson watched In five weeks, Dr. Schweitzer had cut his insulin dos- through the window. He had just seen the first large- age in half, and in ten was completely off of it. Healed, scale action to collect 6,000,000 Jews for extermina- and with new energy, he returned to Africa where he tion in the Nazi concentration camps. worked past the age of 90. In response, the world- As the train continued on, Max completely changed famed Schweitzer declared, “I see in him one of the his plans. Instead of getting off at Berlin, he contin- most eminent medical geniuses in the history of medi- ued on the train to Vienna, Austria. From there, he cine.” contacted his wife and told her to immediately come with their three girls, which she did. He also contacted Schweitzer afterward required that his physi- all their brothers, sisters, and relatives, and offered cians in Lambarene, Africa, study Gerson’s book, to send money for them to leave. But they laughed at Therapy of Lung Tuberculosis, before they started his concerns. They had their homes, their businesses, to treat the patients in his hospital. and there was nothing to fear from Hitler. Gerson was remarkable. Geniuses tend to focus Max Gerson, his wife, and their relatives were their thoughts, whereas most people scatter theirs. Jews. All of those relatives (15, plus children) later Because of this trait, Gerson could not ride a bicycle. perished. From Vienna, Gerson later went to Paris. He would be so deep in thought that he would smash In 1936, he emigrated to America, and went to it. After having destroyed four of them, his family for- school to learn English. In January 1938 he received bade more of that. For the same reason, he could not his medical license and began practicing in New York drive a car. His mind was continually at work, devis- City. By this time, Gerson could enlarge or shrink ing ways to help his patients. surface cancers at will. He knew exactly what was One day while walking in the woods in the Harz needed to help his patients. The only question gener- Mountains near Bielefeld (before moving to Kassel), ally was whether they were in earnest enough to fully Max met a man who raised foxes. The rancher told follow his program when they went home. him that he ran a very successful fox farm. He would His first contact with medicine in America was
  10. 10. 10 Summary of the Gerson Therapy enlightening. Called as a consultant to physicians $1,000 or $2,000 for each visit.) treating a wealthy industrialist for arthritis, Gerson Refusing to stop his work, Gerson treated pa- outlined what he would do to bring a fairly quick re- tients at his own facilities. In October 1954 at the covery. There was an awkward pause, and then one age of 73, he wrote his former patient and close of the doctors said, “Dr. Gerson, you are new here. You don’t understand. This man is a wealthy member friend, Albert Schweitzer, “Those who say they would like to help, often of the W.R. Grace family. They own steamship lines, tell me they cannot. They regret not being able to banks, chemical companies, and so on. You don’t cure assist me for fear of losing their position in hospi- a patient like this. You treat him.” tals and laboratories. I have long abandoned In New York, he treated 90% of his cancer pa- thoughts of attaining any kind of recognition, none- tients without charge and financed his own researches theless I continue on my way.”—Journal of the in chronic diseases. From 1946 to 1948 he saw pa- Gerson Institute, Fall 1981, 16. tients at the Gotham Hospital. Some of his best-documented, recovered patients At the Senate hearings, he testified that he be- died, when they were urged back by their former phy- lieved the liver held the key to the cure of cancer— sicians for examination, and then told they must have and that if the liver was too far gone, treatment was surgery or radiation—when they were totally free of useless. This would be understandable, since the liver, cancer symptoms or evidence. an astounding chemical laboratory, is the primary On two occasions Gerson became violently ill af- detoxifying agency in the body. ter being served coffee by a group supposedly sup- Appearing with him on July 3, 1946, at the three- porting him. Later laboratory tests showed unusu- day Senate hearings were five of his patients, each of ally high levels of arsenic in his urine. whom had fully recovered from some of the most com- Some of Gerson’s best case histories mysteriously mon forms of cancer in America. He also came with disappeared from his files. In 1956, the manuscript X-ray photographs, pathology reports from leading and all of its copies for Gerson’s almost completed hospitals, and testimonials from many other patients book (A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases) were and relatives of cancer victims. stolen and never recovered. In reaction, on November 16, 1946, in its “Frauds Separating himself from that group, Gerson, now and Fables” category, the Journal of the AMA hope- quite aged, raced against time to completely rewrite fully dismissed the Gerson’s unprecedented Senate the book. In 1958, the book was published. presentation with the words, “Fortunately for the American people this presentation received little, if On March 4 of that same year, he was finally any, newspaper publicity.” suspended for two years from the New York Medi- In its January 8, 1949, issue, the Journal wrote, cal Society. At a meeting of the New York Academy “There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to indi- of Medicine, the surgeons, radiologists, and physi- cate that modifications in the dietary intake of food cians condemned a colleague who was living by or other nutritional essentials are of any specific value Hippocrates’ dictum: “Above all, do no harm.” in the control of cancer.” Gerson died a year later (March 8, 1959), shortly During his lifetime, Gerson wrote 51 articles, after he fell down the stairs in his house. He was 78 years old. published in medical journals. (All of his publica- Upon Gerson’s death, Albert Schweitzer, the Nobel tions are listed at the back of S.J. Haught’s book, prize-winning physician and missionary, and a pa- Has Dr. Max Gerson a True Cancer Cure?) But, for tient of Gerson’s, made this statement: the most part, Gerson worked alone. Other physi- “I see in him one of the most eminent medical cians generally feared to help him or duplicate his geniuses in the history of medicine . . Many of his work, for fear of reprisal. basic ideas have been adopted without having his Eventually, Gerson’s medical privileges at Gotham name connected with them. Yet he has achieved Hospital were revoked, and he was unable to find an more than seemed possible under adverse condi- affiliation with any other hospital in the city. In 1953 tions. He leaves a legacy which commands atten- his malpractice insurance was discontinued. One tion and which will assure him his due place. Those $100,000 malpractice lawsuit would have wiped him whom he cured will now attest to the truth of his out. Because the larger number of those who sought ideas.”—Albert Schweitzer, M.D., Ph.D., quoted in him had advanced cancers, some of them died. Yet S.J. Haught, Has Max Gerson a True Cancer Cure? their relatives knew that they died with dignity, free 1962. from pain and brain-numbing narcotics. That prediction was to prove true. Gerson’s needs were simple. Patients were At the urging of many individuals who recognized shocked to learn that he would generally charge $25 that a revival of Gerson’s therapy was urgently needed, for the first visit and $5 or $10 for subsequent visits. Charlotte Gerson Strauss (the youngest of Gerson’s (They had earlier been told he charged high fees, three daughters; born March 27, 1922), headed up a
  11. 11. The Story of Max Gerson 11 new venture, called the Gerson Institute, in a clinic/ 619-585-7610. Automated voice information 24 hrs/ hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. The Gerson Institute was day: 1-888-4-GERSON. incorporated on June 27, 1978, twenty years after Web: the publication of Gerson’s book, A Cancer Therapy, Email: and nineteen years after his death. The primary Gerson treatment center is Hospital The Gerson Institute headquarters is located in Meridien, Lava #2971, Secc. Costa Hermosa, Playas Bonita, California, near San Diego. The hospital, is de Tijuana, B.C., Mexico, CP22240. Phone: 011-52- in a suburb of Tijuana, Mexico. 66-801358. Fax: 011-52-66-801831. Web: Charlotte continues to travel around the world, speaking at conventions, meetings, and on talk shows. Hospital Meridien is 30 minutes south of down- Although elderly herself, she is in good health, for town San Diego. she carefully remains on the nutrition and juice pro- A recently opened U.S. treatment center is the gram her father developed. Gerson Center at Sedona, 78 Canyon Diablo, Sedona, Addresses: AZ 86351. Phone or write the Bonita, California, of- Gerson Therapy—The U.S. address and phone fice, above. GCS, the Sedona facility, is located 100 number will, for most people, be easier to work with: miles north of Phoenix and 28 miles south of Flag- Gerson Institute, P .O. Box 430, Bonita, California staff, near Sedona, a small town of 8,000. 91908. Phone: 619-585-7600 or 619-267-1150. Fax: “I see in him one of the most eminent medical geniuses in the history of medicine . . Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name con- nected with them. Yet he has achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions. He leaves a legacy which com- mands attention and which will assure him his due place. Those whom he cured will now attest to the truth of his ideas.” —Albert Schweitzer, M.D., Ph.D., quoted in S.J. Haught, Has Max Gerson a True Cancer Cure? 1962.
  12. 12. 12 Summary of the Gerson Therapy Here is the Gerson Formula We should settle one thing here at the begin- come so disorganized, due to poisons thrown into ning: The purpose of the Gerson therapy is to save the system by the malignancy, that they cannot prop- life. People who go on this program are frequently erly assimilate the food they eat. This problem must close to death. Unlike some other “cancer rem- be dealt with. edies,” THIS PROGRAM SAVES LIVES. If the reader 2 - Reduce the tumor: The tumor must be does not like the program, or wish to go on the pro- downsized or shrunk. In the medical route, this is gram, that is his choice. But he should not reprove done by applying surgery, chemotherapy, or radia- those who do, so they can continue living. tion to the tumor. In the process, severe damage is They need encouragement, not reproof. done to surrounding tissue and, generally, to the There are medicines used in this therapy to entire body. Natural remedies accomplish this task help recover the sick. You and I do not take those by gradually dissolving the tumor, so that it is car- medicines. They are not for us. We are well. But, ried off in the blood stream. for the greater part of a century, Dr. Gerson and associates found that these special substances 3 - Clean the liver: As the tumor breaks up, it brought people back from the brink of death—for is carried by the blood to the liver, which is the pri- those substances provided the ill with a combina- mary blood-cleaning organ. But this results in a tion of abundant tissue nourishment and intense pileup of toxic substances in the liver. So much waste tissue cleansing. Like all medicines, they are used is being carried to it, from the tumor, that the liver for a time by sick people to help make them well. cannot eliminate it fast enough. So shrinkage of the After that, they can be set aside. tumor requires an urgent, ongoing cleansing of the To friends and loved ones of the sufferer with liver. The poisons in it must be removed. If this is advanced cancer, we would say: This person is bat- not done, the person will become drowsy and go tling for his or her life, and needs your help. He into a hepatic coma. He will slip into unconscious- or she may die without earnest efforts. Let’s pitch ness, and die from liver poisoning. in and help. If the situation were to be reversed, is 4 - Clean the bowel. As the poisons are expelled not this what you would want others to do for you? from the liver, they must be rapidly taken out of the body through the intestines and large bowel. It is 1 - INTRODUCTION vital that the body be aided in this function. Just The reasoning behind this therapy because toxins have passed from the tumor to the liver, and into the intestinal tract—does not mean Although this book was written for researchers they are out of the body. We know, from how the and historians, it is able to make many other people body works in other disorders, that when the bowel better informed on these issues. is overloaded, toxic substances are reabsorbed from Since there are over fifty cancer treatment meth- it—and carried to the liver and kidneys for removal. ods surveyed in this complete book of over 200 To summarize the above: Good nutrition cleans pages, in searching for the best ones to work with— the tumor, gradually emptying it into the blood- what are the essential points we should keep in stream, where it travels to the liver, which cleans mind, in order to find the best remedial program the blood. Help is needed to clean the liver, which for cancer? then empties the poisons through the gall bladder (In the following overview, we will frequently re- into the small intestine. That waste must be quickly fer to the cancer as a “tumor,” knowing that not all hurried out of the body. types of cancer are in that form.) Reading through the more than fifty cancer treat- FOUR SPECIAL PROBLEMS—In dealing with ment methods in this book, we find that all of them cancer, what are the areas which need correcting? claim to reduce the tumor tissue. 1 - Wasting away: Medical experts know that But very few of them deal with all five factors; cancer victims starve to death. Their systems be- indeed, most appear to not be aware that all five
  13. 13. 1 - Introduction 13 must be dealt with. 4. Clean the bowel: Once again, the Gerson In order to have the highest rate of success, all program is one of only a few which give careful at- five factors must be dealt with, and on an ongoing tention to this need. As an important added ben- basis, every day! efit, as the liver and bowel are cleansed, pain is SOLVING THE FOUR PROBLEMS—Let us found to be reduced, and the person feels much now consider each of these five factors more better. closely: BETTER IN SEVEN WAYS—One might imag- 1 - Wasting away: Part One of this present book ine that the present writer is prejudiced in favor of provides a wealth of information on nutrition needed the Gerson program. Yet he wants you to know that to prevent cancer and aid in eliminating it. Of the he came to this conclusion after having written the several dozen treatments described in Part Two, present 200-page survey of all the better-known al- some strongly emphasize nutrition. These include ternative cancer therapies and their results. Bulkley (47), Bell (48), Ozias (50) Hindhede (55), Why is the Gerson therapy superior? Here are Chase (59), Kloss (66), Drosnes and Lazenby (71) several very important reasons: Evers (82), Wigmore (84), Kelley (85), Knekt (89), Number of people helped: This is the outstand- Livingston (95), Schrauzer (99), Issels (102), Asai ing factor: the pragmatic test. Does it really work? (106), Karmali (107) Krebs (118), and Gerson How many people has it helped? The Gerson pro- (142). gram has helped more people recover from cancer But, of these, most provide us with only vague than any other method that we know of. data on nutritional changes needed or focus on the use of a single vitamin or nutrient. Length of time it has been used: In the twen- Here are the few which actually had a nutritional tieth century, the Gerson therapy has been used program which was highly organized: Chase (59), longer than any other. Max Gerson first began us- Kloss (66), Drosnes and Lazenby (71), Kelley (85), ing the method about the year 1910, and contin- Krebs (especially see 126-129), and Gerson (142 ued doing so until his death in 1959. In 1978 his onward). daughter, Charlotte, teamed up with a medical Of these, the Krebs and Gerson nutritional pro- group and opened a clinic in Tijana, Mexico, which grams are to be noted. But the Gerson nutritional has continued on down to the present. That is a program is the most carefully structured and span of 70 years! adapted to the needs of the cancer sufferer. Continual improvement for 70 years: As Gerson and those who followed him have tried to 2. Reduce the tumor: All of the more than fifty help cancer patients, they have gradually improved remedial programs discussed in this book claim to on the method. They were not satisfied to stop with reduce the tumor mass. one or two discoveries. They have considered ev- A number of them use special chemicals, herbs, ery approach used by others and have found a few serums, vitamins, or oxygen to do it. An excellent, which are useful (many which were not). brief survey of what each uses to reduce the tumor will be found on pp. 167-168. Not a single substance: A large number of the Of the various methods used, one of the best is forty alternative cancer remedies discussed else- nutrition. Good food can not only reverse the wast- where in this large book are single-item prepara- ing away problem; but, in addition, it is the primary tions. Yet it requires a broad nourishment and way the tumor is dissolved! cleansing approach to both remove the cancer and Because the Gerson therapy provides the best rebuild the body. The Gerson program is broader nutrition, it is, in this respect, the best of more than than any other the present writer has, to date, forty programs for reducing the tumor. found. 3. Clean the liver: Surprisingly, although many No strange chemicals: Other than potassium methods have been devised to dissolve the tumor, and iodine, both elements which the body needs, very little attention has generally been paid to the the Gerson therapy does not use chemicals. There need to come to the rescue of the overworked liver,— are no laboratory-prepared extracts, no horse se- and remove the toxic buildup developing there as it rums. Nearly all the foodstuffs can be purchased cleans dissolving cancer tissue from the blood in a grocery store. stream. No pain opiates needed: Daily cleansing of the To our knowledge, only the Gerson program liver and bowel removes the pain. This enables the systematically deals with this problem. person to be much more cheerful and positive, and
  14. 14. 14 Summary of the Gerson Therapy obtain better rest during sleep, during the recovery the researchers, working with rats, had concluded. process. A cancer therapy is moving in the right di- “The physician . . hesitates to take risks for his rection when it reduces the accompanying pain. The patients by applying a not-recognized treatment . . removal of pain shows that the buildup of toxins in I was in a more favorable position. Ninety to ninety- the body is being lowered. five percent of my patients were far advanced (ter- minal) cases without any risk to take; either all Willingness to share: Gerson and his associ- recognized treatments had failed or the patents ates have been willing to share all they know, so were inoperable from the beginning.”—Max Gerson, folk can use it at home. That is a quality one does A Cancer Therapy, p. xiv. not find very often. We do not have here a secret “Retrospectively, I think the results were arrived formula, which is kept hidden for personal profit. at because I did not follow most of the scientific literature nor the laboratory findings, as far as they FIVE DANGERS—Yet, not even the Gerson did not accord with the clinical confirmations. ‘Der therapy can heal every cancer sufferer. It should be Erfolg am Krankenbett ist entscheidend,’ Profes- kept in mind that certain factors reduce the likeli- sor Kussmaul said. (‘The result at the sick-bed is hood of healing: decisive.’) I do not want to make the mistake Win- 1 - Progression: How far the cancer has ad- ston Churchill expressed so clearly: ‘Men occasion- vanced. If a person begins on a nutritional/cleans- ally stumble over Truth, but most pick themselves ing program early, he is far more likely to achieve a up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.’ ”— full recovery. (However, much of Gerson’s success- Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 212 [cf. p. 207] ful work was with patients which the other physi- “The scientifically accepted method is that these cians had given up on.) [cancer] symptoms alone will be treated locally wherever they appear. [If there is cancer of the 2 - Location: The cancer site. Some types of mouth, treat the mouth, etc.] That is what we phy- carcinomas are more difficult to heal than others. sicians learn and how we are trained in university Therefore, as soon as one recognizes that he has clinics. All research work adheres mostly to these cancer, it is best to begin a full healing program. local symptoms. This is, in my opinion, the reason 3 - Chemotherapy and/or radiation: Has the why decisive progress in cancer treatment has been individual received any chemotherapy or radiation impeded.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 37. for cancer? If so, his body has been heavily poisoned “ ‘Symptomatic treatment is harmful wherever and weakened. Chemotherapy and radiation oper- in nature it is applied to the soil, plants, animals ate on the principle of trying to kill more cancer or human beings, or in medicine. Each part is im- cells than the other cells. In the process, all kinds portant, but the whole in its infinitely fine order is of cells are damaged or destroyed. But even if all more important.’ ”—Dr. Werner Kollath, quoted in Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 5. the cancer cells were to be eliminated by chemo or “As Dr. Gerson expresses it, cancer is not spe- radiation,—if the body has been greatly weakened cific. It is a degenerative condition of the total me- in the attempt, and if nothing has particularly been tabolism, including damage to the liver and all es- done to cleanse the system of impurities or rebuild sential organs, which then makes it possible for it with the best of food, the person would probably cancer to develop. Similar damage also precedes relapse into cancer again. other chronic diseases.”—Charlotte Gerson Straus, 4 - Fully on the program: If the person does Appendix 1, A Cancer Therapy, p. 391 [Gerson’s not fully go on the Gerson program (the choice of youngest daughter]. many), he/she is so delighted with the early relief Max Gerson recognized that God’s plan was for that they only do the program partially or quit after man to eat wholesome food. In order to provide food a few months. for the plants, God gave us the soil, and then He 5. After a relapse: If the person goes on a can- gave us a gardener to till it! cer-reduction program (Gerson, Laetrile, Essiac, “In Readers Digest, Dr. Thomas Barrett referred etc.), then reduces or terminates it before the can- to the earthworm and soil. A French peasant told cer is fully gone, and later tries to go on the pro- Dr. Barrett, ‘Le Bon Dieu knows how to build good gram again after the cancer returns—he can find earth and He has given the secret to the earth- worms.’ ”—Thomas Barrett, Readers Digest, May himself in very real trouble. Frequently, after a re- 1948, quoted in Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, lapse, the cancer can not be controlled as it earlier p. 184. had been. GERSON EXPLAINS HIS METHOD—The fol- WHY DID GERSON SUCCEED?—Max Gerson lowing statements will help you understand Max succeeded where many have failed because he spent Gerson’s work: decades trying to improve his clinical work and “The experimental causation of cancer, first ac- watched closely to see what worked instead of what
  15. 15. 1 - Introduction 15 complished by Yamagiva and Itchikawa, through the cells, and with it water. This causes edema and rubbing tar substance on the ears of rabbits for the resulting malfunctions—loss of electrical po- about nine months, is of importance insofar as they tentials in the cells, improper enzyme formation, found that before the cancer started to appear, the reduced cell oxidation, etc. The building of almost liver was damaged and showed pathological all enzymes requires K as a catalyst (activating changes, together with the kidneys, spleen and the agent) and is inhibited (slowed or stopped) by Na . . lymphatic apparatus. The long period was required “In order to initiate healing then, it is essential to poison the liver, before the damaged cells could to remove excess Na from the cells, reintroduce perform the ‘mutation’ into cancer.”—Max Gerson, large amounts of K, and detoxify the system of ac- A Cancer Therapy, p. 40. cumulated intermediary substances and other tox- “Cancer means: (1) Slow intoxication and alter- ins. This is best accomplished by large amounts of ation of the whole body, especially the liver. (2) In- K from fresh fruit and juices, detoxification through vasion of the Na-group [sodium and chloride], loss the kidneys and by enemas, and reactivation of the of the K-group [potassium and iodine], followed by liver by special liver therapy. tissue edema. (3) Lower electrical potentials in vi- “If this were only a theoretical assumption, it tal organs, more edema, accumulation of poisons, would not be worth mentioning. However, in Dr. loss of tension, tonus, reduced reactivation and oxi- Gerson’s many years of experience with all types of dation power, dedifferentiation [lack of differentia- chronic disease, this process worked in practice. tion] of some cells. (4) Cancer starts: general poi- Degenerative disease could be reversed, eliminated, soning increases, vital functions and energies de- and the body healed.”—Charlotte Gerson, Appen- crease. Cancer increases. (5) Further destruction dix 1, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 392-393. of the metabolism and liver parenchym [the distin- “A precancerous development [in the body] . . guishing or unique cells of the liver are destroyed]. does mean the pre-stage of any kind of skin can- Cancer rules, is acting, spreading. (6) Loss of last cer, but it does mean a gradual intoxication with a defense [the liver]. Hepatic coma. Death.”—Max loss of the normal content of the potassium group Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 102. and the iodine from the tissues of vital organs. That “The cancerous body is anergic, which means chronic loss opens the door for the invasion of so- that it cannot prevent cancerous growth nor re- dium, chloride and water into the cells, producing spond and defend itself against it. The treatment, a kind of edema. therefore, has the task of restoring these normal “In my opinion, it must be assumed, as a rule, functions, . . and finally, the conditions are restored that sodium and iodine favor undifferentiated, for production, activation and reactivation of oxi- quicker growth, seen in embryos and cancer; while dizing enzymes.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, potassium and iodine assure a more differentiated, p. 124. slower growth with normal cell division. “From the beginning, I felt that the tumor had to “Here sodium and potassium are the exponents be killed while some scientists were satisfied to ar- of two minerals groups with opposite electrical rest the growths for as long a time as possible. In potentials, keeping the body in a controlled equi- one of my articles I enumerated eleven points of librium . . difference between normal and cancer cells. “Iodine is necessary for higher differentiation and “The most important points are: cancer cells increased oxidation and could be used for that rea- have more Na (ionized) [Cancer cells have more son against cancer development, but not alone.”— ionized sodium], live on fermentation (not on the Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 197. normal oxidation), are negatively charged electri- So starving the cancer cells of their sodium was cally, do not have the normal exchange with blood and serum, and grow and spread uncontrolled. an important factor in killing the cancer cell. An- “Studying these, I felt there must be a way to other was abundant, good nutrition—which would prevent the fermentation, that is, to eliminate the fill the body with potassium. basic facts upon which fermentation is built and “Reading all the [medical] literature, I saw that can function. The fermentation is vital for the life all the scientists treat the symptoms. These, I of the cancer cell. That is the object upon which we thought, are only symptoms. There must be some- could base further tests and explorations. How thing basic behind them . . Through my work with could this be done? The most Na-free [sodium free] tuberculosis, I learned that in tuberculosis and in diet has to be applied to extract Na from cancer all other degenerative diseases, one must not treat cells through the blood and lymph stream. Instead the symptoms. The body—the whole body—has to of Na, potassium and the oxidizing enzymes have be treated . . I came to the conclusion that the most to be brought in with the help of an allergic inflam- important part of our body is the digestive tract . . mation.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 195. And at the same time eliminate all the waste prod- ucts . . The liver plays an important role. It elimi- “According to Dr. Gerson’s research, the begin- ning of all chronic disease is the loss of potassium nates the toxins from the body, prepares them so they can enter into the bile ducts, and can thus be (K) from the cells and invasion of sodium (Na) into
  16. 16. 16 Summary of the Gerson Therapy eliminated with the bile;—that is not an easy job . . detoxification in my treatment, after the tumor was “The digestive tract is very much poisoned in killed, the patient did not die of cancer—but of a cancer. How can we handle that? Detoxification is serious intoxication with coma hepaticum caused an easy word, but it is very difficult to do in cancer by absorption of necrotic [dead] cancer tissue, as patients. These cases, when they are far advanced, several autopsies have shown. can hardly eat. They have no stomach juice, the “The solution is that all these former failures liver doesn’t function, the pancreas doesn’t func- can no longer occur if there is an intensive detoxi- tion, nothing is active. fication [through enemas] maintained long enough “Where do we begin? The most important first and a potassium plus iodine predominance step is the detoxification. So let us go into that. [through nutrition] kept present . . Only a detoxi- First we gave some different enemas. I found out fied body has both power of resistance and heal- that the best enema is the coffee enema as it was ing.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 197- first used by Prof. O.A. Meyer in Goettingen. This 198. idea occurred to him when, together with Prof. Gradually, the tumor shrinks and dissolves. But Heubner, he gave caffeine solution into the rectum more is required than merely killing the tumor cells. of animals. He observed that the bile ducts were Next must come the task of cleaning those dead cells opened and more bile could flow . . out of the system, and killing cancer cells elsewhere “The patients [I worked with] reported that this in the body. was doing them good. The pain disappeared even “But now we have to deal with a mass of dead though in order to carry through the detoxification, cells in the body, in the blood stream—and they we had to take away all sedation. I realized that it have to be eliminated wherever they may be. And is impossible to detoxify the body on the one hand that is not so easy! The ripe [cancer] cells, the and put in drugs and poisons on the other . . One mature cells, are very abnormal. They are much patient told me that he had one grain of codeine more easily killed than the other cells which are every two hours and he got morphine injections— unripe, not yet mature, and not so well developed. how can you take these away? I told him that the “And there are other cancer cells in lymph ves- best sedation is a coffee enema. After a very short sels. These are clogged at both ends by cancer cells. time he had to agree with that , , [Gerson then No blood and no lymph can reach them. There are mentions that his treatments cause the tumors, as cancer cells in the glands. They are hidden there, they dissolved away, to begin shrinking] . . protected from regular circulation. So it isn’t easy “These patients who absorb the big tumor to reach these. masses [from the tumor into the blood stream into “At first it is only the big [tumor] mass which is the liver] are awakened with an alarm clock every killed. But this dead mass now has to be absorbed night because they are otherwise poisoned by the wherever it is . . This absorption is only possible absorption of these masses. If I give them only one through the blood steam. I call this ‘parenteral di- or two or three enemas, they die of poisoning. I did gestion.’ [In contrast,] Enteral digestion is in the not have the right as a physician to cause the body intestinal tract. Parenteral digestion takes place out- to absorb all the cancer masses and then not to side the digestive tract, through the blood stream. detoxify enough. With two or three enemas they It becomes important then to continually carry on were not detoxified enough! They went into a coma detoxification day and night in order to bring the hepaticum (liver coma). parenteral digestion to the highest point . . How “Autopsies showed that the liver was poisoned. I can this be done? learned from these disasters that you can’t give “ . . [Gerson says the key is in building good soil these patients too much detoxification . . When I and only eating good food.] . . But our modern food, didn’t give these patients the night enemas, they the ‘normal’ food people eat is bottled, poisoned, were drowsy and almost semi-conscious in the canned, color added, powdered, frozen, dipped in morning. The nurses confirmed this and told me acids, sprayed—no longer normal. We no longer that it takes a couple of enemas till they are free of have living, normal food . . One cannot cure very this toxic state again. I cannot stress the detoxifi- sick people by adding poisons to their systems. We cation enough. Even so with all these enemas, this cannot detoxify our bodies when we add poisons was not enough! I had to also give them castor oil through our food, which is one of the reasons why by mouth and by enema every other day, at least cancer is so much on the increase.” Max Gerson, A for the first week or so. Cancer Therapy, p. 410. “After these two weeks you wouldn’t recognize But an important key is whether the liver can these patients any more! They had arrived on a stretcher, and now they walked around! They had be saved. appetite. They gained weight and the tumors went “I should like to tell you what we do to prove down.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 406- that this treatment really does work on cancer. 408. Number one, the results. I think I can claim [in 1956] that I have, even in these far advanced cases, “In former periods when there was not enough
  17. 17. 2 - The Basic Therapy 17 50% results. The real problem arises when we can- 2 - THE BASIC THERAPY not restore the liver. Then there is no hope. The What is included in the program liver—the restoration of the liver and its functions— are so important that some of the patients whose The present writer could find the full Gerson livers cannot be restored die some six months to program, clearly presented, only in the middle and 2½ years later from cirrhosis. Autopsies show no back of the two Gerson books. Yet people with can- cancer cells in the body. They did not die from can- cer are frequently too weary to search through all cer. They died from a shrunken liver.”—Max those pages to find the complete program. Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 411. Therefore a distillation of this data has been But can we not use drugs and hormones to gathered here. This may be the only place the en- stimulate the liver? tire program is available in a single location. Doubt- “We have to separate the state of pre-cancerous less, the Gerson Institute will eventually publish a condition form the state where the cancer appears. book with all of the following information in one In the pre-cancerous condition, all is prepared. place. “The liver is sufficiently damaged and the other Our sources are as follows: organs of the intestinal tract are damaged enough Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 187-248, and then later the symptoms appear. Until then we have the pre-cancerous condition—and this con- 391-422, and scattered portions of pp. 3-185. dition cannot be cured with hormones and en- The Gerson Institute, The Gerson Primer, pp. zymes, etc. 3-18, 36-46, 101-102. “We can to a certain degree stimulate the liver Charlotte Gerson, several explanatory lectures with hormones. We can stimulate the liver with cor- and demonstration videos. tisone. We can stimulate the liver with adrenalin, HOW TO BEGIN—If you decide to go on the etc., but then we take out the last reserves. We empty Gerson program, it is best that you make an ap- the liver instead of refilling it. What we have to do in cancer—a degenerative, deficiency disease—is pointment and go to the Gerson Institute. ( Gerson to refill the organs which are empty and poi- Institute 888-4-GERSON (888-443-7766) / 619- soned.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 414. 267-1150 / P Box 430, Bonita, CA 92002.) .O. “Q. [Question from audience] Your treatment Life is short enough, and you are in a crisis. worked in advanced cases of cancer of the liver? A. Time could be very short. You and your helper will [Dr. Gerson’s reply] If more than half to three-quar- learn what to do, and your special needs will be ters of the liver is gone, you can’t restore its func- ascertained. The costs are nothing compared with tion enough to save the patient. You may save them what you would pay for an equivalent amount of for half a year to a year, but then the liver may time in a regular hospital. However, if you cannot shrink and the patients die of a shrunken liver, do this, the folk at Gerson are very willing for you cirrhosis of the liver. to care for yourself at home. “The liver is such an important organ that when For more pre-preparation ideas, read Initial it has to eliminate its own cancer, this has to be House Preparation, under Schedules, near the back done by the healthy liver tissue. Yet the process of elimination can damage the healthy liver tissue, if of this book. we don’t detoxify constantly day and night, espe- DO THIS FIRST—If you plan to go to the Gerson cially in these cases . . [He then tells of a woman Institute, it would be well to first read this section who was brought to him with an apparently hope- very carefully. If you plan to go on the program at less liver in terrible shape,—but he was able to save home, you will find here a brief overview of all as- her because she kept taking the coffee enemas, ev- ery hour or two, and castor oil enemas twice a day— pects of the therapy. instead of the normal regime of 5 coffee enemas 1 - Thoughtfully read through the following for- every 24 hours, and one castor oil enema every mula. Keep in mind that every part is important, two days.]”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. and that it is the result of 70 years of research, field 416. testing on human beings (not rats), multiplied thou- “The Damacles Sword of cirrhosis hangs over sands of healings, with continual modifications and all cancer patients who have far advanced malig- improvements in formula. nancies in their abdominal organs. We know that all these organs send their blood through the por- 2 - Order the mail-order supplies (flax oil, po- tal veins into the liver where tumor cells settle very tassium, etc.). They are listed at the back. frequently as soon as the liver, working as a filter, 3 - Purchase several-days worth of local sup- has lost its defense power.”—Max Gerson, A Can- plies (carrots, apples, etc.) cer Therapy, p. 68. 4 - Borrow or purchase a Norwalk juicer. It will combine the pulping and pressing operations. Or
  18. 18. 18 Summary of the Gerson Therapy obtain a lower-cost juicer (such as a Champion), much fatty acid). which will make the pulp, and a separate manual Lecithin: Because of its fat content, lecithin press. (Norwalk juicers have electrically operated should not be used while on the program. presses, which are very nice!) “Q. Soy products and soy beans are forbidden. 5 - Begin taking the juices and enemas while But is lecithin forbidden, which is made from soy- you wait for the other supplies. beans? A. Since soy beans contain fats, I had to 6 - Add on the other features of the program as forbid them. Cancer patients are not able for a long additional supplies arrive. time to digest fats to the end product. When some intermediate substances are left in the body, they It is vital that you keep in mind that there is work as carcinogenic substances. Therefore we had danger in not remaining on the program. The to cut out fats, oils, and goods containing them . . Gerson Institute finds that some drop out when, Q. Is fat-free lecithin okay? A. Yes, but not in the several months later, they begin feeling so much bet- beginning. After six weeks, fat-free lecithin is ter. Yet the underlying problem has not yet been okay.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 411. corrected. Later, when they experience a relapse, a [Note: Gerson made that statement in 1956; in return to the therapy is frequently not as success- 1959, he discovered that flaxseed oil greatly fully made. helped cancer patients, so he began prescribing Therefore it is urgent that you stay with the pro- it.] gram for a year and a half to two years. Certain fruits: Do not use berries or pineapple. Their aromatic acids cause unfavorable reactions. SPECIAL NEEDS—Here are two very special (Red currents are all right.) Do not use sulphured needs, which could be overlooked: dried fruits. Rest: A cancer patient needs a lot of rest. Do “Q. Why are all berries prohibited? A. Some of not try to do much exercise or work in the early the patients are hypersensitive, especially in the stages of the program. Do not overdo. As energy beginning, against berries which are a little diffi- returns, you can start on some very mild exercise, cult to digest. Therefore I cut them out.”—Max such as a five-minute walk—but not in extreme heat Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 411. or cold. This can later be extended to 8-10 minute Salt products: Do not use salt products, such walks. When tired, stop, and return to shorter walks. as table salt, sodium bicarbonate, soda, and all salt Do not do strenuous exercise (tennis, etc.) for a year substitutes. Salt is now added to many different or two. Avoid swimming pools, which are chlori- types of food. nated. Ocean water is too salty. Only swim in a clear Spices: Do not use spices (paprika, all types of mountain stream or lake, with no pollutant runoff pepper). into it or above it. Alfalfa seeds and sprouts: Never use alfalfa Danger of infections: Beware of taking cold seeds and sprouts. They contain canavanine, which and getting sick! Cancer patients have greatly weak- may cause flare-ups (reactions) in rheumatoid con- ened immune systems. Be very careful in this re- ditions. spect. Certain leaves: Do not use leaves of carrots, radishes and mustard greens. FORBIDDEN FOODS Water: While on the full program, drink no wa- ter. The full capacity of the stomach is needed for FORBIDDEN FOODS—Read the labels of ev- juices and soup. (However, do not imagine that this erything you put in your body or on your body. applies if you are not fully on the program. If you Junk foods: Do not use sharp spices (fresh or are only taking, say, 4 cups a juices a day, and do dried herbs are permitted), tea, coffee, instant cof- not want to bother making more—you had better fee, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, alcohol, refined sugar, drink additional water! Of course, if you are not on white flour, refined flour, candies, ice cream, cream, the full program, you are far less likely to solve your or cake. cancer problem.) More junk foods: Do not use foods that are Fasting: In most cases, fasting is also forbid- bottled, canned, frozen, preserved, refined, salted, den. Cancer is a chronic disease and serious nutri- smoked, or sulphured. Do not use commercial bev- tional deficiencies exist. Good food is urgently erages. needed. Heavy foods: Do not use nuts, mushrooms, soy “Q. What is your conception of a prolonged [food] beans and soy products, pickles, cucumbers. fast or periodical three-day fast? A. You can’t let Oil, meat, dairy products: Do not use fats, oils, the cancer patient fast. In the cancer patient the or grease. Do not use meat, fish, eggs, milk, butter, body is so depleted if you let them fast they go down- cream, cheese. Do not use avocados or nuts (too hill terribly.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p.
  19. 19. 2 - The Basic Therapy: Forbidden Foods 19 417. philia, complicated by osteosarcoma tumors. The Vitamin and mineral supplements: Here is bleedings had been stopped with this medication, what Dr. Gerson had to say about taking supple- but the tumors started to grow immensely. Several mentary vitamins and minerals while on the Gerson of these cases were lost.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 220. therapy: “Q. Are vitamin and mineral supplements okay In summary, when malignant tumor growth is [when a person has cancer]? A. No, they are wrong occurring, do not take single vitamins, with the ex- because calcium and many other minerals cannot ception of the above-mentioned niacin, vitamin C be added so easily. They bring the system out of and B12. Be guarded about taking calcium. harmony. With calcium you can produce cancer . . FORBIDDEN NON-FOOD SUBSTANCES—Do No calcium, no magnesium, no other minerals. I not take hormones, especially opposite-sex hor- tried it . . One should not change the mineral me- tabolism, especially in cancer. Only the two most mones! For more on this, see Gerson’s A Cancer important minerals potassium and sodium must Therapy, p. 210. Do not take raw liver juice, be- be balanced. This is the need of the cancer pa- cause it may be infected with bacteria (see pp. 421- tient.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 415. 422 in the 5th edition of A Cancer Therapy.) The “On the basis of my treatment . . hormones, some Gerson Institute now uses desiccated liver tablets. vitamins [A, D, and E named], calcium phosphate Skin: Do not use cosmetics. They clog the pores, compositions and caridin [a type of synthetic io- and keep the skin from breathing and eliminating dine] had a carcinogenic effect.”—Max Gerson, A toxins. While on any intensive therapy, use no skin Cancer Therapy, p. 220. lotions, creams, etc. of any kind, nor nail polish. Dr. Gerson accidently overlooked the above Do not use lipstick. question on vitamins; so additional questions were Deodorants: Do not use any deodorant or anti- later asked about them: perspirant. They are harmful, block lymph pas- “Q. Is folic acid treatment contraindicated dur- sages, and are absorbed and poison the system. To ing treatment of cancer? A. Yes, folic acid did dam- block the lymph passages is to force the toxins back age.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 417. into the body. Do not use perfumes or perfumed “Q. What vitamins are okay to take with your substances. treatment? A. With the vitamins we have a similar Salt products: Do not use salt products, such situation as we saw with the hormones. It dam- aged patients with vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B as sodium bicarbonate (in food, toothpaste, gargles, and B6. Patients get really damaged. Vitamin A and etc.), soda, epsom salts, and all salt substitutes. Do D is picked up by the cancer cells immediately. Nia- not brush your teeth with baking soda. Do not gargle cin we can use.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, with it. Do not use toothpaste which has it. Salt is p. 418 [more about niacin on page 23]. now added to many different types of food. “Several times I observed that vitamins in good Fluorine: Do not use fluoridated toothpaste. Do combinations, with or without minerals, produced not use fluorine gargle, hair dying, and permanents. a regrowth of cancer or new spreadings in a few Do not use any other hair dyes. days. The patient felt better for a shorter or longer Hair: Do not use hair sprays, including lacquers. period through what may be regarded as the stimu- Do not use hair dyes or permanents. lation of the entire metabolism. However, the can- Sprays: Get all aerosol sprays, air fresheners, cer regrew, caused by what some other authors explained as the greater attraction power of the can- perfumed items, insecticides, paint fumes, and simi- cerous tissue.”—Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, lar materials out of the house. p. 210. TV: Avoid television radiation. “[In young boys and girls] Ten to fourteen days Other toxic substances: Eliminate from your after the administration of calcium compound, the home the following: asbestos, cigarette smoke, pes- cancers started a rapid regrowth and were beyond ticides and herbicides, fluoride in the water, new cure. I had the impression that calcium-composi- carpeting, urea formaldehyde insulation (insulation tion worked in the cancer body like Na. [sodium].”— boards). Also get rid of synthetic materials in rugs, Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 210. draperies, bedding, and clothing. “Other failures [in saving cancer patients] re- Teeth: It is best that you care for all dental root sulted from a substitution of so-called caridin for problems. It is possible for tooth infections to not Lugol’s and thyroid, as well as from the applica- be noticed, yet be gradually sending poison through- tion of some other harmones and vitamins, ova- out the body. Solve dental root canal and abscess rian substance, vitamin E, A, D, etc. . . I adminis- tered calcium and phosphate compositions in a problems. number of cases where the X-rays showed far ad- Tooth fillings: Mercury (amalgam) dental fill- vanced decalcification and in three cases of hemo- ings are another source of poisoning. Mercury is a