Meikles Limited FY 2014 financial results


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Meikles Limited leading Diversified Industrials company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has released their Full Year Results. Check out insights into this company in their presentation which appears below.
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Meikles Limited FY 2014 financial results

  1. 1. ABRIDGED UNAUDITED FINANCIAL RESULTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2014 The results for the year ended 31 March 2014 are presented as “unaudited”, with the approval of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. The Chairman’s Statement will be released with the audited results and will be featured in the Annual Report for the year. The audited results will be presented at the end of July 2014. The resolution of the deposit held at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (“RBZ”) is the most critical factor affecting these results. The resolution of this matter will influence the audited results, in terms of the composition of the balance sheet and in the disclosure of post balance sheet events. The matter is more fully outlined in this statement. FUNDS HELD ON DEPOSIT AT THE RESERVE BANK OF ZIMBABWE Intense negotiations with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning are in progress with an intention to facilitate access to these funds by the end of July 2014. All parties to the discussions believe that this timetable is realistic. The solution will be based on the Company being in receipt of Treasury Bills, the terms of which are to be acceptable at face value to the market. A number of Treasury Bills have already been given to the Company and efforts are underway to test their marketability in their present form. Shareholders and other stakeholders are invited to compare the Group’s net borrowings position to funds held on deposit with the RBZ as at the end of March 2014 as disclosed in the unaudited financials. It will be seen that following receipt of these funds the Group will have no net borrowings whatsoever, a strong platform for the future. As disclosed to shareholders in previous releases, the Group will maintain its foreign and local term borrowings and redeem them on due date in terms of contractual obligations. As a result, the Group will have substantial excess funds available for expansion, working capital, and an appropriate distribution to shareholders on realisation of the RBZ deposit. We are pleased with the progress on securing access to our funds and this development is exciting for the entire Group. The receipt has potential to make a substantial contribution to the Nation, both through the Group’s own activities and the corporate social responsibility programs through The Meikles Foundation where substantial activities are underway for the benefit of the community. In addition, we are finalising a youth empowerment plan with the Ministry of Youth, Empowerment and Indigenisation. TRADING AND OPERATIONS Group Group revenues were 1.8% below those achieved in the prior year due to lower turnovers in the retail and agricultural sectors of our operations. Operating costs were 1.7% ahead of those incurred in the prior year. Finance costs increased. Borrowings increased to fund expansion and refurbishments in the supermarkets, refurbishment of the hotels and substantial plantation development. TM Supermarkets Turnover for the year was $334 million (2013: $336 million). The customer count throughout our store footprint increased by 8% compared to the prior year. The average cost of product to the consumer declined. EBIDTA reduced to $11.0 million (2013: $11.6 million). Margins were similar to those of the prior year. The store portfolio increased from 49 at 31 March 2013 to 53 branches as at 31 March 2014. The company secured four new sites in prominent areas in the second half of the year and their impact on turnover and profitability will be felt in the ensuing financial periods. The new stores increased our trading area by 10% to 55,000 square meters. Post the end of the financial year, five additional new sites have been secured for development in the 2015 and 2016 financial years, with potential of increasing the trading space by more than 18%. The refurbishment programme is progressing as planned. As at 31 March 2014, five branches had been fully refurbished whilst eight stores are currently being refashioned and are at different stages of completion. Meikles Mega Market The division started operating in December 2013. From its single store, it contributed just over $2 million in turnover in the period to 31 March 2014. We achieved an average of 20% compound monthly growth in turnover from the launch date. The store portfolio is being expanded and post the end of the financial year, an additional store was opened whilst plans are being progressed to open at least four new stores by the end of the 2015 financial year. Meikles Stores We have made progress in restructuring the departmental stores. The trading area was significantly reduced through reallocation of the space to high growth areas of the Group and aligned to current trading performance and outlook. The departmental stores operated from twelve (12) sites in the 2013 financial year and these were reduced to five (5) by 31 March 2014. The turnover for the year was $12.5 million (2013: $18.5 million) and the reduction was through a combination of factors including the reduced store footprint and limited access to credit. EBIDTA was a loss of $2.1 million (2013: loss of $1.3 million). The overhead structure is being realigned to the reduced number of stores. There will be minimal job losses in this process as we are able to accommodate most of the affected staff in the growing areas of the Group and we believe the remaining stores will be sustainable with a lean overhead structure. The Stores are to relinquish the basement and ground floors of Greatermans in favour of a new Pick n Pay supermarket, which is to open in October 2014 .This development may not necessarily result in the termination of Greatermans as a trading entity, but will result in a strong retail solution for the Group in a good location in Harare. Hotels The hospitality sector continues to improve. The country’s image and perceptions have to a large extent been corrected and our commendations go to the Government and the line Ministry for positively driving this agenda. The country has benefited from hosting the UNWTO General Assembly in August 2013. We witnessed increased traffic in the tourist resort areas while the city bound travellers were limited in line with the subdued business climate. Meikles Hotel was refurbished throughout the year as was the Victoria Falls Hotel. The results for the year were not influenced substantially by the refurbishments, as these were not in place for the full year. EBIDTA was $1.3 million compared to $612,000 in the prior year. The revenues for the Hotels at $15.6 million were 5% higher than those recorded in the 2013 financial year. The REVPARs at the Meikles Hotel and the Victoria Falls Hotel increased by 2% and 15% respectively. We attribute this to the high quality of our product offering following the refurbishments and the positive sentiments on the country. Tanganda Tea Company EBITDA increased by 36% to $2.9 million. The revenues for the year at $22.6 million were down 6% on the prior year. The plantation development embarked on in 2011 progressed successfully and is nearing completion. An additional 143ha of coffee, 185ha of avocadoes, 164ha of macadamia and 108ha of timber were added during the year. The company had 268ha, 375ha, 663ha, 2372ha and 1415ha of coffee, avocadoes, macadamia, tea and timber plantations respectively as at 31 March 2014. Bulk tea production increased by 30% to 9,700 tons. The fertilisation and liming programmes undertaken in previous periods coupled with favourable weather conditions account for the high bulk tea production. However, due to the oversupply of tea from Kenya, the bulk tea prices declined by 8% compared to prior year. We have continued to mechanise tea plucking and this resulted in a decrease in the cost of production of bulk tea by 24% albeit also aided by the increased production volumes. Packeted tea production was at 2,044 tons, similar to the 2,093 tons produced in the prior year as there was suppressed demand in the local market, whilst the regional markets, particularly Zambia, showed growth. Subsequent to year end, we have replaced our packaging machines with a state of the art high capacity plant that will allow us to increase production at standard costs, ensuring continuity of supply of a quality product at competitive prices. Our Tingamira water production increased by 44% compared to prior year and water sales volumes continue on an upward trend. Mining Meikles Centar Mining (“MCM”) is currently in the process of acquiring a 51% shareholding in a group of gold mines in the Matabeleland area for a consideration of US$3 million. We await regulatory approval for the transaction to be concluded. MCM has purchased 75% equity in a company that owns a number of chrome claims on the Great Dyke. Proposals have been submitted to the Ministry of Mines related to a significant chrome related project, which include construction of a smelter to beneficiate both lumpy and alluvial ore. The project will cost in excess of $100 million. The Group carried out limited exploration on an iron ore claim and the results were positive. Further tests are required to determine the full extent and quality of the ore reserves. The Group looks to its strategic partners to provide finance and mining skills. Mining is a diversification into an area of substantial growth potential in Zimbabwe. MANAGEMENT Mr David Mills who was the Managing Director of TM Supermarkets and was scheduled to retire in August 2014 went on pre-retirement leave in May. Mr Bisset Chimhini who was the Chief Operating Officer at TM Supermarkets, and Mrs Belinda Sharples, who was the Managing Director of Thomas Meikles Stores left the Group in June 2014. The Company Secretary, Mr Andrew Lane–Mitchell also left the Group in June 2014. The Group is currently in the process of replacing Messrs Mills and Chimhini. Candidates for the replacements in TM Supermarkets have been identified. Shareholders will be advised as soon as appointments are finalised. The Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Corporate Governance in all of its operations. Consequently the Group has embarked on a comprehensive anti-corruption programme whose implementation has already commenced. Pursuant to this programme the Group intends to introduce robust procurement systems to ensure that goods and services procured by the Group are of the highest standard and of the best value. In line with the anti-corruption drive the Group has put in place a number of anti-corruption initiatives which include the establishment of an anti- corruption desk in the Chairman’s office to deal specifically with cases of reported corruption. APPRECIATION I would like to express my appreciation to our customers who continue to support us in this increasingly difficult environment. I would also like to thank my fellow Board members, management and staff for the steadfast commitment and dedication. JRT Moxon Chairman 30 June 2014 Page 1 of 2 CHAIRMAN’S REVIEW
  2. 2. ABRIDGED UNAUDITED FINANCIAL RESULTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2014 Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income For the Year Ended 31 March 2014 Unaudited Audited 31 March 2014 31 March 2013 US$ 000 US$ 000 CONTINUING OPERATIONS Revenue 384,308 391,328 EBITDA 7,852 9,967 Depreciation, amortisation and impairment (8,771) (4,901) Non-trading income 48,880 9,732 Finance costs (10,462) (6,994) Profit before tax 37,499 7,804 Income tax expense (320) (2,442) Profit for the year from continuing operations 37,179 5,362 DISCONTINUED OPERATIONS Profit for the period from discontinued operations - 1,173 PROFIT FOR THE YEAR 37,179 6,535 TOTAL COMPREHENSIVE INCOME FOR THE YEAR 37,179 6,535 Profit for the year attributable to: Owners of the parent 34,427 3,084 Non-controlling interests 2,752 3,451 37,179 6,535 Total comprehensive income attributable to: Owners of the parent 34,427 3,084 Non-controlling interests 2,752 3,451 37,179 6,535 Earnings per share (cents) Basic 13.56 1.21 Continuing operations 13.56 0.75 Discontinued operations - 0.46 Diluted 12.59 1.15 Continuing operations 12.59 0.71 Discontinued operations - 0.44 Headline (loss) / earnings per share - continuing operations (cents) (1.64) 0.16 Diluted headline (loss) / earnings per share - continuing operations (cents) (1.52) 0.81 Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows For the Year Ended 31 March 2014 Unaudited Audited 31 March 2014 31 March 2013 CONTINUING AND DISCONTINUED OPERATIONS US$ 000 US$ 000 Cash flows from operating activities Profit before tax from continuing and discontinued operations 37,499 7,804 Adjustments for: - Depreciation and impairment of property, plant and equipment 6,774 4,901 - Net interest (31,653) 4,750 - Net exchange (gains) / losses (207) 340 - Fair value adjustments (6,558) (7,828) - Loss on disposal of property, plant and equipment 77 267 - Impairment of intangible assets 1,997 - Operating cash flow before working capital changes 7,929 10,234 Decrease / (increase) in inventories 77 (42) Decrease / (increase) in trade and other receivables 994 (2,164) (Decrease) / increase in trade and other payables (8,415) 13,108 Cash generated from operations 585 21,136 Income taxes paid (924) (172) Net cash (used in) / generated from operating activities (339) 20,964 Cash flows from investing activities Payment for property, plant and equipment (17,441) (18,299) Proceeds from disposal of property, plant and equipment 330 188 Increase in intangible assets (1,071) (2,080) Net movement in service assets (214) (209) Payment for other investments (1,855) (82) Net expenditure on biological assets (2,077) (1,923) Net outflow on disposal of subsidiary - (2,857) Investment income 820 357 Net cash used in investing activities (21,508) (24,905) Cash flows from financing activities Net increase in interest bearing borrowings 40,644 14,284 Proceeds on disposal of partial interest in a subsidiary without loss of control 147 - Finance costs (10,462) (6,994) Net cash generated from financing activities 30,329 7,290 Net increase in cash and bank balances 8,482 3,349 Cash and bank balances at the beginning of the year 14,198 11,284 Net effect of exchange rate changes on cash and bank balances 272 (435) Cash and bank balances at the end of the year 22,952 14,198 Notes to the Abridged Unaudited Financial Statements 1. Basis of preparation The abridged unaudited financial statements are prepared from statutory records that are maintained under the historical cost basis except for biological assets and certain financial instruments which are measured at fair value. Historical cost is generally based on the fair value of the consideration given in exchange for assets. 2. Statement of compliance The Group’s abridged unaudited financial results have been extracted from financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and the Companies Act (Chapter 24.03) and relevant statutory instruments (SI33/99 and SI62/96). 3. Accounting policies Accounting policies and methods of computation applied in the preparation of these abridged unaudited financial statements are consistent, in all material respects, with those used in the prior year with no significant impact arising from new and revised International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) applicable for the year ended 31 March 2014. 4. Segment information Unaudited Audited 31 March 2014 31 March 2013 CONTINUING OPERATIONS US$ 000 US$ 000 Revenue Supermarkets 333,907 335,909 Hotels 15,583 14,842 Agriculture 22,622 24,176 Departmental stores 12,462 18,489 Corporate* (266) (2,088) 384,308 391,328 EBITDA Supermarkets 10,958 11,635 Hotels 1,269 612 Agriculture 2,915 2,143 Departmental stores (2,145) (1,339) Corporate* (5,145) (3,084) 7,852 9,967 The EBITDA figures are before Group management fees. Segment assets Supermarkets 80,179 60,943 Hotels 50,720 47,719 Agriculture 64,817 52,852 Departmental stores 32,587 37,408 Corporate* 126,512 76,575 354,815 275,497 Segment liabilities Supermarkets 51,880 38,516 Hotels 20,556 16,421 Agriculture 38,601 29,631 Departmental stores 21,906 36,890 Corporate* 35,782 5,608 168,725 127,066 *Intercompany transactions and balances have been eliminated from the corporate amounts. Corporate also includes other subsidiaries that are immaterial to warrant separate disclosure. 5. Depreciation, amortisation and impairment Depreciation of property plant and equipment 6,495 4,781 Impairment of property, plant and equipment 275 116 Depreciation of investment property 4 4 Impairment of intangible assets 1,997 - 8,771 4,901 6. Non-trading income Net investment revenue 42,115 2,244 Fair value adjustments 6,558 7,828 Net exchange gains / (losses) 207 (340) 48,880 9,732 7. Net borrowings Non-current borrowings 37,264 7,417 Current borrowings 69,649 58,852 Total borrowings 106,913 66,269 Cash and cash equivalents (22,952) (14,198) Net borrowings 83,961 52,071 8. Other information Depreciation and impairment – property, plant and equipment 6,774 4,901 Capital commitments authorised by the Directors but not contracted 14,128 25,613 Group’s share of capital commitments of joint operation 53 1,783 For further information contact Onias Makamba on or +263-4-252068/70. Consolidated Statement of Financial Position As at 31 March 2014 Unaudited Audited 31 March 2014 31 March 2013 US$ 000 US$ 000 ASSETS Non-current assets Property, plant and equipment 109,624 99,063 Investment property 250 254 Investment in Mentor Africa Limited 27,657 27,657 Biological assets 30,156 21,521 Intangible assets 1,528 2,204 Other financial assets 12,760 12,693 Balances with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe 90,861 40,514 Deferred tax 2,674 1,997 Total non-current assets 275,510 205,903 Current assets Inventories 36,631 36,708 Trade and other receivables 16,171 17,283 Other financial assets 3,551 1,405 Cash and bank balances 22,952 14,198 Total current assets 79,305 69,594 Total assets 354,815 275,497 EQUITY AND LIABILITIES Capital and reserves Share capital 2,538 2,538 Share premium 1,316 1,316 Non-distributable reserves 12,559 12,559 Retained earnings 155,455 121,028 Equity attributable to equity holders of the parent 171,868 137,441 Non-controlling interests 14,222 10,990 Total equity 186,090 148,431 Non-current liabilities Borrowings 37,264 7,417 Deferred tax 14,519 14,534 Total non-current liabilities 51,783 21,951 Current liabilities Trade and other payables 47,293 46,263 Borrowings 69,649 58,852 Total current liabilities 116,942 105,115 Total liabilities 168,725 127,066 Total equity and liabilities 354,815 275,497 Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity For the Year Ended 31 March 2014 Non- Disposal Attributable Non- Share Share distributable Retained group capital to owners of controlling capital premium reserves earnings and reserves parent interests Total US$ 000 US$ 000 US$ 000 US$ 000 US$ 000 US$ 000 US$ 000 US$ 000 Unaudited 2014 Balance at 1 April 2013 2,538 1,316 12,559 121,028 - 137,441 10,990 148,431 Profit for the year - - - 34,427 - 34,427 2,752 37,179 Non-controlling interests arising from Meikles Centar Mining (Private) Ltd - - - - - - 147 147 Non-controlling interests arising from Kearsely Investments (Private) Ltd - - - - - - 333 333 Balance at 31 March 2014 2,538 1,316 12,559 155,455 - 171,868 14,222 186,090 Audited 2013 Balance at 1 April 2012 2,538 1,316 6,233 104,626 19,644 134,357 7,539 141,896 Profit for the year - - - 3,084 - 3,084 3,451 6,535 Transfer on disposal of assets classified as held for sale - - 6,326 13,318 (19,644) - - - Balance at 31 March 2013 2,538 1,316 12,559 121,028 - 137,441 10,990 148,431 Page 2 of 2