St John's Prep 2009 Year Book


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St John's Prep 2009 Year Book

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St John's Prep 2009 Year Book

  1. 1. ST JOHN’SPreparatory School for Boys the Lord is our shepherd Domi nus Pastor 2009 Year Book
  2. 2. ST JOHN’S Preparatory School for BoysDomi the Lord is our shepherd nus Pastor20 09 Y E A R B O O K
  3. 3. SponsorsMini Cash Pleaters (Pvt) Ltd Mr and Mrs Byrom“King of Java Prints”38 Leopold Takawira Street, Harare04 706345 Martin and Memory MawireMiston Trading (Pvt) Ltd C. C. Sales“Fabric King”Lot 3 Bay 3 Gleneagles Road, Willowvale, Harare04 665699 / 662215 / 664553 G. MutendadzameraRicline Trading (Pvt) Ltd t/a Bicycle Centre John Hook and SonsBicycle center the home for all your bicycleaccessories04 783425 Mr and Mrs FreemantleAbsolute Paints Afeuro (Pvt) Ltd23 Conald Road, Graniteside, Harare Floricultural ConsultantsWe bring you an absolutely amazing premiumdecorative, automatic and industrial range of paintthat offers legendary performance. Sterling Crafts04 750883 / 771539 Mr and Mrs B MacrayScott MellorOcean – Air Packers and RemovalsLocal and Overseas Removals by Aid-Road-Rail-Sea04 – 755020 –5
  4. 4. Table ofBoard of Governors contents 2 Tennis 41Parents Liaison Committee 2 Volley ball 43Staff of 2009 3Headmaster, Headboy & Senior Rugby 45Deputy Headboys 3 Colts Rugby 49Speech NightHeadmaster’s Speech 4 Grade 4 Rugby 52 Senior Hockey 54Commendation Certificates 9Special Certificates 9 Colts Hockey 57National Institute of Allied 9Arts Honours Awards 9 Senior Soccer 61Class Prizes 10 Colts Soccer 63Subject Prizes 10 Golf 68Special Prizes 11 First Aid 68Honours Ties 14 House Captains 69Grade 7 Leavers 2008 14 PE Sports Staff 69Chess 16 Music Report 70Public Speaking 18 Joseph Cast 70Cricket Tour 20 Grade 1 Literary Contributions 72Senior Cricket 23 Grade 2 Literary Contributions 75Colts Cricket 29 Domi Grade 3 Literary Contributions 80Grade 4 Cricket nus Pa4storContributions 33 Grade Literary 87Athletics 36 Grade 5 Literary Contributions 93Cross Country 37 Tree of Life Camp (Grade 6) 98Triathlon 38 Grade 6 Literary Contributions 107Swimming 39 Grade 7 Literary Contributions 112
  5. 5. Board Of Governors Chairman Board of Governors - Mr B. Ndebele Chairman Preparatory School Executive Committee - Mr B. Ndebele Treasurer - Mr B. Hofman Chairman Campus Development Committee - Mr D. Whatman Chairlady Staff Committee - Mrs B. A. Lake Chairlady Bursaries Committee - Mrs E Fundira Chairman Staff Pension Commission - Mr E. Mungwariri Members - Mr D. G. Bain Mr P. Filer Mr E. Jinda Mr S. E. Mangwengwende Dr M. S. Mushiri Mr R. Naik Mr V. W. Zireva Patrons - Mr G. S. R. Honey Mr M. A. Masunda Mr R. J. A. Passaportis Parents’ Liaison Committee Chairman - Mr M. Hayter Headmaster - Mr M. N. Mackenzie Board Representative - Mrs E. Fundira Gr 5 Fundraising Committee Chairman - Mr C. Beattie Domi Secretary Treasurer nus Pastor - - Mrs L. Freemantle Mrs L. Gomba Headboys Mother - Mrs P. Byrom Deputy Headboys’ Mothers - Mrs M. Gumbo Mrs A. Hulbert Members - Mr J. Bere Mrs C. Butler Mr G. Bushby Mr M. Nakhwa Mr A Patel Mr M Masengere2 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  6. 6. Staff of 2009 Back: L. Moor; T. Kwatengera; L. Mutsago; R. Whitaker; B. Chimhau; A. Williams; A. Mwayenga; D. Gillam; D. Derry; D. Mutendera; B. Chauhan; V. Shenje; F. Dhlamini Middle: C. Sandys-Thomas; M. De Bruijn; R. Chirau; W. Scott; E. Bredenkamp; R. Mackenzie; V. Parker; J. Elliott; S. M. Wentzel; A. Banks; D. Russell; C. Passaportis; A. Dickinson; M. Croukamp Seated: L. Cochrane; M. Tanner; P. Mangunda; G. Esslemont; M. Mbundire; M. Mackenzie; S. Ellis; H. Wallace; P. Mitchell; W. Ndimutseyi; R. Miller; L. ODonoghueHeadmaster, Headboy & Deputy Headboys Back: P. Gumbo; M. Hulbert Front: Mr Mackenzie; E. Byrom Year Book 2009 3
  7. 7. Speech Night Headmaster’s Speech and is on its way and we are now treasurer and Brenda Liepe was Our guests of Honour – able to order new imported text indefatigable! The 100 club under books to replace our aging and the leadership of Dave Bain and Mr & Mrs Nedziwe, Mr dwindling stocks. This wont be Spencer Murray has been a Godsend Whatman Board done over night but we have made a in supplying 27 new computers and Executive member, start. various hampers for the staff. Patrons and members of the Board, invited guests, A very exciting new adventure is Unquestionably we have made huge members of staff, Old being embarked upon and that is the strides in and around our school in a boys & gentlemen of St introduction of the Interactive single year and the addition of our Johns, it gives me great Smartboard to our school. This is a brand new 27 seater bus, provided pleasure to present to new and innovative approach to by the Board is further testament to you tonight my thoughts teaching the children in an this. However it has also been a year interactive way using computer during which I have spent a lot of software linked to a large screen. It time and energy trying to see the big has huge future implications and picture in all of that which has been I have to say that as I reflected upon whilst we will be starting from happening. this year I couldnt help shaking my scratch with one machine in a head in wonder and amazement – resource room we will be attempting Doubtlessly the country is so much not only at where the time has gone to familiarize ourselves with the better off than this time a year or so but at how fast our whole St Johns software and the seemingly endless ago but we are still in a fragile community has shifted gear and possibilities which lie in this product. predicament. By no means are we moved into new dimensions. For so I trust that this time next year we will out of the woods yet. We have to long we have been in survival mode – have some firsthand, positive remain focused on our core business doing an outstanding job of surviving experiences to report. We are very – that of educating our children. This too, I hasten to add, but this year proud of our fully is a most daunting positive things have really begun to up and running A very exciting new task. We can carry Web-site which is on as we have been happen. carefully updated adventure is being or we can open our The Board of Governors under the each week by embarked upon and that eyes to what is strong leadership of Themba Louise Cochrane. The P L C, well is the introduction of the going on aroundin I mean this now us. Ndebele has redefined and honed many internal policies and a great shepherded by Interactive Smartboard to the educational deal of effort has gone into forging Mark Hayter has our school. This is a new sense. I find it the way for St Johns to enter a new acted as a genuine difficult enough to conduit for the and innovative approach formulate a clear era. expression of your to teaching the children picture in my mind views and the of what is Around the school significant and committee worked in an interactive way happening let alone most welcome changes have taken place. To mention just a few are the hard throughout using computer software being able to put it palastrade fencing surrounding most the year on the linked to a large screen. down in writing – of the property, the repainting of much enjoyed but I do know that buildings, classrooms, shadecloth Family Fun Day the world is structures and most impressive of all and the various cocktail parties and changing rapidly and our biggest – the complete revamping of all our other functions. A great help to our challenge as educators is to question toilet blocks. They are stunning. That school were the extremely hard everything that we do every step of is not to suggest that the boys working Grade 5 fundraising the way. accuracy has improved all together committees of all three classes so but great progress has been made in ably led by Collin Beattie. Gloria You will have noticed that your kids this regard too! Jumbe headed up 5E, with Mark are light years quicker than you at Wilson 5N and Vicki Macray 5S. picking up new computer games. A reading scheme has been ordered Emma Frost worked tirelessly as They are thinking4 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  8. 8. differently, picking up patterns gratification, self-control, empathy characteristics – reasonabledifferently and finding stimulus in and other important lessons cant be independence; trustworthiness; thedifferent activities from us – and yet in learned at electric speed. Human ability to take responsibility; the abilityschools we still test them using the development (she tells us) happens to work under rules and authority;same yardsticks that have been used in slow time and contempory tolerance of others; a sense offor years (I dont just mean St Johns children need the same time humour; friendliness andPrep, I mean the world over). A cry in consuming, old fashioned nurturing consideration towards others and aevery staffroom across the world – that small, highly intelligent primates strong sense of honesty and integrity.Im prepared to bet – and certainly in have needed through the ages.”newspaper articles in the U.K. and We need to fill our boys with a degreeAmerica is that children can no If you will recall our parents of self confidence which will enablelonger read and write as well as they encouraged us to be doctors, them to front up to lifes manyused to, that the standard of entries lawyers, accountants and to get challenges and indeed to reachinto Prose competitions has dropped MBAs but according to Daniel Pink beyond themselves. Michalangelo,off – and comments to this effect. in his latest New York Times and whose magnificent works my wife Business Week Bestseller, “A whole and I were privileged to see lastWhilst these are undeniable truths I New Mind,” the keys to the kingdom holidays wrote this, “The Greatestfeel strongly that the youth of today as it were are changing hands. Danger for most of us is not that ourare gaining incredible skills in areas Whilst up until now “Left Brainers” aim is too high and we miss it – butand activities in which we are not have ruled the world, the future that it is too low and we reach it!”testing them. Not only are we not belongs to a different kind of persontesting these skills but we are also with a different kind of mind – the To a person we need to raise ourassuming that the skills that they are “Right Brainers” – the creators and sights – be prepared to miss once orlearning are not going to help them in empathizers, pattern recognizers, twice but be brave enough to go fortheir careers in the coming years. I artists, inventors, designers, story it.feel sure that we are in a transitional tellers, caregivers, consolers. Bigperiod and that they are indeed picture thinkers – will, in Pinks words Giving thought then to how we mightgoing to be better equipped in the “reap societys richest rewards and be fairing in preparing our boys forfuture than we think. I have to say share its greatest joys.” In short we their lives beyond thethat these are very much my own seem to be moving from anthoughts but after all, considering economy and a society built on thethat they will retire at 65, with the logical, linear, computer - likerapidly changing world some of them capabilities of the Information Age towill ultimately be doing jobs which an economy and a society built onhavent been invented yet! Already the inventive, emphatic, big-picturethe first world is being shaken by the capabilities of what is rising in its We need to fill ouroutsourcing of jobs abroad and the place, the Conceptual Age. So, allcomputerization of everyones lives. those “right brainers” whose abilities boys with a degree were overlooked and undervalued inWhere does this leave us as the Information age – hang in there – of self confidenceeducators? Undeniably we need to your time is coming! which will enablebe constantly trying our hardest tokeep those essential skills, We need also to focus on the bigger them to front up toconceptual developments and valuesbeing learnt – picture of truly educating our children. We need to be constantly lifes manySue Palmer in her book entitled Toxic mindful of the real values that our challenges andChildhood, reminds us that whilst the kids will need in their future is changing around us We need to equip them with a indeed to reach“children still have to move along that balance. There will be many beyonddevelopmental continuum, acquiring opinions as to what this might meanthe habits of civilized behaviour. but my balanced person will have themselves.Focused attention, deferred the following qualities and Year Book 2009 5
  9. 9. Speech night (continued) respective leagues. The tri and du How thrilled we were to hear that two athletes were outstanding and whilst of our boys, Kai Detering and there is still one competition to go, Prep School I find that in our myriad Panashe Mwamuka have been which St Johns will be hosting, we of activities both in the classrooms accepted into the Drakensburg won the Series du-athlon Trophy held and on the playing fields we are well BoysChoir School in South Africa out at Ruwa and the Interschools placed. Our emphasis on manners is due to their singing talents. We have Triathlon Trophy. Grateful thanks to still the envy of the rest of the world. boys – as can be seen in our list of Mr Squires and Tyrone Mackie from We try to set our boys tasks and achievements in the programme – the College for giving of their time encourage them to work as who have been selected for and expertise to work so hard with independently as possible. We try to Zimbabwe in Hockey, B.M.X. and our boys. give them all a sense of achievement Dancesport, with the rugby, by fielding as many teams as swimming and cricket squads yet to Whilst we are very pleased and even possible in the various sports in the be finalized. In Regional sides we proud of these fine achievements by hopes that they can represent their have a great many boys. All 11 first the best teams – please hear me school and test their skills against team cricketers have been chosen in loud and clear when I say that I am others of similar talents and various Harare Schools teams along far more satisfied and confident that strengths. We try to teach tolerance with 10 rugby players in the we have done the best that we can of others, sportsmanship and team equivalent rugby sides. 7 of our with all of our other boys. We have spirit – all of which will equip them for Colts Cricketers have made the given them every opportunity to be a smoother journey through life. I Harare sides, 5 in the A and 2 in the coached at their levels and to play recall a situation in the Infants Gala B. The same would be said for our against boys of much higher teams when a Grade 6 boy was in the pool unbelievably strong soccer players, in other schools if at all possible. We helping a little grade one across the cross country runners, squash are grateful to every school that gives pool and it was a great sight. The players, tri and du athletes, us opposition and we afford them all little guy was supposed to be kicking swimmers and volleyballers if these the utmost respect. with his board but there was just no disciplines had Inter-provincial way that he was going to let go of his competitions. It was a great year in In our academic pursuits we had helper whom he was quietly so many ways in the sporting almost a record number of Allied Arts strangling with his left arm whilst endeavours and the vast majority of accolades with 5 Honours, 16 1sts, holding his board with the other. Not our boys represented our school in 13 2nds and 23 3rd Grade only was it great to see the support one way or another. Our cross- Certificates. that he was given but the exhilaration country runners need to be that the swimmer showed when he mentioned, as do our swimmers as Our grade 6 boys went on a great made it to the other side was a tear they cleaned up every meet and gala camp and were stretched in many jerker. He punched the air with both on offer whilst the rugby 1st team won areas and life-changing growth was hands. He had taken on a major fear the Hellenic Catsicus Cup Trophy, the achieved by several who overcame that day and overcome it. A great Super 8 Festival and were unbeaten fears of many sorts. many of our boys experience the joys in the Springvale Festival. The 1st of being part of our wonderful school Team Soccer won the Gateway It is in this type of environment that plays and musicals. Many sing in our Festival and the mighty Volley Ball leaders emerge and just as obvious choirs and play in the Marimba band. team which lost only one match all are those who are quite happy to go We have athletes and swimmers. We season then extracted revenge in the along with the pack. My grateful have those who excel in ball sports Festival held at the Harare thanks to Sue Ellis, Mandy Tanner and others who have the stamina to International School and won the and Rich Whitaker who give up a run for Kms in cross countries and trophy. Our athletes and Hockey week with their families to be in on who are great at duathlons, triathlons, players were brilliant and the 1st XI this exercise. The Tree of Life Camp Dancesport, B.M.X. at International Hockey boys were unbeaten and is providing a fine service, out at levels and those who gain enormous won the E. P S. A. Festival. The . Ruwa, to many a youngster quantities of self esteem from their tennis teams were also unbeaten throughout Zimbabwe. achievements in the classroom or in and the A & B teams won their the computer room, art room or in their chess matches.6 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  10. 10. To those of you in the audience whoCommunity-wise we did a brilliant job are teachers and sports coaches –of rallying to the call to help provide we are in your debt. We have some Then we go back to the beginningpresents for hundreds of orphans in whose main role in the school is to really when we look to the Board ofan exercise headed up by Miracle teach and nurture the boys, others Governors. Well done and a hugeMissions. The amount that your boys have the jobs of coaching them not thank you to you all for the time andbrought in was most heartening and I only the skills involved in the various dedication that you have shown toam sure that they see this as being a sports but also etiquette, team spirit our school. Despite efforts to cuttangible way of helping those less and the management of the various down on meetings there have beenfortunate than themselves. We were different temperaments and a great many lead by the variousalso blessed to be able to donate 24 expectations of those in their care – Chair persons, Themba Ndebele ofMercer computers, monitors, and then we have those who do course at the top, Beatrice Lake whokeyboards and headphones to Mount both. Those who have to teach in carries out the vital role of StaffMellery Mission School in Nyanga. the mornings and run teams and Development and mattersAdded to that we have given away 8 practices in the afternoons and do Educational. Dave Whatman indot matrix printers and 8 ink jet extra training in the early mornings charge of the C.D.C which has beenprinters. The bad news is we have and every lunch time. This is a huge extremely active, Willard Zireva whonot yet replaced these! school and so much can go wrong is on four committees and Chairman so quickly and though I cant thank of the Nominations Committee,How has it all been possible? you all by name, you have all of our Brian Hofmann Chairman of theCertainly it begins with the boys. We thanks for the magnificent jobs that Finance Committee.have a fine school of young lads with you are doing.varying degrees of ability, interests Emma Fundira, who attends the P Land passions. Of course someone Structure in an organization of this C meetings in her capacity ofwill always let us down but generally sort is vital and we are indebted to Liaison Governor and is Chairlady ofspeaking they are polite, well our Directors and H.O.Ds for their the Bursary Committee and all thebehaved and well motivated and long invaluable input. Sue Ellis, Director other governors who work on themay it last. The rest of our success is of Academics and Helen Wallace, various committees. We aredown to you in the audience and Director of Infants have been fortunate to have his Worship Mrothers who could not be here tonight. outstanding and Mathew Mbundire Much Masunda, one of our PatronsWe are so grateful to you parents for who has the difficult job of Director of now as Mayor of Harare whilst ourthe invaluable and incalculable Sport and Discipline has worked other two Patrons Mr Scot Honeysupport in so many ways. To those tirelessly to stay on top of a myriad of and Mr Rick Passaportis attend allwho have been called upon to assist activities. Mr Dhlamini is doing well Board meetings and give of theirwith the baking of cakes and pouring in our Shona Department especially experience and expertise. Thankof teas, the offers of transport, the bearing in mind that things are subtly you to all of you.formation of committees such as the changing in this arena. Not to putGrade 5s of 2009 who have worked too finer point on this but whilst we, Then we have those in the engineso professionally on the production of as a school, are trying hard to room – in the finance departmentthe events like the Fireworks which become better at teaching Shona so dealing with all the serious “stuff”was truly of international standards, fewer and fewer boys are speaking it the money. Many thanks indeed tothe revamping of our sports kitchen socially or at home. Rose our Financial Manager Mr Geoff Dayby Brenda Davis, the support when Mackenzie, Head of the much envied who oversees the College and thewe hosted the Combined Schools remedial Department, Shelly Hood – Prep and Mrs Rena Miller and DiChoirs and the Inter-Schools Athletics Head of the ever changing I.T. Russell who ensure that the dailyMeet, the Family Fun Day and the Department, Marge Croukamp who running of it all goes smoothly. Ourparents cocktail party. Above all just runs our Music Department and two secretaries have been brilliant –for being there to help your boys with Debbie Derry who is Head of English not only doing a fine job with all thetheir homework and to comfort and have all done a great job. We will go office typing and administration butguide them through the rigours of life into 2010 with a new H.O.D. of Maths– well done and thank you. which will further streamline our academic department. Year Book 2009 7
  11. 11. Speech night (continued) or sons here – and they still have six fear of what may lie ahead – too more to go! many who are not getting up and getting on with their lives but are also trying to cope with the ever Miraculously we only have two semi-paralized still trying to recover increasing stream of people wanting teachers leaving us this year which from the past and waiting for some to come to our school. A huge thank speaks volumes for our stability and miraculous happening in the future. you to Aly Dickinson and Cheryl Mr Shenje can hardly be blamed for The U.S Dollar is still very hard to Passaportis. With all the repairs and feeling that he needs a rest after 26 come by and people who were maintenance and extra developments years here and 47 years in the struggling to pay fees and make around the school our Estate profession! I should like to return to ends meet are finding it no less Manager Ted Perepeczko and our Va Shenje later in the evening if I difficult now. I leave you with these procurement officer Kevin Whatman may! We say goodbye to Mrs words entitled, “I Am” along with our support staff have Mangunda with much thanks for all worked tirelessly and deserve our that she has done for our boys. I I was regretting the past and freely given thanks for a job well take this opportunity to introduce the Fearing the future done! new teachers to you for next year, Ms Suddenly my Lord was speaking Joanna Hulley in 4E and Ms Julie My name is I am We say goodbye to so many of you at Hacker in 7E. Mr Brian Chimhau will He paused; I waited; he continued this time but fortunately mainly leave grade 7 and take over Mr When you live in the past, through natural process! Our Grade Shenjes Shona. I have no doubt With its mistakes and regrets, 7 leavers and your parents come to that they will each do a great job. It is hard. I am not there: mind first. This should not be sad as My name is not I was. we have spent up to 7 years I should like to end now with When you live in the future, preparing you for this moment. We something that I believe that we With its problems and fears wish you all everything of the best as need to pay serious attention to. It is hard. I am not there: you launch in to the next phase of Whilst of course I want to be positive My name is not I will be. your lives. We trust that we have and upbeat I want also to be When you live in this moment equipped you as best we could to realistic. As I mentioned earlier I It is NOT hard. cope with the joys and rigours that lie dont think that our problems in this I am here: ahead. To the leaving parents we say country are necessarily over yet. I My name is I am. a huge thank you for all your support dont wish to go into the dangers that Live today over the years and here I need to may still lie in wait but I want to single out the Hook family, Ed and Thank you! remind us all to stay positive and Sharon who bid the Prep farewell focused. I sense that there are too after 21 consecutive years with a son many people who are still living in We say goodbye to so many of you at this time but fortunately mainly through natural process! Our Grade 7 leavers and your parents come to mind first. This should not be sad as we have spent up to 7 years preparing you for this moment. We wish you all everything of the best as you launch in to the next phase of your lives.8 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  12. 12. Commendation certificatesGRADE 3N Excellence in Mathematics Tyler Spagnuolo High Attainment in Reading & Spelling Zeeshaan Ramajan All Round Improvement Nyasha Chiketsani Excellent Progress in Comprehension & SpellingGRADE 3S Enthusiasm and Attainment Michael Booth Alistair Frost Attainment Rory Plunket Consistent Hard Work Brett Hounsell Consistent Effort & Progress in Reading & SpellingGRADE 3E High Standard of Work Patrick Plunket Hayden Silk Consistent Effort Joshua Bushby Progress Kurt Platen Consistent Effort & Progress in Reading & SpellingGRADE 4N Consistent Effort in all Subjects Daniel Aucamp Jordan Sudlow For Beautiful Handwriting Tadiwa Motsi Consistently Giving his Best Simba Ndoro Progress and Effort in Reading &GRADE 4S Consistent Effort in English Tinotenda Mutumi Spelling Perseverance Darrell Muzerengi James-Dean Harrison Enthusiasm and Attainment Ross Stewart Consistent Effort & Progress inGRADE 4E Consistent Effort Timothy Nyika Reading & Spelling High Standard of Work Tadiwa Chimuka Benjamin Alexander All Round Improvement Hadley James Persistence and Progress inGRADE 5N Consistent Effort Chase Onorati Reading & Spelling Enthusiasm for Work Anesu Mangudya Christopher Macquire Attainment and Presentation Ali Sam Al KhalilGRADE 5S Perseverance Callum Lindsay-White Consistent Effort Austin Rwodzi Excellence in Content Subjects Christian WrightGRADE 5E Consistent Effort Conor King All Round Improvement Makomborero Moyo Effort and Application Prakash BhagatGRADE 6N Consistent Achievement Alosha Chikanda High Standard of Work Aidan Onorati Perseverance Matthew Sandys-ThomasGRADE 6S For Being so Attentive Shao Li NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF For Consistency of Effort Ryan Hounsell For Having Such an Enthusiastic ALLIED ARTS Approach To School Andile Sithole Honours AwardGRADE 6E Consistent Effort and Achievement Lochlan Butler Literary Attainment Ross Hayter Ryan Murray, Thembani Magazi, Effort and Application Ryan Boshi Jake Snyman.GRADE 7N Most Improved Attitude Bradley Croukamp Tries the Hardest Nicholas Grainger Visual Arts Consistent Effort Chad Scallan Broc Meyer, Panashe Mwamuka, Douglas Dorward, Daniel Vlahakis,GRADE 7S Outstanding Effort Marvin Nyabereka Tinotenda Mutumi (National Progress in B Set Maths Ben Hlatshwayo Award) Consistent Effort Benjamin Mallon SpeechGRADE 7E Most Improved in Set A Maths Breandon Lilford Reece Williams All Round Improvement Peniel Mangunda Outstanding Progress in Set C Maths Kealan Mackenzie Year Book 2009 9
  13. 13. Class prizes GRADE 3N First in Class Ryan Sylvester High Achievement Cole Onorati Consistent Effort & High Achievement Mapalo Musaba GRADE 3S First in Class Nicholas Balfour Outstanding Work Calum English-Brown Consistent Effort Gareth Ncube GRADE 3E First in Class Attainment John Nyambayo Ian Munro Subject Prizes Consistent Effort Jordan Cowley SHONA L1 GRADE 4N First in Class Douglas Dorward Nyasha Tarinda Runner Up Mufaro Chareka Consistency of Effort Shahen Padayachee SHONA L2 Sander Post GRADE 4S Class prize Mduduzi Mhlanga Runner Up Nicholas Freemantle ENGLISH Consistent High Standard Liam Hounsell Nyasha Tarinda GRADE 4E First in Class Michael Muchopa MATHS Second in Class Cameron Butler Fayyaadh Adam Third in Class Simbarashe Wazara CONTENT SUBJECTS GRADE 5N First in Class Ammaar Adam Waseem-Ahmed Karim Runner Up Miles Garnett Attainment in Grade 5 Reon Spagnuolo COMPUTERS Batsirai Chirombo GRADE 5S Class Prize Aiden Blignaut Runner Up Kudzo Chiwara Consistent All Round Effort Dev Trivedy GRADE 5E First in Class Panashe Mwamuka Runner Up Matthew Davenport Outstanding Effort Kai Detering GRADE 6N First in Class Thembani Magazi Runner Up Rory Tsapayi Consistent All Round Effort Thomas Reid GRADE 6S First in Class Nigel Vere Progress Keegan Silk Consistency of Effort Munashe Masango GRADE 6E First in Class Ryan Murray Runner Up Travis Mackie Outstanding Effort Matthew Wazara GRADE 7N First in Class Farai Kasukuwere Domi nus Pastor Runner Up Tafara Makombe Third in Class Waseem-Ahmed Karim GRADE 7S First in Class Tinashe Makamure Runner Up Nyasha Tarinda Third in Class Batsirai Chirombo GRADE 7E First in Class Ross Scott-Riddell Runner Up Taashira Chikosi Third in Class Sander Post10 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  14. 14. Special prizesTHOMSON TROPHY Alistair Frost REG NIELD TROPHY Cameron Butler and(Contribution to Colts Cricket) (Junior Rugby Player Nicholas Freemantle of the Year) (Gr. 4)FIELDING CUP Miles Garnett REG NIELD TROPHY Jack Strong(Colts Cricket) (Senior Rugby Player of the Year)PATEL CUP Graham Curtis KIWI TROPHY Mark Hulbert(Colts Batting) (Grit and Determination in Rugby)BRUNDLE CUP Ammaar Adam IGOE RUGBY CUP Michael Rossi(Colts Bowling) (Flair)NORAH LEWIS TROPHY Martin Eeson WRIGHT RUGBY CUP Bradley Evans(Most promising colt) and Graham (Outstanding contribution to Rugby)Curtis TENNIS DOUBLES TROPHY Ryan Murray &JASON STEED SHIELD Ewan Price Alosha Chikanda(Most Improved Cricketer) KAMBARAMI CUP Alosha ChikandaHOUGH TROPHY Mark Hulbert (Tennis Singles)(Most Promising Pace Bowler) TENNIS SPORTSMANSHIP Tinashe MakamureWARWICK OLDS SHIELD Kyle Hopper(1st XI Best All Round Cricketer) SENIOR TROPHY FOR SOCCER Tafara GoweraBRUNDLE CUP Edward Byrom THE MWAMUKA CUP Takosheswa Nyabadza(Batting) (Colts Soccer Player of the Year)JARVIS CUP Michael Rossi THE GUMBO CUP Peniel Mangunda(Fielding) (Outstanding Commitment to Soccer)LAKE CRICKETER OF THE YEAR Edward Byrom WATERS TROPHY Chase OnoratiHICKMAN TROPHY Alistair Frost (Colts Sportsmanship)(Junior Squash) DESNA CAMPBELL VOLLEY BALLSENIOR SQUASH TROPHY Ryan Murray TROPHY Tafara MakombeYEATMAN CUP Ross Scott-Riddell CHESS JUNIOR TROPHY Abias Chivhayo(Squash Sportsmanship) CHESS SENIOR TROPHY Taashira ChikosiCAVANAGH TROPHY Bradley Evans(Outstanding Commitment to Hockey) DRAMA CUP Michael JellicoePRICE TROPHY Michael Rossi HOWARD ARRAND TROPHY Tinotenda Chitambo(Hockey Player of the Year) (Outstanding service to Music/Marimba)LEROY DUBELY CUP Graham Curtis(Contribution to Colts Rugby) MCGEORGE ART TROPHY Taashira ChikosiREG NIELD TROPHY Chase Onorati PUBLIC SPEAKING SENIOR CUP Ross Hayter(Colts Rugby Player of the Year) PUBLIC SPEAKING JUNIOR CUP Reece Williams Year Book 2009 11
  15. 15. Special Prizes (continued) ZORORO MAKAMBA James Harrison and GIBB TROPHY Edward Byrom (Helpfulness) Chad Scallan (Good Fellowship) BAWDEN CUP Batsirai Chirombo D W YOUNG TROPHY – Academic Farai Kasukuwere (Perseverance, Loyalty, Participation) HONOURS TIES Head & Deputies Edward Byrom (Headboy); Mark KAAGMAN CUP Tafara Gowera Hulbert and Tanaka (Vigorously Embracing Gumbo (Deputy School Life) Headboys) JOHN QUINCEY SHIELD Nicholas Grainger Zim Hockey Bradley Evans, (Courage and Perseverance) Tinotenda Chitambo, Michael Rossi BUTRESS SHIELD – Loyalty Tanaka Gumbo Zim BMX Nicholas Warren COLLEN CHIHAMBAKWE Jack Strong Zim Dance Sport Michael Jellicoe MEMORIAL SHIELD (Participation and Enjoyment in Sport) THE HEADMASTERS CUP Bradley Croukamp MILNE TROPHY Michael Rossi and (Outstanding Sportsmanship) Kyle Hopper BRENDAN GALLAGHER TROPHY Edward Byrom (Dux Award - Endeavour, SEKESAYI MABASHA MEMORIAL Courage, Kindness) TROPHY Mark Hulbert (Academic and Sporting) ROSE SHIELD Gregory (Champion House)12 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  16. 16. Senior coloursBack: M. Nyabereka; K. Mackenzie; D. Williams; R. Scott-Riddell; N. Warren; L. Butler; T. Makamure; T. Chitambo;T. Fundira; B. Chirombo; J. Harrison; P. Mangunda; S. Post; T. Lindsay-WhiteStanding: T. Gowera; C. Scallan; A. Nyamuda; E. Price; M. Madziva; F. Kasukuwere; J. Strong; T. Mahofa; J.Waller; R. Murray; C. Clayton-Howe; T. Makombe; L. ShaoSeated: M. Sibanda; R. Hayter; M. Rossi; K. Hopper; T. Gumbo; Mr M Mackenzie; E. Byrom; M. Hulbert; B. Evans;T. Chikosi; B. BichardFront: T. Chatikobo; N. Welch; S. Donaldson; A. Chikanda; A. Sithole Junior colours Back: D. Sikala; M. Chareka; M. Eeson; E. Chimimba; E. Van Rooyen; P. Mwamuka Middle: C. Butler; R. Plunkett; P. Plunkett; T. Warren; D. Ndoro; I. Kloppers; D. Trivedy; H. James Seated: K. Detering; R. Williams; G. Curtis; Mr M Mbundire; C. Onorati; D. Annandale; T. Mpofu Year Book 2009 13
  17. 17. Honours ties Back: N. Warren (BMX); B. Evans (Cricket & Hockey); T. Chitambo (Hockey): M. Rossi (Hockey). Sitting: T. Gumbo (Deputy Headboy); Mr. M. Mackenzie; E. Byron (Headboy & Cricket); M. Hulbert (Deputy Headboy & Cricket) Absent: M. Jellicoe (Dancesport) Grade 7N leavers Back: W. Kawodza; D. Williams; R. Vyas; T. Madziva; M. Midzi; P. Patel; S. Hook Middle: M. Al-Khalil; T. Makombe; C. Scallan; B. Croukamp; T. Mahofa; K. Hopper; F. Adam; F. Kasukuwere Front: R. Sibanda; T. Majero; J. Harrison; W. Scott; D. Whitaker; M. Hulbert; . N. Grainger14 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  18. 18. Grade 7S leavers Back: T. Gumbo; M. Sibanda; J. Nyabadza; J. Matangi; K. Van Ruiten; S. Bellini-Martin; A. Nyamuda; P. Naik; T. Makamure Middle: D. Balneaves; B. Chirombo; N. Tarinda; M. Bwerinofa; I. Baig; M. Stoltzer; J. Waller; T. Chitambo; R. Marais; B. Hlatshwayo Front: T. Lindsay-White; B. Mallon; N. Warren; T. Way; Mr B Chimhau; M. Rossi; T. Gowera; M. Nyabereka Grade 7E leaversBack: T. Mangiza; M. Jellicoe; A. Atwell; T. Parewa; T. Chikosi; E. Byrom; K. Mackenzie; P. MangundaMiddle: T. Chigaru; B. Bichard; T. Mbizi; B. Evans; B. Lilford; D. Hanssen; C. Clayton-Howe; N. Wilson; E. PriceFront: R. Tavaguta; B. Nyahunzwi; R. Scott-Riddell; Mr L Mutsago; S. Post; . T. Swan; D. Goredema Year Book 2009 15
  19. 19. Chess The Chess Club did not have a successful season in both involved in other sporting activities. In most of the matches the A and B leagues. The A team played six games. They we had less than ten players in each team. lost five and drew one. Two matches were cancelled. The B team played five games. They lost four and won one. For the 2010 chess season, I am recommending that we Two matches – against Hellenic and Heritage were only compete in the B league so that we can select the best cancelled. ten boys to represent the school. In that way there will be competition among the chess club members for selection The majority of our chess players this year were Grade 4 into the team. and 5 pupils. There was only one Grade 6 pupil and four Grade 7 boys in the A team. Most of the good players were B Chimhau - Coach “ Most of the good players were involved in other sporting activities. In most of the matches we had less than ten players “ in each team.16 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  20. 20. Chess A teamStanding: N. Macray; D. Limpic; B. Chirombo; T. Chitambo; K. Anderson; D. WilliamsSeated: L. Davis; T. Chikosi; Mr B Chimhau; T. Makamure; D. Aucamp Chess B teamStanding: A. Ndhlovu; T. Chimbwanda; M. Murapa; N. Chamba; T Maphosa; M De SouzaSeated: K. Mashinya; A. Chivayo; Mr B Chimhau; C. Kwaramba; M. RoscoeFront: K Blythewood Year Book 2009 17
  21. 21. Public speaking The interhouse Public Speaking competition was held at Many thanks to all the staff who helped with the competitions the end of the first term and the following finalists were and to the parents for helping their children learn their selected. speeches. Also, many thanks to Mr Mackenzie and Mrs Ruth Rodger, a well known speech and drama teacher, for Juniors:- Martin Eeson, Hadley James, Sebastian adjudicating the finals. Sheehan, Dev Trivedy, Thomas Waugh and Reece Williams. The Inter-Schools Public Speaking Competition was run over two nights due to a large number of schools participating. It Seniors:- Edward Byrom, Ross Hayter, Lebohang is encouraging to see the numbers increasing. Mwamuka, Michael Rossi, Chad Scallan and Brendan Sylvester. The junior competition took place on 6 April at Gateway Junior school. Our juniors excelled and came third overall. The contestants did very well and should be commended The senior competition was held on the next night. for their bravery and polished performances. Unfortunately we were not placed in the top three but when the junior and senior scores were added together we came In the junior section, Reece Williams won the Eliezer Cup third overall. We were very proud of our gentlemen and look with Dev Trivedy runner-up and Sebastian Sheehan third. forward to next year. Unfortunately Martin Eeson was unavailable for the competition due to a swimming commitment in South To all our budding orators, follow the advice from Gary Africa. Player, a great South African golfer:- In the senior section, Ross Hayter won the Elliot Cup with “The more I practice, the luckier I get!” Chad Scallan runner-up and Brendan Sylvester third. S Ellis The scores were tallied and Ambrose came first winning the TIC Public Speaking Richard Heap trophy with Jerome second and Gregory third. Senior Public speaking Junior Public speaking Standing: M. Rossi; C. Scallan; E. Byrom; B. Sylvester Standing: H. James; M. Eeson; D. Trivedy; S. Sheehan Seated: L. Mwamuka; Mrs S Ellis; R. Hayter Sitting: R. Williams; Mrs S Ellis; T. Waugh18 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  22. 22. Marimba Back: T. Makamure; K. Muleya; J. Nyabadza; N. Tarinda; Front: T. Gowera; M. Sibanda; T. Chitambo; M. Bwerinofa; T. Gumbo ChoirBack: K. Chiwara; T. Gomba; Z. Whyte; N. Chamba; T. Masenda; A. Sithole; M. Nichole; L. Mwamuka; P. Tuci;D. Pike; M. Timba; M. Nyabareka2nd row: M. Brown; R. Hunda; M. Shonhiwa; C. Du Toit; A. Nyamuda; J. Nyabadza; B. Croukamp; T. Chitambo;M. Sibanda; B. Chirombo; A. Nyawayi; M. Bosha; K. Andersonseated: M. Mwamuka; W. Annesley; C. Kwaramba; E. Chimimba; T. Gumbo; Mrs M Croukamp; Ms M de Bruinjn;T. Nyabadza; T. Maposa; T. Mutumi; K. Detering; A. Chivayoground: M. Masava; B. Masekesa; T. Motsi; A. Ndhlovu; N. Deketeke Year Book 2009 19
  23. 23. Cricket tour 2009 28th OCTOBER Left Harare at 7.30am for Johannesburg. The boys were so excited and for some it was the first time on a plane. We then connected for Durban and arrived there at 12.30. Two kombis were hired for us. Thanks to Glen and Pippa Byrom and Leanne Hopper for having everything organized for the team. We headed for Virginia Lodge where we checked in and had lunch before departing for Umhlanga Beach where the boys had lots of fun before heading back to the Lodge for shower, supper and an early night. The boys were so excited they actually forgot they were on a cricket tour! 29TH OCTOBER – MATCH Practice the team had a light practice session at Northwood Primary School indoor nets. Good practice with the batsmen batting well and the bowlers bowling good line and length. We finished off with 30 mins of fielding. The weather in the morning was overcast and threatening Before practice and match we went through the game rain. It had rained the previous night for about 4 hours so against Northlands and discussed what we did wrong. the wicket at Northland was damp and soft but I emphasized on batsmen building their innings by nonetheless we were happy to play our first game of the playing the ball on merit and the ball on the ground tour. We left the Lodge at 12.30 and the game started at and also batting all the 30 overs and bowlers bowling 1.30. in pairs and avoiding a lot of extras. Since the wicket was wet and soft we were looking to bowl The practice went well with everybody practicing first. Unfortunately we lost a vital toss and we were put in to according to the game plan. We also worked on bat on a sticky wicket which was not easy to bat on. Our calling between the wickets since we had two top order boys did not do themselves any favours. We had a bad batsmen run out cheaply in the previous match. start with two of our top order batters running themselves out and some of them playing bad shots. In the 9th over we Virginia Prep School – the wicket here was nice and hard were struggling at 30 for 4, with the captain Edward Byrom and was good to bat on. We won our first toss and showing some resistance with the bat until he was bowled elected to bat first. The batsmen did not disappoint and for 17 runs. Thereafter our middle order collapsed with bad we posted a score of 197 in 30 overs and credit goes to short selection. Angus Curtis and Kyle Hopper were Edward Byrom who scored a brilliant 55 runs and who caught off bad balls which they could have easily hit for a was ably supported by Nick Welch (39) Kyle Hopper (37). boundary had they kept them down. We were finally bowled out cheaply for 59 runs with Mark Hulbert being the The batters played well and according to the game plan only batsman batting reasonably well. with only one batsman getting run out this time. The calling between the wickets in this game improved We did not bowl well either as we bowled short again on a greatly. The bowlers bowled well to defend our total. wet wicket which made it easy for the opposition, Angus Curtis and Ewan Price in particular bowled well Northlands, to get the required 59 runs. We managed to with Curtis capturing 4 wickets and Price finishing with get two wickets with Mark Hulbert and Bradley Evans good figures of 3 wkts for 20 runs. We won this match by bowling well. 50 runs. We lost this game by 8 wickets - not the start we were A good game of cricket not because we won but hoping for, but the boys learnt from the experience. because the boys played well and stuck to the game plan. The fielding was good but the only worrying thing 30th OCTOBER – MATCH V VIRGINIA PREP about this match was the amount of extras bowled by the bowlers and we had to work on that for our next match v The team had another practice in the morning at 9am. The Penzance. match against Virginia was in the afternoon.20 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  24. 24. Cricket tour31st OCTOBER/1st NOVEMBERFun was had by everyone on the weekend with theboys going to the Kookaburra Factory and buyingcricket kit at up to 60% discount. I must admit that Iwent into that factory – looked at all that equipment –and felt like coming out of retirement and playingagain!! Most of the boys used most of their pocketmoney at the factory. They could not resist buying oneor two items to add to their cricket equipment! Therest of Saturday was spent on the beach having lunchfollowed by shopping at Gateway Mall.Sunday morning we had fielding practice on thebeach for about an hour. The catching was good –maybe because we were on the beach! the throwingwas excellent too and the boys really enjoyed it.We then went into Ushaka Wet and Wild and SeaWorld where they had fun for the rest of Sunday beforeheading back to the Lodge for supper and a HansieCronje movie. full tosses and short deliveries. I was impressed by the St nd Johns boys fighting spirit. They played their hearts out and2 NOVEMBER - MATCH v PENZANCE almost won the match but luck was not on our side.After the morning practice at Virginia School the team After the game Penzance School hosted a braai dinner for theleft for Penzance School which is 20km from Virginia team and parents and it was good to see our boys andLodge. The match was a 30 over match and started at Penzance boys getting together and sharing ideas on how to1.30pm. play cricket. A lovely day was had by all and good cricket was played by both schools. We had great support from the StThe wicket at Penzance was not well prepared – it was Johns parents.bare, with patches of grass and it had not been rolledproperly so it was not easy to bat on. Some balls 3rd NOVEMBER – MATCH V CLIFTONstayed low and some took off head height at a goodlength. We lost the toss and we were put on to bat. We won the toss on a very good pitch to bat on but theWe managed to put on 137 all out in 29.4 overs with batsmen did not bat well and kept on giving away theirNick Welsh playing a gutsy innings of 25 runs on a wickets cheaply. We had a solid start with Mark Hulbert anddifficult wicket with other batters struggling to score off Nick Welch playing well and playing the ball according tobad bowlers which had been bowled to them. merit. They had a partnership of 22 runs before Nick Welch was bowled playing across the line to a straight delivery.137 was a decent score on a difficult wicket but I felt Mark Hulbert went on to make a decent score of 20 before thewe needed another 20 or more runs to win the match. rest of the batsmen perished cheaply due to bad short selection on a very good batting track and were finally bowledWe bowled half decently to capture 8 of the Penzance out for 125 in 33 overs. Not a good total to defend in a 35 overwickets with Ewan Price bowling well and ending up match and on a wicket playing well.with figures of 4wkts for 15 runs in his spell of 6 overs.A couple of overs of bad bowling from the spinners In the field we managed to contain them with the spinnersand the opening bowlers made it easy for Penzance to bowling tightly and not giving away runs. In particular Ewanget to our score but it was a great come back from St Price bowled very well to end up with figures of 3 – 18 in hisJohns and we almost snatched a win. It was a pity to allocated 7 overs. Even with Ewans brilliant effort, however,lose by a narrow margin of 2 wickets considering we we could not manage to win the game. Clifton managed towere playing against boys who were a year or two get to our score with only 3 overs to spare which was a greatolder than ours. effort from St Johns boys in the field considering we had made a low score of 125 runs. Kyle Hopper was voted manAll in all a good game of cricket which we could have of the match by the Clifton coach but my man of the matchwon if all the bowlers had bowled well and not bowled went to Ewan Price who pulled us back into the game. Year Book 2009 21
  25. 25. Cricket tour 4th NOVEMBER – MATCH V DURBAN PREP HIGH The boys did well to adapt to the playing conditions in SCHOOL – DAY/NITE South Africa. The cricket pitches in SA at this age group is normal – 22 yards and our boys were used to the What a great game of cricket. From the time we arrived in shorter cricket pitch hence the bowlers, especially pace Durban every school we had played before DPHS told us bowlers, struggled in our early games on tour. how brilliant DPHS was at cricket and most of them said it was the best junior schools cricket team in Durban but this The boys were well disciplined on and off the field and did not put off the St Johns cricket team and it actually they bonded well on tour. They were always there for made them perform better than ever on the day. The boys each other on and off the field as well. were composed and fired up for the match. They wanted to match their opponents man to man and that is exactly This tour was a success because of the sheer hard work what they did. from two ladies namely Leanne Hopper and Pippa Byrom. They organised the playing kit for the boys, the Before the match we wanted to bat first the reason being plane tickets, etc and they did all the running around in that batting under lights is challenging and we were not Durban to make sure that every boy was neatly dressed used to this. Luckily we won the toss and elected to bat and well fed for the matches. I want to take this and we had a good start with Mark Hulbert and Nick Welch opportunity to thank them so much for what they did for sharing opening partnership of 42 runs before Mark the team on tour. You were part of the team and you Hulbert was dismissed for 11. Nick went on to play one of looked after us very well. Thank you very much. the best innings I have seen from a junior school boy cricketer. He made 95 runs and batted for 39.4 sharing Well done to each and every boy who represented St partnership with Edward Byrom who scored a good Johns on this tour and I wish you all the best in your looking 18 before throwing away his wicket getting caught cricket careers. To all the parents who supported us on on the boundary trying to go for third boundary in the over. tour, a big thank you from myself and the team and also Kyle Hopper also batted well with Nick scoring 22 runs and thank you for organising the tour. The boys enjoyed it in the process giving most of the strike to Nick so that he and did their best. To Mike Mackenzie thank you for could try and get his 100. Unfortunately Nick was run out giving us the go ahead to go on this tour. going for a second run and also to remain on strike. What a great innings by Nick Welch. We ended up with a total of 199 for 6 in 40 overs. D MUTENDERA We started well with the new ball with James Waller and Mark Hulbert bowling well and Hulbert capturing the first wicket in his first over. We bowled well in some overs and badly in others and after 30 overs DPHS were in a commanding position of 150 needing only 50 runs to win in 10 overs. At that stage we looked dead and buried before Nick Welch bowled a superb spell of 5 overs to finish off with figures of 4 – 15 in 5 overs with his 96 with the bat making him man of the match. DPHS, needing 7 runs in the last over to win, only managed 6 and that was due to great work by Angus Curtis who bowled the last over under pressure. He did so well. The match was tied at 199 a piece. What a game of cricket. Nerve wracking but hats off to the St Johns boys for playing a superb game of cricket. All in all a great tour which saw the boys improve gradually as the tour progressed. Considering most of the matches we played the boys were one and two years older than our boys, did not stop our boys from playing beautiful cricket and enjoying it at the same time. I felt in other matches we did not bat well and we never had enough runs on the board to defend except for matches against Virginia Prep and DPHS but it was a good learning experience for the boys. 22 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  26. 26. Senior cricket first XIWow, what a great year of good cricket the First XI played. In the first term, the team was unbeaten in normal cricket,Before I even report on the matches we played in the winning matches convincingly against Ruzawi twice,calendar year, I just want to say that it was a pleasure to Hartmann House, Springvale, Lilfordia and Whitestone. Incoach a bunch of disciplined, teachable, enthusiastic, well the third term, the 1st XI played beautiful cricket and onlybehaved and well bonded boys. The team was well managed to lose two matches to Lilfordia and Ruzawi. Thecaptained by Edward Byrom who led from the front with third term also saw Edward Byrom scoring four consecutivethe bat averaging 70 in the year 2009. He was ably half centuries against Eaglesvale, Hartmann House,supported by Nicholas Welch, Ryan Murray, Bradley Gateway and Ruzawi. A superb achievement from aEvans, Mark Hulbert and Kyle Hopper. Kyle Hopper, Mark naturally talented left handed batsman.Hulbert and Ewan Price dominated the bowlingdepartment, with Kyle Hopper capturing the most wickets We participated in two cricket festivals this year, but we werein the year. unfortunate not to win any of them. We finished third at the Falcon College Cricket Festival and were runners up at theKyle Hopper bowled beautiful leg breaks, which included Lilfordia Day/Nite Cricket Festival, losing in the final by sixgoggles. Most junior batsmen of opposition schools runs to the hosts Lilfordia who were celebrating theirstruggled to read his bowling, hence Kyle was successful centenary.and ended up with a bag full of wickets. We were by far the strongest team in Zimbabwe at the U13All the bowlers bowled well, but the spinners were a lot level considering the amount of matches we won and the waymore successful as they managed, in most matches, to we played the game. We had depth in the batting. We hadkeep the run rate down and at the same time capturing boys who could bat well, batting at number 9 and 10 andwickets. Mark Hulbert was economical with the new ball every boy in the team, except the wicket keeper, could bowland also bowled well at the end of the innings and he was very well. A lovely team to coach which played beautifulwell supported by the other seamers in the form of James cricket most of the time and was a joy to watch.Waller, Angus Curtis, Peter Davis and Bradley Evans. The team also played with a great deal of enthusiasm,Michael Rossi, Peter Davis, Angus Curtis and Nicholas commitment and courage throughout the year. To the boysWelch were superb in the field. Their catching and ground who are leaving the Prep and going on to the College, all thefielding was a marvel to watch and they were supported best of luck and keep playing well and enjoy the game ofwell by the rest of the boys in the team. cricket. 1st XI Back: R. Hayter; N. Welch; J. Waller; T. Mackie; P. Davis; A. Curtis Sitting: M. Hulbert; E. Price; E. Byrom; Mr D Mutendera; K. Hopper; B. Evans; M. Rossi Front: R. Murray Year Book 2009 23
  27. 27. Congratulations go out to the following boys for being selected for the Harare Schools cricket. Results Harare A Harare B Harare C V Gateway won by 85 runs Edward Byrom Michael Rossi Ewan Price V Ruzawi won by 18 runs Bradley Evans Angus Curtis James Waller V Hartmann House won by 45 runs Nicholas Welch Peter Davis V Lilfordia won by 8 wickets Mark Hulbert Ryan Murray V Ruzawi won by 4 wickets Kyle Hopper V Whitestone won by 10 wickets V Springvale won by 6 wickets Well done, too, to Edward Byrom, Bradley Evans, Mark V Eaglesvale won by 93 runs Hulbert, Nicholas Welsh and Kyle Hopper for making the V Hartmann House won by 8 runs Zim U13 team. V Twin Rivers won by 9 wickets V Gateway won by 130 runs Lastly, to all the parents, I just want to thank you for your V Ruzawi won by 25 runs support during the year. To the mums for all the teas you V Lilfordia lost by 61 runs supplied during the year – they were fantastic. A huge V Whitstone won by 89 runs thank you, too, to all the scorers for a wonderful job of V Ruzawi lost by 6 wickets scoring and having the scorebook neatly written up – V Springvale won by 8 wickets thank you very much. D MUTENDERA COACH24 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  28. 28. Senior cricket second XIThis year was a great year for 2nd Team Cricket. The team vs Hellenic won by 9 wicketswas well balanced, winning most of our matches. vs Lilfordia won by 78 runs vs Ruzawi won by 10 runsOur bowlers bowled very well, restricting teams tomodest totals, which our batsmen were able to chase 2nd Termdown. The boys showed great team spirit and they allplayed some fantastic cricket. vs Barwick won by 6 wickets vs Hartmann House lost by 1 wicketI would like to thank Mrs Butler for sponsoring the caps. vs Twin Rivers won by 83 runsThe boys looked really smart in them. Also Mrs Way for vs Gateway won by 63 runsorganising teas for our home matches. Finally, to all the vs Ruzawi won by 7 wicketsparents for their support they gave me and the team, a vs Lilfordia won by 168 runsbig thank you. vs Ruzawi lost by 5 wicketsResults vs Sharon won by 5 wickets vs Twin Rivers won by 158 runs 1st Term Played 15 matches vs Gateway won by 10 wickets Won 13 matches vs Ruzawi won by 6 wickets Lost 2 matches vs Hartmann House won by 34 runs B Chauhan Coach 2nd XI Back: R. Hayter; B. Bichard; T. Mackie; A. Nyamuda; J. Greenway Middle: B. Mallon; L. Butler; Mr B Chauhan; A. Lake; M. Balfour Seated: J. Harrison Absent: T Way Year Book 2009 25
  29. 29. Cricket 3rd team The third eleven had a very good season. We played a fantastic season of good cricket and hope to see you total of 10 games. We won nine and lost 1. The team was progress in your cricket playing. I further thank parents for well captained by Brendan Sylvester and Mathew Sandys- your support and teas - even your support when we bowled Thomas. The pool of bowlers was massive, dismissing out teams for low scores such as 11 runs and getting it in opposition at ease. We played in the A division league one over and your son does not have a chance to bat! Once playing mostly first teams of Government schools and more thank you for your support. some second teams but out boys stood their ground. W Ndimutseyi I would like to congratulate the third team boys for a Coach Back: K. Mackenzie; C. Harrison; B. Lilford; S. Bellini-Martin; A. Attwell Seated: T. Gumbo; B. Sylvester; Mr W Ndimutseyi; M. Sandys-Thomas; R. Scott-Riddell Front: S. Donaldson26 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  30. 30. Cricket 4th teamBack: C. Scallan; D. McKinnon; R. Wilson; T. Curle; D. WilliamsSeated: A. Onorati; H. Silk; Mr W. Ndimutseyi; J. Strong; S. HookFront: H. Silk; R. BoshiCricket 5th team Back: T. Gowera; W. Karim; G. Shephard; I. Baig; F. Adam; P. Mangunda Front: D. Limpic; T. Reid; Mr M Mbundire; T. Lindsay-White; J. Thomas Year Book 2009 27
  31. 31. Cricket 6th team Back: M. Nyabereka; A. Phillips; I. Hakulandaba; B. Perry Middle: J. Sudlow; S. Mellor; J. Nyabadza; K. Van Ruiten; T. Chambati Front: M. Gunning; B. Durrant; Mr M Mbundire; M. Chatikobo; A. Chikanda28 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  32. 32. Colts A cricketThere is no doubt this team was simply heads and where we won all our matches, beating Whitestone by 36shoulders above their opponents. Each time they were runs, Springvale by 8 wickets and a thrashing 7 wicket victoryout on the pitch they would enjoy themselves and play to over Ruzawi, dismissing them for a mere 76 runs inside 25instructions. I would like to mention that this group, which overs thanks to Martin Eesons 3 for 9 in 5 overs.was well captained by Alistair Frost was a real pleasure tocoach during the 3rd term. At the Peterhouse 6-A Side we managed to win the tag rugby and soccer competitions, but unfortunately cricket could notAmmaar Adam was the pick of the bowlers claiming 19 take place due to bad weather conditions. The year saw 8 ofwickets in 10 matches. Wicket keeper Damien White led our boys being selected to play for Mashonaland Province.the batting together with Alistair Frost averaging 33.75and 27.63 respectively. Miles Garnett and Graham Curtis Special thanks must go to our kit sponsor Mrs Ahlijah, Mrswere outstanding on the field, saving lots of runs and Frost for her help and to all the parents for their contributions.taking brilliant catches. F MutareThe highlight of the season was at the Quadrangular Back: P. Mbanje; M. Eeson; A. Adam; J. Snyman; K. Robinson; J. Booth Middle: M. Garnett; A. Frost; D. White; G. Curtis; M. Davenport Seated: D. Trivedy Year Book 2009 29
  33. 33. Colts B cricket The Colts B team had a successful season winning most being moved up to the A team mid-season and continued to of their matches. The standard of cricket that the boys do well there. showed this year was much improved, compared with 2008 especially in the 3rd term where we managed back to Aiden “Blikkies” Blignaut and Tyrone Beattie proved to be back wins over our perennial rivals Ruzawi. useful all rounders too as they scored runs consistently throughout the year. The whole team worked hard as a unit Our strength this year was more on the batting in that we and played the game in good spirit. would post huge totals on several occasions. Our pace bowlers were not to tight in terms of line and length but the Special thanks must go to all the mums and dads for their spin bowling was particularly strong and we picked up a continued support. Thank you. lot of wickets through them. James Booth, Jake Snyman and Damien White F Mutare performed really well. The three were rewarded by Back : J. Layard; C. Young; R. Smith; T. Warren; M. Lindsay; M. Motsi Seated: T. Nyabadza; T. Beattie; A. Blignaut; C. Onorati; Z. White30 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  34. 34. Colts C cricketThis was a great year for the boys. We played 8 games, teams fielding and bowling improved greatly throughout thewinning 4 and losing 4. Luckily the weather was good and year. I wish all the boys good luck as they proceed with theirwe did not have to abandon any games! The boys played cricket.well and faced their competition with determination. The Mr Dikanipfuwa Coach Back : K. Anderson; D. Annandale; M. Moyo; I. Kloppers; N. Macray Middle: M. Brown; C. Wright; Mr D. Mabhodho; W. Hunda; T. Mpofu Front: R. Williams; S. Harrison; K. Stangroom Year Book 2009 31
  35. 35. Colts D cricket Back: B. Masekesa; L. Mavima; A. Al Khalil; I. Curle; R. Hunda; B. Mazivanhanga Middle: A. Mangudya; G. Vlahakis; Mr D. Mabhodho; C. Lindsay-White;B. Watson Front: K. Smith; T. Maphosa; F. Chinhamo32 Saint John’s Preparatory School for Boys
  36. 36. Grade 4 A cricketThis years group was a real pleasure to coach. Plenty of fine cricket captain one day.talent, effort and of intelligent. The boys worked well as a team and were all willing to giveTheir results were outstanding. Once they understood their cricket worked, there was no holding them back. Theteam was unbroken in the 3rd term and won the league. Thank you to the mums for teas and everybody else who came to support their sons.Several boys scored their maiden half centuries and therewere many five wicket hauls by bowlers. T Kwatengera CoachThe side was very well led by C Butler who will be a very Back: L. Hounsell; K. Tenkrooden; S. Gumbo; H. James; M. Chareka Middle: E. Van Rooyen; C. Butler; Mr T Kwatengera; R. Stewart; J. Bichard Seated: G. DollarGrade 4 B cricket – Muye ye ye ….. ChabungaI have heard it said that cricket is all about statistics. Well, Muye ye ye ….. Chablayahere are our statistics… Muye ye ye ….. TichawinaPlayed 10 – won 9 lost 1 Muye ye ye ….. St Johns HOY!!Talk about boring!!But what about these statistics…. But statistics cannot possibly tell the true story of this brilliantWe scored 1063 runs – our opponents only managed team or of their fantastic season! I have coached many578!!! good teams over the years but this lot will go down as theWe scored exactly 100 boundaries – we conceded only best ever! Why?41!!!We played Ruzawi four times and beat them three times!! It wasnt about winning!! In fact, they really couldnt care twoRuzawis Tawanda Muyeye scored 128 runs against us. hoots whether we won or lost. All they wanted to do wasThe rest of his team put together only scored 118 with the play hard and have fun. They, more than any team I havebat!! Tawanda Muyeye also took most of their wickets. ever coached, played sport for FUN – fun was the aim andIn fact, Tawanda Muyeye even became a part of our war cry fun was what we achieved. Now, this is such an incredibly Year Book 2009 33