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Discussion of Open Data Policy/Paul Uhlir


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Madagascar meetings on Open Science Policy.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Discussion of Open Data Policy/Paul Uhlir

  1. 1. by Paul F. Uhlir, J.D. nsultant, Information Policy and Management New York, USA
  2. 2. Principles of Open Data Policy Responsibilities of Research Scientists (Scientifiques)
  3. 3. Responsibilities of research institutions and universities (Les institutions de recherche et universités)
  4. 4. Responsibilities of publishers (Les éditeurs)
  5. 5. Responsibilities of funding agencies (Les agences de financement)
  6. 6. Responsibilities of professional associations, scholarly societies, and academies (Les associations professionnelles, sociétés savantes, et académies)
  7. 7. Responsibilities of libraries, archives, and repositories (Les bibliothèques, archives, et répertoires de données)
  8. 8. Boundaries of openness (Limites de l’ouverture)
  9. 9. Enabling Practices Citation and provenance (Référence et provenance)
  10. 10. Interoperability of data (Interopérabilité)
  11. 11. Non-restrictive reuse of data (Utilisation non restrictive)
  12. 12. Linkability of data (Mise en lien)