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AUC, Data Science, Engagement & Policy: Making Change Happen/Raymond Katebaka


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High-level Meeting & Workshop on Environmental and Scientific Open Data for Sustainable Development Goals in Developing Countries. Madagascar, 4-6 December 2017

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AUC, Data Science, Engagement & Policy: Making Change Happen/Raymond Katebaka

  1. 1. Raymond Katebaka General Secretary September, 2017 Madagascar AUC, Data Science, Engagement & Policy: Making change happen
  2. 2. Why Science? “Apart from understanding the universe & perceiving new potentialities, science is an essential means of meeting society’s needs for food, water, transport & communication, energy, good environment, health care, shelter, safety, & alleviation of poverty. For example utilizing science, < 3% of people in advanced countries are engaged in agriculture to produce sufficient food for their people. In Africa because of lack of scientific awareness, 65% are engaged in
  3. 3. Why Science…… “There exist gigantic problems standing now before mankind. These problems can be solved only by the teams led by scientists of great vision and ability to unite people. They should be supported by wise & strong authorities, able to participate in the selection of proper problems and proper people. Such scientists
  4. 4. • A union founded by Africans based in Uganda to champion contemporary information sharing on a sustainable basis • Established in August 2010 • Non-profit , non-government organisation
  5. 5. Key Strategic partnerships UNWTO Ruford Small Grant Foundation, UK Linking Tourism & Conservation, Norway International University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity (Madagascar) CTPSR Coventry University, UK Energime University, USA RMIT University, Australia Makerere University, Uganda Integrative Society of Zoological Sciences International National Trust Orgnaisation 
  6. 6. 1.Doing evidence-based research to understand public issues 2.Broadening and deepening dialogue among stakeholders 3.Providing the community with tools to be involved 4.Bringing people togetherto find solutions 5.Making change happen
  7. 7. What AUC Does & we plan to do in Africa
  8. 8. Engagement Opportunity Champion
  9. 9. Rights Roles Responsibility 4Rs
  10. 10. Evidence- based Interest/valu e based Confrontation ‘outside track’ Cooperation ‘inside track’ AdvisingAdvising AdvocacyAdvocacy LobbyingLobbying Activism Research, briefings, convening, engagement Petitioning, campaigning Corporate and vested interest lobbying Direct action AUC’s policy influence spheres AUC’s work and data should be widely used by others AUC’s role includes convening and mobilising to accesses & share with all of us
  11. 11. Population, migration in line with Environment Data… Share Data on , health (Diseases e.g. HIV/AIDS, Ziika virus trajectories CODATA/ICSU, IUBS, Academia Data Sharing Charte
  12. 12. Recommendations Data Policy Build capacity in •Data generation process e.g. sources •Data control •Data monitoring •Data management •Data planning All stakeholder participation
  13. 13. Thank you Madagascar AOSP ASSAf CODATA