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The African Open Science Platform/Geoffrey Boulton


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Presented by Prof Geoffrey Boulton to EU-Africa High-level group, 20 October 2017

Published in: Data & Analytics
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The African Open Science Platform/Geoffrey Boulton

  1. 1. The African Open Science Platform Geoffrey Boulton International Council for Science (ICSU) Committee on Data for Science & Technology (CODATA) & Edinburgh University
  2. 2. Open Science? Open to Whom? Open Data + Open Access Publishing = Science talking to itself, but more efficiently Learning talk with (not talk to) other societal stakeholders • Business • Policymakers • Diplomats/Governments • Communities • Citizens To other Scientists With Society
  3. 3. African Open Science Platform A digital ecosystem to create: • Capacities • Policies, practices, services • Shared cloud computing resources • Software tools • Analytic approaches • Networking with the international community for mutual support in best practice and innovation • Interaction with societal stakeholders
  4. 4. The “Science International” Accord: principles of open data ( Responsibilities 1-2. Scientists 3. Research institutions & universities 4. Publishers 5. Funding agencies 6. Scholarly societies and academies 7. Libraries & repositories 8. Boundaries of openness Enabling practices 9. Citation and provenance 10. Interoperability 11. Non-restrictive re-use 12. Linkability
  5. 5. The Open Data Iceberg The Technical Challenge The Consent Challenge The Ecosystem Challenge The Funding Challenge The Support Challenge The Skills Challenge The Incentives Challenge The Mindset Challenge Processes & Organisation People motivation and ethos. National/Regional Infrastructure Technology
  6. 6. CODATACODATA II SS UU Establish African Open Data Forum / Platform Funded Research Data Infrastructure Initiatives Funded, co-designed transdisciplinary research projects Co-design African Open Data Policies Develop Incentives Frameworks Develop Research Data Science Training African Research Data Infrastructure Roadmap Activities require low funding for coordination, secondment, contributions in kind and evaluation. Activities require higher investment for coordination, co-design implemenatation and evaluation. African Open Science Platform Pilot Project Workpackages
  7. 7. AOSP Governance Council (Priorities, policies and politics) Khotso Mokhele (South Africa) - Chair Advisor to the SA Minister for Science Ismael Serageldin (Egypt) Founding Director, Library of Alexandria Ogunlade Davidson (Sierra Leone) Former Minister for Electricity & Water Heide Hackmann (ICSU) Executive Director Geoffrey Boulton (CODATA) President Dr Susan Veldsman (ASSAf) Secretary Technical Advisory Board (Technical requirements & solutions) Prof. Muliaro Wafula (Kenya) – Chair Anwar Vahed (South Africa) Dr Audrey Masizana (Botswana) Mrs Nodumo Dhlamini (Ghana) Ms Andiswa Mlisa (Switzerland/SA) Prof Benjamin Aribisala (Nigeria) Dr Daniel Nyanganyura (Zimbabwe) Dr Joseph Mwelwa (Zambia) Dr Arona Diedhiou (Côte d’Ivoire) Ms N. A. Lucie (Madagascar) Dr Susan Veldsman (ASSAf) Dr Simon Hodson (CODATA) • Funded by the South African Department of Science and Technology, ICSU and CODATA. • Currently hosted by the Academy of Science of South Africa. National Forums
  8. 8. AOSP - Year 1 Activities • Launch: Science Forum South Africa 2016 AOSP Workshop • Policy Development - AAU 2017 (Ghana) • Policy & Capacity Building - Madagascar Meeting & Workshop 2017 – • Policy - Botswana National Open Data Open Science Forum 2017 • Policy & Infrastructure - UbuntunetConnect • Database/Networks/Surveys etc - Ethiopian Workshops 2017 • Capacity Building – schools and workshops Priorities • Promoting the concept • Building the network • Developing policies
  9. 9. Principal Active Communities
  10. 10. Background for Policy & Action priorities Landscape mapping 1 Progress on Openness in Africa • Open Institutional Research Repositories (Webometrics - 74) • Open Educational Resources (E.g. UCT OER) • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) • Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (11 SA universities hosting their own) • Open Monographs • Open Conference Proceedings (E.g. SUNConferences) • Open Patents • Open Source Software & Open Standards • Open Access & Open Science Policies (ROARMAP) • Research Data Management Planning (RDM) • Data sets & accompanying data instruments
  11. 11. • OA2020 (2017) • Dakar declaration on Open Science in Africa(2016) • Open Data in a Big Data World Accord (2015) • Open Science for the 21st century A declaration of ALL European Academies(2012) • Salvador Declaration on Open Access Cape Town Declaration (2010) • Cape Town Open Education Declaration (2008) • Kigali Declaration on the Development of an Equitable Information Society in Africa Landscape mapping 2 African Support for Open Science
  12. 12. Landscape mapping 3 Policy Framework • JKUT (Kenya) Institutional Open Science Policy • Uganda Draft Open Data Policy • Madagascar Draft Open Data Policy • White Paper on Open Research Data Strategy in Botswana • White Paper on Open Research in South Africa • Funder Policy: National Research Foundation (NRF)(SA) • OECD Principles & Guidelines for Access to Research Data from Public Funding Hard NRENs – Level 6 Elaborated Service Offering An NREN Capability Maturity Model – Duncan Greaves (2015, Tertiary Education Network) • Richly connected at high speed to many other networks/resources • Value added services e.g. grid & cloud computing resources, user controlled light paths, videoconferencing, federated identity services, and more • Deep culture of collaboration Hard Infrastructure Framework
  13. 13. Landscape mapping 4 Capacity Building Framework • Research Data Management Planning • Repositories • Command Line Interpretation • Software Development • Data Organisation • Data Cleaning • Data Management & Databases • Data Analysis & Visualisation (incl. programming) • Recognition, citation, promotion • Mechanisms to acknowledge publication of datasets and promote sharing • Funder requirements • Acknowledge & reward impact of data: citations, downloads, views • Incentives for institutions • Incentives for governments Incentives framework
  14. 14. CODATACODATA II SS UU Capacity Building in Research Data Science - Short Courses CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Science Short Courses: Address a recognised need: provide additional training in core data skills for PG and Early Career researchers, research support.  Be Scalable and Global: work with partners internationally, open materials, training new teachers to create a network of schools: annual hub at Trieste, feeds the skills to put on schools at institutions worldwide.  Provide a Pathway for Specialisation: introductory school in core data skills, then an advanced school or specialised school for specific disciplines.  Be Sustainable: developing a business model with colleagues at the Cologne Business School, based on hub and node model with distributed funding.  Accredited and Quality Course: working with EDISON and others to ensure that the course meets recognised objectives and can be mapped to credit systems.  science-summer-schools
  15. 15. AOSP Series of Webinars on Incentives October 2017
  16. 16. • Roadmaps • Intervention on policy and regulation to stimulate NREN formation • Centres for High Performance Computing • Collaboration: E.g: International Commission on Standards & Data Integration Square Kilometre Array Partnership Needs European Commission ?
  17. 17. INTERNATIONAL DATA WEEK IDW 2018 Gaborone, Botswana: 22–26 October 2018