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Response of Academies of Science to Open Science/Roseanne Diab


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Response of Academies of Science to Open Science and AOSP.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Response of Academies of Science to Open Science/Roseanne Diab

  1. 1. Applying scientific thinking in the service of society AFRICAN OPEN SCIENCE PLATFORM Stakeholder Workshop Response of African Science Roseanne Diab
  2. 2. Response from ASSAf • Why Africa needs open science • Why science academies should be involved • Support from Academy of Science of South Africa
  3. 3. Why Africa needs Open Science • Strong movements towards Open Science internationally – sense of urgency if Africa is not to be left behind in the accelerating digital and data revolution • Concern that without proper safeguards Open Science and particularly open data could reinforce an extractive international science system that does not always serve Africa well
  4. 4. Why Africa needs Open Science • Open Science agenda in Africa must be African-driven • Provides opportunities for under-resourced countries • A human rights issue that contributes towards addressing equity considerations
  5. 5. Why academies should be involved • Many perceptions about open access publications being of inferior quality – need to counter these views • Academies are well positioned for this role as they have credibility and stand for excellence – the weight of the academy voice is essential • Academies are powerful because of the reputation of their members/fellows
  6. 6. Why academies should be involved • Academies are independent and able to express objective, evidence-based views on critical issues such as Open Science • Positioned to give science advice to governments and can support development of policies in Open Science • Strong network of academies across Africa
  7. 7. Why academies should be involved • Many have leadership role in open scholarly publishing and promote open access and open data, ethical publishing practices etc. – leads naturally to Open Science
  8. 8. ASSAf Support for Open Science • As host organisation of ISC ROA, ASSAf strongly supports this ISC initiative and commits to continued support • Accessed funding from DST and seconded staff to Open Science initiative • Used academy and ROA networks to promote Open Science across Africa • Built on open access experience through SciELO SA to support Open Science
  9. 9. THANK YOU